June 30, 2010

Well, It's A Start

According to this around 600,000 public sector jobs will go by 2015.

About bloody time.

Now, if we could only lose the other 4.92 million, we'd be in good shape. All that leaves is the remaining 650 oxygen thieves in Westminster.

I'd just like to know why we are taking five years to forcibly remove these people. I see no need for any of them. Particularly those called Outreach Champion For One Legged Lesbian Jews With A Craving To Embrace Christianity. Or anyone with "Diversity" anywhere in their job title. Let's not arse around. Let's just dump them all. Today.

Look, if just 650 wankers need 5 million people in the back office, something is dreadfully wrong. We all know that the one-eyed bogey chomper instructed his team of misfits to create jobs by the million. Since they aren't, by nature, friends of business, the only thing they could do was swell their own ranks. Often by making up jobs shortly after dropping acid. How else did we end up with all these fuckwits, who work on average 9 years less than the great unwashed, if it wasn't in a drug induced stupor?

Welcome to the real world. Out here you perform or you get your cards. Out here, if you want a pension, you fucking well pay for it yourself. Out here, if you consistently fail to show up, you get shown the door.

Naturally, you will whine. You will be busy working on your placards as I type this. You will be the most animated you have been for more than a decade. You will be howling at your union reps and you will be planning the strikes. You will be out on the streets and you will be begging for public sympathy.

Don't be chapping my door looking for a kind word. Don't be bleating to me about how tough life is.

I paid for your incompetency. I paid while you sat on your arses at home. I paid the huge settlement cheques when you were fired for being useless. I paid for your legal aid when you were caught stealing. I paid for your accommodation when you were gaoled for killing people while texting at 70 miles an hour. I paid for your fucking wine. I paid for all those immigrants that arrived and sucked up our badly needed housing and NHS resources. I paid for that failed £5.2 billion IT project. It was me, and the other Working Few that sat, helpless, as Labour wasted over four thousand pounds per second while they were in office. In short, I, and my fellow taxpayers funded it all. That wasn't enough though, was it? You had to go on spending, go on milking, go on wasting. Your motto was "Spend, spend, spend".

Now you can pay me back. You can sit at home on £60 a week and think about what you did.

You can think about how miserable you made me and millions of others by reinforcing petty rules and needless regulations. Because of you, and that army of Labour drones, my tax rocketed. As my tax rocketed, my freedoms were removed, one by one. I waited. I watched, and I waited. Because I knew payback was coming. That payback has a name.


Look it up. Under "Karma" it says compensation and retribution. You were wrongly compensated for fucking up our country, and this part is called retribution. You are reaping the whirlwind.

Let me know how that goes for you.


PS-late edit. Nip round to Bucko's gaff to see just how lazy these fuckers are. I thought it was just me being miserable. Seems not. They are bone idle.

June 26, 2010

Blogger Buggers Off

Right, while you lot enjoy the summer heat, I'm off into the wild brown yonder.

I'll be in North Africa if anyone needs me.

Back next week.

Play nice.


June 25, 2010

And The "Parents Of The Year Award" Goes To...

Pinky and fucking Perky here.

They tried to sell their baby outside a Walmart store in Salinas, California.

According to this the asking price was $25.

Pfft! I was offered an eight year old girl in a Lagos bar once. $8 was the price.

You'll be pleased to know that I refused the "deal of a lifetime" and made sure that the freak trying to do the deal was taken away by hotel security. He had earlier tried to sell me a new AK-74 with a full magazine (30 rounds) for just $9. I declined that supersaver offer as well.

The ladies that Fuckwit and Numpty approached were on the ball too. They called the cops and the two were found, as high as ye olde kite, at their apartment. The littlun was taken into care. As were the fine folks pictured above. Only difference being that their care facility had bars on the windows. Long may that continue.

Do you ever despair? Do you ever wonder why dickheads like this are allowed to breed? This time it was a happy ending. The little girl now has a chance of a normal upbringing if some good people step up.

One piece of advice for when you are old enough, sweetie, declare yourself an orphan.

It has to be better than admitting that the Two Stooges up there are related to you.


More Fun With Debt Collectors

Fifteen years ago I signed a one year contract with a satellite TV provider. Every month, without fail, I paid them £31 for my subscription. Before we moved home recently, I asked Clan Ranty if I should arrange to have the dish relocated to the new gaff. They all said that they don't really watch it anymore, so I ended the contract with the provider. I then cancelled my direct debit.

A month or so later, a letter arrives from the provider. It was very nice, very polite, and asked why I had cancelled my DD. I explained, again, that our business was done, as I no longer wanted/needed their services. Three weeks later, another letter plops onto the mat. This one more severe in tone and suggesting that I pay up or else.

I chose the "or else" option.

Two letters later, this time with bold red fonts, (which I ignored) and they gave up.

This morning I get a letter from XXXXXX Credit Services Ltd. They asked me to phone them "urgently". Knowing full well that I shouldn't have bothered, I called them. Much of this is a replay of last weeks call with the utility provider.

(They are DCA, and I am CR).

[Ring, ring, ring ring. Usual electronic guff at the start of any of these calls, including the warning that calls may be recorded.]

DCA: Blah de blah Credit Services, what is your client account number?

CR: I am not your client. I do not have an account with you. Who are you anyway?

DCA: We are a debt collection service.

CR: That isn't what your letterhead says. It says here that you are a credit services company.

DCA: It means the same thing. What is the number on the letter? It starts with "D".

CR: Thanks. I would never have found it without that valuable clue. It is D/12345678.

DCA: Thank you. Can you confirm your full address?

CR: You wrote to me. At the correct address. Now you want me to confirm it?

DCA: Yes.

CR: Why should I? I don't know you from Adam, I don't have an account with you, you are not acting for me in any capacity whatsoever.

DCA: Well, without you confirming the address, I cannot continue. I need it for security purposes.

[I have the option here, of giving her the address, or saying goodbye. I thought I would play some more, and confirmed my address].

DCA: Thank you. I am calling about your refusal to pay the provider the £31 you owe them.

CR: Who says I owe them anything? And who says that I "refused" them anything?

DCA: They do. Can you tell me how long you received services?

CR: Are we being recorded?

DCA: Yes.

CR: Good. Then we have on record that you and I have no contract in place. To answer your question, I signed a one year contract with them. In 1995.

DCA: Then why didn't you pay them this £31 via direct debit?

CR: The contract had ended. They seem reluctant to let go of me. The feeling is not mutual. I am not paying £31 for nothing. I received no services during the period they are whining about. I told them it was over. It is still over.

DCA: Well, they have asked us to collect the money on their behalf. When can you pay?

CR: If I had a mind to, I could pay you right now.

DCA: Super! If you can just let me have your credit card detai...

CR: Whoa! I said "if I had a mind to". I don't.

DCA: Oh! Well...

CR: Are we still being recorded?

DCA: Yes.

CR: Good. Answer me this; have you bought this debt off the provider?

DCA: No.

CR: Are you certain? I will request this recording for court if I have to.

DCA: No, we haven't. The amount is too low.

CR: So what's your next move?

DCA: I am going to put this information into the file. You will not hear from us again.

CR: Excellent. Tata.

So the ball is lobbed back to the provider. No doubt more letters will follow. If the mood takes me I will play some more, but this is a ridiculous amount to get worked up over.

I imagine they will give up. If not, I am happy to go and play in front of our local sheriff.

It could be fun.

A couple of years ago I would have just paid this £31 to shut them up. It is far more entertaining to say no. I only went to the trouble of typing it all out so that you knew there was an option to simply forking over your money.

