January 30, 2010

Compare And Contrast

Lady Justice-blind or braindead?

Two wonderful examples of British justice for us to ponder this weekend.

Man blows his nose and is fined £60 and has three points added to his driving licence.

Woman steals £1 million from her employers and walks away free and clear.


January 29, 2010


Today I begin my 49th trip around the sun.

The previous 48 trips were jam-packed (variously) with unbelievable joy, unutterable tragedy, family deaths, the births of my children, the love of my life, hate (often unwarranted-both from me and to me), adventure in 70 odd countries, learning, traversing every one of the range of human emotions, atheism, spirituality, learning, being poor, being rich, then being poor again, then realising that money has no import whatsoever, disappointments by the score, triumphs by the dozen, and yet more learning.

I am not, however, feeling morose. I tend not to worry too much about the things I can't change. That way lies futility. I was born an optimist. When I slipped out of the womb on that cold, dark January morning in 1962, in the kitchen of a council house in Salford, I thought "Bit nippy, but it's sure to warm up sometime". And it did. Then it got cooler. Then it warmed up again. This happened with amazing regularity. Back in the day, we called this phenomenon "The weather". Nowadays a bunch of thieving retards call it Climate Change and use it as an excuse to further relieve us of our lawfully gotten gains. Just days ago, the wheels came all the way off this particular band-wagon and hopefully, it will now die a natural death. Until they, the scamologists, come up with something new to terrify the unquestioning with. Bring it on, I say. Bloggers will trash whatever it is they dream up. We have form now. We have successes we can point to. Hide whatever shit you want, but it will be uncovered in the fullness of time.

I spent some time today watching that slick bastard Blair, and I have to say, he is good at this. He sounds plausible, the inquiry will agree, and he will skip off back to his multi-million pound job(s). Ho-hum. What else were you expecting?

The blogging community grew by one (to my certain knowledge) last night. I immediately linked to Marcellus because he writes brilliantly. We saw an example right here on Wednesday. I wish him all the best and welcome him to the madness.

The bloggers on the left all deserve my thanks. They are a remarkable bunch of people, and they strive to shine a light on the more murky aspects of our lives, and the freaks who wish to control us to the Nth degree. So, thank you for helping me to see more clearly on many issues. Issues that I may not have previously thought about, or at least, not in the way you do. Between you, you have changed my mind on a number of things. I am better for it.

I may or may not be here to announce my 50th trip around old Sol, you never know, given the risks that I take, (deliberately so), when it will all end. I have packed quite a lot into this first 4.8 decades and if I find myself crossing the River Styx, I will be fairly pleased with what I have seen, and what I have done with my life.

Of course, I would like to die peacefully in my sleep at 96 like my great-grandad, (not screaming, like the passengers in the back of his car. Boom, boom!), but that may not happen. I'll continue to do the only thing I can do-I will take it as it comes, and try to fit in a few more laughs before my last day arrives.

I am pleased to know you all (virtually, at least), and I thank the 25,000 of you that have struggled through my ramblings since April last year. Huge thanks to my regular readers, and commenters. Wthout feedback from you, this blogging lark would be oh so dull.

I want to make 2010 memorable in a host of ways and for a host of reasons.

And I plan to tell you all about it.


January 28, 2010

First Blood

Regular readers will recall that I started an offensive against HMRC (Her Majesties Revenue and Customs) late last year.

I am pleased to report that I won the first skirmish. I was issued late filing penalties to the tune of £300. I have just received a letter from HMRC saying that they have "...been reduced to £0.44p".  This is not, of course, momentous. I would guess that these late penalties are discretionary and that thousands of people see reductions every year. The champagne remains corked.

The major battle lies ahead. They say I owe them £4000. I disagree. I wrote asking to see the contract that they imagine is in place which allows them to extort money from me. I quoted several of their own statutes (remember: every statute must contain a remedy within it) and instructed them that I would be delighted to settle as soon as I saw said contract containing two wet signatures. I gave them a fair period in which to find this contract, or invent one, or bluff their way through. They failed to do so in the time alloted to them, so they are in dishonour, and I have gained estoppel by acquiescence. This is a mighty powerful thing in law. I have won already, but they may still lob a few grenades over the ramparts of Ranty Barracks. I am ready, I am dug in, and I also have several unused weapons that I can deploy.

To preempt their salvo, I also penned and posted a letter to them, quoting yet more of their own statutes, this time the statutes concerned genocide and financing an illegal invasion, and I anticipate a reply soon. I will update you on their reply whether it is good, bad or indifferent. (I suspect indifference will not be in their armoury).

Let's see what happens.


January 27, 2010

Why The Left Have Deliberately Degraded Our Society

This is a guest post by Marcellus.

Here is a story that the Mainstream Media do not wish to cover

People have completely misunderstood the Left. 

The Left do not want to improve society or make things work better.  On the contrary, they actively want to degrade the conditions of life to create chaos, dissatisfaction and hopefully disintegration so they can impose a “new society”.

This “new society” means the State having uncontrolled power over the individual.

To this end our society has been intentionally changed, corrupted and degraded by the Left.
By their total control of broadcasting the Left has been presented as morally superior.  How silly, when in fact the Left is a totally malign force.  What wonderful words they spoke; but they never believed them.  Their activities are characterised by shameless deceit and corruption, and systematic lying.

Because of the total control of broadcasting by the Left, very few people have realised that a long, subtle campaign has been conducted against our society and way of life by the Left who have wanted to change this society irreversibly to their own structures against the wishes of the people.  This campaign is called the Project.

After the failure of the miner’s strike in the mid 1980s, the Left decided that English society was too strong, and too cohesive with traditions that were too deep. They realised that the people were too content for the Left to succeed with a forcible revolution to impose their new society on us.  That is why they spit out the name “Thatcher” with so much hate - because for a short while she thwarted their plans.

The Left never went away however, they simply changed tack.  They went into normal jobs, such as the media - particularly broadcasting - and as opinion-formers and columnists in the print MSM.  They decided to play a long game and undermine society from within so it would decay, and then they could move to impose their “new society”.  They never ever give up. 

In short, the English had to be made less content and comfortable.

So although the Left have always talked the language of fairness, compassion, social justice and improving conditions for the under privileged, they were NEVER interested in making our institutions work or improving the living conditions of the people.  That was the very last thing they wanted.  They wanted more and more discontent.  They emphasised every division and grievance in society and created new ones all the time, not to cure them but to create more and more discontent and division to corrode our society.  They set group against group, fanning resentments.  They promoted anything that weakened society.  Now they emphasise and enhance ethnic divisions.  They always divide, never heal.  They destroy, never build.

I am not talking here about the enormous number of naïve, leftish people who consider themselves “better than” and like to wear a “Left” T-shirt because they are duped into believing the deceitful rhetoric of justice, equality and so on (“useful fools” as Stalin is reputed to have called them), but the leaders of the Left (in both the Labour Party and the LibDems), who are really wicked people and who will do anything to undermine the present order to impose the “new society” that their hard Left lecturers fired them up with at college during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s.

Common Purpose is one of their main tools of quiet undermining, contamination and corrosion.  Do not underestimate this organisation.

In the early 1980s the Left was very much against the EEC (as was) as they thought that it would stop their intentions of being able to impose their views on the rest of us.  Blair’s election address during the 1980s showed he was very much against the EEC.  But then they realised that actually the hidden intention of the EEC - to destroy the existing societies of member states - was rather similar to their own, and so they abruptly changed in the mid 1980s and became true EEC believers.  The federal European project therefore became their project.  Anyone then against any part of the federal European project had to be silenced by the Left controlled media and was labelled mad and mentally ill.

All the dirty tricks of EEC, later the EU, to undermine our society were then added to their own dirty tricks to achieve the same aim.

Their first aim was to take over the broadcast news programmes.  They (including Mandelson) succeeded in doing this spectacularly well and from then on these programmes were used ruthlessly to promote the Project. 

    ●    Every tradition, every national icon, in fact all the glue that bound our society so happily had to be undermined. 

    ●    Decent responsible people had to be discouraged from taking any action. 

    ●    The confidence of the individual had to be shaken.  Uncertainty and fear was deliberately created by the introduction of unreasonable rules and unfair enforcement. 

    ●    By means of a target culture, all public services were corrupted and made to serve Labour’s PR needs and not the people.

    ●    All institutions had to be “modernised” even though they worked fine, to tear away all traditions and roots. 

    ●    All patriotism, all pride in our country, all positive role models from the past, all our history, customs and traditions were sneered at and degraded so no-one could speak of them in a positive way.

"To destroy a people you must first sever their roots.”

