June 30, 2012

Nothing To Hide?

Actually, yes. Yes I do.

But rather than tell you the whole story of why, just read this.

Here's a snippet:

"What do I have to hide? Everything! Which is to say, every piece of personal information someone or something demands to know is something I don’t want to tell because no one has the right to demand access to my life.

The right to privacy rests largely on a presumption of innocence. It assumes that — in the absence of evidence of wrongdoing — an individual has a right to shut his front door and tell other people (including government) to mind their own business.

Today, this assumption has been twisted inside out so that a desire for privacy means you have something to hide. You are expected to prove your innocence by revealing every financial transaction, by filling in pages of government paperwork, by allowing state agents to frisk your person and property when you board a plane or enter a public building. These invasions rest upon the presumption of guilt.

Privacy is also is the single most effective means of preserving freedom against an encroaching state. The act of closing your front door expresses the key distinction between the private and public spheres."

The drones will shit themselves when they read the whole thing.

The free-thinkers and freedom-lovers will nominate Wendy for an award. (Which she deserves for this fantastic piece).


June 29, 2012


The title of the video is "Have we all had enough yet?".

Dumb question.

Of course we haven't.

With each new outrage we grow another layer of skin. If it isn't happening to us directly, we couldn't give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut.

It is far, far easier to shout "Conspiracy nut!" at whoever is making this claim or that statement. Who has the time to dig deeper into the claims? Very few of us. At least, very few of us make the time. Most of us prefer instead to bimble along, head firmly up arse, because it doesn't affect us.

Most of the bad shit happens to other people, right? Mostly those other people have brown skin and live far, far away.  We chip in. Sure we do. Our taxes pay for those bombs and bullets and men of violence. Our taxes pay for the psychopaths that control the men of violence and ensure that the bombs and the bullets and machinery of war gets to the right place at the right time.

Our taxes pay for the very same corrupt politicians who will do the square root of fuck all about incompetent fuckwits like Bob Diamond. "There is no mechanism in place to launch criminal proceedings" they whine. Yet when it suits them, they can shit out retrospective legislation. Not, it seems, when their pals the bankers are in harms way. The modern banking system is so badly corrupted as to be almost unworkable, yet they carry on regardless. Got a complaint? Just fuck off. This is none of your business. Fortunes are being made here, drone, so just wind your neck in. Nothing to see here. Get back to the tellybox.

Late paying your taxes? That £3,000 that you owe? Bad, bad robot! We are releasing the hounds of hell. You will pay, motherfucker. And shut up about Vodafone owing £4 billion. Shut the fuck up about Amazon. And that most excellent Tory donor, Phillip Green. Too much like hard work chasing them, so we will concentrate our firepower on you, drone.

Still, if you have paid your taxes, if you have obeyed all of the one million petty rules and asinine regulations, if you don't rock the boat, you're okay! Not that that matters, we are busy shitting out new rules.We'll get all of you, eventually. Last year we broke all records by creating 4,116 new rules for you filthy scum to live by. This year we have so far shat out 2,120 new rules, and we ain't done yet! No, the Coagulation are freedom-loving, small-government, quango-bashing, Bill-repealing, less-interfering aficionados! Well, that's what we told you in the manifesto. And you numb shits swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

You drones don't seem to react to anything! We actually do meddle in your daily lives. We love it! We have you all scared shitless. We have plans to trap all your gormless communiques and store them until such a time when it becomes necessary to punish you for daring to imagine you are free.

Free? Pah! You can't handle freedom! You shun freedom because with it comes responsibility. And we governments have learned one lesson above all others: you idiots couldn't be responsible for your own actions if your very life depended on it. Hey, and before you start blaming us for all this, try to remember who it was that never, ever, said no. Everything we did, everything, was done with your consent. You morons haven't yet realised that you can say no.

Until you do, we will assume that you are happy with what we do. That you are happy to have what little freedoms we have gifted to you taken away. One by one.

Have we all had enough yet?

Hell no.

We can (and will) take all the shite you can hurl down on us.

Keep pouring.


June 28, 2012

Trust No-one.

Inspired by Ms Raccoon I thought I'd have a crack at this unsavoury nut.

To get to where I am right now, all you have to do is ask yourself, honestly, "Who do I trust?".

Your list, (if you are anything like me), will be shockingly short. That itself is an indictment as to how far we have fallen. How low we have become. How low, those who are supposed to know better, to act better, have become. How little we expect or demand from those we pay a huge chunk of our wages to. How very, very disappointing.

I cannot remember a time in my life when those who we automatically respected and trusted have so abused that trust and squandered that respect.