BTW, my skirmish with HMRC continues, and the ball is back in their court. I will let you know what they have to say. Previously, their letters came pretty quickly after I sent them one of my Notices. There is a curiously large gap between missives this time. Mind you, I did urge them to lob my Notices (I don't write letters anymore. I send them Notices. There is a difference), at their lawyers. I gently explained that this was far too complex for a Tax Inspector. I appreciate that their understanding of the statutes (which they quote with gay abandon) is fullsome, but I don't think these inspectors know the law. At least, not as well as I do, in this instance.

Also, I sent a new affidavit to one David Cameron dba as The First Lord Of The Treasury. He is not required to respond for another couple of weeks. I can't give you the details of my affidavit yet, (until he has responded, or not, whatever the case may be) but I will share the details when I can. Suffice it to say that if he ignores my affidavit, or fails to rebut it point for point, as the law requires, then we have a new game to play.

I am looking forward to it.


June 24, 2010

Greedy Bastards

How disgusting is this?

646 MPs.

180 days.


And this, by the way, comes AFTER they cleaned up their act!

The short and dirty little tale can be found here.

Please tell me again why I shouldn't divorce myself from these thieving bastards.

Tell me again why Lawful Rebellion is a bad idea.

Tell me again, that I am not wholly justified in walking away from this rotten system.

Tell me again, if you can, why paying taxes, so that these scum can piss it all up the nearest wall, is my duty.

And don't, please, try to justify it by saying "We all have to. So you have to as well".

If none of us take a bold step, we'll be doing this forever.

It's time to end this.


Eurozone In Deep Doo Doo

And I couldn't be happier.

If the EU won't melt down politically, then I will settle for economic chaos.

Watch this courtesy of Mr Tap.

The problem has escalated from mere wishful thinking (for me) into a right old mess. The countries in the south, like Portugal, Spain, Italy, and Greece, are having a horrendous time. Just so that we are clear on this: I bear no ill will towards the Greeks, the Italians, the Spanish or the Portugese, and I am not suggesting that they are all enjoying this evolution in their (collective) histories.

But, they must all return to their old currencies and work themselves out of this mess, and at the same time distance themselves from the failed experiment that is the Euro.

The silver lining, for me, will be when they rediscover their independence from that warped and twisted abomination that is the EU.

Unelected and unaccountable, these thieves and their brainchild need to go the way of the dodo. It hasn't worked, it cannot work, no matter how many nobodies they put in charge of it. Tiny Blur did well to avoid this particular millstone. Still, as slippery as the fucker is, we none of us ever thought he was stupid. Turns out he wasn't. Devious little bastard.

For newcomers to my blog, I hate the European Union with a passion. I pretty much like every nationality that I come across in my travels, and the Europeans are no exception. But their damned Union demands far too much. The price for staying in this disgusting club is far too high. Corpus juris has already arrived in Britain. Trials without juries have already arrived in Britain. Detaining Britons in foreign gaols, thanks to the EWA (European Arrest Warrant), is a stark reality for several hundred of our countrymen. Locked away for months, possibly years, without evidence as to any wrongdoing, or any real hope of a fair trial, is just not on. We pay the EU £48 million per day for regulations and legislation. We can do that ourselves for a damn sight less. If you want/need other reasons to run away from the EU screaming, look up my article "Theft Report".

So, EU, do us all a favour and die. First though, to send a message you will all understand, the Euro has to die.

But please: die horribly and painfully, so that we never ever have to go through this again. As much as we like you, we don't want to get married. We are better, apart.

That little corporal with the almighty chip on his shoulder fucked it up.

So have you.


June 23, 2010

Prince Albert (fnaar fnaar) To Marry Stunner

So do tell us Mizz Wittstock, what first attracted you to the rich royal baldy bloke?

Yes, alright. I am just jealous.

The whole story, including, (as it is the law in Monaco), a mention of our own Grace Kelly, can be found here.

It's a slow news day.


Labour Drones Drone On

When I first heard the sound a vuvuzela makes, it was oddly familiar.

Then I remembered that it is the exact same sound I hear when a Labourite speaks.

I was going to do a brief post-mortem on the budget when I happened to visit Muddy's place. He notes that Ruth Bailey-Davison has been vuvuzelaring about child allowance and has performed a public service by tearing her a new one. Muddy recalls his childhood in the 70's and it was remarkably similar to mine. He also recalls which shower of shites was running ruining the country at the time.

Pop over for a read. It may make you smile. And if you follow his link to the LabourList you may be entertained.


Just remember to turn down that noise mentally. I reckon we will be hearing it a lot today.


June 22, 2010

Tuesday Titter (NSFW)

Today looks set to be miserable.

My guess is that the misery will begin around 10 seconds into Georgies little speech.

This may cheer you up.


June 21, 2010

Tips For The ConDems.

If you truly seek change, start by reading this, Davey, Nicky, Georgie, and the other 647 of you.

Before you start, remember this vital fact: YOU have no money. The government has no money. The state has no money. ALL the money you use is OURS. Got that?

Then you can begin.

Want to "save" us some of our money?

Cut these from the public tit forthwith:

1. ALL EU contributions. The experiment failed. Get us out. Now.

2. ALL charities. They are not charities if they can only survive on taxpayers "donations".

3. ALL "climate change" initiatives. Its all bollocks. The only people who haven't yet realised that, is you lot.

4. ALL quangoes. No exceptions. Fire them all.

5. ALL promises made by DFID. Let's fix our own house before we fix the neighbours'.

6. Get ALL of our foreign based troops home. They should be used in a defence role only.

Want to make the country a better, cleaner, healthier place?

Do the following and watch it improve dramatically.

Insist that everyone who can work from home, does so.

This will:

1. Reduce pollution (Both on the roads and at the work place).

2. Solve the traffic problem and reduce wear & tear, saving even more of OUR money.

3. Reduce, (by default), road fatalities and injuries.

4. Require us to replace our cars less often. Lower insurance AND taxation?

5. Reduce work-place related stress, and almost overnight reduce the number of road rage incidents.

6. Allow us to get rid of several thousand traffic cops. And those damned cameras. (The cops can hit the beat again, instead).

7. Solve the homeless problem. Stick 'em all in the newly emptied offices. Now that they have "fixed abodes" they can get work. Less benefits paid, everyone wins.

8. Save us taxpayers billions in lost productivity and will reduce the NHS bill. All those selfish bastards who take colds and 'flu into the workplace to "share" around will no longer do so.

Want to deliver that "freedom" you harped on about before the election?

1. Scrap ALL statutes. They were only invented to generate revenue. You don't need the money anymore.

2. Make every human being responsible for his/her own actions. (A shocker, I know).

3. Gaol only those people who have caused harm, loss, or injury to other human beings. (Gaol for non payment of illegal Council Tax, or FPN's, or other victimless "crimes" is not an option).

4. Remove 99% of the mindless signage all over our buildings and on our streets. We are not children. If someone falls into an "unsigned" river, they drown. They will only make that mistake once. End of problem.

5. Fire yourselves. We do not need,  nor can we afford, 650 people to rubber-stamp all legislation/regulation from Europe. No Europe = no need for you. And, now that we only have one law to administer, we also no longer need "Law-makers". We certainly don't need, nor want, the 7 million hangers on in the civil service. Without you lot to work for, their raison d'etre is no more.

6. Get rid of every radical Muslim you come across. You know where they are. We are not finding Lord Lucan here. They shout their hate-ridden bile through a 10,000 watt speaker system every Friday. Send them back to a society that welcomes their hate speech. And if their "own" countries don't want them, why should we have them?

