July 21, 2010

Everything You Wanted To Know About The EU....

...but were really struggling to believe.

And who could blame us? Some of this shit is so outlandish it is easy to dismiss.

Except when someone comes along and points out the proof as he goes.

I just spent over an hour watching an interview here and at times I was foaming at the mouth. And I know this stuff. I had several questions, and I had no way of asking them but thankfully, the people who watched the show live texted or emailed questions in to the presenter.

If you don't have time to watch the whole thing, have a scroll through the website. It has some jaw-dropping stuff. It also has a few campaigns that we really out to work towards turning into reality. Among the campaigns being considered are a national general strike, massive civil disobedience (i.e stop paying taxes) and a permanent protest with at least one million people outside Westminster. We could do shifts.

Or, we can do nothing and the only reality we will have left is a communist superstate. It is 80% built and we don't have too much time left in which to act.

One suggestion is to shock two people a day with the truth. Tell them what is happening and tell them to tell two people the following day. Before long, everyone will at least know that something stinks up at Buck House and in the HoC.

If they don't know we are all about to be severely fucked, they won't do anything to help.

Tell your pals. And if you haven't got any, tell someone else's pals.



EG said...

Good post yet again CR,

i wonder when people will really start to notice en masse how much has been taken from us and the what a farce the political party game really is.

maybe when they put a tax on the size of your......lcd tft!


Old Nick said...

I don't believe all of this, but I believe enough of it to be worried. The EU actually started when Germany took over Prussia.

I am already burning the traitor Heath, but who do we burn for this lot?

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks EG.

I suspect people will wake up 1 nanosecond after the last nail goes into the coffin-lid.

It is unbelievable how much we have given away. So people just don't believe it.

It seems that you can fool most of the people most of the time.....

Mind you, the guy in the interview, David, says that all of the "distractions" were put in place deliberately. They all came out of the Frankfurt School, apparently. I don't know much about that but will be studying like a pimply 15 year old until I know what it all means.


Captain Ranty said...

Old Nick,

The bloke in the interview says that every leader we have had for the last 40-50 years contributed in some way.

Those that came before Thatcher, Major, Blair, Gordon the Demented, and Her Maj.

While our nation was handed to the EU on a plate we worried about that important shit: jobs, cars, tellies, clothes and food.

There is no getting around it. We are all guilty. You would need to burn us all.


william said...

The EASIEST and most EFFECTIVE way to deal with all this shit whether the Noakes chap is bang on, has discovered something and embroidered it for his own ends or is off the planet is to simply say NO.

I've been a practising 'NO Sayer' for the best part of a year and it never ceases to amaze me how powerful this two letter word is. It sends everyone into a frenzy of 'what do I do now' shenanigans which ends up in them hiding behind 'a technicality' or leaves them standing at the door spitting feathers.

Nothing can go on in this country without your personal consent, absolutely nothing so withdraw it!
No need for anger, hate, violence just SAY NO.

The rub lies in the fact the majority take everything in life for granted and so there isn't a hope in hell of awakening enough of them to make a mass personal withdrawal of consent.

All it would take is 3% of the population who care to do this but even that figure is out of reach such is the ingrained beliefs of the majority and so the political class get away with their deceptions.

I urge anyone reading this waffle to go to Youtube and watch Stefan Molyneux's video on Procrastination (or download the mp3 from here
http://beemp3.com/download.php?file=2041202&song=FDR966+Procrastination Copy and paste in in your browser as Blogger truncates URL's!)

If you don't understand life and the power of your consent after watching or listening to that then you really are beyond hope.

TTC said...

Morning Cap'n :)

One of the things to concentrate on would be this. Unite people.

Simple message. Mass awareness through web banners (before they shut the web down).

Banners should simply read: 'EU Referendum Protest - House of Parliament - (Some Date Two Months Away)'.

Make some non-sad, non-xenophobic looking web banners. Ask all the centre and right of centre blogs, all the libertarian blogs, and so on to host the banner ads. By email or comment or something. But directly ask. If folk wait for people to sign up, it won't happen. Ask them to host banners promoting a grand anti-EU protest march / rally / whatever.

We pretty much know the political parties and politicians who would help. Some of them might even help organise it or put organisers in touch with contacts or pots of money etc. Having a friendly politician on hand would lend credibility.

Don't forget the Taxpayer's Alliance, Open Europe and some of the civil liberty folk. Don't make it excessively party political looking or in any way tacky, otherwise people like that would run a mile - probably.

But it needs to be orchestrated and big.

And all of these disparate folk who support Britain's withdrawal from the EU have yet to be stitched together into one voice of unison.

Twenty men and women, their grandmother and a harmonica won't persuade anyone.


Bucko said...

Good morning Captain
I despise the EU and its wastefulness and I would love the UK to leave all that behind. However. That website? It goes from denouncing EU communism to advocating a government owned bank and confiscating directors bonuses.

It was written more like a tin hat conspiracy theory rather than an informed article. If the (general) public are ever going to wake up, it won't be through sites like this one. It was too hard to read and too easy to dismiss.

Have you got the book "Ten Years On"? I think lending a copy of that to two people and so on would be a good idea.

banned said...

"One suggestion is to shock two people a day with the truth" is something that I do as I go about my business.

@Old Nick said " The EU actually started when Germany took over Prussia."
Not quite, the EU started in 1818 when the German Zollverein was established by Bismark, this suppose 'Customs Union' led to the creation of a unified Germany, the Second Reich, that was, in reality, Greater Prussia > WW1 > WW2 &etc.

In the same way that the "free trade and freedom of movement" EEC that dead traitor twat Heath got us to sign up to has morphed into the EU Soviet that we have today.