For and on the record, I do not trust any of the following:

The monarch (She is a traitor)
The government (All 650 are guilty of treason or misprision of treason)
The police (Unconvicted killers, rapists & thieves still serve in the ranks)
The judiciary (A very brief look at recent sentencing should convince you)
The NHS (They kill more people than we could possibly know, or believe)
The press (Liars of note. Corrupted to the core)
The banks (Read the papers. Thieving bastards. All of them).
The Greens (This is a cult. Not a political party)
The Tories (So deeply, deeply disappointing).
The LibDems (Unworthy. Of anything).
The Labour Party (Criminals. Gaol them all. They destroyed this nation).
The "charities" (Not charities at all. Lobby groups for the govt of the day).
The scientists (Liars and grant-grabbers. Will lie about anything for money).
The church (Whatever god/gods they worship)

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments and tell us all why your trust has evaporated.

This image was sent to me by my old pal Chris. It is hard to disagree:

We keep coming back to this. Until we are all on the same page, expect the situation to get worse and worse....

Be rebellious. Be free. Be a pain in the arse. Be persistently awkward.

Eventually they will get the message.


Back In The Saddle

We arrived home last night from sunny rainy Manchester. Funerals are no fun at all, and I remembered why I don't go to them as often as I am asked to. Usually I find myself a quiet spot when the funeral is taking place and think about whoever it is that has died. I always thought that I could pay my respects from wherever I was.

My father in law got a good send off. I seriously doubt that there will be 60 people at my funeral. I have decided that I do not want anyone to wear black at my final shindig. Such a dreary colour. No tears either. I have had a blast and there are no need for tears when I go. In fact, I may include a clause that anyone caught crying has to get a round in.

I noticed that the shenanigans continued unabated while I was otherwise engaged.

The bankers carried on ripping us off. No doubt that the fine they were issued with will be clawed back from an increasingly gullible public. Lovely.

The banners have decided that we must not, absolutely must not have the right to think for ourselves, and they will inject their poison into children in order to get their own way. Delightful.

The wankers in government steal yet more of our money to throw at a failed experiment. Marvelous.

The people continue to be robbed. Peter simply must be paid and Paul will be relieved of his money to satisfy that demand. Thirteen years of  Labour incompetence. We will be paying for that mismanagement for decades. Hallelujah.

The architect of that historic failure wants to move back into Number 10. Are you fucking kidding? I seriously hope so.

Five stories, all from the same newspaper. I dread looking at the others.

We need cheering up.

This gave me a smile:

Rebels: gotta love 'em.

Have a good week, what's left of it.


June 22, 2012

Friday Funnies

A miserable week. These will either cheer you up or extend the misery.

My selection of pictures this week are brought to you by the colour red, and the number 482.

Make your mind up, ok?

Pelican crossing. The river. On a crocodile.

For the uninitiated, this is a usual sight in downtown Bangkok.

Necessity, the mother of blah blah blah.

A tree. Running across the desert. Probably for charity.

Not funny, just true.

Rule Number One for the Hard Club: Never, ever, wear a dress.

Cornwall Police introduces their new Ooh Arr Division.

Mystery solved.

Mystery begins.

And finally...

No doubt those clever politicians will see this and decide to bomb the hungry......

Have a great weekend.


June 20, 2012

The Kerry Packer Philosophy

If you don't have time to listen to it all, just skip to the last 60 seconds.

Then, tell me how we clone him, and how we can replace all the drones in the UK with him.

Or, how we can educate our people enough to understand that the more they allow government to take from them, the more government wastes.

Or how, with every new piece of legislation, another slice of their freedom is removed.

If we could achieve this we'd have a decent country in about 45 minutes.

With thanks to Jim Fryar for the link.


Tax Avoision

I thought I'd wade into this one.

Jimmy Carr has defended himself against various accusations from an idiotic Danny Alexander and an even more idiotic public.

Full story here

It shouldn't surprise any of my readers to learn that I am a huge supporter of both tax avoidance and tax evasion. I am compelled to do both, but it isn't easy. My status as a Lawful Rebel demands that I offer no assistance to the monarch or her government. Furthermore, it demands that I do all in my power to make life difficult for them. It makes life very difficult for me too, but I am prepared to take one for the team.

I know that it is hard for some of you see the nobility (or the sense) in what I am doing, but I genuinely believe that my actions are noble, lawful, and right. We can argue the semantics forever but I have made my bed and, for good or ill, I will lie in it. And just before my heart beats its last, I will know that I tried. As the saying has it, "For evil to prevail, all it takes is for good men to do nothing". (I may have misquoted that, if so, I apologise to the author).

Back to Jimmy.

We are an odd lot, we British. We see someone doing well and we feel that they must be punished for that. Why is it okay to take this mans money away simply because he has a lot of it? Jealousy? Envy? I don't understand that. In the same way I don't understand why entrepreneurs should be robbed blind. These people have taken a chance: they have put everything on the line*, and usually, worked themselves into the ground to get where they are. Instead of celebrating this, we want to penalise them. They are already being penalised for being successful. The large bulk of income tax is paid by the wealthy. Millions of citizens on benefits should just say "Thank you" instead of biting the hand that actually feeds them. They won't, because they are entitled, innit? (For clarity, I mean the spongers and the workshy, not the vulnerable and not those in real need).