7. Fire every single power-crazy PCSO. Basically, all of them. If they aren't good enough to be real coppers, then they aren't good enough to pretend to be.

That's it, Davey, Nicky, and Georgie. Do this and we will be back on track in weeks, not years.

I think I can say without fear of contradiction that you will not use a single suggestion.

How can I make that prediction with such utter conviction?

No balls. No balls at all. None of you.


The BP Oil Spill Explained...Differently

Another video. If you are not a fan of videos I apologise. I'd transcribe it for you but I have neither the time nor the will.

In this one Stefan Molyneux strikes a rich seam of common sense. In it, he explains, governments have done us no favours. Ever.

He takes us back a year to investigate who is responsible for the Macondo blowout. Tony Hayward will be pleased to hear that someone else has to shoulder some of the blame. Barry O'Bama, on the other hand, may not be too happy with the surprising points Stefan makes.

The conclusion is wonderful. For me, at least, but I suspect fellow anarchists will smile too.

Have a butchers.


Spontaneous Order

The next time you get five minutes to contemplate your navel, contemplate this instead.

I liked it, I did.


June 20, 2010

The Worldwide Monopolization of Capital

This is a fascinating insight into the world we live in. Or rather, the way the world is changing.

Most of us are too busy watching shite on the propaganda unit in the corner of the living room. We are still reading the shite vomited out by the MSM.

Try taking a different look. Try this video. And pretty much any of the output produced by this guy.

It's all good.

Well, not good exactly, but you know what I mean.

Tip of the beret to Fraser who led me to the YouTube channel.


June 19, 2010

Wine Not

"Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen nineteen six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery".-David Copperfield 1849 by Charles Dickens.

Now, I don't know about you, but when my outgoings draw level with my incomings, I stop spending. I find it remarkably simple. And, I will remind you, I don't have two braincells to rub together.

Our country doesn't have a pot to piss in. Worse, we mortgaged the piss-pot some years ago and went into negative pot equity shortly after that. We are skint. We have nothing. We have none to spare. We have no more to waste.

We are, in the common vernacular, brassic.

So, I would dearly love for one of the Oxbridge educated politicians to tell me in words of one syllable or less, just how the fuck they can a) justify a parliamentary wine cellar valued at £864,000 and b) justify spending another £17,698 on even more fucking wine?

Have they learnt nothing from the last shower of thieving bastards? Did they find 18 grand tucked away in an office draw and decide to blow it on fine wines?

Do the LiTors understand that it isn't their money they are pissing away? Do they understand that they have no money at all and that it is ALL ours?

Let's see what they have to say, shall we?

"Foreign Office minister Henry Bellingham revealed that Government Hospitality, which manages the cellar, had spent £17,698 on new stock since May 6 - bringing the total value to £864,000 - though he insisted the standard practice of buying wines young saved money for the taxpayer".

No, you gormless twat. You haven't saved us a single penny. The only way you can "save" our money is to stop fucking spending it.

Read this very carefully: You. Have. No. Money. It. Belongs. To. Us.

Witless Bellingham continues thusly:

"None of these wines has yet been used. Careful management of the Government wine cellar enables GH to provide wine for high profile events at significantly below the current market rate, making substantial savings for the taxpayer."

 Good. Then return them. And let's just think about those "high profile events" shall we?

If they are from Arabic nations, they won't be needing wine. Allah (PBUH) says they can't get mashed.

If they are from EU nations, they are just as skint as we are. Fuck 'em. They can bring their own plonk.

If they are from the USA, same same. BYOW. It's the courteous thing to do.

If they are from second or third world countries, give 'em a nice glass of clean water. We routinely deny them access to clean water. Their children die in the millions for lack of it. It should go down like angels tears.

This disgusting tale would not be complete without a quote from a Labour twat.

Oh, here's one now:

But with public sector pay and pensions set to be squeezed in Tuesday's Budget as ministers seek further cuts to deal with the £155 billion deficit, Labour former Cabinet Office minister Tom Watson called on the coalition to sell off its fine wines to prove "we're all in this together".

Yes Tom. We are all in the shit together. It was your fault. It was your pathetic parties' fault. And now that you are condemned to sit in opposition after 13 years of piss-poor management, you are awful quick to suggest selling off the family silver Labour stocked wine-cellar.

Fucking hypocrite. You're all the same.

I'm off to get motherless on booze I paid for myself. When did you last hear an MP say that?

And people call me a freeloader?


Politicians And Their Greed

If all politicians were forced to listen to this, over and over and over again, they may just get a small taste of the contempt in which we hold them.

Particularly Labour politicians. Slimeballs all.

As Sayeeda Warsi just said in one of the Conservative's mass emails:

Labour left us with no money - only waste and debt:

- They left every man, woman and child owing £22,400
- They gave us one of the worst budget deficits in Europe
- They left 2.47 million people out of work
- And they sold off Britain's gold at a 20-year low in the market.

Unless we act now to deal with this crisis, interest payments in five years' time could end up being higher than the amount we spend on schools, climate change* and transport.

*Sayeeda love, you can bin any and all spending on this shite for a start. That'll save us even more money. You might want to get us out of Europe too. That's another no-brainer. Our country is bleeding to death. The EU is a wound that can be sutured right now.

I will never forgive, nor forget, the waste and the greed and the mismanagement. I don't really expect the coalition to be much different. We will have to wait and see.

My thanks go to JohnH, who led me to the song.

Our fellow blogger, Tom Paine, who has this great song in his last post, is going through some turmoil and could do with a few kind thoughts.

Why not pop along and let him know we care?

Once we stop caring all is lost.


June 18, 2010

Meet Your Strawman!

This is a great little animation that explains how your strawman came into being, and why you can safely resist paying demands made of him/her. Further research is required, but as a first step, say no, politely and firmly, and ask them questions. They grind to a halt when someone who isn't Borg retaliates.

This is timely as I have just this morning sent off a new letter to HMRC explaining the same thing. Today I received a letter from them demanding that I pay them money (or else!), and they quoted several sections of two statutes, namely, Income and Corporation Taxes Act 1988 and the Financial Act 2008. I gently explained that their statutes are less than meaningless to me as I have entered Lawful Rebellion. I explained that Lawful Rebellion was an obligation on every sovereign, and not a lifestyle choice. I also asked them (again) to verify their claim, I asked them (again) to validate their claim, and I asked them (again) to confirm that they had not coerced me into violating domestic and international laws by demanding that I contribute finances to two illegal invasions. I will let you know how that turns out.

Tip of the beret to TBY for sending me the link to this instructive and educational video. TBY is a  regular commenter here, and stalwart of this fantastic campaign group.


June 17, 2010

Introducing.....Mr Barry Soetoro

Lots in here to mull over. No idea as to its veracity.

As always, watch, and judge for thy self.

Oh, if you are a fan of pipe blowing Incantation and you want to learn about friend Barry, you're in for a double treat. If not, I would turn the volume all the way down.Or off. Yes. Off. Definitely.

We all thought that Iranian midget Badmood Aminadinnajacket was the bad guy. Turns out that he's a sweetheart. Barry is the new anti-Christ.



Ranty Picks A Fight

We-ell, this is more about self-defence. It is a fight nevertheless.

Just to set the scene, (for those newer readers that may not know, I have just relocated Clan Ranty), this tale is about electricity providers, their ineptitude, and their unseemly haste in bringing in the bailiffs.

Sadly for them they picked the wrong dog to kick.