                    Alexander Solzhenitsyn

There was a completely successful secret campaign to undermine our society, our culture, our institutions, our traditions.  Peter Hitchens, himself a former communist, is well aware of the inside story here and of this campaign, and has written about it recently in a piece on ConHome.

This culminated in the audacious plan to even change the people of England who were so awkward.  The aim was to deliberately destroy social cohesion - at whatever cost in human misery.  Nothing less than cultural genocide. “The Final Solution to the English Problem”.  Together with the support of the EU - who have the same aim - they embarked on a massive immigration plan using on the one hand the decency and tolerance of the English people and on the other hand their control of the broadcast media to brand anyone who objected as a racist. It was brilliant and supremely successful. 

Interesting that both Labour and the LibDems reject any cap on immigration and that the LibDems have even called for an amnesty for illegal immigrants.

The strength of our society has always been its social cohesion and with this we have seen off all invasions for over 1000 years.  This social cohesion has now been broken.  Deliberately.

As the next stage in the imposition of the “new society” (the “post democratic age” as Mandelson calls it) our hard won civil liberties have been systematically and deliberately dismantled - to increase the power of the State.

The planning for the Project has been meticulous and detailed.  Each stage, or click of the ratchet, has been kept very small so that it is not frightening on its own, and always some fake high principled reason is given for it - but cumulatively the increase in the uncontrolled power of the State over the individual has been colossal.  Hitler used the same technique in the early 1930s.

This country is facing the most dangerous situation since 1940 and the job of the Labour controlled broadcast media is to send the people to sleep and stop them realising.  Doing it very well too.

Brown’s work whilst in power for 13 years has not been to improve the conditions of the poor who trusted his lies and sweet words (apart from doing enough to stay in power), but to facilitate the imposition of this “new society”. 

In this Brown has been a great success, as he has caused the most amazing and possibly irreparable damage, corruption and corrosion in every aspect of our society and in the lives of the people of this country - all done to impose the Project on the English.  As the pictures of that time show, he has never smiled so widely as the day he nationalised the Banks; that for once was a genuine smile.
He has blighted the lives of countless millions of his own countrymen, simply to advance his own obsessions and interests.

Brown has been at the heart of this work, and he is a truly evil man.

Labour would not have survived nor would the Project have achieved all it has done in undermining our society, without the Left being able to control broadcasting. 

This has only been done because the key people who control broadcasting have been part of the Project.  They have planted their supporters in every position of power within all the news and current affairs programmes (and that is to say nothing about the subliminal messages given out in every soap and drama programme). These people must be removed from all positions of power and influence within broadcasting. 

The only hope for democracy in this country is to destroy the Left’s stranglehold on broadcasting.

This power has enabled them to corrupt our whole constitution.

If that control is left intact, there is no hope.

After a busy, tiring day’s work, people are very relaxed when they watch the TV and so when they hear the drip, drip, drip of Left opinions, agenda manipulation and misinformation they are in what amounts to a light trance.  This means the message of the programme is absorbed (and accepted) easier.  A gentle brainwashing.  Therapeutic hypnotism is really only different in the degree of trance.  This is a mighty power in the hands of anyone.

It is not acceptable in a modern, information-based democracy that a few unaccountable, unrepresentative, unelected, self-appointed placemen are allowed to control the most awesome, influential, mind-bending power in the history of mankind.  What are we thinking of, to allow such a situation to continue?  There can be no genuine and free democracy while this continues.

They control virtually all the political information that probably 85% of people get; what is mentioned and how it is presented.  They can manipulate it how they wish; and do so ruthlessly.

The astonishing power of broadcasting to influence political opinion is something completely new to our constitution and democracy.  Constitutional checks and balances developed over centuries are routinely sidestepped by this new phenomenon and have been rendered useless.

Broadcasting is now part of the political process, whether the broadcasters like it or not.

There is no democratic legitimacy authorising the people who currently control broadcasting and our information, to continue to do so.  They have simply been appointed by people who themselves were appointed . . . and so on.

If the Left's control of broadcasting is not destroyed, the broadcasters will destroy Cameron - however large his majority - and then the Left will be back again.

The first aim of our resistance to this process is therefore to destroy completely the monopoly power of Labour over broadcast news programmes.  Remember, there is no democratic control over these programmes - we get what they allow us to have.  This must change.

Control broadcasting, control the minds. 
Control the minds, control the country.

Therefore the key battleground of the fight against the Left is now over who controls broadcasting.  They know that - but the non-Left do not really understand it.

If the Left loses their monopoly over broadcasting - we have a chance.  If not, then our society is lost.

One way of doing this is to open up the broadcasting infrastructure (like BT) to many, many news providers.  This is an extension of localism.  There is much more that can also be done. 

It is not that it cannot be done, it is merely that there has not so far been the political will to do it.

However it is done, it must be done.


Scan THIS, Mothertrucker

Gordon Brown, and his fellow freedom removers, have upset millions in their desire to install the pervy scanners at airports.

More importantly, complaints have now been lodged with those folks over at the Equality and Human Rights Commission 

Have a peek:

John Wadham, Group Director Legal at the Equality and Human Rights Commission says:

“The Commission fully accepts the government’s responsibility to protect the safety and security of air travellers. The right to life is the ultimate human right and we support the government reviewing security in the light of recent alleged terrorist activity.
“However, the government needs to ensure that measures to protect this right also take into account the need to be proportionate in its counter-terrorism proposals and ensure that they are justified by evidence and effectiveness.”

The Commission is concerned that that the proposals to introduce body scanners are likely to have a negative impact on individual’s rights to privacy, especially members of particular groups including disabled people, older people, children, transgendered people women and religious groups. Under the Human Rights Act, any infringement of the right to privacy must be justified, necessary and proportionate."

But not men, apparently. Why do lady front gardens deserve less attention than a blokes dangle?

This will end badly for Gorgon & Co, but by the time they lose this case, they will all be dribbling in Homes for Ex-Politicians. They are solid on this: they lose almost all human rights abuse cases. It's the one thing they do well.

In the meantime, travellers will suffer the indignities, and the alleged fucked up DNA that this back-scatter technology is renowned for.

As a frequent flyer, though, my main reason for not wanting to leap in and out of these abominations is because....THEY DON'T FUCKING WORK!

For the record, I don't really mind some jobsworth locked away in a room with a gross of Kleenex looking at my winkie. But FFS, please make my embarrassment worth the inconvenience. These scanners cannot find bomb-making materials and another, less harmful method must be found.

This isn't about human rights for me, it's about doing the job properly and safely.


January 26, 2010

More Secrets You Were Better Off Not Knowing

This post was supposed to be about religion, and it is, as it concerns the Black Pope, the most powerful man on earth. And no, I am not talking about Pope Benny here, nor is the Black Pope black.

It is a long, long read. I found the piece below about a third of the way down this interview.

If you can stand to have your world rocked some more, read on. If not, scurry on back to the tellybox. Much safer there.

I have linked to the source in my title, but Revolution Harry led me there. Thanks Harry!

This bit is about law, war and taxes. Kind of fits in with my last post. Click on the title to read the whole thing.

"So, all your courts are nothing more than courts of military rule. They all proceed with summary procedures. The jury has no power of jury nullification. And they are simply enforcing the laws of the Empire, which I call 14th Amendment America, which is a military-style, King of England-style country. The courts are nothing more than courts of the king’s bench, as you can see in Blackstone’s Commentaries.
And the banks, as you walk into every bank, they all have a flag trimmed in gold fringe. The bank is what England would call, in Blackstone’s day, the king’s bank. So, we have the king’s bank, and we have the king’s bench. And it’s run according to military rule, according to Berkheimer’s great work Military Rule And Martial Law, published in 1914.

When Harry Truman did this, there was a consummation of a great plan to put us under the Emergency War Powers Act and, actually, a war rule. "Daylight savings time" is what was called "war time". This country only went to daylight savings time during World War II, and they called it, at that time, war time. So, nothing’s changed. We’ve never gone back to not turning back our clocks. We’re still on war time. The income tax is a war tax. It was called a victory tax in 1942.

So, people are paying a war tax, they’re under war time, they’re under an emergency war powers act, and the courts are war courts."

I am heading back over to the Forbidden Knowledge site to see what else I can scare you with.


Blair Is Guilty, But So Are We

In March 2003 the United States and the United Kingdom invaded Iraq. There was no legal sanction to do so.

Under the terms of the Charter of the Nuremberg Tribunal (link embedded in the title) each and every taxpayer is responsible for what followed. Our taxes paid for the manpower and the machinery of war. Non-combatants were killed and maimed. They have continued to be killed and maimed since the invasion.

Every taxpayer should now take action. We need to reclaim all taxes paid since March 2003.

