June 28, 2009

Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know

The last few months have been mind-blowing for me. I had no idea just how secretive the world I live in actually is.

To learn that the United Kingdom owns most of the United States of America was one such revelation. To learn that Queen Elizabeth II signs off on (gives Royal Assent to) taxation statutes in the USA was like being told the sun actually rises in the north.

And yet, both of those facts are true. Click on the title to read a jaw-dropping piece of research, heavily referenced, by a writer called "Hev" over at the TPUC website. This site, and a growing number of others, tell us how we can change the way we live, the way we pay our bills, or how to circumnavigate legalese.

We all know what "to understand" means in plain English. But when you are stopped by a traffic cop and he/she says to you "Do you understand?", it takes on a whole new meaning. It means (in legalese), "Do you stand under my authority". Clearly, "Yes", is the wrong answer. In future if or when a copper asks me that question I will answer, "No, I choose not to". This will confuse the cop because it is not in their script. From the very instant a copper stops you, for whatever reason, he or she will do their damndest to get you to enter into a contract with them. This begins, always, by giving them your name. Once you do, you have entered into the murky world of Contract Law. From this point onwards, you are negotiating just how much you will pay them. It may be in the form of a fine, or, if the statute you bent "warrants" it, you may also be bargaining for your very liberty. You owe it to yourselves to visit the various links I have on here to find out how you can avoid giving them any money, and or, avoiding prison.

It is much simpler than you would assume.

Thanks to my NOUICOR I now have several "get out of jail free" cards that I can deploy. First up, I have diplomatic immunity. They won't believe this until I can get something from the Home Office to back this up. Secondly, I have claimed the right to ignore any statutes that I am not happy with. Lastly, my Fee Schedule punishes them for detaining me. They, the powers that be, have granted me these three tools for a trouble-free life. I intend to use them often, and ruthlessly, should the need arise.

It is important to understand that we (the UK) have been bankrupt for a couple of hundred years. Effectively, we are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy and this allows us, as a nation, to continue trading. In bankruptcy, all debts are forgiven, so they had to devise an accounting system to cope. They use the simplest of all methods, the double-entry ledger system. Money in, money out, balance zero. Try it out the next time you receive a speeding or parking ticket. On the giroslip at the bottom, write diagonally across the slip (in red ink, this is very important), "ACCEPTED FOR VALUE", add your National Insurance Number, fill in the amount box with whatever the "fine" was, then sign it in BLUE ink. (This is also important from a lawful point of view). Most of us have been trained to fill in the amount and send it off with a cheque for the required amount. What is happening here is that they just got paid twice. The original fine is withdrawn from your National Insurance Account. Naturally, the powers that be do not want you to know that such an account exists. Again, you can learn a great deal about this account by trawling through the links I have provided.

Believe me, (or not, it's your choice), there is a whole new world waiting for you.

When you were born, your parents registered your birth. Within six weeks you were allocated a National Insurance number. This was coupled with your Birth Certificate number and a series of Trust Funds were created. Some say it was one trust, and others say that up to ten Trust Funds were created. These Funds have grown in value throughout your life. The powers that be, in the form of successive governments, have kept these funds hidden from you. The reason? They think that we cannot manage these funds for ourselves. We are treated, for good reason according to them, as children. This is why we have to beg permission to do anything. To apply, is to beg. To register anything, our cars, our children, is to give up ownership. A License, (for anything) is to beg permission to use whatever it is they insist we license. Our cars, our televisions, our radios, or a bar selling alcohol, are just a few examples.

I have discussed this Trust Fund with other people. Once I explained that it was worth hundreds of millions of £££'s, they were aghast that I should want complete and utter control of this money. So I came up with an analogy: imagine that your dear old Uncle Bob died, long before you were born. 40 years later you come across a chest of his in a dusty attic. You go through his stuff and find out that he started a trust fund for you. You know the kind of thing, to get you through University, or to help out with the costs of your first home. Uncle Bob's trust fund has been working hard for you for fifty years but you did not know it even existed. Uncle Bob did not hide the documents on purpose, he just forgot to tell you that it existed. Now that you DO know it exists, and it can fix all of your financial problems in one fell swoop, would you simply say, "Nah. It's ok. I'll just continue to struggle on"?