* Been there, done that. I made and lost a million before I turned 30. The sacrifices were humongous.

For entertainers, life is especially grim in the early days. I know this because my son is trying to make it (and fame and fortune) as a stand-up comedian. He has so far performed around 200 gigs and he has been paid for less than ten of them. He has spent weeks of his life on buses from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and Glasgow. If he is very lucky, that lifestyle will only continue for another couple of years before he makes the big time. And when he does finally start to see the big bucks, I want him to enjoy as much of that as he can.

Look, the tax system in the UK is FUBAR. Anyone who disagrees with that is an idiot. Incompetent government after incompetent government have ensured that we take home as little as possible. Colonel Gadaffi, that great enemy of the West, never took a single dinar in income tax off his people. There was a (very low) corporation tax scheme in existence, and that was enough (with the oil money) to run his country on. He may not have been a shining example of leadership, and he was harsh with his enemies. The quality of our "leadership" isn't exactly award-winning either, and our governments are not entirely against bumping off our more "difficult" citizens. Dr Kelly, anyone?

Getting a better government cannot be had by voting in the clones every five years. Protests, campaigns and marches are all good fun, but pretty useless. No government was ever ousted by angry citizens running up and down with placards. Over one million people marched in protest against Gulf War 1. Over four million signed a petition to save our post offices. Guess what? Slimy Blair took us to war and still shut down thousands of post offices. Revolution, on the other hand, is almost always successful. Look again at Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and the ongoing struggle in Syria. I know, I know, of the three that got rid of their despots, only Tunisia seems to be thriving, but change takes time and effort.

We will not see change in this country until people realise that financial penalties work both ways.

Starve the government of our cash, in whatever way you can, and they will wake up. Watch the change happen then.

Starve the beast and it will stop picking on you.

Starve the beast and we will get the government we need.


PS-the funeral is not until next week, which is why I am still blogging.

June 19, 2012

The Despicables

Inspired by a recent comment.....

On the right-hand side (just over there >>>>>) is a quote by Percy Shelley.

I'd like you to read it. To save you swinging your eyeballs all the way over there I will repeat it here:

'Rise like Lions after slumber
In unvanquishable number-
Shake your chains to earth like dew
Which in sleep had fallen on you-
Ye are many-they are few'

How often do you hear bloggers (particularly) say that there are 650 of them and 62 million of us? I write that a lot. I write it because it is true. The problem? They are a team, and the rest of us pretty much stand alone. Their teamwork drove us apart. Their continued interference maintains that separation. They did this to us, and sure, we collaborated by complying, but I wondered if the time hadn't come to put aside the things that vex us, we individuals, and thought instead about a reunification programme?

Think about this:

The poor despise the government

They despise this particular government because benefits are being slashed.

The rich despise the government

They despise the government because their incomes are decimated by ridiculously high taxation

The business owners despise the government

They despise the government because they have to obey 200,000 regulations which strangle their growth. Those regulations would disappear if only the government would listen and get us out of the EU

The unemployed despise the government

They despise the government because they are forced to live on less and less. Jobs are hard to find because the business down the road can't employ them. Expensive NICs, taxation, or because they are in the wrong ethnic group.

The Labour Party supporters despise the government

They despise the government because their lot aren't in power anymore.

The Libertarians despise the government

They despise the government because they want a small government, they want people to take responsibility for their own actions and they believe in the non-aggression principle, and they want people to have more, much more freedom.

The smokers despise the government

They despise the government because the government ruined their social lives when they enacted the smoker ban. The government paid ASH and other "charities" vast amounts of OUR money so that ASH could lobby the government for insane, inane legislation that has so far failed to save even a single life. (Not that any were threatened when smokers could smoke indoors).

The pub owners despise the government

They despise the government because that legislation, combined with higher taxation on alcohol has now killed 10,226 pubs with a loss of an estimated 400,000 jobs. Colossal interference ruined the entertainment and hospitality industries. There has to be retribution for that.

The drivers despise the government

They despise the government because they know when the government pretends to understand what high fuel costs really mean to the little people, they really don't. We know, do we not, that if the government wanted to reduce fuel prices all they have to do is slash, or, heaven forfend, remove tax on fuel. It's a piece of cake, the work of moments, and the haulage industry (for one) would be instantly rejuvenated.

