May 15, 2009

Pointless Crap

That bastard, Dick Puddlecote, has tagged me.

I am now supposed to come up with 8 pointless facts about myself.

This is the work of picoseconds. I whittled down the list you see here from several thousand.

1. Donald Sutherland once spoke to me at Charles de Gaulle airport. He said "Get out of my fucking way".

2. I can count up to four in Druid*.

3. I can grow a full set in 11 days.

4. I have flown in helicopters (as a passenger) over 600 times.

5. I was once in the opening shot on News at Ten (with Reggie Bosanquet).

6. When the Falklands Conflict was declared I was a serving soldier. I volunteered to go knowing that they would not send me. My regiment was The Queens Own Deserters.

7. In Algiers, at the height of the civil war, (mid nineties) I was driven around for several days in Francois Mitterands limousine. (He gifted two armoured Renault Saffranes to them following a state visit). I was mostly terrified. They have still not removed the stains from that lovely leather upholstery.

8. I contracted Legionnaires Disease in the Sahara Desert. Although it almost killed me I thought that it was exactly the right place to catch that particular malady. This is a constant source of pride.

So there.

Nothing even vaguely interesting.

I hope that the fleas of a thousand camels infest Puddlecote's ringpiece for landing me with this shite.

Have a lovely weekend.

Cap'n Ranty.

*Bit of a cheat this. Almost everyone can. One, two, three, four in Druid is eeny, meeny, miny, mo.

May 04, 2009

What's It All About?

I thought we could take a look at the Freeman On The Land concept and see if we could agree that there are some practical uses for this state of being.

I deliberately posted the whole Magna Carta document so that you could refer to it in order to establish a few facts.

It was written hundreds of years ago and has been revised/amended a couple of times since then.

What has never been revised or amended are the three basic laws: cause no harm, loss, or injury to another human being. No harm, no loss, no injury. That's pretty much all we need to abide by, isn't it? If you are okay with that, then can someone explain why we needed an additional 60 million statutes to control society? You should know now that "Statutes" and "Society" both have entirely different meanings to the powers that be. Once you have learned the difference control of your life switches irrevocably from them to you.

On his or her road to freedom, the Freeman On The Land writes his or her own "laws". In the Notice of Understanding, the Freeman swears to uphold and respect the three tenets of Magna Carta, or Common Law, as I prefer to describe it. In his or her Claim of Right, he or she sets out their own definitions of the rules by which he or she will live. Once this is written, three signatures (of witnesses) are sought, or, one signature from a Notary Public, the document is sent off to whomever you wish to receive it, (mine is going to the Home Secretary and the Scottish Secretary), a time period for objections is set, and assuming there are no objections to your NoU, or your CoR, the document is executed. Just in case I have misinterpreted, hover over the title of this blog entry and it will take you to an example.

At the same website you will notice several statements. I have since checked them out and they are all solid.

This statement is very important, and I believe that once you have wrapped your mind around it, it completes the picture:

"There are no laws other than the basic common laws (harm or cause loss),
everything else is just policy that has been created within the law
society. Policies are created to bring in revenue so the company directors
and share holders get paid. Great Britain is a registered company, as is
the USA along with many others. Go check it out on company's house or
Dun & Bradstreet.

NOBODY is allowed to create new laws. Acts and policies are not law
unless the people living within the society (company) consent to them,
then they have the power to be enforced as law but are still not real laws.

They can only apply these policies to you if you agree to represent the
"person" (legal corporate entity) and not the human being (man). By
representing the person you are consenting to be part of their society.

YOU ALWAYS HAVE TO CONSENT. They can't make you, but they have
changed the English language within their society to trick you and make it
sound as though you must".

Understanding that we create money took me a little longer. Here is a link that explains it. It is animated and will take you 47 minutes to fully understand the con. If you are brighter than me, you will be engulfed in a rage by minute 48. This is stunning information and the misdirection set up to distract us from this monumental fraud is jaw-dropping. If you watch nothing else today, please make time for this. It will set you free. The truth always does.

Need an example?

You want to buy a house for, say, £250,000. You get hold of a blank mortgage application form. At this point it is worthless. Fill it in, and it is still worthless. Sign it, and it suddenly becomes valuable. It is now worth £250,000. You take it to your mortgage broker, hand it over, and wait a few days. Assuming that your credit rating is good, he or she will come back and gush "Yes! Your application was successful. Let's discuss repayment terms". Unfortunately for everyone that has ever completed a form and received a mortgage, the con has only just begun. The moment you signed that form, it was worth whatever you asked for. The broker took the form and presented it to the Bank of England. The BoE, simply magicked the money out of thin air, hit a few keys on his keyboard and sent the "money" whizzing down the wires to your brokers account. So, your broker has already been paid. The BoE is happy, because YOU just created £250,000. That however, is not good enough. Your broker wants YOU to now repay the money you just created over the next 25 years. To add insult to injury, he also demands that YOU pay interest on money YOU created.

To keep you enslaved, YOU are now forced to pay back £500,000 plus interest over the next 25 years.

Lawfully, and in reality, what should happen is this:

You fill in the mortgage application form, sign it, and the broker sends you the deeds to your new house. Job done. House paid for. No 25 years of slavery and theft.

Governments have, for centuries, treated us as children. And we are complicit.

We plead (beg) for courts to adjudicate.

We apply (beg) for driver's licenses.

We apply (beg) for permission to sell alcohol at a public house.

We even beg (apply) for our mortgages.

Only children beg or ask permission. As adults we should not. We only ask because they have brainwashed us to think that we must. It is now time to TELL them what we will have, what we take back, and under what conditions we will allow them to continue to serve us.

We allow them to rule us with Statutes. As we have seen, Statutes only have the force of law if we consent. Remove that consent and there is not a damn thing they can do about it.

More on statutes in new posts to come.

This is a learning process for me as well as any readers that may take an interest in this.

If enough of us do this, HMG will collapse, and hopefully, it will change the way in which we are governed, forever.