So, we've moved in, and thanks to a cock up by my telephony provider, (let's call them Bee Tee), I had no landline for two weeks. My cellphone provider, (let's call them Oh Too), have zero coverage in my new neighbourhood. I mention this because when you set up a new account with a utility company they pretty much insist on a number they can reach you on. So I delayed signing up with one until we had a usable number.

Once the phone line was in, the first call I made was to my (old) utility company asking them to provide service at Ranty Barracks. They were delighted and asked me for a meter reading, which I supplied. This was on April 14 of this year. (Two weeks after we had moved in).

Seven days later I get a letter from the last owners' utility company urging me to pay for the electricity I had used in the 14 days prior to the "switch-over" from one provider to another. They demanded £180.00. For 14 days. A little miffed, I called them and said I would be happy to pay for electricity used, but that it would be a cold day in hell before I sent them £180. They concurred, and promised to adjust the figure and send me a new demand.

The new demand arrived seven days later looking exactly like the first one. £180.00, or, (this was new and different), they would appoint a debt collection agency to recover the money I had "refused" (their words) to pay. Cue another phone call from me to them.

Same company, different operative. Same conversation, same outcome. "Leave it to us Captain, we will fix everything".

14 days later I get a new letter. This one, from a debt recovery company, says, "INTENTION OF COURT ACTION". The utility company, without a single word to me, had "instructed them to take the most appropriate action to recover the debt".

I think I was supposed to be terrified and immediately send off £180 to the debt recovery goons. I was not. And I didn't.

Instead, I (CR) called the utility company (UC) and here is an almost verbatim transcript of the conversation:

UC: Can I have your account number please?

CR: I don't have an account with you. BTW, is this being recorded?

UC: Yes it is. I will need an account number.

CR: There is an account number on the letter you sent, but I didn't ask for it, and I don't have a contract with you.

UC: Erm, what is the account number?

CR: [I give him the number]. Just to be clear, can you confirm that I do not have a contract with you?

UC: I, er, well, that is, I er, don't know. I suppose you do.

CR: No, I don't. Please make a note of that indisputable fact. I never asked you for anything. I simply moved into my new home and later learnt that you provided service for the last owner. No paperwork, and no verbal contract binds us, do you agree?

UC: Look, I really don't know about this stuff. I just work in collections. When are you going to send us the £180?

CR: Never.

UC: Oh! Well, the debt recovery company will be around to make erm, arrangements for you to pay it.

CR: Cool! I look forward to that. I just have a couple of questions.

UC: Ye-es.

CR: If I don't have a contract with you, what makes you think I have a contract with the debt recovery goons?

UC: Well, I don't, that is to say I'm not really.....[I never did find out what he wasn't]

CR: Never mind. Last question: did your company sell the "debt" to the debt recovery clowns?

UC: I don't know. I heard once in the canteen that that is how it works but I can't say for sure. What difference does that make?

CR: All the difference in the world. If this does go to court I want you to imagine my statement. It will be something like this:  "M'lud, a company I have no contract with, sold my "debt" to another company I don't have a contract with involving £180 for electricity that I could not possibly have used in the period claimed. One of the companies that I don't have a contract with bought the alleged debt from the other company that I don't have a contract with. In the eyes of the law this debt has been settled. I'm off, have a lovely day".

UC: Oh. Well, what can I do?

CR: For one thing, you can advise your legal team to make a copy of this recording and keep it safe. I will be demanding that the court listen to it. Bye bye now.

Yes, I know I was a little harsh with the collections person, but it reads worse than the actual conversation. I was stood up during the entire conversation (it's an old sales trick, it helps you think faster), and I deliberately put a smile on my face while talking. This comes through even on a phone call. It will be heard during playback, if we ever get that far.

There have been further developments since. I have contacted my utility company and asked them why they never sent the meter readings to the company threatening me with legal action. I was told, and offered proof, that they had called them on April 15th. Within 24 hours of me telling them the meter readings they had sent them to the old provider. I missed it out of the transcript above but I also asked what the problem was and why they were chasing so hard and they claimed that my utility company had NOT sent the readings to them. So I have that lie on tape as well.

It was the bullying, the threats, and the engagement of the debt recovery gorillas that got me riled. They were way too soon. Too eager to use the cudgel. That, and they were all the way wrong.

I like to think that I surprised the shit out of them.

The goons were supposed to visit me last Friday. I watched my drive carefully. No show.

I freely confess that there is a part of me that wants them to show up.

So that I can tell them to fuck off.


June 15, 2010

Vote For Ron Paul In 2012

And put a rebel in the White House.

I like the opening quote in the vid:

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot."
Mark Twain

Yes, yes. We've heard the rhetoric before. When Obama was on the campaign trail he threw out promises like candy and the gullible swallowed them whole. 18 months down the line and not one single promise delivered. Not one.

The difference here is that Dr Paul has been solid. He is consistent with his libertarian message. He knows that less is more where governments are concerned. I have listened to many of his speeches and read many of his articles and I truly believe he can deliver change.

Obama is a one trick pony that failed to show us even the one trick he was alleged to possess. Let's be truthful here: the man was elected because he is black. He is a showman though, and an eloquent speaker (when ably assisted by his friend Orto Kew), but when the diplomat in him is called upon, he fails miserably. Look, if you can bear it, at the BP blow-out in the GOM and Obama's pathetic handling of the mess. He will do more to make it worse. He cannot help himself. His popularity rating has halved in 18 months and continues to tumble. Some dipshit somewhere in the White House is telling him to act tough. From here it just looks childish. Obama needs to take a step back and let those that know do what they do best.

I know it's early days yet but Dr Paul would be an ideal replacement.

Listen to the man speak in this video released yesterday.



Eschaton is a Greek noun. It means "last". Among the words' definitions you may also find this:

"end of the world, end of time, climax of history"  

My original plan for this blog was for it to be a rant space. A place where I could vent, and hopefully, some readers would comment and if I was particularly accurate some might agree with me. The plan changed when I started researching the Freeman Movement. All sorts of doors opened and I learned much. Of course, much of it was bollocks and a lot of wheat had to be sorted from the tons of chaff. Still, I reckon that we have some of the basics, and lo and behold, some of the principles actually work. I have enjoyed more success than failure as I traversed Freedom Road, so for me, it is a path I continue to tread.

Back to the point.

All around me I see disintegration. I see change, and I see a sort of revolution. I felt strongly enough about it to scribble a few words. It doesn't feel like Armageddon, it doesn't look like the end of the world, or the end of time, but it has all the hallmarks of a historical climax.

Please don't groan, but something Bob Geldof once said has stuck with me for years. He was in (what once was) the Belgian Congo and he was doing a documentary on the civil war which was raging at the time. It was close to its zenith and Unkie Bob said "When 25% or more of a population have good communications, independent newspapers, radio, the internet, or just good cellphone coverage, the days of the tyrant are numbered". I happen to agree. Not just because I have been involved in telecommunications for 30 years, but because I have seen it with my own eyes. I have been on rigs, platforms, base camps and vessels where there was nothing (other than basic HF radio) before I arrived and when I left they had telephones, internet and television. From the moment I handed over the newly commissioned system the mood of the 80-200 souls on site changed dramatically. They could finally get their work done more efficiently, and from a welfare stand-point, they could call home. They could catch up with any news, gossip, talk to their partners and their kids, and they could help to solve any problems that their people were facing at home. I freely admit that this was the most satisfying part of my job. My main point being that I understand the value of good communications.