The freedom-loving despise the government

They despise the government because 4.5 million CCTV cameras is 4.5 million too many. The new Snoopers Charter that the government want to bring in means that every email, every text, every tweet, every phone call is listened to, transcribed, written down, logged, tagged, held on record and the merest whiff of sedition, of unrest, of imagined criminality will ensure that the thugs appear at dawn, smash your front door down and they will haul you away. They will process you, they will lie to you, they will attempt to ensnare you, they will help themselves  to your fingerprints, your DNA, your breath or your blood. They have been known, in hundreds of cases, to take away your life. They despise the government for enacting law after law after law to such an extent that it is entirely possible that you contravene 28 pieces of legislation from leaving your bed to arriving at work.

The airline travelers despise the government

They despise the government because the government spreads the only message it understands: fear. Terrify the population and they will agree to anything. They will do what the airport Stasi tell them to do. They will remove their belts, their shoes, their false teeth, their colostomy bags and their prosthetic limbs in the name of safety. To protect themselves against a threat that was designed, created, and maintained by 650 inept politicians. All they want to do is get away from this Orwellian nightmare for a two week break and they have to endure endless queues to get into the airport, up to the check-in desk, through security, and onto the plane. Statistics prove that most bombers have darker skin, are called Mohammed and have beards. Profiling, people. It works. Political correctness, and the terror, the sheer terror that someone somewhere might offend someone somewhere has caused no end of problems in this nation. It has to end.

It didn't take me too long to come up with some pretty disparate groups of people. I'm certain you could add to the list considerably. Within minutes we would have our 62 million.

Did you spot the pattern? We all despise this administration for one reason or another and I say this: let we who despise the government get together. Let us get together just once. For as long as it takes. Let us get our marching boots on. Let us write our slogans on our boards. Let us go down there and stand in front of parliament. Let us stand there until we have satisfaction.

We do not need their permission. Children ask for permission. They took our freedoms, so we must take them back. We are obliged to. Our forefathers died in their millions to protect those freedoms.

We have no right to give them away. None at all.

We were lions once. They tamed us. They took away our claws. They turned us into harmless kittens. We meow instead of roar. Well I want my claws back. I want my roar back. I want to be a Lion again.

If we did get together, what a pride we would make! 62 million Lions all roaring their defiance!! Circling the 650, snarling, threatening, making them fear us again, the way it should be!!! What a day that would be! Reminding them who serves who. Demonstrating, in overwhelming numbers, in unvanquishable numbers, what a force we are! Proving that although we may put them in office, we can also and will also remove them, if we wish it so. Not on May 3rd, but on any given date we bloody well choose!

All we need to do is set aside our differences. Some of those differences are real, but many were manufactured.

Divided, we are a conquered people. Divided, this nonsense will continue forever. Divided, they win.

United, we can stand.

United, we can win.

United, we can, and must, roar.

So loudly the windows will shake.

What a glorious sound that would be! What a victorious tale to tell the grandchildren!

We, the United Britons shouted "No more!" and we won our country back from The Despicables who would give it away.

Let us stand tall, and proud, and fierce, and be Lions once more.

So, what do you want to be?


Or this?

The choice, as always, is yours and yours alone.


June 18, 2012

Blog Closed

Due to bereavement.

My father in law died this morning. We are heading down to Manchester for his funeral.

He was a good egg. I liked him, and I will miss him.

Back in a few days.


Greece: In A Nutshell

The Torture Of Greece, in picture form. With thanks to my good pal JB for the image.

Yesterday, we witnessed the bizarre foreplay as Greece whored herself to the EU.

Today the systematic and prolonged rape begins.

It will be ugly.

I have absolutely no sympathy for Greece now. They dropped their drawers knowing that they had the choice to keep them firmly in place. They chose sustained pain over national sovereignty. They deserve everything heading their way.

Some anticipate A social explosion

Next step: Blood on the streets? I'm not so sure.

Their submission is total, so let's move on to Spain and Italy. Both are due to prostrate themselves before Reichsfuhrer Merkel.

Like us, they need to lose the fear, and know that they CAN operate independently of this horrifying New Europe where domination is the number one motivator, no matter how pretty the wrapping paper may be.

Those aren't silk ribbons around the package, they are stainless steel chains.


June 17, 2012

Sunday Rant

Ever have one of those days when all you see around you is incompetence, corruption and general fuckwittery?

I have one of those every day. I keep hoping for better-I was born optimistic-but I am constantly disappointed.

This kind of sums it up for me:

I do not know who Chris Hedges is, but I agree with him wholeheartedly.

Everything is upside down. Everything is twisted. Everything is wrong.

The easy thing to do is to simply ignore it.

The easy thing to do is to pretend it doesn't affect you.

The easy thing to do is to switch on the tellybox and disappear into an unreal world.

Easy does not equate to right.

