July 19, 2010

Is This A Police State Or Not?

It's a valid question.

How would we know? What are the characteristics of a police state?

I just know that the amount of CCTV cameras, the email tracking using keywords, the phone call transcripts triggered by key words and phrases, the almost overnight change in how our police look and act, the almost one-sided court-room outcomes, microchips in bins to check weight and type of garbage disposed, and a couple of dozen other smaller indicators says that yes, we have overtaken Russia, Cuba and China in the snoopage stakes.

If you read Holby's blog post you could be forgiven for thinking that our police force is largely ineffectual. Particularly when some oddbod kicks off. Although, to be fair, he is looking at the subject from a different angle. I just thought that you might want to chuck in the points he makes as they add another layer.

Roger Hayes, of the British Constitution Group, takes a look at what elements are needed for us to "qualify" as a police state.

It is very difficult to disagree with his conclusion.



Bucko said...

I don't think it's really necessary to debate the finer points of what makes a police state, you just sort of know don't you.

I try to avoid the attention, or even the notice of coppers whenever possible. I have never done harm to anyone else or their property but I don't trust coppers or their intentions. Every time I have contact with a copper, that feeling is reinforced.

To me, thats enough to say, yes its a police state.

Captain Ranty said...

I agree Bucko.

If you even have to ask the question it should be enough to know what the answer is likely to be.


Smoking Hot said...

This weekend was away in Holland and took ferry back to UK. All very friendly Holland side with staff in shirts etc with ID's clearly displayed. Arrive at Hull to be met by UKBA/HMRC robocops dressed in flak jackets covering their ID numbers. Not forgetting the robocop fashion accessories of numerous utility belts equipped with god knows what. Scowling is seemingly compulsory.

Captain Ranty said...

Indeed SH.

I come into contact with UKBA 30 or 40 times a year. I have yet to see any of them smile as they welcome me back to my own country.

When those you employ to serve and protect treat you like scum it is time to start sacking a few hundred so that the rest remember just exactly who pays their wages.


Anonymous said...

After a day out in Dudley on Saturday, without a shadow of a doubt...Robocop Rules UK....

Old Nick said...

Hi CR. Thanks for your comment on the CIA. I've nailed the bastard for you. Hee Hee........

richard said...

A good indicator - if you see a couple of constables purposefully approaching you, (and you haven't done anything bad) are you uneasy?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Is Britain a police state? Do bears sh*t in the woods?

I don't like being around or in the company of policemen. They have this air of arrogance around them that's a sort of "watch what you say or else I'll arrest you for breach of the peace" bollox. What's worse is that in reality, as soon as anyone (and I f*cking mean ANYONE including old bill) lay their hands on you it's assault. Therefore unless you're actually committing a crime in front of a copper he/she's committing an assault upon you. Any copper tried that on me and guaranteed I'd break their arm and I'm more than capable of being able to do so.

They long ago stopped being public servants, devolving into nothing more than fascist, paramilitary, bully boys, working for corrupt bureaucrats in the public sector. They simply don't give a sh*t about the people and after the Menenez incident in Stockwell I thought - "isn't that just great? 11 times in the head OVER A 30 SECOND TIMEFRAME, point blank and no one's charged with murder or even loses their job?" It made me realise that in the eyes of the police, anyone's fair game for a bullet in the head and they'll get away with it too. I remember before de Menenez when they shot Harry Stanley, who came out of a pub with a f*cking table leg and someone with a grudge called the cops to say he was carrying a shotgun. No one charged there either.
And yet they say they have police marksmen with sniper rifles, unable to shoot a weapon out of someone's hand? I can, I used to be a marksman when I was younger but not in the police.

Bottom line Captain, the police patrol the streets looking to create incidents with the public. I was sickened when I watched this and no one (well there's a surprise) was even charged with assault! Had I been in the crowd I'd have probably lamped one of the coppers, the c*nt on the left with the tazer. This is nothing but assault on an unarmed man!
This video sums up the police for me.

Bottom line, if we were allowed to carry weapons (as we used to before 80 years of legislation disarmed us) police would be incredibly more respectful to the public or end up becoming extinct faster than the time between the meteor hitting the earth's atmosphere and the earth's surface that wiped out the dinosaurs. They've gone too far. I don't respect them or trust any of them anymore. Yes, the UK is a police state.