Then, along comes the internet, which, despite the fact that I had been enabling these services around the world, I took no active part in, nor did I make much use of it. Some years later, following its natural evolution, it was everywhere. Or so it seemed. Blogs sprang up, which I largely ignored, mostly because I wasn't interested in the (daily) thoughts of some bloke in Manhattan, or some ex-pat in Nairobi. Then all of a sudden (for me, at least), they started to become attractive. They were doing the job I imagined good reporters should be doing. Sure, some were sweary, but so what? Profanity, when used well, enhances, rather than detracts from a good piece. It gives it life, and, that all important personal touch we would never see in a daily paper. They dared where angels feared to tread. Modern newspapers are out of my life. I know, from the smoking ban and almost everything written about second hand smoke, that they question nothing. They cut, and they paste. Every study is like the Tablets in the Moses myth. They are the word of God. Their God being, as it happens, the advertisers. They never examine the figures, they never even peek at the science. They daren't. Because it is bullshit. They say to themselves, "The ends justify the means", they toddle off at 5pm for a swift G&T and they go home and kid themselves that they had a good day. Newspapers are dying. They have a terminal disease. They can be cured, of course they can, but they are suicidal, and their end is nigh. A dwindling number of people buy into their crap, and I pray daily for their demise.

Online is where the real stuff is. Online is where the truth resides. In varying amounts, to be sure, and one has to be careful at believing all one reads. There's a lot of Fools Gold out there and I usually start by tracing the money. Finding out who is sponsoring a particular thing leads me to the "truth" of the claim that has been made. If there is no money, I look for a conspiracy. If there is one, or if the claim is made by someone clearly unhinged, I tend to close the tab and move on. Time is precious, and I don't want to waste mine knitting together convoluted ravings.

I write, as often as I can, about my unadulterated joy whenever I read that the EU, or the Euro, is failing. As I have written before, I am no nationalist. I am no racist. I like multi-culturalism, but there have to be boundaries. There have to be some rules in place for it to work. I welcome anyone to these shores, and if they are coming to stay, I merely ask that they leave their home country behind. I ask that because I ask it of myself when I travel. When I arrive anywhere, the first thing I remind myself is that I am a visitor. My job is to fit in, to blend in. If I do that I will have an uneventful, and ultimately, successful trip. Our little island nation is creaking under the pressure, not so much from the foreigners, but from  those within. Those with a desperate urge to create the same conditions that the emigrants  left behind. Their language, their religions, and, in some cases, their law. And that, is going too far. No country I have ever visited took the trouble to change their laws for me. Not many would allow me to practise my religion, if I was of that bent. None of them ensure that every sign I read, or every form I fill in is in English.

I hear and read a great deal of chatter about World War Three. Most seem to suggest that it will be be caused by, initiated by, or will certainly involve, Iran. That it will be in the Middle East is stated with some confidence. All we can do is watch and wait. Then react accordingly. My own thoughts are that we are way too early. We have at least another 30-50 years of oil left, and I think the temperature will rise as we get nearer to the end of that particular commodity. By then, one would hope, we would have found some sustainable alternative. Actually, I think it already exists, but big business needs to be protected, as do the needs of millions of people employed in the industry, both upstream and downstream. The same goes for Big Pharma, if you must know. We already have cures for the most terrible maladies that mankind suffers from but it is absolutely not in their interests for these cures to be found in every corner store. I know for a fact that Big Pharma finds "cures" then develops an ailment. After that, it is a marketing exercise. How many parents have you heard discussing those very recent, and very artificial complaints for which their kids now need to swallow 10 tablets a day to "cure"? Money. It's all about money. That is changing too, as we learn more about those insidious tricks the drugs manufacturers employ to get us on their bandwagon.

In summary then, if eschaton is coming it heralds one thing and one thing alone: the end of bullshit. The end of lies. The end of spin. And a gradual, but much needed awakening.

However painful it is for you, however much your partner, or your neighbours, or your colleagues at work may stare and point, stick to your guns, and be ready for the end. Educate and enlighten yourself. Take a second look at outlandish claims and satisfy yourself that they either have some merit, or are outright bullshit.

Whatever else you do, be prepared. Big changes are coming and you owe it to yourself to know about them beforehand. It will be huge.

It will be a climax you will never forget.


June 14, 2010

USA! USA! U! S! A!

Now this is spin.

In fact, I would go as far as to say it is the spinniest spin in spinland.

I know I said I wouldn't do much on the world cup, but this just begged to be reposted.

H/T to Man Widdicombe.


Is Change On The Way?

Having watched this inspiring short video, I think it is.

I really, really do.

Park your troubles somewhere for five minutes and let this seep into your brain.


June 12, 2010

Is It Time?

Revolution is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular.

Revolution never is. Revolution is the last resort of a cowed people. It's the only tool left in the box.

If you need a reminder of why we need a revolution, watch this:

You might want to crank up the volume.

Then you might want to crank up your response. Freedom, in all its guises, is hard won.


Let's get it back.


Mixed Bag

You want some philosophy? You could do a lot worse than listen to Stefan Molyneux as he discusses a range of subjects in the video above.

And if you can spare the time, do watch his brilliant videos entitled "Death Of The West". The first part is a reminder of how, and why, the rot set in. Part 2 is, well, you'll see.


EDIT: Changed my mind. I'd rather you didn't enjoy them. I rather see raised eyebrows than wry grins. I'd rather hear about your consternation than your enjoyment.

It's fucking outrage we need, not contentment. We are cattle. We are serfs. We are enslaved. Outrage is the only normal response. Huge, purple, sticky-out veins outraged. Heartbeat running at humming-bird speed outrage. Steam coming out of your ears outrage. 1mm from apoplexy outrage.

And when you are all thinking clearly again, when that stone-cold resolve sets in, we need a revolution. That's Option 1.

Option 2 is to leave this clusterfuck for our kids to sort out, just like our parents did.

I'm all for Option 1.

On my death-bed many years from now, I have absolutely no desire to say to those gathered around me, "All my life I worked, and every month they stole what could have been yours. It could have secured your future, but the inept bastards just kept taking, taking, and taking. And wasting it".

I'd be a damn sight happier checking out knowing that I tried to change things.

And so the campaign continues. Want a sneak peek at my master plan?

Here you go. This is the plan. This is all you need to say:

Got it?


June 11, 2010

Parliamentary Privelege? Not In My Court.

Remember those MPs that wanted to use parliamentary privelege and the Bill of Rights 1689 as a defence against their thievery?

A judge sent them homeward to think again. Here's what he had to say:

"Judge Mr Justice Saunders said he could see no "logical, practical or moral justification" for the argument put by the three former Labour party members of parliament (MPs) and a Conservative member of the upper House of Lords."

Which is a pity. I wanted to see the BoR 1689 invoked as proof that it was still valid.  Just for the record, I couldn't care less if all four of them hang from the nearest gibbet for their sticky-fingered ways. As you may have figured out by now, I have a growing interest in ancient law. It would seem that it is still valid, but the judge threw it out as a defence.

Judgey went on to say:

"The judge said he accepted that the processing of the expenses was part of the workings of parliament, but that there was no reason to extend parliamentary privilege to expense claims.

"There has to be a line drawn and it has to be drawn somewhere," he told Southwark Crown Court in central London, the Press Association reported.

"I can see no logical, practical or moral justification for a claim for expenses being covered by privilege; and I can see no legal justification for it either.

"In my judgement, the conduct alleged against these defendants is not covered by parliamentary privilege and is triable in the Crown Court," he said.

"The principle that all men are equal before the law is an important one and should be observed unless there is good reason why it should not apply."

You can read the rest here.