The easy thing to do is shout about the inept, spineless, greedy, feckless, power-hungry egomaniacal parliamentarians. These arseholes were entrusted to do what is right for the country. Not themselves, not their parties. Their "job" is not to pad out their CVs with tosh so that they can slide up the greasy pole to rub noses with the unelected, unaccountable and definitely unexplainable morons in Brussels. Or they use their time as "public servants" to get a seat on this Board or become the CEO of that company. Yet that is what most of them do. Some remain in office for decades, and maybe they did enter Westminster with honourable intentions but finding honour, honesty, integrity or genuine altruism in that building is a quest even Indiana Jones would fail to complete. They are shallow, shallow people. Each and every one of the 650 are guilty of treason or misprision of treason. The system stinks. They either know that, and carry on regardless, or they continue in ignorance. Whatever, neither reason makes them right.

I appreciate that they work hard. They keep long, unsociable hours. For about 35 days of the year, poor darlings. For that they must be compensated with gold-plated pensions. For that torment they must be protected and molly-coddled. I remain mystified as to how these people had the time, frankly, to enact 4,116 pieces of legislation last year. So much for smaller government. So much for the Bonfire of the Quangos. So much for the Great Repeal Bill. As I tweeted last night, we really could do with a Bonfire of the Stupidities. That fire would rage would rage for years.

Instead we got more legislation produced by any government since Simon de Montfort and his merry men set up the first ever parliament in 1265. Instead we got more bans. Instead we got more surveillance. Instead we saw police powers increasing. Instead we saw more agencies given the power to snoop, to meddle, to interfere, to enter our private lives, unbidden, unwelcomed and unchallenged. We seem to enjoy this death by a thousand cuts. We seem to like that thumbprint on our foreheads. WTF has happened to us, in this bulldog nation? We were neutered. Worse, we rolled over so they could gain easy access to our undercarriages. "Anaesthetic? Fuck that. Just rip 'em off with rusty pliers. We probably deserve that". Emasculation by consent. Castration by popular demand. We really have become wankers and we won't be happy until we are eunuchs. They won't be happy until we obey every command and continue to give them a larger and larger share of  the money we worked for. And we will give it to them, uncomplaining, as usual.

We stand by, and we watch, but not too closely. On occasion, we see a letter in the Times from "Outraged of Birmingham". Now and then we waste our own time by writing to those who swore to represent us. We are ignored, so we write a second letter, or more rarely a third, and then plod comes up the driveway clutching a fucking restraining order. We take it, we apologise, and hand them what's left of our backbone. It's a small package they take away. Lesson learnt though: STFU and do as you are told. Be a good little drone.

We see perverts let off with a smack on the wrist. We see people gaoled for a 10 minute rant. We see mothers who allowed their younglings to die, get off with a caution. We see, almost daily, just how out of touch judges are with reality and the notion of fair punishment. We see more and more corrupt, convicted, but still serving policemen and women. We see that the MSM, who know where the bodies are buried, continue to have a strangle-hold on a government that is rudderless, immoral, and mostly clueless. Every five years we kid ourselves that this other lot will do better. They never do.

Picking on politicians is easy, but it isn't the right thing to do.

YOU are to blame. YOU who keeps voting these leeches into office. YOU who believe that we have a choice in our political "leadership". YOU who do nothing. YOU who switch the telly on whilst switching your brain off.

We deserve this government of idiots. We deserve to be treated like children.

Until we grow up, this will be the status quo. This is our past, our present, and our future. It will not change.

Not until YOU want change badly enough.


June 16, 2012

Back In Blighty

Well, that was an adventure.

I flew mostly with BMI (now a BA subsidiary) and they boast that they have been awarded "The most on-time departures for 7 years running". You could have fooled me. I took six flights with them. Not a single flight departed or arrived on time. Pathetic. Worse, you have to collect your luggage at each stage of the journey, which is shite. If you have a short connection, it gets even worse. Even worserer than that, if you have to change terminals (which I did, on the way there and back), the odds on making your connecting flight are even shiter. The next idiot that tells me I have a glamorous job is getting a kick in the slats.

Apart from the travel, the £6.80 a pint, the £32 to travel 8km's in a taxi (twice a day, to and from the event venue), it wasn't a bad week. The house on the lake was very peaceful. The telly broke on day 2 and I had no internet so I caught up on my wanking reading.

I got home late last night to a letter containing another parking fine from the Edinburgh trip. *SIGH* Here we go again. I'll update you all on progress with that.

Had I been here yesterday, I would have posted some humorous piccies for you. I will correct that now:

Mayor Gloomberg.

 World-class twat.

Hypocrisy and the Roman Catholic church.

Say it ain't so!

Necessity, the mother of invention.

 Necessity, the mother...


Women. Complicating things since the cave days...

Ain't that the truth?

Another secret revealed.....

That's nothing. My other donkey is a Ferrari.

Sly looking bugger, this one.

Fuckin' A.

Cops. Chasing down the super-criminals, so you don't have to.