The Charter is clear:

Principle 1

Any person who commits an act which constitutes a crime under international law is responsible therefor and liable to punishment.

Principle II

The fact that internal law does not impose a penalty for an act which constitutes a crime under international law does not relieve the person who committed the act from responsibility under international law.

Principle III

The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law acted as Head of State or responsible Government official does not relieve him from responsibility under international law.

Principle IV

The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him.

Principle V

Any person charged with a crime under international law has the right to a fair trial on the facts and law.

Write a letter to your local HMRC office quoting the principles above. Demand ALL of your taxes paid for the last 7 years to be repaid to you immediately.

EDIT: You might want to add a reference to a domestic statute as well.


January 25, 2010

Many A Word Said In Jest...

Or is it life imitating art?

It does seem a little close to reality...


New Labour-13 Years Of Disaster

 I nicked this list from The 13th Spitfire and even he admits that it may not be complete.

The message is simple: vote for Labour in the GE and you are a certifiable twat. Vote for the Tories and they will try their damndest to add to the list.

We have to change things folks, because they certainly won't.


Record peacetime debt.
Record peacetime deficit.
The first fascist MEP elected to European Parliament.
UK drops from 7th to 24th in international maths and literacy rankings.
100 new taxes on the middle class.
Council taxes double for the middle classes.
Council tax revaluation if Labour are voted back in.
4,300 petty new laws.
Authoritarian police state oppressing legitimate protest, photography and law abiding citizens.
Doubled the length of tax law and created a mass of new regulations.
Sold the UK's gold reserves at the bottom of the market.
Ripped up a system of financial regulation proven over 300 years; 10 years later the UK has 5 failed banks.
Destroyed the best private pension provision in europe, taking £100bn from prudent pensioners.
Destroyed more of the UK's manufacturing sector than Thatcher.
Politicisation of the police, the civil service, education.

Falling productivity in public sector despite 48% real-terms increase in spending.
Overseen the rise of the unaccountable, unsackable, feather-bedded bureaucrat, taking control over every aspect of people's lives.
New GP contract increased average pay to £100,000.
Most GPs refuse to provide care during evenings and weekends.
Arrest of an opposition MP for doing his job.
House prices unaffordable for workers on average salaries.
Soaring knife and violent crime in our cities.
Debasement of politics, endless re-announcements of the same policy, cash for peerages, lies, spin and deceit.
200+ service personnel killed.
First non-jury Crown court trials.

3 million immigrants invited into the UK to take 81% of all new jobs created.
1 million young people unemployed.
Jacqui Smith.
Foot and mouth crisis (twice)
Farm payments
Tax credits
Iraq war
Under funded ill-equipped Forces
Home Office failures
Uncontrolled immigration (am I a racist for mentioning immigration, dear me)
NHS in tatters
School standards at the lowest ever
Thousands of knee jerk badly written laws
Rampant EU fraud
EU ignoring its own people
EU referendum promise reneged
Treaty/ constitution
Northern Rock
Lost data – child benefit and dvlc
Cash for Honours
Single families
Economy in complete tatters
First time buyers taken out of market
Rich and poor divide becoming bigger
Plenty of tax rises – both direct and indirect
Uncontrolled private sector
Crime out of control
Young deaths
Guns on our streets
Afghan war
Quangos controlling parliament
Financial crisis
Populist catholicism

If you can add to this list, please do.


January 24, 2010

No Rioting Please, We're British.

Corrugated Soundbite (click title to visit) has knitted together the ingredients that should have seen us rioting long before now.

Like CS, I am particularly pleased that we haven't succumbed.

The very nanosecond that we amass on the streets, baseball bats and Molotov Cocktails in hand, is when they bring in the Civil Contingencies Act, and then, my friends, we are truly fucked. Brown will stay in power forever and Cameron will be denied his chance to fail the British people.

Far safer to stay at home. Far better to riot from the safety of your armchair. Far easier to cause them no end of pain.

All you have to do is say "No".

You may need to remind yourself just what it is you are saying "No" to.

Get over to CS's blog and refresh your memory.


Freeman Stolen By HMG

And we'd like him back.

On Friday (22nd January 2010) our friend Pleasuredome, aka Richard: of the Harrison family, was abducted from his home by "two men in black suits in an unmarked van". Subsequent calls and visits to the police station revealed nothing. Well, they did reveal that anyone can be lifted, flung in a van, summarily judged and imprisoned.

I have followed Richard's abduction from the beginning. I can confirm that he has not broken any laws: he caused no harm, loss or injury to another living soul. He should not be in gaol.

We want him back. His family want him back.

If you can help, and you can, by spreading this video to all your friends and family, please do so.

I thank you, Richard:Harrison thanks you, and the entire Freeman community thanks you.


Full Body Scanners-Useless

Yet another spectacular fail in the War on Terror.

Watch this video clip. It is in German but the most damning statement comes from the Englishman about halfway through. "No system is perfect", he says.

These full body scanners are perfect for looking at your dangle or your bajingo, but you can still carry enough bomb-making materials to melt a frying pan and they will go through the scanner undetected.



January 23, 2010

The Love Police

In direct contrast to shock doctrine, here is something to smile about.

This is how protests should be done.



Shock Doctrine

The phrase "shock doctrine" is new to me.

What isn't new is how corporations cash in on a disaster. There are billions at stake here. More importantly, they have a new country to control utterly.

Haiti is fucked. In more ways than one.

This is from the sidebar at YouTube:

"After the earthquake in Haiti, America is seen coming to the aid of the Haitians, with its mighty military power, although aid has been sent, it is not getting through to the people, which may be purposely done to plunge Haiti into rioting and looting that will need the U.S. soldiers to step in and declare military rule. This will be the prelude to yet another puppet government put into place to serve the U.S. Imperialists".

Click on "more info" for erm, more info.

Watch this short film and let me know what you think.


January 22, 2010

Stand Up Sons Of Liberty-Again

I thought we could do with a musical interlude. I know I have posted this before (twice) but I reckon we should hear this song daily, until it has the desired effect.

In keeping with the current vibe: rebellion, freedom, unshackling, saying "Fuck you" to the man, I thought something stirring would fit the bill.

Something rousing. Something to sing along to. Something to give us hope, and a stiffer spine for the days ahead.

Wrap yer ears around this....

Wannasingalong? Here are the lyrics.

Once an honest man could go from sunrise to its set
Without encountering agents of his state or government
But a sorry cloud of tyranny has fallen across the land
Brought on by the hollow men, who did not understand
That for centuries our forefather have fought and often died
To keep themselves unto themselves, to fight the rising tide
And that if in the smallest battles we surrender to the state
We enter in a darkness whence we never shall escape

When they raise their hands up our lives to possess
To know our souls, to drag us down, we'll resist.

Watt Tyler led the people in 1381
To meet the king at Smithfield to issue this demand:
That Winchester's should be the only law across the land
The law of old King Alfred's time, of free and honest men.
Because the people then they understood what we have since forgot:
That a government will only work for its own benefit
And I'd rather stand up naked against the elements alone
Than give the hollow men the right to enter in my home

When they raise their hands up our lives to possess
To know our souls, to drag us down, we'll resist.

Stand up Sons of Liberty and fight for what you own
Stand up Sons of Liberty and fight, fight for your homes.

So if ever a man should ask you for your business or your name
Tell him to go and fuck himself, tell his friends to do the same.
Because a man who'd trade his liberty for a safe and dreamless sleep
Doesn't deserve the both of them, and neither shall he keep.

Share this with fellow freedom fighters.

Fuck it. Share it with the sheep, the drones, and the godforsaken Borg while you're at it.

Just wake them the fuck up.

Otherwise we are doomed to trudge for an eternity. Do that old-fashioned thing: Stand up. Get off your knees. Man up. Grow a pair. You are worth fifty, a hundred, a thousand of those retards in Westminster. It's time you made them aware of that. Hell, it's time you were aware of that indisputable fact.

Get busy livin', or get busy kneelin'.

The choice, fellow humans, was ever yours.


January 21, 2010

HMG-The Child Snatchers

My alternative title was "Another Secret You Really Did Not Want To Know".

Last year over 25,000 children were taken from their parents. The reasons for this drastic action are fabricated. Perjury in court (by the child snatchers) is routine. Judges, doctors and social workers are all complicit. They even have targets to meet, FFS.

You might wonder, as I did, what the real reason is. Shamefully, it is the same reason it always is: money.

Words fail me. They really do. Our little ones, SIXTY EIGHT OF THEM EVERY DAY, are taken. They are used for illegal drug testing, their organs are harvested, and chillingly, they are sexually abused. They are knowingly adopted to paedophiles. Playthings for the wealthy. This is big business. The child-snatching industry in Britain is worth £20 BILLION per year.

