November 25, 2011


In a bar, no-one whining, G&T on the go, and I am smoking a Lucky. (Or two).

Incredible, is it not? Just five years ago we could do this in a Scottish bar. Just four years ago we could do it in an English bar.

The Righteous would have you believe that cigarette smoke is deadlier than Sarin Gas. It isn't. There are a thousand times more carcinogens in a BBQ. There are ten thousand times more carcinogens spewing from that exhaust pipe. Yet they will breathe that shit all day long. Not me. I run away screaming.

Remember folks: the science does not, cannot, lie. Second hand smoke harms no-one. The next time some twat says "It kills millions every year!!!", say this: "Name three". He/she will go very quiet because SHS has never killed anyone. Anywhere. Ever.

I am headed to Ghana. It will be bliss indeed, compared to this place. I will blog when I am sober. Probably.

Have a lovely weekend,


November 23, 2011

Rage Against The Abuse

It really is hard to stay calm.

This country is broken. Not quite beyond repair, but not far off.

Look at these links for an idea of how low we have sunk:

1. Abuse of the elderly

2. Sexual abuse of our kids

3. When we aren't abusing the elderly, we freeze 'em to death

4. Financial abuse of everyone else

Makes you proud, eh?

I'm sure if I looked I could find stories about how badly we treat the sick, too.

The point here is that we are supposed to be a developed nation. We are meant to lead the world with our fabulous tried & tested ways of caring for the weakest and most vulnerable in society. Yet we demonstrate, to the world, again and again, how awful we are. I was not abused as a child and the very notion that someone set to look after a child would use them as a sexual plaything fills me with horror. My punishments for these animals would be medieval.

I am very lucky in that I rarely get ill, so I have no idea how bad/good hospital treatment is. I do know that the NHS-more accurately, the inepts within it-negligently kill some 66,000 people a year. How many of the criminally neglectful are punished? Not enough, is the answer. If they were gaoled for these wrongful deaths, maybe they'd start to try a little harder.

I will get old. That is a given. And I do not want to be found frozen to death by a visiting relative. I do not want to be abused by "care" staff in Sunnyside Acres. I want to be treated with a modicum of respect, and I want to maintain my dignity for as long as possible.

Lastly, those bastard MPs are at it again. Orphans have the story, and they have the right response to this crap: No.

Lately I have found myself erupting, and venting, and semi-apologising for it. I wonder if I need to apologise? Our country is in a mess, and I should excuse myself for actually caring? I should stay silent when far too many of us already stay silent?

No. No I will not.

I'll keep shouting until someone starts paying attention. When we have everyone's attention we can get to work fixing it.


November 22, 2011

And Finally...

Still love her to bits?


Picture courtesy of Rev Phil from FMOTL.

November 21, 2011

Libertarians? (Expletives Deleted)


I have shit better libertarians than these cocksockets.

They will rabbit on, if you let them, about Rothbard, Keynes, Rand, and God knows who else, until the cows come home, show you their clunges, and die.

And still they will witter on.

Ask them to put their undercarriages on the line, and they will run a mile faster than Roger Bannister.  These are those fucks you come across in the Kings Arms, sipping gently on a half-pint (of some seriusly good real ale, no doubt), and avoiding your second hand smoke like it was Sarin Gas.

They will yarn on, endlessly, about how their way is the better way. They will convince retards that Libertarianism is the only way forward. And to do that, they will roll out mong, after mong, after mong, to tell you why, in their humble fucking opinion, that they, and only they, have the right of it.

Today I prove those fuckspoons wrong.

A little over 2 days ago, Dr Sean Gabb (who I like, by the way), wrote (the introduction) to this (pile of shite):

(Dozy cunt alert)

And a little over 10 hours ago I responded. Go look, already.

A few moments ago I replied to my (own) non-reply, and, at the time of posting, those sages, those fonts of libertarian wisdom, Britains finest minds, had yet to reply.

No surprise there.

Yon barrister, yon dispenser of wisdom, that all-knowing cunt of the court was probably crying like a girl, as he realised that we had caught him out. He knows (now) that we know his court system is a sham, directed by arseholes, produced by thieves, and acted out by twats.