"Steve! Where you been, man?"

Seriously love, see a hairdresser.

Cops. Desperate to meet targets.

Duct tape. Is there anything it can't fix?

Have a good 'un.


June 10, 2012

Light Blogging Next Week

I am off to Sweden in the morning, the north-east of Sweden, FFS, and I doubt I will have an interweb connection.

This is my billet for the week:

Front end.

Back end.


Still, it looks a lot better than my usual "6 Star" accommodation in Lekki, Nigeria.

I fully expect to have food-poisoning by Wednesday as I have to cook for myself. The landlord is like the Scarlet Pimpernel. I have been trying to track him down for the last 5 days. I arrive at the airport of this mining town at around 10:30 on Monday night. I then take a taxi to the lakeside mansion and so far, I have no idea where the key will be. He may show up, or he may not. If he doesn't, I'll be kipping down on the back porch. Sunrise is at 2:29 am, so it will be a short kip. I'll pick up a bottle of brandy at the airport for erm, medicinal purposes.

If I can blog, I will. If not, have a most productive week, and I will catch up with you all on Saturday.


June 09, 2012

Reality Check

A few days ago I wrote what I thought was my last post. I have twice written "last posts" but the overwhelming number of comments were supportive and convinced me to soldier on.

This time, prior to pulling the trigger, I sent the draft to my friend TSL. He proof-read it, suggested a couple of edits, and then explained, in gentle terms, why I should not publish it. He said it was a powerful piece, but contained within, (unbeknownst to me) were the reasons I should continue. TSL pointed out that we have merely arrived at the end of Chapter One. I had thought that the story was told. Anyway, I took some time to mull it all over and I agree with him. For your sage advice, old pal, I say thank you. I will march on.

Before we continue, I wanted to do a reality check. Prior to getting into this, I had no true understanding of politics or the judiciary, and the very notion that the monarch had defaulted to Citizen Windsor was an alien concept. I was wrong about many things and I thought a recap would help ground all of us. Some of this is fact, and some of it is my opinion. By now you will probably be able to spot the difference.

I will not drone on too much. I'll simply do each worrisome aspect in a few sentences. If you have doubts or questions, we'll deal with them in the comments.

From the top, then.

Madge, the House of Lords, and the House of Commons.


Mrs Windsor has committed treason. Thousands of times. She appears (given recent reports) to be much loved by the ignorati. (The masses are not stupid, they are just ignorant of the facts). Our constitution, spread over several documents, tells us that she is in error. Governing this country is done by three "teams"-Madge, the HoC, and the HoL. In 1972 Madge gave Assent to the European Communities Act. Actually, she breached her contract with the people at that time and the handing over of our nation to the EU began. Royal Assent is said to be automatic (thanks to the Parliament Act 1911), which weakens Madge's power. The House of Lords Act 1999 severely affected the Peers. Many were unlawfully excluded from the HoL and they were not permitted to take their seats despite having Writs and Letters Patent to do so. The result of this is that the HoC is effectively running the country on its own, with almost no oversight. An old-fashioned name for this system of government is tyranny.


Repeal ECA 1972 immediately. Repeal the Parliament Act 1911 and restore Royal Assent as per the constitution. Repeal HoL Act 1999 immediately and restore those Peers who were excluded. Rescind all of those Peerages granted by Labour during those terrible thirteen years of mismanagement. When we exit the EU most of our sovereignty issues disappear. We entered illegally, so an exit requires no protracted negotiations.

The judiciary


Every court in the land is illegal and unlawful. They got their authority from the monarch and as we have seen, the monarch is both a traitor and merely a citizen, like you or I. All courts are rendered impotent by Madges' treason and should be ignored. Furthermore, all courts are companies with limited liability. They are, for want of a better description, businesses. They are not there to render justice. If you want a topical example, look no further than "ranting lady on the tube". She was given a sentence of 21 weeks for her outburst about immigrants. Compare this with a drug-addled mother who left her two year old son to fend for himself whilst she and her partner were stoned upstairs. Their cannabis resin stash hydroponic plant food* was cleverly housed in a Fruit Shoot bottle downstairs. The boy drank that muck, and died. The mother was let off with a caution.

* Thanks to Nick (in the comments) for the correction.


Wind up all court "corporations". Repeal the many, many thousands of statutes that punish people who have caused no harm, injury or loss to their fellow beings. Retrain all JPs, magistrates, sheriffs and judges. Ensure they are competent to judge. (There must be a test we can devise to establish this). Oh, and swap ranty woman with drug woman. Her child died in her care and for that she should be in gaol. Free speech, however awful/nasty/disturbing, should never be punishable. Either we have free speech or we don't.

