July 02, 2010

EU Corruption

In the past I have linked to Christopher Story. He produces some scary, but deeply researched stuff.

I had never heard him speak. Today I corrected that.

If you'd like to listen to him talk about EU corruption, and how & why the EU came about, you should watch this video.

Those of us with an interest in history will be fascinated. Those of us who weren't around in 1941/42 will be amazed at the revelations in this video. Those of us who have long suspected the EU of being something entirely different from the propaganda we have been drenched in, will feel vindicated.

Let me know what you think.



TTC said...

I keep referring to the European Empire as "the fascist inspired..." on my blog.

I decided that it was a bold but appropriate description to use, having read 'The Tainted Source' by John Laughland.

You can pick up copies for pennies in the second hand options on Amazon.

Very scary, but all backed up in true academic fashion...

Indyanhat said...

Nice to actually see the man talking about it all, he's right and the PTB are all wrong and bastards to boot , they have to be stopped!!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

For those who are having problems accessing the video from the BCG site, here's a link to BBC5.tv

EU Corruption

I may need to update my Flash player.

microdave said...

Oh, it wasn't just me then! In the end I managed to copy the link and open it in a new tab, then download it. I haven't got round to watching it yet - it's too damn hot at the moment....

I have the latest version of Flash Player, so that wouldn't appear to be the problem.

GoodnightVienna said...

Everything is there for anyone who has an enquiring mind. How we get out of it, what replaces it and the pain of transition hasn't been addressed. All anyone says is, 'we must leave' - and that isn't an option with any Lib/Lab/Con/Coalition govt.

The best we can hope for, realistically, at the moment, is that Cameron stands up to the EU in the autumn when it comes to economic government, harmonisation of taxation plus a completely new pan-europe tax hived off to fund the EU so it can act "autonomously". Given that he's backed down so frequently lately, I don't hold out much hope but at least we'll know precisely, once and for all, where he and this cobbled-together-stitch-up of a govt stand. I hate coalitions :-)

Anonymous said...

I like Christopher Story and he makes some interesting points such as "The EU is committing fraud." Therefore if it is committing fraud why are we not investigating it, even when he spoke to a man in the serious fraud squad and he agreed.
If our fraud squad knows what's going on and is doing nothing it doesn't really give us much of a chance does it?

Anyone with half a brain knows the EU is corrupt, after all we pay billions for what? Because of the EU our fishing, agriculture and manufacturing industry has been decimated. Economically we've been robbed blind. Immigration wise we've been swamped and had continued politically correct laws forced upon us day in day out.

Of course he mentioned that we should demand the EU pay us back every penny they've stolen from us, which was exactly what I've been thinking of all along, no doubt with others, BUT what I didn't like about the video is that he takes it very much from an anti Nazi viewpoint and mentions nothing about the Zionist/Banking influence that's been creating the situation in the west for centuries. After all, at the start of the video he does say he's working in something in the USA and therefore must know of the Rothschilds influence, along with many of their pawns such as the Walburgs, Schiffs and Morgans.

The Eu is many things, but I just wish they'd come out with it and spill the beans on Zionism. As usual the great white elephant is ignored although, I will say it's a start and I do like Christopher's story and work. He's done a hell of a lot for the benefit of his fellow Briton and western man.