I have made a series of indictments here, you pricks, and if you have the cajones to defend your pathetic selves, then do it here.

We have you beat, wankstains. Live with it.

Better yet, come here, and beg forgiveness.

It will NOT be granted, but you should beg anyway.


The Meltdown Continues

And I am loving every minute.

Papandreou gone. Berlusconi gone. Zapatero gone. Knickerless Teacozy next? If there is a god, then yes. He will go. And then there is Frau Merkel, clinging on like a stubborn genital wart. Surely her days are numbered? One can but hope.

The euro is breathing its last. It is, was, and always would be unsustainable. Its' demise heralds the death of the EU. I continue to pray daily for its swift but painful passage to Dante's 7th level.

Those climate control freaks lose more credibility by the hour. (See this by His Eminence, The Filthy Engineer).

The anti-smoking zealots have lost the plot entirely, with their useless leaders, the BMA, having to lie to make headlines. Sadly, for those believers, second hand smoke is harmless. The science says so, no matter how badly they want it to support their nastiness. It just doesn't.

The Occupy groups around the world gather more support than criticism. Whether you agree with their stance or not, (I don't. I think capitalism = growth, jobs, & stability), but I am pleased that they are doing something. I applaud anyone who is being a PITA, and annoying TPTB.

Oh yes. This is a meltdown.

It was badly needed. Perhaps we can build something worthwhile when it all crumbles to dust?

I sincerely hope so.


November 18, 2011

21st Century Blues

I think I have those.

You bastards are a rare breed. You manage to find the words to gee me up and make me get back on that damned horse.

Even rarer, is to have a choon dedicated to you, and I am profoundly grateful.

So go give it a listen, why not? (Say this in the voice of Dr Zoidberg, the lobster off Futurama).

The link, she is here



I just read last night's post without the gin and red wine flowing through my veins.

Although it is scrappy it still says what I meant it to say.

I also read all of your comments and wanted to thank you for the support. Many people who have an interest in this just get on with it. No blogs, no fanfare, they just rebel all on their own. I made the decision to write about my journey in the hope that I could inspire others. According to the comments I managed to reach some of you. I am really pleased about that.

Maybe this kind of thing was always going to be a long haul. Maybe I expected too much. Maybe, as one of you suggested, the timing is off. The comatose are not quite ready. They are not quite angry enough about the state we are in. And, on one level I agree with them: if you never come into contact with the police or with the court system, why would they need to know this stuff? Who really gives a crap if the monarch violated her oath? Who really cares that the police violate their oaths on a daily basis? Who really cares that our courts are not legitimate?

The answer? Not enough people.

To some, my numbers look good. 40,000 readers (in a good month) should please me no end. Instead I wonder why it isn't 400,000. In a bad month. I wonder why it isn't 4,000,000. After all, the subjects discussed here affect all of us, all the time.

I snapped. I snapped because I was looking for news and instead all I found was that sleb shit. No matter where I looked. Is this us? Is this really what we are prepared to settle for? Tittle-tattle, gossip, and who is humping who?

Somedays, yesterday especially, I was convinced that that was all we Britons needed. Utter bollocks, and a daily diet of it. I know, like most of you do, that this is a symptom. There is a cause, and most of it can be laid at the door of the education system and the government. We are, largely, a product of their brainwashing.

I figured that if I could escape it, anyone could. But I wanted to escape, and it finally dawned on me that some people just want to be sheeple.

I was just stunned when I realised how many are happy that way.

Cut me some slack here. I'll bog off and think things over. It is very frustrating but I will try to get over it and come back to you at some point in the future.

Be well,


November 17, 2011

I'm Done.

I like you guys. I like you a lot.

But I am done.

I am tired of explaining why you need to do what I do.

I am tired of repeating myself.

If you don't know by now what you need to do, you are never going to know it.

Either do it, or don't. I have ceased giving a fuck.

Three years after I began asking for your help and support, and three years later, you are still asking "Why?".

I give up.

To my regular readers: I love you all. Really, I do. But I cannot continue. I don't know how stupid one has to be to not understand what I have been writing about for the last three years. If you still don't get it, there is no point continuuing. There really isn't.