The police


The office of constable is an ancient one. There was a time when constables were respected, and listened to. Police officers swear an oath to Madge. They do not swear an oath to protect and serve the public. These days police officers (for they too are officers of a corporation, all police forces are registered as Ltd companies) are trained using NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and following their training, a thug emerges. Modern police officers have a propensity for violence. Look at the figures on serving policemen/women that have committed crimes. It is staggering. Many are let off the hook (that copper driving at 155mph last year, for instance. He was let off by the judge who "completely understood" the coppers need to test his new muscle-car on the motorway), but that pales into insignificance when you learn that many hundreds of people have died whilst in police custody, or have been ground to strawberry jam by a police car on its way to arrest someone. Compare the number of serious crimes committed with the number of convictions. Chalk and cheese.


All police need to be retrained. They need to be told the difference between law and statutes. They all think they are one and the same. They are not. Any copper breaking the law gets punished and loses his/her job. No if's, and's, but's or maybe's. They are there to provide an example to us all. Furthermore, any recruit testing positively for psychopathy is rejected as a candidate for the police force. (Right now, it is deemed a "must have"). Policemen and women will retake an Oath promising to protect and serve the people. Madge has plenty of soldiers looking after her at home, or when she is on the move. And, since she is no longer legitimate, the police oath is null and void anyway. Victims of crime are to be treated with respect. Perpetrators of crime should be treated like criminals upon conviction.

Public health


We all think that politicians care for our health. They do not. Any decisions made "for the good of public health" are usually wrong. Look at Avian Flu, Swine Flu or BSE, or any number of health "scares". They get it wrong with monotonous regularity. The smoking ban is a prime example of their stupidity. It was based on junk science. SCOTH ( the "scientific" committee on tobacco & health), had members of ASH, CRUK and the BHF on it. How on earth could they ever deliver a fair report? They bamboozled the dozy MPs and the legislation was born. It has killed almost 10,000 pubs in the last six years. Forget the fact that second hand smoke has never killed a single man or woman in the last six thousand years.


This is a huge subject and I am no expert. Where health is concerned, I would make it unlawful to have any committees populated with anyone who had an axe to grind. Make them completely independent. Rigorous questioning at the formulation of the committee will root out the nut-jobs. Regarding the NHS, I would remove that massive layer of management and reinstate matrons to ensure cleanliness and discipline on the wards. I would also allow people to opt out of paying for a service they rarely use, or give them the option to buy private health insurance. At the moment we can go private, but we are forced to continue contributing to the public purse. This is immoral and repugnant. If we must have a publicly-funded NHS, everyone gets it free at the point of need, or no-one does. Lately, badly-managed hospitals have been refusing to treat the smokers, the drinkers or the overweight. They still, however, treat the drug users. They still treat sporting injuries. They still treat people who have stupid accidents, or have alien objects jammed in places not designed for the object to fit. Decide what is self-inflicted and stick to it, or turn all away.



Once elected, they suddenly go blind, deaf and dumb. Once ensconced in the Westminster bubble, they stay there until voted out. Once they are there, it's a mad dash to claim expenses. Once there, it is de rigeur to fleece the public. Of all that tax we "voluntarily" throw their way, a massive proportion is wasted. They are world-class wasters of our money. Billions and billions of £££'s go to the most ridiculous recipients. They lie to us on the way in, and they lie throughout their tenure. It is the devils own task to find an MP that genuinely cares about his/her constituents. And, they are all the same. Seriously. Try to find the differences between Conservative, LibDem or Labour MP. You will struggle mightily. All are guilty of treason now, as they have all a) ratified legislation from the EU since 2010 or b) they have done nothing about the treason of those that did say "Aye" to those pieces of legislation.


There are far too many of these feckless people milling around in the HoC. Slash the number of MPs and the corresponding civil servants. We do not need six million people to service those 650. Call an immediate halt to all legislation transiting parliament, whatever stage it's at. Dump all EU legislation. Repeal pretty much all legislation. Let's go back to basics: we only need one law, do no harm. Those retrained judges will be able to decide fitting punishment for miscreants. Cease all payments to "third world" countries that have space programmes. Cease all bank loans to the IMF especially if they loan that money to nations that would do us harm. All quangos to go the way of the dodo. No exceptions. Cease all payments to "charities" that rely more on our (tax) money than donations. No exceptions. All manifesto promises are to be legally binding. No exceptions.

These are just the big ticket items. There are hundreds more. The Armed Forces for one. They need to be up-manned, they need better care when they return from theatre, their housing needs to be upgraded and better support given to their families. Taxation needs to be looked at and severe cuts need to be made in this forced collection of our sweat equity. A population with more in its pocket will spend more, and if they don't they will save more, and relieve us all of the need to pay for them in their old age. Control mechanisms in place for things like fuel, electricity, gas, tobacco and alcohol need to be eradicated. In a free society people should not be punished for using these items. If they die early, then so be it. More savings for the rest of us. Taxation on all of those things should be reduced immediately.