I know that you don't know me. I hide my identity (for the time being) for a reason. I ask that you trust me when I tell you that Brian Gerrish's research is impeccable. It always is. I have spoken with Brian, and his dedication, his determination, and his willingness to risk all to seek out the truth is nothing short of superhuman. I have nothing but admiration and respect for Brian. He is a courageous man and I am constantly surprised that he has not yet met with an "accident".

Please watch and listen. Some of it is painful, most of it is ugly, but all of it is true. If it gets tough, take a break, but do try to watch all of the videos. Once you know who, how, why, where and when, you can do something about it.

You will never look at your government in the same way again. Who knows? You may even be outraged enough to try and stop this shameful shit from taking place.

It may also explain to you why I want to run away from it, and keep on running. That would be too easy. The hard part is staying put and making sure these child-stealers end up in a cold, dark cell. Until they stop breathing and can no longer hurt the wee ones.

Our country is a disgusting, depraved and immoral place. We have to change it. The sooner the better.

I know, I know. You are all sick and tired of that line "Won't someone think of the children?".

This time we must. We absolutely must.


HMCS Retaliates...

 ...by removing a negotiable instrument.

Listen to this exchange. The conversation is between a Freeman and a geezer at Her Majesties Court Service.

Newcomers to this blog may not be aware that there is in law a maxim which states: "He who creates the liability must also provide the remedy". In essence, it means that if a corporation issues you with a bill, for say £50.00, they must also provide a method for you to pay that "debt". For a long time they (HMCS) used Transcash giro slips. For those of us that know these are negotiable instruments (which are as good as cash), we knew simply to sign them and send them back. 99.99% of people, when issued with one of these things, fill in the amount, sign it, AND add a cheque before sending it off to the relevant department. This means that HMCS are getting paid twice. 

This time last year Freemen started to awaken in sizeable numbers. They started also to return these giro's with nothing more than their autographs. This told HMCS that their scam was ending. Their days of "double-dipping" were numbered. They now plan to remove the Transcash slip as a lawful* method of payment which forces us to send actual (fiat) money to these thieving scoundrels. Now, this means that HMCS will lose out, but we the people, lose out still further. As we are bankrupt, a mechanism to settle these "debts" has to exist. HMCS are now determined to remove the best option we have for settling these fines.

*Although I state that this is a lawful method of zeroing the debt, not all court payment collection clerks are aware of it. This was yet another secret hidden right out in plain view.

It can be confusing, this subject of liability, so if you have questions, fire away.

Check out the vid first as it may answer some of your questions. A few of the comments are well worth a read too.


A Message from Cameron

In an unguarded moment, Davey boy reveals the true manifesto.

Unlike Labour, you can rely on the Tories to honour their promises.

The next five years are going to be ugly.

Very ugly indeed.

Return To Abnormality

I found an old friend on Tuesday night.

OK, maybe "an old friend" is going too far. Non-smokers may not get this, and anti-smokers will be enveloped in righteous fury.

It was an inanimate object. An ashtray. "So what?", I hear them shriek. Well, this one (with many of its friends), was in a bar. And it warmed the old cockles to see them. In March, it will be four years since I saw one of these rarities in a Scottish pub. It was an emotional moment for me: here I was, in Europe, my brand new homeland since December 1st 2009, in a bar, where I could smoke to my hearts content. And I can confirm that ye olde pump was never more contented.

I arrived in Hamburg around 5:30 pm and jumped in a taxi for the short ride to my hotel. The driver was a German (most taxi drivers-the world over- are not nationals) and we chatted about the changes since I was last there in the early eighties. I was thoroughly enjoying the chit-chat when we arrived at my hotel. I checked in and the guy on the desk (another German! At every hotel I have stayed at in the UK for the last four or five years I have never been checked in by a British national) was polite, friendly and courteous. He welcomed me, got me into a smoking room, and wished me a pleasant stay.

After working for a couple of hours on my presentation to my customer the following morning, I bimbled down to the bar for some scoff. It was here that I spotted my old pal. I sat down at the bar, ordered a beer and, with a furtive look around the half-full bar, lit a smoke. I needn't have bothered with the furtivity (if that isn't a word, it should be), as no-one in the bar gave a damn. Within a couple of minutes, I had relaxed fully, and I felt right with the world. It has been quite some time since I felt this way. It was, I have to say, bloody fantastic. How, I wondered, can such an innocent act have become so divisive in our country? How can such a small thing have created so much noise? I watched my fellow drinkers and eaters carefully. There was no outrage. There was none of that bizarre hand-waving and false-coughing so prevalent in my own country. There was no tut-tutting swiftly followed by those judgemental sneers. The demographics in the bar mirrored real life. Around twenty people in the place and six of us were smoking.

Still people watching, I was stunned when no-one died. I was amazed that no-one keeled over. There was no real coughing (not even from us smokers) let alone the fake kind. The bar, I noted, was using some sort of wizadry to clear the smoke. On investigation, this witchcraft turned out to be something called ven tee lay shun. Incredible stuff. I don't think we can get ven tee lay shun here. If we could, we would be able to smoke in our bars too. Maybe they only allow ven tee lay shun in Europe proper. It isn't for us late-comers. Perhaps if we behave ourselves this magic will be shared with us.

I confess that I smoked more than I should have, and I drank more than I should have (for a man negotiating a $4M deal the next morning), and I could not resist ordering the Giant Hamburger from the menu. It was cheesy (as was the hamburger) since I was in Hamburg, but it had to be done. The last time I saw a hamburger this big was in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it was labelled "The Heart-Stopper". I had to have one of those too.

My night, which I thought could simply not get any better, did exactly that. I took a drag on my smoke and as I exhaled I spotted another old friend not 18 inches from my head. In the shelf above the bar I saw a bottle of 12 year old Cardhu! It has been far too long since I enjoyed a nip of Cardhu. All the "purists" refused to stock it when the makers decided to use it in a blended whisky. It also happens to be my favourite malt. Long story short, a terrific night was had by yours truly.

My presentation went extremely well too. So much so, that they hung on to me for 2 hours after the meeting ended. With a bit of luck I will be returning often to their offices as we thrash out the global deal. I will be staying in the same hotel, smoking, and finishing off their bottle of Cardhu, smiling all the while, and being normal.

I returned to the airport (another German taxi driver!) to head home. The conversation in the taxi was odd, but enjoyable. The driver spoke to me in German and I answered in English. We both understood the chat from beginning to end.

Hamburg airport is smoker friendly. They have these little fish-tanks dotted about the place (although I didn't use them) and a superb Dunhill smokers lounge. You can de-stress in comfort before getting into that aluminium tube hurtling through the sky at 500mph.

The hotel (though friendly) was a bland Best Western. The best bit about this one was the bar, of course. It is located in Mexicoring to the north of the city, should you ever need to use it.

So, I am back. I have returned to abnormality. I will continue to avoid pubs, bars and clubs here until they see sense. I will continue to use pubs, bars and clubs abroad because they are not terrified of a little harmless smoke. For their bravery, I will reward them with whacking great slabs of their national currency. It's one of those win-win deals.

Time to go blog-trotting to see what has been going on in our funny little fucked up country.


January 19, 2010

Auf Wiedersehen

Off to Germany.

Word verification is back on due to spam. Sorry.

Stay well, and play nice.

See you in a couple of days.


January 18, 2010

Dan Does It Again

Tells the truth, that is. He is remarkably good at that.

If you have the stomach for more than your RDA of common sense, home truths and some (relatively) unknown facts, listen to Mr Hannan.

This is Part 3, and it is equally as good as Parts 1 & 2, but this bit stands out for me.

The good folks of New Zealand appeared disbelieving when Dan told them that our nation was gone from us.

I find it incredibly sad every time I hear it.

This is well worth 10 minutes of your time.

Tip of the beret to Goodnight Vienna for this great series.


January 17, 2010

The Brotherhood Have Arrived!

Not before time, lads!

Have a look at this short video. The Brotherhood Team offer some insights as to where we are now, what keeps us here, and how we can escape.

I have added a link (embedded in the title) to The Brotherhood YouTube channel. They have several brilliant videos already posted.

Freedom awaits!

Go on, have a taste...my bet is that you will like it.


January 14, 2010


I don't think I have posted any of The AntiTerrorist videos before.

It is time to do so now. I have watched many of them before and I thought I would buy and read his book. It is crammed with useful information. To get a flavour of this mans work, watch these two videos and then, if you want to learn more, buy his book.