Disappointingly, our pal in the antipodes, one Angry Exile, is proved to be right. He said many months ago that this would be the outcome. Bugger! Hopefully he won't spot this post and come to gloat. No-one likes a gloater, AE, so bear that in mind.

Still, the main prize, their prosecution, is still very much in sight. If judgey keeps his wig on, and dispenses the law fairly, according to his oath, then the Four Thiefkateers will be rubbing willies with Big Vern in Cell Block H before too long.

Which may just focus the minds of the new intake of troughers.

Go on lads, take one for the team!


Palins Paps. Pure, Or Padded?

In the run up to electing a new president, some things are more important than others.

News reaches Ranty Barracks that uber-dipshit Sarah Palin has had an......adjustment. Verification of aforementioned alleged claims can be found here.

Or, if you are far too busy to click the link, you can compare and contrast here:

Never let it be said that I do not bring you incisive political stuff from around the globe.

This is obviously very important to some sad twat somewhere.

Have a bodacious weekend.


June 10, 2010

UK Finance Market Riddled With Abuse

I don't know why I'm surprised.

We just ejected a corrupt, inept government and now we discover that over 30% of takeover deals had "abnormal activity" prior to those deals closing.

The city is obviously a cesspit inhabited by thousands of finance "professionals" lining their own scummy nests.


"The Financial Services Authority said there was abnormal pre-announcement price movements (APPMs) in 30.6 percent of takeover situations in 2009, up from 29.3 percent in 2008 and the highest level since 2004. The FSA uses the APPMs data to detect possible insider dealing or market abuse. Its indicator is based on share prices in the two days before an announcement and is not perfect, it said, noting that accurate analysis or media reports could influence the level."

And apart from a few fines being dished out, they managed two (count 'em) prosecutions:

"The FSA successfully completed two insider dealing prosecutions in the year, including a high-profile case against a former partner at UK brokerage Cazenove, but this month lost its first criminal case for insider dealing when a lawyer and a finance director were cleared of wrongdoing."

Marvellous. Makes you all warm & fuzzy inside to know that the FSA are on top of their game.

Full story can be found right here.

Does anyone do anything honestly anymore?

Can't trust scientists, can't trust doctors, can't trust the police, can't trust the banks, and we could never, ever trust politicians.

It's depressing, I tells ya, depressing!


June 09, 2010

Shetland The Brave

Or, if you prefer, Rebellion On Scottish Island.

I found this heartwarming.

A group of people on Shetland have tired of government interference, senseless statutes, needless regulations, the corrupt EU, our sleazy banking system, and our fiat currency.

(This is for those of you that may think the Shetlands are located next to the Falklands. Click pic to embiggen).

Moves are afoot to declare the island an independent nation and go it alone. I wish them every success.

Read all about it right here.

Here's a large chunk of their reasoning:

"The whole world is sliding into a situation where fewer and fewer people control more and more of the money, resources and power, where ordinary people are losing control of their lives and being dependent on authority in one way or another.

The Sovereign Nation of Shetland is set to reverse that trend. To take back power from the government, the bankers and the global corporations, we have to start thinking locally again. We need a means by which people can simply turn away from the present corrupt system into one where they have control over their elected representatives, their money and banking systems and their law. The Sovereign Nation of Shetland provides that means.

The UK is sleep-walking towards the point where the government has given away sovereignty to an organisation (the EU) so corrupt that it has not been able to have its books audited for the past fifteen years, it is shackled into crippling debt by the recent bank bailout, it has corrupt government and we are seemingly helpless to do anything about any of it.

Strange though it may seem, I don′t blame the government for this. I don′t think they have any choice. Behind the scenes is a much more powerful force, which has the government by the throat. The world of banking and global corporations is run by a small number of very powerful people, to whom you and I are simply pawns in a game - but it′s a game we don′t have to play.

Just stop and think for a minute. During the banking crisis, were there any less resources in the world? The only thing there was a shortage of was money. What many people don′t realise is that money is created by the banks. That gives them the ultimate power over us and all governments and nations. "Give me control over a nations currency, and I care not who makes its laws." as Baron M.A. Rothschild is quoted as saying. It′s the interest on bank loans that means we have to have constant, unsustainable growth. It means the system is set up so that a certain percentage of debtors must default on their loans. And who gets their property when they default? The banks of course.

Just as the playground bully becomes powerless if his victim does not co-operate, we only have to realise that we are the source of that power and we don′t have to continue playing the game. Most people simply accept the inevitability of their situation and think that nothing can be done, but in reality it is only by each one making the decision for themselves that change can happen.

It doesn′t have to be violent. It can happen by people simply changing their minds and turning their backs on the existing situation. Just as it takes only a small number to keep the present system in place, it takes an equally small number to achieve change. As more and more people make the change, the old system will simply die on the vine."

Difficult to argue with, is it not?

The first step will be the toughest. God speed.


And So It Begins, Before It Begins

Two days before the World Cup starts, we see a story about an armed robbery.

It was always going to be a problem. In a nation where there is a rape every minute, a car-jacking every three minutes, and a murder every seven minutes, who in their right mind assumed the bad guys would take a break while the footie was on?

I have relatives in Johannesburg. When I stay with them, (their house is more a fortress than a home), Saturday nights can be a little...worrying. Gunshots can clearly be heard above the ambient traffic noise, and sometimes drown out the police sirens. The minute I heard that SA had "won" the world cup I thought "People are going to die and people are going to be robbed. Regularly".

And we're off.


"Robbers soured the atmosphere, though, and sent a reminder of local crime levels rivalling anywhere outside a war-zone with a pre-dawn raid on journalists from Portugal and Spain.
They rifled through rooms of sleeping reporters to steal equipment and cash at a lodge at scenic Magaliesburg town. "It was the scariest thing that has ever happened to me," said photographer Antonio Simoes, who woke up to be held at gunpoint."


"The government will not tolerate any unruly, disruptive and unsafe behaviour," South African government spokesman Themba Maseko said in a statement on Wednesday. Authorities, who are particularly worried about illegal tickets, have deployed more than 40,000 police to keep order."

Well, good luck with those extra cops. If my personal experience is anything to go by, you really do not want to rely on a guy in a uniform with a gun.

The South African team, known across Africa as "Bafana Bafana", are sitting at 150/1 to win. Which probably means they are going for an early bath. Their supporters won't like that too much, and will revert to earning a crust the only way they know: with a sneer and a 9mm pistol.

Oh, and those rapes? They don't always involve women. So I suggest, lads, that you buy and install a tungsten chastity belt and leave the key back here in the UK.

Ladies, just don't go. At all. Watch it on the plasma.

I can't say with any honesty that I like football, so this is likely to be my only blogpost on the subject. Unless something spectacular happens.

In fact, if I were given the choice between watching a football match or sticking pins in kittens eyes, it would be the felines every time.

Sorry cats.


June 07, 2010

Today's Special: Free Land

I thought this might interest some people.

Check out these short videos and listen to Freeman Stephen as he shows us how to go about claiming a piece of land.

There are around 7 million* plots of land without owners. This could be for a variety of reasons such as: the original owner died intestate, or ownership is "assumed", or, most commonly, it was never owned by anyone in the first place.

If you spot a plot that you think is available (a big clue is the state that it's in. If it looks unmanaged, unkempt, or just generally uncared for, take a closer look), the first thing to do is a search for the owner. Having found no-one claiming title, you lodge title with the Land Registry, wait, and eventually the land becomes yours. If I recall correctly, the fee for lodging a claim is around £50, so "free land" is a little misleading, but £50 for an acre, or 100 acres, is pretty damn cheap.