You could (almost) be forgiven for thinking that pharmaceutical companies exist to make you well. They do not. They need sick people like ASH needs smokers. If Big Pharma discovered a single pill tomorrow, one that cures all ailments, when do you think that pill would reach the shelves? The answer is never.  They are businesses. They exist only to make money. Their products mostly alleviate symptoms but they almost never cure. They deal in drugs. Their drugs kill just the same as "illegal" drugs do. Have a look  at these creatures around the web. You will see stuff that will turn your hair white. And who knows, they might just have a drug to return it to normal.

Britain is in the top five most surveilled countries in the world. It would seem that we are racing for the top spot. This will not end well. For us. For the watchers it will be orgasmic. But soon we won't be able to breathe without permits, or think without licenses. The rot set in some time ago but it is not too late to start to put things right.

Lastly, suppose, just suppose that I am right about Madge. Suppose I am right that she breached the contract with the people and she is now an Ordinary Jane with no more authority than you or I. Suppose that the courts are similarly castrated. The ramifications are almost unimaginable, but let's try. Everyone convicted in a court of law for the last forty years has been judged unlawfully. That includes the killers, the rapists, the kiddie-fiddlers, the thieves, and all manner of criminals. I am due in court next month and I have a great defence. Will they listen? Hell, no. For all of the reasons I mentioned, if I am right, they have to let those people go. Moreover, anyone who was ever fined for anything need to get their money back.

So it is an exercise in futility. I cannot win, no matter how right I am. The only one happy about me being a pain in the arse, is me. This is reason enough to go on. To keep trying. The system is poisoned and the more of us that say so, the more chance we have of getting things put right. Doing anything else is a lie. "Going along to get along" just perpetuates that lie. That awful deception.

I guess the only question you have to ask yourself is this: do I care enough to do something about it, or should I just keep pretending that everything is a-okay?

I'm just gonna get on with it.

I like saying "No". I like being awkward. I like asking them the tough questions. I like denying them that easy money. I like making their lives uncomfortable. I like it because it is the right thing to do.

But, it's your life. We pass this way but once. You have to live with yourself, I don't.

The decision is yours and yours alone.


June 08, 2012

Friday Funnies

I haven't been around much this week but here is a hasty collection of piccies for you.

(In a startling turn of events, one of them even moves!)

Click for embigulation if needed.

Fair enough. Just not orange, ok? I like orange juice.

"Ma, you were right. I do have plenty of leg-room, but....."

Did you spot the basic mistake?

Blondes. Not dumb at all. Just shit at photoshopping.

Okay then. I won't.

Chewy had a son!

Who knew?

Gormless cat.

Gormless vegetarians.

Necessity. The mother of invention.

I just bung a small bottle of water in my pannier, but I'm a newbie biker. What do I know?

And finally....

"No. I am not playing your wanky CD. Sod off!"

Have a great weekend all.


June 06, 2012

I Are Back

Well, briefly.

On Monday I trot off to Sweden for a week.

We had a good time in Edinburgh. The main purpose was to take all of Number 1 Son's kit down as he has moved into a flat with his pal. He will be able to work the comedy circuit in both Edinburgh and Glasgow with ease from now on. He had been spending an inordinate amount of money and time getting to & from the comedy clubs in both cities. Aberdeen is now in mourning.

The other reason was to celebrate Mrs Ranty's birthday. Our wee herd did this with great success. Last night we went out for a nice meal and then we went to see Oliver! at the Edinburgh Playhouse. The ticket prices made my eyes water but it was a good production, with Brian Conley playing Fagin.There was some norkage, but not as much as Starlight Express. Both sons seemed disappointed. As was their father. All three Ranty males hid their disappointment from the matriarch, for obvious reasons.

Managed to get a parking ticket. Needless to say I have challenged it and will let you know the outcome. Parking is a fucking nightmare in Edinburgh. We paid around £80 in car parking fees over the four day break. This is scandalous. Edinburgh City Council must be one of the most immoral, but wealthiest councils in the country.

Since returning I have not been idle. I haz found some pics for you:

This is a shocked building. Who knew they had expressions?

I am not entirely unsurprised to see this. The interwebs are run largely by, and for, cats.

Pie charts. Disturbing.

I missed the entire thing. As did Scotland, apparently. But we all chipped in....erm, voluntarily.

Who does she mean? Mickey, or Wayne?

Answers on a postcard please.

That's all I have. It's good to be back home for a few days.

Nothing much happening on the LR front. Although I have noticed a marked decrease in visits and comments. The decline has taken place over the last three or four months. This whole thing may have peaked, and judging by the love-fest surrounding the jubilee, I am not surprised. 62 million may be happy to grovel to an unlawful monarch but I am not. I am considering a wind-down. (The blogging, not the LR'ing).

Be well,