Just lately, I have grown concerned about the amount of utter tosh that our movement contains, but I am now certain that the AT speaks with honour, integrity and truth. The AT starts at the beginning and his videos flow nicely, offering great explanations and remedies along the way. He has thoughtfully placed a good link list on the right hand side. I would urge you to explore them.

Oh, and don't worry overmuch about the ski mask and glasses. It is both a gimmick (explained in the book) and it maintains his anonymity in much the same way as my alter-ego "Capt Ranty" maintains mine. There be sharks in these waters and it may be a sensible thing to do until all the t's are crossed and all the i's are dotted. I certainly do not intend to remain hidden forever. 

Please watch, enjoy, and let me know what you think.


Guru Osho-For Budding Buddhists

My alternative title was "Mystic With A Sense Of Humour".

If you want to follow the teachings of Osho, young Grasshopper, click on the title above.

Otherwise, simply enjoy the philosophers profanity.


January 12, 2010

Multi-tasking, Mis-employed, Or Interfering?

 Twenty years ago, life seemed fairly normal.

Twenty-first century Britain Euro Regions 1-9 is are a little confusing. No-one seems to just do the job they are paid to do anymore. I have questions. Many questions. Regular readers know that I am a half-wit so I am asking some of you full-wits to help me out.

When did doctors become politicians? Why are they all concerning themselves with the running of the country when they are trained to diagnose faults and repair the human body? When, for that matter, did politicians become doctors? What business is it of theirs what I do, with whom, and how often? They were elected to serve the needs of their local constituents and to work with others of their ilk to construct and pass sensible legislation. Unless they are directly involved with health or the NHS I could care less what they think about my smoking, my drinking, my eating, and my sexual habits.

When did the judiciary turn into a business? When did they change from dispensing justice to collecting revenue for the Chancellor? When did it become a crime to defend your own home from chavvy marauders? When, exactly, did it become unfashionable to be a white man? When were scientists permitted to prostitute themselves for the "right" results? Really, what happened there? The answer is as simple as it always was. Money. There is no money in telling the truth. Experiments don't have to be reproduced, and we find, often, that the "debate is over". I wasn't taught that at school. I was taught that the debate is never over. Not as long as some doubt existed. Einstein once said (and I am paraphrasing here) "It doesn't matter if 99 scientists agree with me. If just one disagrees we go back and start over".

Perhaps we should treat these questions as rhetorical. It is what it is. I have been searching diligently for any vestige of the Britain that once was and I have to tell you, my country is unrecognisable. Trial by jury is on its way out. "They" say it's down to money, but those of us who have followed the shameful, criminal handover of our country to the unelected EU commission know better. This has nothing to do with money. These clowns have a Ph.D in money-wasting so it has to be for a different, darker reason. The Lisbon Treaty was clear: one law. Our ancient laws are to be phased out. The accused in this particular case should be grateful they are even getting to sit in a court room. The plan is to do it all by video soon. In the not too distant future, judges can take a "duvet day" and still continue a murder trial from their bedrooms. How lucky are we?

It will all get worse, of course. It always does. I don't "do" pessimism, because I would rather dwell on the positive. I am just having a hard time finding any positivity in our current, enforced direction.

Is it possible the sheeple have the right attitude? Are they taking the wisest course? Simply ignore everything and sit in front of the telly with their discounted 24 pack of Stella? Lock the door and forget everything that happens outside unless it affects them directly? The trouble with that is that they have to come out sometime. Then they will have to deal with it. While they were asleep another five thousand laws were passed, and another three hundred thousand EU regulations were put in place. But they will not know, and, judging by their level of observation today, they will not care either.

More of a ramble, this, than a rant, I admit. Sometimes a blog is useful for purging. It sort of parallels bulimia. If one continues to fill ones head with stuff, it has to come out somehow, for one to stay sane.

I don't even have a point.

I will try harder. I promise.


January 09, 2010

Three Steps To Freedom

Regular readers have been seeking a step by step guide, but as I often explain, these waters are murky and under-explored. I will try though, to convey what I have learnt so far.

I have identified three main ways to achieve freedom. They are: declaring yourself a Freeman by way of a Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR), declaring yourself to be in Lawful Rebellion, and taking control of your legal fiction (strawman) using Commercial Redemption. The lines between the three are blurred sometimes but they can also be complimentary.

Let's look at them in isolation first, and then you can at least pick a route.

1. Becoming a Freeman

People who choose this option (myself included) prepare an NOUICOR and either send it off to various government departments (mine was sent to the Home Office) or they simply retain them for an occasion where they may be used. Your NOUICOR is a valuable document. To my knowledge, no government department, anywhere in the world, has ever rebutted one. There is a maxim in law that says "An unrebutted affidavit stands as the truth". I became a Freeman on 15th June 2009. Lately though, I have been learning more and I now wish to alter the way I am going. (More on that later on).

Here is one example from Freeman Dave. You can, however, put anything you like in your NOUICOR but you must understand what you have written and be prepared to defend your claim.

So, you draft your NOUICOR, get your autograph witnessed by two or three people, and it is done. You may also use a Notary Public to witness your autograph, but I have come to believe that no human has more power than I do myself and the NPs seal is less meaningful than it otherwise might be.

From this point onwards, you continue your research and find ways that being a Freeman benefits you and yours. This method does not suit everyone as technically, it means you walk away from state benefits but at the same time, you stop contributing and therefore become self-reliant. I think this method is perfect for people living out of the way, perhaps in the country where they can grow their own food, provide their own power and water, and have no need of services provided by local councils. It is simple yet complex, and should not be entered into lightly.

2. Lawful Rebellion

A great many people in the UK are disgusted and disappointed at the way Queen Elizabeth II has conducted herself since her coronation in 1952. When she took the job, she made an Oath to her subjects. She swore not to give power to any foreign nations. She has repeatedly given Royal Assent to legislation that does exactly that, culminating in the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty which legally and lawfully negates her position as titular head of the United Kingdom. She has handed the UK to the EU on a platter, without the mandate of her people and without a shot being fired.

Entering into Lawful Rebellion is a right of all British people. It is enshrined in law and if you want to learn the two-step process, go here and absorb it all. Essentially, you swear an affidavit and send it to the queen, and, assuming she does not rebut your affidavit, 40 days later you follow up with a second affidavit informing her that you are no longer bound by anything she (or her government) says. This is very simple, and very, very effective. Around 250 people do this each and every day. At some stage in the future, a tipping point will be reached and someone, somewhere, will have to react.

3. Commercial Redemption

This, I have come to believe, is the answer. Both of the first two methods involve, to a greater or lesser degree, stepping away from your legal fiction. My thoughts now are that I want to control my strawman rather than give him up. I need to engage in commerce, I need to travel, and I feel that I need my strawman to effectively balance freedom with practical needs. The pieces of the puzzle are slowly coming together and I reckon that Commercial Redemption is an awesome tool to have in the box. Naturally, this is the most difficult way to proceed and it is horribly complex. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and the government simply cannot countenance that. All of my life has been spent giving them my hard earned money and now, finally, I have a way to redress, and rapidly reverse, that unfair deal. Just a few days ago I found (and posted) some exciting new information. I say new, but the remedy goes back to 1666. I recommend that you go here and study the article. It is simply mind-blowing.

The obligatory disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I have no legal training. If you decide that you do want to take control of your lives, legally and lawfully, there are (at least) three ways of doing so. I urge you to study, to learn, to immerse yourself in all of this before you do a single thing. Then start all over again. Reference and cross-reference what you have learnt until it is as natural to you as breathing in and out.

You are about to discover a new reality. It is painful. In fact, you might want to treat it like a bereavement. You will go through all the same stages: shock, disbelief, anger, denial, blame and finally, acceptance. When you know in your heart and in your mind that you have been scammed, just like your parents, their parents and their parents, you are ready to make your move. Your brain needs a reboot and there is no pleasant way of achieving that.

Fortunately, help and assistance abounds. Join a forum and read, read, read. All fora are inhabited by Useful Idiots, whose job is to undermine your confidence and poo-poo everything. Your task is to separate the wheat from the chaff. Find the nuggets and ignore the fools gold. Take your time. There is no rush.

Finally, good luck! I hope you find what you are looking for.


The Real Enemy?

You decide.

January 08, 2010

We Want ALL Of Your Money


Ellen Brown, December 7th, 2009

Europe’s small, debt-strapped countries could follow the lead of Argentina and simply walk away from their debts. That would shift the burden to the creditor countries, which could solve the problem merely by a change in accounting rules.

Total financial collapse, once a problem only for developing countries, has now come to Europe. The International Monetary Fund is imposing its “austerity measures” on the outer circle of the European Union, with Greece, Iceland and Latvia the hardest hit. But these are not your ordinary third world debtor supplicants. Historically, Iceland was settled by the Vikings, who successfully invaded Britain; Latvian tribes repulsed even the Vikings; and the Greeks conquered the whole Persian empire. If anyone can stand up to the IMF, these stalwart European warriors can.