There is a little more to it than that, but not much more. Watch how Freeman Stephen goes about it.

Interesting stuff.


*Before we all get over excited, several million of those free lumps of Mother Earth are exactly that. Little 10 x 10 foot gaps between houses, or narrow strips of land that are no real use to anyone. And your claims are not limited to land either. Some people have successfully claimed rows of terraced houses, or derelict buildings right in the heart of the city. Get claiming!

June 05, 2010

Say Hello To My Leetle Friend

(Click pic for largeness).

OK, OK, mine won't be quite that big.

But it will stop any lunatics rampaging through my village.


June 04, 2010

A Week Of Failure

Not a good week, eh?

The euro continues to freefall. 1.2043 to the £ last time I looked. Although I remain ecstatic at the prospect of this failure, I am wise enough to know that it will cause much pain for those that rely on this currency. Behind the euro failure is the real prize: the downfall of that abomination we call the EU.

The Macondo well in the GOM continues to stump all efforts at killing the flow of hydrocarbons. Obama, and his Court of Fools, are talking now about shoving the experts out of the way so that they can rush in and save the day. Quite how thousands of pen-pushers are going to stop an out of control well, Christ only knows.What they fail to understand is that this is a unique blow-out. I have seen nothing like it in my 22 years in the oil industry. What I do know is this: if even the worlds best are having trouble, the very last thing you do is tell them that you, a politician or a civil servant, intend to take over.

The taxi driver in Whitehaven failed as a human being. He failed to keep his emotions in check. He failed to put his guns out of his own reach, knowing, as he must have done, that he was unstable. He failed to give his victims even a fair chance at survival. But mostly, he failed to blow his own fucking insane head off first.

Twice this week I have failed to land major contracts. Personal failure is hard to bear. Particularly when you know that there are people depending on your success so that they can continue to be employed, and feed and care for their own families. I try not to dwell on it, and it usually forces me to redouble my efforts.

The point of failure, I think, is to remind us that we are fallible. We are human, and we make mistakes. We learn, and we move on. Or rather, we should.

The euro will fail. The fabled European Union was an impossible dream that has morphed into a region-wide nightmare. Stapling 20 odd countries together by conning them, and themselves, that we are all the same was destined to fail. The only question was when. We have different politics, different cultures, and different economies. Trade agreements were the best we could have hoped for. And why not? We have been trading with some of these people for centuries. Occasionally we stopped, had a little spat, shook hands, and carried on. It wasn't broke and we tried to fix it. Are we learning yet, politicians?

The Macondo blow-out will have enormous ramifications. Not just for the environment, but for the operators (BP, Shell, Conoco, Exxon, Tullow, etc), for the drillers (Noble, Rowan, Transocean, Nabors, KCA Deutag etc) and also for the service companies like mine, and like Halliburton, Schlumberger and Baker Hughes. The pain will be felt by us all. Thanks to Macondo, around 24 semi-submersible rigs (now no longer able to drill the deep water of the Gulf of Mexico) will be released from their contracts (probably under Force Majeur) and will flood the world market, driving down day rates for the rigs which will inevitably cause unemployment. My guess is that we will see further consolidation in the industry. The industry will recover, as it always does. The damage to the environment is another consideration entirely. This failure has the potential to harm millions, human and animal alike.

The massacre in Cumbria will be discussed endlessly. The bereaved will not be left alone to grieve. The press will hound them remorselessly. Headlines have to be written. The human tragedy has to be catalogued. Newspapers and magazines must be sold. Exclusives will be pumped out in their dozens. And most of them are still speculating. We cannot ever know the motive for these senseless killings because the lunatic that committed them is dead. The very best we can do from this point on is guess. There will be hysteria from certain quarters about gun control. There may well be knee-jerk policies from the LiTors, but hopefully they will remain calm, and accept this for what it was: a random event perpetrated by a man who had become unhinged.

My own failures this week are minor. I only mentioned them because none of us are immune. What is vital is that we address them, we accept them, we make changes if they are absolutely necessary, and we move on.

Mr Beaver in the picture is, of course, fucked. One can only hope his relatives developed new chopping skills or were a little faster on their feet at the "Tim-berrr" moment..

This weekend I have more failure planned. I will fail to stay sober. I will fail to avoid fatty foods. I will fail to avoid several packs of Lucky Strikes.

Enjoy your weekend. I know I will.


June 03, 2010

Is The Third Rock Expanding?

According to this little video, it did/was/is.

Any scientists out there brave enough to concur? Or rebut?

It seems plausible from where I'm sitting.

Though it conflicts with the video I posted a few weeks back that talked about planet earth slamming into planet Nibiru, which supposably caused the oceans to form. (Among other things. Planets colliding are, after all, a fairly traumatic event).

Just when I thought I had a handle on things......


June 02, 2010

ID Girl Miffed

No sympathy here, darlin'.

Anyone gormless enough to embrace privacy-snatching legislation vomited out by Gordoom Broon deserves to lose the £30 they forked out.

But no.

Rather than accept that she did a stupid thing, she wants to sue. She is offended. She is a victim. She was conned. The Labour party stole her money and she wants it back, dammit!

Check out her world class whining here.

Want a snippet?

My pleasure:

"And as the first member of the public to acquire one of these now collector’s items, I’m deeply disappointed. Disappointed that the scheme, trialled right here in Manchester, has been strangled at birth before it had the chance to prove that ID cards could be incredibly useful as a safe and portable way of proving identity."

It is we libertarians who are to blame:

"Instead, our new Government delivered a knee-jerk response and scrapped the scheme, preferring to appease the so-called civil libertarians who hysterically clamoured that the introduction of ID cards was a blow for privacy and further damning proof of an ever encroaching nanny state".

Here, the silly moo tells us about her fight-back:

"Which is why I have decided to sue and am filing my form to the small claims court.
What’s more, I exhort anyone else who feels short changed both financially and ideologically to do the same and have set up a Facebook page to marshall support"

Crack on, love. You get that thirty quid back. That'll show 'em!

But will you learn from this, Angie?

Somehow I doubt it.

People like you won't be happy until you have a fucking bar code tattooed on your forehead. You won't be happy until they can watch your every move, hear every word you utter, store every email you ever write, or until you have CCTV's in every room in your house.

And where will you draw the line? "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear" right?

Wrong. You, and the freaks like you are all the way wrong. Give them an inch and they take all available ground. They must, they will, be resisted at all costs.

Shut up whinging. The incompetents have gone.

And for that, you can thank me. And everyone else who didn't vote Labour. And NO2ID. And every other freedom loving soul in the Kingdom.


Expecting A Recovery? Don't.

 I don't wish to gush, but I really have to say that every time I hear Stefan Molyneux speak, my respect increases exponentially. With Stefan the hysteria is absent. There are no conspiracies to get your head around. He just lays it on the line.

This video is no different. His opening remarks bring a gloom, and a sense of hopelessness, and 18 minutes later he explains why we really, really, really do not want a recovery. Using historical context, he tells us why we are in this mess, and thankfully, he tells us that we will emerge from it, cleaner, better, happier, and more relaxed after the economic armageddon that is heading our way.

Stefan's words resonated with me. As he was talking I pictured a forest fire. On the face of it, a hugely destructive force, flames licking everywhere, consuming all in its path. And afterwards? New shoots. New plants. The soil revitalised and re-energised in an elemental way that no man made fertiliser could ever hope to match. A fundamental rebirth, and a new beginning for all.