No. Me neither.

I would want to gain access to my money. The trust funds set up for me by the government are mine by birthright. Unlike hundreds of millions of people before me, I HAVE located the funds and I DEMAND access to them. They were hidden in plain sight all this time.

That then, is my goal. To access my funds. There is one subtle difference. As a Freeman On The Land, I pledge here and now to spend as much as I can in my community. Our primary school is falling down. I can have it repaired. We do not have a youth centre for our teenagers. I can have one built. Our roads need attention. I can pay for that. We do not have enough low-cost housing for our young newlyweds. I can build houses and get them started on the property ladder by giving them the breathing space to save up for their own houses. We have buildings of historic importance in my village. I can pay for repairs and restoration. The list of things I can achieve is almost endless. My intention is not to live high on the hog. Money, in and of itself, has never been important to me. As long as I earned enough to keep a dry roof over our heads, and provide food for my family, I have generally been content.

Now though, I know I can get access to almost unlimited funds. I can, and will, carry out great works. And no, I do not need recognition for this altruism. The feeling of satisfaction it will bring will be quite enough.

Different people will do different things with their funds. I am in no position to judge them. As long as they can sleep at night with a clear conscience, then all is well with the world.

I am just embarking on the most important journey of my life.

I hope you will come along for the ride.

June 26, 2009

Free At Last!!

I have been silent these last few weeks for a reason.

In order to become truly free, or to take the first of my three steps towards total freedom, I had to serve notice on HM Government that I was claiming rights under ancient law. I am a reasonable man so I gave them time to rebut, reject, laugh, or cry, at my Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right.

I expected them to do the only thing they could, and they did not disappoint. They ignored me.

This was a costly mistake.

My NOUICOR is now enshrined in Law.

As you will see I established my own set of laws. I also informed them that I would, from this day forth, ignore any and all Statutes that I did not like, did not agree with, did not consent to, or did not think were fair, reasonable or just.

The short story is that they are screwed. I have opted out of their world. This is my right. And it is yours as well if you choose this path. It comes with great responsibility. I have taken an Oath to live my life according to Common Law. I have sworn that I will not harm, injure, cause loss to, or make mischief with my contracts. I make this Oath to my fellow human beings. If I am caught speeding, or parking in the wrong place, but I have NOT caused harm or loss or injury to another human being then there is no need for me to pay any fines or penalties.

For fun, I also claimed diplomatic immunity. You may laugh, or write me off as a nutter, but because the Home Office did not rebut my claim, I now have diplomatic immunity.

The Rights that I have claimed below are mine for evermore.

For anyone with a legal bent, notice these words:

"Failure to respond as stated and successfully defeat these claims in a proper court de jure will result in an automatic default judgment establishing permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence".

(Definitions from Dictionary.com)

Permanent = existing perpetually; everlasting, esp. without significant change.

Irrevocable = not to be revoked or recalled; unable to be repealed or annulled; unalterable

Estoppel = an estoppel preventing a person from making an assertion to another's disadvantage when the person previously had the opportunity and duty to speak but failed to do so

Acquiescence = Passive assent or agreement without protest

Using their very own "Legalese", I have them nailed.

For the avoidance of any doubt, if I should hurt, injure, cause loss to, or make mischief with my contracts (defraud) another human being then I deserve all I get in a proper court de jure.

Here then, is my NOUICOR. It is written in a way they can fully understand it, and it is, I believe, written with common sense.

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On the Eighth day in the month of June, in the year Two Thousand and Nine, I, Xxxxx of the family Xxxxxxxx, a Freeman On The Land, and a sovereign immortal spirit and immortal soul, part of God, in the form of a flesh and blood body created by God known as a man, living on land created by God known as Scotland, do hereby make Oath and state that the following is My Truth and My Law;

Whereas it is my understanding that the planet known as Earth belongs to God and man and not fictitious corporations, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that men are born free under natural law, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that equality before the law is mandatory and paramount, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that any form of government must be representative of man and have his explicit consent, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that I can claim control of any corporate or legal entity established for my benefit or for the benefit of others known to me with their permission, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that communities of men have the power to elect their own peace officers, notaries and courts in their own jurisdiction, and,
Whereas it is my understanding that governmental corporations took money of substance out of circulation against natural law without my consent and therefore need to provide me access to a prepaid account to set off any and all liabilities as I see fit.