I'll carry on doing my thing, I just won't bother telling you all about it, every step of the way.

Tread your own path. Surprise yourself. Be amazing.

Entertain yourselves. I am tired of entertaining you.

Be well,


All British Courts Are Illegal

And we have the proof right here.

The author of this Affidavit is Michael Burke. Mike, for those of you that are unaware, is a constitutional expert. In this amazing document he lays out the evidence, and the remedy. His research is impeccable.

In it, you will learn why taxation, all taxation, is illegal.

You will learn why all UK courts are illegal.

You will learn that MC1215 Article 61 is in force today.

And a lot more besides.

I cannot stress how important it is that you read this document. It is an easy read even though it is 20 pages long. Grab a brew and have a read. I was fascinated from beginning to end.

Although it is not my writing I would be particularly interested in hearing from anyone connected to the judiciary. Did you know you were supporting illegal courts? What does it say about your honour and integrity if you did this knowingly? What will you do now that the cat is out of the bag?

It must pain you so much to know that we are on to you. The jig is up. Anyone facing a court hearing should read this affidavit, print it off, and take it into court. I suggest that you will be ushered out the second they finish reading through it. At least, they should usher you out, but let's not forget that this game is now over 100 years old.

They thought we would never catch on.

Guess what, folks?

We did.

My grateful thanks to Anon for leaving the link in the comment section of yesterday's post.


November 16, 2011

That Pesky Article 61

You've got to hand it to the Barons: they really knew what they were doing way back in the mists of time.

But do YOU appreciate what they did for us? Every time I mention Magna Carta 1215 it ruffles feathers, so I am going to mention it again. Or rather, one man's interpretation of it. More specifically, that pesky Article 61.

Have a look:

Lawful Rebellion.

"Some one recently asked me the question; what is Lawful Rebellion?

Rebellion in itself has a number of different meanings and is in fact quite close to another word that seems to be on everyone’s lips; Revolution. Defined meaning of Rebellion;
  1. Refusal to accept some authority or code or convention.
  2. An act or show of defiance toward an authority or established government.
Defined meaning of Lawful;
  1. Being within the law; allowed by law: lawful methods of dissent. (The lawful refusal to conform to the authority that is unjust)
Under article 61 of Magna Carta 1215 (the founding document of our Constitution) we have a right to enter into lawful rebellion if we feel we are being governed unjustly. Contrary to common belief our Sovereign and her government are only there to govern us and not to rule us and this must be done within the constraint of our Common Law and the freedoms asserted to us by such Law, nothing can become law in this country if it falls outside of this simple constraint.

Article 61 shows quite clearly who really holds the power in this country, that being quite simply us the people; we have Sovereignty not any Parliament and nor can this be taken from us by any Parliament who claim to have taken the people’s Sovereignty. As defined above any act passed by a Parliament to remove the power the people possess, or to remove the power from the point of constraint we invested the power in, is invalid as it falls outside of the constraint laid down by Common/Constitutional Law.

This is a simple safeguard put in place to protect our freedoms under said law and to never allow such freedoms to be removed or diminished. So in reality any Act, Statute and subsequent law or legislation formed by these actions, that effects our freedoms asserted to us, is quite evidently unjust, invalid and most certainly illegal.

By invoking article 61 we are quite clearly stating that we feel we are being governed unjustly and after giving the head of state (Her Majesty) 40 day’s to correct this, if this is not corrected, then we can simply enter into lawful rebellion and we do this under the full protection of our Constitutional Law.
Lawful rebellion allows quite simply for the following recourse;
  1. Full refusal to pay any forms of Tax, Fines and any other forms of monies to support and/or benefit said unlawful governance of this country.
  2. Full refusal to abide by any Law, Legislation or Statutory Instrument invalidly put in place by said unlawful governance that is in breech of the Constitutional safeguard.
  3. To hinder in any way possible all actions of the treasonous government of this land, who have breeched the Constitutional safeguard; defined with no form of violence in anyway, just lawful hindrance under freedom asserted by Constitutional Law and Article 61.
Above are listed the three main ways we can as a people rely upon article 61 and what this allows for. The British people were given over 700 years ago a Law to use as there recourse when faced with either a Parliamentary dictatorship, or a Sovereign trying to rule by Divine Right, which amounts to the same thing. We have a right, and a birth right at that, to be governed properly under our birth right law and no other and certainly not by laws introduced on the pretence of being British Law, when in fact all laws passed since 1973 have been European laws in the guise of British law. We have a right to freedom within our true law and no Parliament can remove this for they were not present in its implementation nor did it need any Parliament, or any Parliament involvement, this was quite simply a deal struck between the people and a Sovereign, a deal which can never be broken.