This is a great video made by an intelligent man. I thought it was worth 18 minutes of my time. I really think it is worth 18 minutes of yours too. Watch it if you can.

My thanks go to Richard who left the link to Stefan's video in the last comments section. Cheers Richard, keep 'em coming!

This is news we can use.


June 01, 2010

Euro Heads South

Is anyone else taking pleasure from the Euro downfall?

I just watched it slide to 1.20 against the £ and I squealed like a lottery winner.

If the EU is to fail, then its bastard child has to fail first. No Euro equals EU meltdown. One country at a time, if necessary, but overnight collapse will do me just fine. No EU means that we save around £110 Billion every year. It will only take us a matter of months to repay our massive debt. When that is repaid, (having repealed ALL EU statutes and those ridiculous 120,000 regulations they shat out), we can reduce everyone's income tax by at least 50%. The economy, our economy, will shoot back into the black for the first time in a very long time.

Europe, the individual nations, that is, have been mauled. They need time to withdraw from the lunacy, from that failed experiment, from the unelected, from those unaudited freaks in Brussels, so that they can lick their wounds, regroup, sort out their shit and be allowed to be themselves again.

Am I the only one who misses the Mark, the Franc, the Lira, the Drachma, the Punt, and the Guilder?

Am I the only one who visited European countries before the Euro, before the madness, and thoroughly enjoyed visiting because they were ALL different?

Am I the only one who visits them now and thinks "Fuck me. I could be in any one of 12 different countries but they are all the same now"?

I used to like visiting across that narrow, but vital stretch of water that keeps us away from the European mainland. It was their differentness that attracted me. Now they all have the same currency, the same rules and regulations, and nearly all meekly follow whatever the no-marks in Brussels tell them to do.

No. For me the end cannot come soon enough. The EU is like Communism. The idea works fine on paper, but in practise, neither are workable. Worse. The EU damages us in ways we cannot comprehend. Take my figure of £110 Billion a year. Although we only see £48 Million leaving us every day, it is the stuff we can't see that is costing us so much. Every regulation they send over here costs money to implement. I saw/see over at Burning Our Money that the usual number quoted is around £95 Billion a year to businesses (and therefore us) that is the true burden. Add to that our "voluntary" contributions and you get to £110 Billion. A disgusting amount of money. Money that we need to repay the debts of the incompetents we kept voting into power for more than a decade.

It isn't just the money. It's the fact that we (almost uniquely) implement and obey every word, every syllable ever drafted by those fucksticks in Brussels. The Germans, and the French, arguably the Unions architects, sift through the detritus and use what they want and ignore the rest.

We have lost our sense of self. We have forgotten our history. We have forgotten who and what we are.

It's time to delete the EU.

It's time to reinstall our Britishness. Our Welshness. Our Englishness. Our Scottishness. Our Nirishness.

From where I am sitting, it all looks suddenly possible.

Can I get an "Amen"?.


Sneaky Meeting In Spain

That shadowy group, the Bilderbergers, gather in Spain later this week.

What will they discuss? What "solutions" will they come up with? How will it affect you and me?

There is some speculation here.


"Veteran Bilderberg researcher and bestselling author Daniel Estulin has once again acquired a copy of the agenda for the annual meeting of the world’s power elite. In an exclusive interview with The Corbett Report earlier today, Estulin revealed what the Bilderbergers will be discussing at this year’s confab in Sitges, Spain on June 3-6, 2010.

Download an mp3 of the interview by clicking here

According to the documents—which Estulin obtained from his sources inside the secretive group—issues to be discussed in this year’s formal deliberations are:

1. Will the Euro Survive?
2. Development in Europe: Europe’s Exit Strategy…On Hold?
3. Do We Have Institutions to Deal With the World Economy?
4. Greece: Lessons and Forward-looking Strategies
5. NATO and Afghanistan: The Practical Agenda for the Alliance
6. Iran and Russia: Economic and Financial Threats to the Alliance
7. The Consequences of War Against Terrorism
8. The Influence of Domestic Issues on American Foreign Policy
9.The Outlook for Japan’s Economy
10. The Future of the U.S. Dollar: Alternative Scenarios

That the Bilderbergers—essentially a talking shop for European and North American power players—are interested in discussing the current meltdown of the European economy should come as no surprise, especially as the group’s attendee list includes many of the key financiers and string pullers who helped steer Europe into the crisis in the first place. Past attendees of the meeting include current EU President Herman Van Rompuy who got the job as the first non-elected head of the undemocratic European Union after a special wine and dine session with Bilderberg steering committee members. Last year he heralded the beginning of global government, praising the increased role of G20 in dealing with the global financial crisis. Other key Bilderbergers include Jean-Claude Trichet, who, as head of the European Central Bank, was instrumental in helping to craft the current European bailout which itself is designed to incentivize the bankruptcy of Europe. Trichet, too, also recently called for global government to regulate the world economic meltdown that his fellow Bilderbergers helped to create.

Those familiar with the Bilderberg group’s long-cherished dream of achieving global government through the creation of an international financial framework will be unsurprised to see that a debate on the question “Do We Have Institutions to Deal With the World Economy?” is the third order of business at this year’s meeting. Nor will it be a surprise when the question is inevitably answered with the standard globalist line that international institutions like the IMF and the World Bank need to be “strengthened” and even given enhanced regulatory powers as a result of the crisis they have brought about, exactly as Bilderberg observers have been predicting for years. Indeed, as Estulin himself notes in his latest book, Shadow Masters, former U.S. Undersecretary of State George Ball expressed the ambition of the globalists in an address to the 1968 Bilderberg meeting in Mont Tremblant when he stated that they were interested in developing a “world company” to take over the “archaic political structure of nation states”

Other items on the agenda are exactly in line with the issues and plans made at last year’s Bilderberg and those ideas debated at last year’s G20 Finance Ministers meeting, both of which Estulin was able to infiltrate with his inside sources. The fact that the Iran-Russia alliance is on this year’s agenda is doubly telling, not only because a strike against Iran was on the table at this year’s Trilateral Commission meeting, but because, as Estulin notes in today’s interview, it indicates that the real object of the Bilderbergers’ aggression against Iran is the destabilization of Russia, a country that has traditionally been a thorn in the side of the globalists.
Perhaps the only thing that is surprising about this year’s leaked agenda is that the secretive group, which has gone to great length to conceal itself from media and public scrutiny, has failed to take precautions to prevent Estulin and his sources from acquiring the information yet again. “I’m a little bit disappointed in the Bilderbergers,” he said on the line from Spain, where he currently resides. “I would think they would have taken certain precautions and measures, especially coming to my part of the world.”

While the agenda is only a guide for the larger group discussions and the real decision-making takes place among the core members of the group behind closed doors, it does serve as an indicator of the issues and events that are preoccupying the globalists at this sensitive stage of their operation, just as they begin to realize their dream of instituting global government by manufacturing a global depression. Even as these plans begin to come to fruition, the people of Iceland, Greece, and other developed countries are beginning to rise up en masse to throw off the yoke of financial oppression and key Bilderbergers are openly talking of their fears of a global political awakening."

Let me be the first to admit that I don't know whether this is misinformation, disinformation, outright bullshit, or whether every word is true. For all I know they may just be a group of people that like to gather every year to stroke each others egos, smoke fine cigars, and pretend that they rule the world.

I do know that there is a growing band of people that are fed up with the status quo and want to see drastic change. If this article is anything to go by, this clique is also aware of, and alarmed by, the sudden growth spurt of various organisations and free-thinkers around the globe.

I'll keep an eye on developments and report back when I have something.