Whereas I am not a child, and will no longer be treated as such.

Therefore let it be now known to any and all affected parties, that I, Xxxxx of the family Xxxxxxxx do hereby serve notice and state unequivocally my intent to peacefully and lawfully exist free of all statutory obligations and restrictions and that in pursuance of my lawful duty I maintain all of my rights and waive none of them.

Furthermore, I claim my fee schedule for any transgressions on me by peace officers, government principals or agents or justice system participants is five thousand pounds sterling per hour. Five million pounds sterling per individual involved if I am ever forced to suffer the effects of either a lethal or non-lethal weapon such as a directed energy weapon regardless of power source, all without my express written and notarised consent.
Furthermore, I claim that only I can breach the boundary of my skin, except when in a naturally occurring unconscious state, excluding sleeping. My fee schedule for any transgressions on me by peace officers, government principles, agents of the justice system, agents of the medical professions, or anyone else, in the event I am forced to undergo any invasive medical treatment without my express written and notarised consent is five hundred million pounds sterling per individual involved.
Furthermore, I claim that the fee schedule does not affect my right to prosecute.
Furthermore, I claim the absolute right to use the person, MR XXXXX XXXXXXX as evidenced by the certified copy of birth certificate number XX XXXXX as an agent in commerce, to interact with any corporate entity as and when I see fit.
Furthermore, I claim the right to instruct HM Treasury to charge National Insurance account XXXXXXXXX to the value of one hundred million pounds sterling, with immediate effect, to be used to set off any liability as and when I see fit, with the right to increase or add to the value as and when I see fit.

Furthermore, I claim the right to instruct HM Treasury to use simple language as I see fit.
Furthermore, I claim the right for said person, MR XXXXX XXXXXXX to have diplomatic immunity.

Furthermore, I claim the right to cease all payments of tax to the entity known as HMRC.
Furthermore, I offer the following treaty; to permit any corporation to continue their business on the land known as Scotland with those consenting to do business with them and those consenting to be persons.

Furthermore, I claim the right to construct or purchase and operate a public house that will serve alcohol and food and that I will allow men and women to smoke indoors and that I will not apply for any licenses to operate these premises.
Furthermore, the rights claimed are not limited to those mentioned herein.

Notice to principal is notice to agent, and notice to agent is notice to principal.

Affected parties wishing to rebut any claims made herein or to make counterclaim will respond in writing within SEVEN (7) days of service of this document or they will accept failure in their action. Any response to this document will be under seal, oath or attestation, and on full private and or commercial liability at my discretion, and will be made under penalty of perjury, to the care of address below or it will be ignored and will hold no liability to me.

Failure to respond as stated and successfully defeat these claims in a proper court de jure will result in an automatic default judgment establishing permanent and irrevocable estoppel by acquiescence.

My word is law.

I left out the last page as it contains the signatures and my "seal".

The original, which I now have in a very safe place, was signed by me and witnessed (and signed) by three humans. I also added a first class stamp (my seal) and signed my name over it. This does two things: 1. they are unable to lift my signature (and they do, very often) and 2. by cancelling the stamp with my signature I become Postmaster. This gives the document added lawful weight.

It all seems so simple, does it not?

To step out of statute law (the Law Of The Sea) and live life by common law, (the Law Of The Land) is unbelievably liberating. I am looking forward to the rest of my life, free of millions of statutes.

For those of you who always thought "You can't pick and choose which 'laws' to obey", yes we can. I am living proof.

Next steps: Copyrighting my name (my Legal Fiction), and submitting my UCC-1 (Uniform Commercial Code form 1). More on those subjects later.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section.

Have a lovely weekend.

Captain Ranty: of the Freedom family!