Dozens of countries have defaulted on their debts in recent decades, the most recent being Dubai, which declared a debt moratorium on November 26, 2009. If the once lavishly-rich Arab emirate can default, more desperate countries can; and when the alternative is to destroy the local economy, it is hard to argue that they shouldn’t. That is particularly true when the creditors are largely responsible for the debtor’s troubles, and there are good grounds for arguing the debts are not owed. Greece’s troubles originated when low interest rates that were inappropriate for Greece were maintained to rescue Germany from an economic slump. And Iceland and Latvia have been saddled with responsibility for private obligations to which they were not parties. Economist Michael Hudson writes:

“The European Union and International Monetary Fund have told them to replace private debts with public obligations, and to pay by raising taxes, slashing public spending and obliging citizens to deplete their savings. Resentment is growing not only toward those who ran up these debts . . . but also toward the neoliberal foreign advisors and creditors who pressured these governments to sell off the banks and public infrastructure to insiders.”

The Dysfunctional EU: Where a Common Currency Fails

Hover over the title and click to go and read the whole article. (Added emphasis in the above report is mine).


Just The Facts, Ma'am

Today's offering concerns some basic stuff that all Freemen use to cut through the chaff we are all immersed in.

I liberated this from another Freeman forum. Have a read and tell me if they resonate with you. Or, indeed, if you feel able to refute anything here.

I have come across them all in various places, but never together in a nice list like this. It is not exhaustive but should get you to examine what you thought you knew. Sometimes, folks, we are told lies.

Established, Fundamental, Axioms

1) 'Lawful' is what it is all about. 'Lawful' .vs. 'unlawful'. Do not get trapped into discussing 'legal'/'illegal'.

2) In order to empower a representative, you must have the power yourself. You cannot give to anyone something you, yourself do not possess. You cannot give them any more than you, yourself, possess. Consequently you can look at anything any representative does, and say "I must be entitled to do that myself, without - necessarily - empowering someone else to do it for me".

3) In a democracy, 'a majority' does not depend on 'large numbers'. A majority can be as low as ONE. And that ONE must, of itself, (therefore) carry sufficient empowerment to put any motion into practice. (The US Supreme Court has 9 Members. A 5 - 4 majority carries any ruling. That's 'democracy')

4) Consequent to (3) no Government has more power than you do yourself. The powers are equal. The only difference is that your power is inalienable - it can't be taken away from you - whereas a Government can be replaced by some other set of role players. Consequently YOU are 'supreme'.

5) 'Requesting permission' is the act of a child. 'Licencing' is 'begging for permission' and 'submitting to someone else's will'. Adults do not beg permission for something they are lawfully entitled to do, and prepared to take full responsibility for so doing. Anything for which a licence can be granted must, by definition, be fundamentally lawful (otherwise it would be incapable of being licenced), and there is, therefore, absolutely no need for an adult to 'ask such permission'. The act of 'obtaining a licence' is the act of throwing away a fundamental Right, and substituting a (revocable) privilege instead.

6) 'Registration' of anything transfers superior ownership to the entity accepting the registration. Once an item has been registered, you are no longer the OWNER (even though you will still be paying for the item), but instead you become the KEEPER. This includes cars, houses, children (who become 'wards of the state' by virtue of a birth registration), etc. ('regis ...' = handing ownership to The Crown ... which, by the way, is the British Crown in Temple Bar, and NOT Elizabeth II)

7) When parts of the Magna Carta were 'transferred' into Statutes what was actually happening was that fundamental Rights were being transferred into privileges. Thus they were being watered down. Diffused. Being rendered powerless.

8) In all cases you are always being OFFERED A SERVICE - which includes 'benefits' - in the form of privileges. You are always fully entitled to waive such services, and of course you will also be waiving the attendant benefits, as you so choose. Your choice is - ultimately - to either assert your (inalienable) Rights, or accept (revocable) privileges.

9) The law can give rise to a FICTION, but a fiction cannot give rise to a law. Consequently a legal fiction called THE GOVERNMENT has no power to make LAW. It is, in point of fact, BOUND BY LAW (like everyone else, and including all other legal fictions). PARLIAMENT is another legal fiction entity. Statutes created by Parliament are not, therefore, the LAW. They are 'legislated rules for a society' and ONLY APPLICABLE TO MEMBERS OF THAT SOCIETY. Join a different society, and you would be bound by a different set of rules. (If this were not the case it would be impossible to become, for example, a Freemason and be bound by the rules of Freemasonry). Statutes are nothing more than the Company Policy of THE UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION, or THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION, etc. (See 'society', below)

10) Only a sovereign flesh and blood human being, with a living soul, has a Mind. Only something with a Mind is capable of devising a CLAIM. Legal fictions are soulless, and do not possess a distinct Mind. They cannot, therefore, in LAW, make a CLAIM.

11) Consequent to the foregoing, and since the Judiciary in a court de facto derives all its power from colour-of-law/Statutes, then no court de facto has any power over you as a sovereign human being, IN FACT (although, of course, they don't bother to tell you!). A court de jure is the only kind of court to which you are subject under Common Law, and there are none of those left (unless you insist that the court operates de jure, by demanding a Trial by Jury. But they will attempt to resist that with every fibre in their 'corporate', soulless, 'bodies').

12) YOU, and your fellow countrymen, constitute the entire and total 'wealth' of your country. The resources may be considered as assets, but without you & your fellow countrymen they are worthless. A field must be ploughed, and seeded, before potatoes will grow. Once grown they must be dug up, bagged, and transported before they can do the worthwhile job of sustaining life. Without the efforts of you, and your countrymen, NOTHING can happen, and your country itself is a worthless lump of soil.

13) A Society is, in essence, nothing more than a grouping of like-minded souls since it is defined as a number of people joined by mutual consent to deliberate, determine and act for a common goal. A society makes its own rules, and its Members are duty-bound to follow them. Different societies can exist, having their own unique set of rules. One way of 'choking' the action of a court de facto is to claim membership of a society that only exists in Common Law jurisdiction. The World Freeman Society has been set up precisely for this purpose.

14) Contractual obligation. For ANY contract to be lawful, INCLUDING A CONTRACT BETWEEN YOURSELF AS PLAINTIFF OR DEFENDANT IN A COURT DE FACTO, it must comprise the following:

A) FULL DISCLOSURE by both parties. Neither party can later claim 'you should have known' if it was not specifically declared at the time of making the contract.

B) A CONSIDERATION offered by both parties, this being the subject of the exchange. It must be a sum of money, or an item of value. Both parties agree that their CONSIDERATION is worth (to them) the other party's CONSIDERATION.

C) LAWFUL TERMS & CONDITIONS for the contract, to which both parties agree.

D) 'Wet' SIGNATURES of both parties. This means hand-written SIGNATURES, as made by two human beings.

Even though businesses and officials act as though there is a lawful contract in place, 99 times out of 100 these rules have not been followed. (Maybe it is 999 times out of 1,000 - or even more!). Standing on these 4 rules, requesting proofs, is the simplest way of stalemating just about every action that may be taken against you. (See No. 16, below)

15. Agreement to pay. Consequent to (14) above, all 'payment demands', that could result in court actions against you, can be stopped by 'conditionally agreeing to pay the sum demanded', subject to proofs that the 4 rules were followed in the first place. (Make sure you send this letter by registered post, heading it 'Notice of Conditional Agreement' and including 'Without Prejudice' in a suitable place). In almost all cases no proofs are possible (because the rules were never followed lawfully). However, by 'agreeing to pay' you have removed all CONTROVERSY. Thus a court action, which is only there to adjudicate on CONTROVERSY, cannot take place. If you receive a Summons, you can write back (registered!) with a copy of your agreement to pay, subject to the proofs being presented. The court will consider that any further action is 'frivolous', i.e. a complete waste of its time, since there is no CONTROVERSY on which it can adjudicate. (The court may even consider whoever applied to the court to be in contempt). (See No. 16, below)

16. "I feel 'guilty', because I owe the money". No, you don't owe a damn thing! When taking out the loan, you were 'loaned' back what was yours in the first place. You created the 'money' when you signed the Loan or Credit Application. By doing so, YOU gave THEM a Negotiable Instrument called 'the money'. They cashed this in(*), and then used that to loan you back your own money. You don't owe a damn thing! THEY owe YOU - an apology at the very least - for applying this confidence trick on you - AND FOR CHASING YOU FOR SOMETHING YOU ALREADY GAVE THEM.