The traitors that reside in the Parliament of this country only fear one thing and that quite simply is us the people and they know that they can never defend themselves, or defend their treasonous actions, lies and deceit against the power of the people, asserted by and given by, the founding document of our Constitution Magna Carta 1215. They realize, as many others do, that once the British public grasps the power of Magna Carta in both hands and start to use it in their defense; their game is quite simply up.

What does Magna Carta stand for?

In stands for freedom, that the people have Sovereignty that cannot be removed by anyone and it stands for the only real true rule of law; that no one, without exception, is above the law.

What does Article 61 (Lawful Rebellion) stand for? You have Sovereignty, realize it, and use it."

Taken from here.

The writing isn't mine and I don't agree with every single word, but it's good enough to make the government quake. And if they don't quake, they simply haven't grasped its magnitude. (See what I did there?).

Anyhoo, Art 61 is a vital tool. Use it or don't. Just know that it exists, and know also that you are actually obliged to use it. Assuming that you fully comprehend what treason means, who committed that treason, and that you have a duty to do something about it once you do know. This crime has now been reported at over 80 police stations. Unsurprisingly, they have done nothing. Which makes them guilty of misprision of treason. They are now criminals and we shall not forget that when the day of reckoning dawns.

It constantly amazes me that people do not get into this, body and soul. If we all did this we could take back all the power we need to delete 40 years of crap and get our house in order.

Because let's face it, this shit cannot and must not continue.

Be a hero. Enter Lawful Rebellion today.

Future generations will erect statues in your honour.


November 13, 2011


The police are full of shit.

They send out threatening letters. "Fill in the form or we will fine you £1,000!" I send the form back, as blank as it was when it arrived. Their response? Dispatch Bodie & Doyle. Bodie & Doyle arrive, unannounced, on a Saturday morning. B&D offer to take me to the station. Not their station, but one that is a 96 mile round trip away. I say yes. They decline my acceptance of their offer. They go away.

Then? Nothing.

Then? More nothing.

Finally, yesterday morning I get a letter. I am in Cameroon so I can't open it. I ask Mrs Ranty to do the honours.

No £1,000 fine. No court date. Just "Pay us £60 and show your license at a station of your choosing within 30 days, if not, we will prosecute".

I will do neither. I will send them a notice when I get home in early December and I will make the £60 go away, and I will not be showing anyone anything within 30 days. I may even counter-claim for the trouble they put me to.

"We will prosecute". Really? You already had the opportunity to prosecute but didn't. What makes you think that this new threat will terrify me? "Let's do it", I will say. And they will find a way for it not to happen. They may send more letters but maybe not, not when I explain how much my notices to them are going to cost. I know from experience that as soon as you mention that you want money off them, they go quiet. HMRC went all quiet. The Census folks went all quiet. It's all they have: ignorance.

Are you guys feeling the power of "No" yet?

It is a stunning device. Easy to master, and all you have to do is aim correctly.

It. Works. Every. Single. Time.

I am bereft though. I really did want to go to court. I have been boning up. My opening speech was designed to rock their world. Ah well. I will get the chance to go and do my thang in court at some point in the future.

I hope so, anyway.

Something tells me that they really, really don't want me there.

Vive la rebellion!


November 07, 2011

South For (A Bit Of) The Winter

That's me off then.

(Baboons drive on the left. Who knew?)

In a little under 24 hours I will be ensconced in 5 star luxury in the centre of Windhoek. I'll have time for a swift shower before heading out for my first meeting. The local ale, Windhoek (it's good stuff), will have to await my arrival back at the hotel at beer o'clock.