(* Actually they just could have walked away with your cash. But they didn't, because they are greedy, greedy, greedy, greedy. They knew they could get you to pay everything back, and also to pay them INTEREST on top of that. Thus they had already been paid in full ONCE when they cashed in on your money, took a risk by offering it back to you, and reckoned on being paid TWICE OR EVEN MORE via the 'interest'. Are you just beginning to feel slightly less sympathetic? If not, I don't know what else to say.

"Can this really be true?" Answer: Yes, because there is no other way. Banks are not allowed (by LAW) to lend Depositor's money (which is held by them 'in trust'). Loan Companies and Credit Card Companies (etc.) have no Deposit Money in the first place! Do they? So how else could they do it, then?)

17. 'Responsibility' .vs. 'Authority'. You can DELEGATE authority, but you can only SHARE responsibility. In other words, if you task (delegate) someone to do something, you still retain the RESPONSIBILITY for getting it done, and for anything that may happen as a result. If, for example, a Police Officer carries out any order, given by a superior, then that Officer is personally responsible for what may occur as a result, and all those up the chain of command are considered accomplices, in LAW.

(That's what the Nuremberg Trials were all about)

Therefore it is important that, if you delegate authority, you delegate to the right individual or group of individuals. You delegate to an individual who will accomplish the task without come-backs. And who you choose is your choice, and your responsibility.

(If this had been pointed out, during the de Menezes trial, INCLUDING THE OBVIOUS BREACH OF COMMON LAW, a lot of Police personnel - up to, and including the Home Secretary & Prime Minister - could easily have ended up behind bars. The so-called 'legal profession' did a thoroughly abysmal job - as normal. A golden opportunity, tossed into the bin of history, by virtue of plain, common or garden, useless waffle. The police were charged under the Health & Safety Act. What utter rubbish! They should have been charged under Common Law)

January 07, 2010

Time Is Running Out

I am extremely grateful to Mr Beezley who provided me with the link to the video above, entitled "The Fall of the Republic". It is almost 2.5 hours in length but if you don't watch it, you may wonder why, when the chaos erupts, you were unaware of the reasons for the chaos.

This film tells you what is going to happen. It is the only expected outcome. The problem really started in 1913 and some wise men predicted that it would end in tears. And so it will. In less than four years the almighty American dollar will collapse, throwing the world into a dark and confusing place. The orchestrators will profit, yet again, because for them, the only thing that matters is greed. They care not for you, or me, or the other 6.2 billion souls on the planet. With great profit comes even greater control. We have all seen massive changes in the last decade, changes to our freedoms, and our ever-decreasing ability to live normal lives.

This film is jam-packed with facts, and you will see some of our smartest men and women explain how the rot set in, why it was allowed to continue, and what the outcome has to be.

Try not to concern yourself with the fact that it is set in the USA. When they fall, we all fall.

Get popcorn, get wine or beer, and while you're at it, get the neighbours. Then settle down for a series of revelations that you absolutely have to know about. Once you know a nightmare is looming, you will be better equipped to handle it when it bursts through your front door. To be forewarned, they say, is to be forearmed.

There is another side to this coin. We already know what it is. "Keep calm, and carry on".

I'd rather prepare.

Start by dumping your TV, and cancelling your daily papers. They have nothing useful for you. Reconnect with your neighbours. I fear it may be too late, but we can try to force a change.

We are heading for a dark place. Get yourself a torch.


January 06, 2010

Watch And Learn, Slaves.

This is a short but powerful video clip.

Every time he says "America", hear instead "Britain".

Then you will have a new, chilling view. If you don't, watch it until you do.

It's the same the world over.

And it has to end.


January 05, 2010

Chance To Do A Good Thing

Dear all,

I like Chris Mounsey. I liked him before I read this. I like him an awful lot more now.

Soon you will be faced with choices.

Here they are:

You can vote Labour-but just after you cast your vote, rush off and have the following tattooed on your forehead- "I am a fuckwit".

You can vote Conservative-but just after you cast your vote, rush off and have the following tattooed on your forehead- "I am a gullible twat".

You can vote LibDem-but just after you cast your vote, rush off and have the following tattooed on your forehead-"I do not have the first clue about politics".

Or, you can vote for a party that will actually do something, a party that will dare to be different.

You can vote LPUK, who will get the government off our backs, and much more besides.

You can vote UKIP, who will get us out of the EU, and much more besides.

Those two things alone will change all our lives for the better.

And before you start screaming "They have no experience!"

Have a close look at the state we are in thanks to those with experience.

Over to Mr Mounsey:

My friends

We are broke.  Our country — whatever it may once have been — is now laden with debt. And this isn’t “the government’s debt”: it is our debt. The government has no money but what it takes — what it extorts — from us. We have gone beyond consensus politics: if a man were to come to your door, with a gun, and demand half of everything that you earned — on pain of severe punishment, on pain of the total ruination of your life — would you not protest? For a moment, lay aside those dutiful thoughts of those starving millions beyond your gate, and think, instead, of those within your own household — within your own family: would you not rather protect them first?

Of course you would: they are your kith and kin and you would expect — would you not? — that everyone, like you, would defend theirs against you were you the one holding the gun. The government has now utterly removed from you the means of protecting yourself and your family against the man with the gun: indeed, you dare not defend yourself because you fear that it is you, not the mugger, who would end up in the dock. For the government is the man with the gun, demanding tithes from you: the government is here, at your door.  But not randomly. 


The government has gone out and bought itself nice things — plasma TVs, second homes, duckhouses, moats.   And jobs, and votes.   All of those things that you could not afford — because it has been here before: at your door, with a gun. 

Five years ago, it was here — threatening you with prison if you did not pay up — for the sake of all of those children who were not yours.  You paid, because you had no option. 

Four years ago, it was here — threatening you with prison if you did not pay up—for the sake of all of those unhealthy who were not yours.  You paid, because you had no option. 

Three years ago, it was here — threatening you with prison if you did not pay up—for the sake of all of those uneducated who were not yours.  You paid, because you had no option.

Two years ago, it was here — threatening you with prison if you did not pay up — for the sake of all of those feckless bankers who were not yours.  You paid, because you had no option.

One year ago, it was here — threatening you with prison if you did not pay up — for the sake of all of those MPs who had no duck-houses or second homes or moats.  You paid, because you had no option.

And now the government has spent everything that you had to give, and more, on its pet projects — on buying its second homes, on buying its duckhouses, on buying its votes — and none of it benefited you and yours.  Not even by one iota.

The government didn’t care that you couldn’t afford to give any more: it didn’t care that you had no money. The government didn’t care that you had lost your job: the government didn’t care that all of those thousands of pounds it took in National Insurance payments translated into a few hundred when you were in need. And now, when you are getting back on your feet — back in a job that is not as good as the one the government destroyed, back struggling to look after your family on the pittance you are paid, back paying off your debts — the government, too, is back: it’s back with the gun.

The government is back — demanding half of what you broke your back to earn — because it has more grand schemes, more votes to buy, more trinkets to deliver to its favoured ones.Will you so willingly hand over the sweat of your brow?  Will you so willingly condemn you and yours to penury?  Will you capitulate again?

Or will you fight?

Join us — and help us to stop the extortion.

Join us — and understand that providing for you and yours is not a sin.

Join us — and realise that a society that pulls together is a society that stays together.

Join us — and help us fight for a future in which people help each other voluntarily, because it is right and fitting to do so.

Join us — and help to build a future in which men, women and children take back their work, their birthrights, their dignity and their compassion from a government that cares nothing for you.

Join us.

Because — whether the government is Tory, Labour or Lib Dem — soon you will have nothing left to lose.

Chris Mounsey

Leader, Libertarian Party

Erm, We Are All Dead

Officially, mind you.

This video explains why.

It brings a whole new meaning to "I see dead people...."

Your thoughts, via a medium, would be gratefully received.


PS-If your ghost can stand it, there are several more nuggets in the rest of the series called "Money & Justice".

January 04, 2010

Taking Stock

This entry is an attempt at bringing together all the threads on the Freeman concept, with some lawful rebellion added to the mix, and just to confuse everyone, (including myself), I will try to explain commercial redemption.

As usual, there are more questions than answers, but I will do my best.

History tells us that at one time, somewhere around the 12th century, there was a creature called a Freeman. This being was an "inbetweener". He (for it was usually a he, but his wife and kids enjoyed the status as well), was not a serf, he owned his own land, and was not obliged in any way to his local baron. He was truly free. He could come and go as he pleased, and he was not required to pay taxes or tolls. Tolls were collected from traveling merchants at toll-booths along highways and by-ways up and down our (fairly civilised) country. A Freeman did not pay tolls unless he was engaged in commerce. He wasn't licensed, he didn't register anything with any official body or group, and he did not need to ask permission to do anything. To say that he had a good life during all that slavery and serfdom would be an understatement. Magna Carta (the Great Charter) further protected his way of living, and enshrined a great many rights in one single document. The jury is out on just how many articles enshrined within Magna Carta are still in use today. Some say none, some say only five or six, and some even say that the whole document remains in force because it bound future monarchs. Some legal experts say that this cannot be so. They say that parliament cannot bind any future parliament and that new legislation can replace the old, and that any Act or Bill can be repealed. The difference here is that a monarch signed the Magna Carta, although there is a theory that he did so under duress. It was signed, as we all know, on the island of Runnymede in 1215. It was amended in 1297, and it was followed for several hundred years until the Bill of Rights was assented to in 1689. Many call this Bill "Magna Carta Plus" and it is the nearest we have to a written constitution. For those of us north of the border, when the Act of Union was signed in 1707, any rights the English had were conferred on the Scots and vice versa. In truth, we both gained by the union at the time, and I am not sure whether an independent Scotland now would benefit me. Still, I can always move to England if the split affected me adversely.

Back to the present. Freemen today want to live their lives unfettered and unhindered by todays "barons". They see politicians that have far exceeded their remit, they see a government hell bent on absolute control over every thing we do. They don't like the new-style robbery by the taxman, they don't like enforced vaccinations, they don't like asking for permission for pretty much everything they feel able to take responsibility for by themselves. They are fed up to the back teeth with the mountain of statutes the government say we need to live safe and happy lives. A Freeman (or woman, the term "Freeman" is unisex), obeys natural law, or common law. We take an oath not to cause harm, injury or loss to our fellow humans, and we also swear that we will not make mischief with our contracts. All statutes are surplus to requirements. There has not been a single piece of legislation enacted that is not already covered by natural law. Statutes are big business. The government hauls in many billions of £££'s each and every year via the plethora of Bills and Acts, and the lawyers and barristers, the judges, the police, and the gaols, would have far less to do if there was no legislation. Our lives are far more complex and I challenge any one of you reading this NOT to break a "law" today. There are now so many it is impossible to know and understand them all. Even our "lawmakers" don't read them. There is no time. Most statutes and their amendments, are several hundred pages long, and during Labours tenure, they have spat out, on average, one new piece of legislation for each and every day they sat in parliament. Combine that with over 120,000 new regulations from the European Union and that, my friends, is a lot of new law to take on board. And if they don't understand what they are signing up for, how are we supposed to? The first time we are aware that we have "broken the law" is 10 seconds after a burly policeman arrests us for it. The situation is untenable. Can anyone reading this be surprised that normal people want to make a radical change by declaring themselves to be Freemen? The mechanism exists for us to do so, so we take the option. It isn't an easy road to take, and none of us do so lightly.

Law. For most of my adult life I thought that all law was the same. It is not. Statutes are given the force of law when consented to by the governed. Freemen remove that consent. Lawfully. Statutes are no more than rules by which a society live. When you speed, or park your car on a double-yellow line you have not committed a crime. You have bent a rule. You have committed a crime when you hurt or kill someone, you have committed a crime when you steal from someone, and you have committed a crime when you defraud someone. Everything else is fluff. Everything else is designed to take your money. Make no mistake: new statutes are reviewed (by bankers) in exactly the same way a new business plan is reviewed. What will it cost to implement? What revenues will it generate? The cost/benefit ratio is very carefully considered.

Money. This is what it's all about. They package legislation as safety or security measures, and they tell us that it is for our protection, but what they desperately need is our money. The UK has been bankrupt for decades. We trade under Chapter 6 bankruptcy rules. That is to say, we are allowed to trade but we cannot show a profit. The Chancellor and the Treasury use a double-entry ledger system. Money in, money out, balance zero. In bankruptcy, all debts are forgiven, including yours and mine. What we don't know is that a mechanism exists for us to pay our "debts" using a system called commercial redemption. It is a massively complex undertaking to put your paperwork in place so that when a bill drops on your doormat, you simply send off a notice to the Treasury and instruct them to make the payment for you, and this zeroes the "debt". Commercial redemption is used today, in Canada and the USA, and many are working towards it here in the UK. Imagine: your PAYE, your Self Assessment, your Corporation Tax, your Council Tax, even utility bills can be paid in this way. The result? If you earn say, $30,000 per year, you get to keep it. All of it. And then? You don't go hungry, you spend more (thus ensuring that the corner shop stays in business and keeps people in employment), or you save more, so that you can retire earlier and enjoy your later years, without depending on the state to feed, clothe and house you. The NHS? With more money in your bank account you can now afford private medical plans. The Councils? When you learn that almost all councils have many millions parked in stocks and shares it's a bit galling when we are told that there will be no money for this or that service. Council Tax is illegal in any case. It is just another scam to relieve you of your hard earned coin. The money in circulation today has no intrinsic value. It is worthless. It is known as fiat currency. It is a promissory note, an I.O.U. I am sure you all realise that a debt cannot be repaid with a promissory note. Anyone, anyone, can lawfully and legally produce their own promissory notes. The Bills of Exchange Act is crystal clear on this. You might want to read it. It should change your life. Have a look at my earlier post containing the video "Money As Debt II" and watch it repeatedly. This will give you a greater understanding of the system in use today. Fiat currency is doomed to fail. That is a mathematical certainty. It is rapidly reaching its zenith and the result is a guaranteed economic catastrophe.

Lawful rebellion. Many people, including myself, are disgusted and dismayed that our monarch has repeatedly signed into being legislation that dilutes her power. In 1952 she took an oath. In that oath she swore to protect and defend us from foreign invaders, but she has wilfully broken that oath on 2,862 occasions in the last 12 years alone. These are acts of treason and many have removed their promise to obey her, and by default, her parliament. John Harris led the charge and now the queen receives around 250 sworn affidavits per day from people who have entered lawful rebellion. Not good, (for her), as I am sure you will agree. Visit the TPUC website for more information. The British Constitution Group are also a fantastic source of information.

So, unless you are permanently doped up with Prozac, or hard-wired to Corrie or the X Factor on your TV, you will have noticed that the wheels are coming off. Our communities, our towns, our villages, our cities, the four entities that make up our Union, are in an unholy mess, and bad things are happening as a result of our nations mismanagement. Politicians we elected ignore our calls for sanity, they ignore us when we say something is wrong, they lie to us on an hourly basis, all the while ensuring that they are OK. That they have plenty socked away for the torrential downpours to come. They gave our nation away to the EU in a criminal fashion, preferring instead, to feather their own nests, rather than obey us, their masters. The only direction now is down. If we thought our MPs were corrupt, we are about to witness a whole new level of troughery. Our rights are being taken away by the armload, and some of us want to do something about that.

I know that Fausty asked for a step by step guide to becoming a Freeman, but as you will have read, there really isn't one. Each path is unique. You may want different outcomes to me. You may be happy to pay tax, or you may be happy with services that you get from the NHS. This is an all or nothing deal. Admittedly, you can elect to respect some statutes, or you can reject them all. This ideology is jam-packed with choices. I urge you to study like you have never studied before. This is a rocky road and you need to know where to put your feet. If you don't fully comprehend what you are doing then don't do it. Crawl, walk, run. But when you do, do it calmly and confidently. You will be questioned, by many, and you need to have the answers ready. This is a way of life to be embraced fully. I advise all of you to visit the Lawful Rebellion site in the sidebar to your left. Read and absorb the section on Affidavits. Once you are comfortable with them, make your move. If I were just beginning on this road, I would use affidavits and nothing else. They are the most powerful document in law. I could say in half a page what it took me to five pages to say in my Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR). I also intend to complete, and issue my Affidavit to Gordon Brown in the next few weeks. When he is replaced later in the year, his successor will also receive an Affidavit from me. I may also send one to the European president, and, perhaps, the Vicar of Christ. Further research will show you just why the Vatican is a vital link in this rusty chain.

Right now I am working on my Commercial Redemption and I will update you all on events. If I had done this first, I would not have taken on HMRC at this time. But, I already have so I will fight that battle with the tools at my disposal.

I am routinely accused of being an anarchist, or worse, a freeloader. I am neither. I am happy to pay a fair price for the services I use. Hypocrisy is a regular accusation too. The fact that I travel abroad regularly and need a passport to do so, irks some ignorant people. I don't actually need a British/European passport to travel and I am investigating a World Passport. They are recognised in some 90 countries so that may be the answer. The short story is that I am deeply worried for my future, my childrens future, and my countries future and I decided to take action. The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. I aim to prove that to be true.

If you have any questions, fire away.