This trip is unusually long for me. Almost a full month. Not a lot will happen with my UK based trouble-causing and when I are abroad, I do as they do, so hopefully the trip will be event-free, apart from the usual adventures at airports. I have two Visa's but I am visiting five African nations. I will blag my way in to those for which I do not have a Visa. I have yet to be deported from anywhere so I don't anticipate any problems. A smile goes a long way, I have found. That, and pretending you're an idiot abroad. (Not hard for me).

I'll blog whenever possible.

In the meantime, be excellent to each other. Labour loons, Tory tits, LibDem losers, and absolutely anyone who thinks that the EU is a good thing are all fair game. Have at them. Teach them the error of their ways. No insult is too cruel for these drones. Go to it with enthusiasm and conviction.

See you in December, if Allah wills it. If not, avenge my death and stuff.

Be well,


November 06, 2011

Are We Learning Yet?

I do hope so.

Often, to know where we are going, we need to know where we've been. The wise amongst you will know that there is nothing new under the sun. We treat each other atrociously. Acts of barbarity and unimagined cruelty have been the norm since we stood erect.

That, of course, is bad enough, but when we learn that we have been bamboozled by the greedy, the corrupt, and the downright criminal, it sticks in the craw. When we learn that there really is no such thing as justice, and that the whole thing is a wheeze to extract your money, it's time to do one of two things: learn the rules of the game (for that is all it is), or give up and go with the flow. Be a good cash cow. Stay in your field, and do exactly what they want you to do. The choice was always yours to make.

I didn't like history much as a child. It was mostly dull, with dozens of even duller dates to remember for when you were tested on the subject. I wish I had paid more attention. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride, as the old saying goes. Now that I am no longer a child, I can do something about my lack of attention at school. I can begin afresh. I can start learning history now, before they (TPTB) rewrite it to suit themselves.

I can think of no finer way to learn than to listen to the words of Alan Wilson. He is known as a "controversial historian", which is probably why I like hearing his version of past events. His agenda, if he has one, is to tell us what he has learnt over the years. He seems to have avoided the standard school-issue textbooks and gone directly to the source. Those thousands of dusty tomes, preserved in museums and libraries up and down the land. He knows that people like me (and possibly you) will never trawl these annals for the truth. Largely because we don't have the time. We are being taught/steered into shorter sentences. If Twitter is a guide, those who cannot condense their thoughts into 140 characters or less are dinosaurs. Texting is another way of butchering our language. Vowels are removed, it takes far too long to insert them into the words they belong in.

Alan speaks, for almost three hours, on the true history of England, Ireland, Scotland & Wales. Although he has a sheaf of notes, I don't think he refers to them. An incredible feat, and a sign that here is a man who has our history running through his veins. He has some fascinating/shocking/disturbing things to say so I suggest you break up the sessions so that it takes residence in your head.

I now believe we are entering into a new phase. All around me I see signs that the slumbering giant is rousing. The Arab Spring, whilst it may be engineered, causes people (whether intended by the engineers or not) to take a fresh look at their own governments, their own treatment, their own surveillance, their own control. "They are incomparable" you will no doubt tell me, but I don't really think they are. A despot is a despot is a despot. Just because ours wears fine suits, has millions (of his own?) in the bank, and has had a "superior" education, is he (and his familiars) not capable of tyranny? 

I contend that he is. I contend that he is no better or worse than Stalin or Mugabe. To me, it's just a question of subtelty. A tyrant with finesse? Why not? He may not have slaughtered 20 million of his kinsmen, or (yet) started to print billion pound notes that will buy only a loaf of bread, but I deeply suspect that that will happen, if we stay on the course we are on now. The world is in an unholy mess, and you don't need to be a genius to know it. Stay the course, or change direction. It's a stark choice. Actually, there is no choice, not really.

The only one with the power to alter that trajectory is, unfortunately, you. I say unfortunately because you really don't want to do anything. You don't want to stand out. You don't want to draw attention to yourself. You don't want to rock any boats. It's partly fear, partly conditioning, and partly because it may well affect your ability to feed, clothe and house your families. They can make life difficult. They can ensure that you are penniless. They can intervene with your employers. They can take your freedom, and they can take your life.

And yet, I am living proof that they may also choose to ignore random, or planned, acts of rebellion. Three years on, and I have yet to see the inside of a gaol, a courtroom, or even a police interview room. I have done that thing which annoys them the most: I have withheld monies that they were certain were heading their way. Did it take the mind of a master criminal? No. Did it require acts of supreme bravery? No. Was I in harms way at any time? No. Do I feel better for it? Absofuckinglutely.

The more I learn, the more fights I want to pick. I want, and I really do mean want, to distress and distrain them in all possible ways. But even your humble and slightly thick author knows that he has to learn how to defeat them at their own game. Here's an example for you. When these bewigged peeps yell "Contempt!" at you in court, you will know how to respond. The knowledge we need is all around us. It isn't hidden, it isn't arcane (although it may be writ funny) and it is not beyond the wit of someone with a functioning braincell. Again, I offer myself as proof of this.

One thing I know for sure: people are getting as mad as hell and I don't think they are going to take it any more.

Not when they know how they are being manipulated, conned, watched, robbed, and brainwashed into thinking that this, life in 21st century Britain, is right, fair or normal.

It isn't.

But until you decide that it isn't, they will be content for you to fool yourself for another thousand years.

Your own rebellion begins with a simple little word:


What are you waiting for?


November 03, 2011

Dear Brenda, Arrest Cameron.

The following is a letter from the relentless Albert Burgess in his quest to right those serious wrongs of the monarch.

Heady stuff this. Strap in.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II                                                       
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA  

Albert Burgess
(address redacted by CR).                                                                         

                                                                                                                                                                                        01 November 2011

Ref the Bill of Rights 1689

Your Majesty

I am attaching a copy of a letter to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police which gives my reasons for requiring the arrest of David Cameron on a charge of High Treason.

Your Majesty will be aware that the Declaration of Rights 1689 which is fully incorporated in the Bill of Rights 1689, was and is a statement from the people of England as to how they wish to be ruled, Scotland have their own Claim of Right. You will be aware that both these documents are of major Constitutional importance because they lay down the terms under which we the people of Great Britain offer the Crown to our Kings and Queens.

The terms of the offer of the joint Crowns of England and Scotland are not negotiable, they are as they say, cast in granite. David Cameron is attempting to alter those terms but you will be aware that you are forbidden by the Contract William & Mary agreed to and to which you agreed when you accepted the Crown on the death of your much loved and respected father King George VI, from giving the Royal Assent to. In the unthinkable event of your Majesty giving the assent to any amendments you will immediately under English Constitutional Law cease to be Queen of England and Scotland with all that entails as though you were dead. The assent would be void and Prince Charles would have to accept the terms of the Declaration of Rights as they were given to William &Mary Prince & Princess of Orange. Should he fail to accept these terms he too will be disqualified from ever wearing the Crowns of England and Scotland or receiving any commonwealth countries as his Kingdom all this is dependant upon Prince Charles accepting the terms of the Declaration of Rights.

Your Majesty we your loyal and loving subjects most strongly counsel Your Majesty against ever giving the assent to these proposed treasonable changes, we further respectfully request that you carry out the duty the Crown and the oath you took before God and to your subjects places upon you to order the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis, to arrest David Cameron Prime Minster of the United Kingdom, on a charge of Conspiracy to commit High Treason, by placing your Majesty’s Crown in jeopardy and that of those who will follow Your Majesty, in the great office you hold, and who will be given the love and loyalty given to Your Majesty by your subjects. 

Respectfully Submitted

Albert Burgess 

I love the way Albert uses all the correct terminology when addressing Madge, and then slips in that line saying " though you were dead". Priceless.

The thing I have learnt about Albert is that there is genuinely no malice. AB is a huge respecter of royalty and sees it as his sworn duty to put this mess right. Most people have no clue how messed up the system is. This is evidenced by millions waving stupid red white & blue flags whenever the opportunity arises.

If only they knew.

For those of you in the comments who say it is a pointless exercise, this may be our last option:

Thanks for the graphic John!


November 01, 2011

I Are Back!

Hi folks.

I haz returned.

The birthday party went very well. Our pal had arranged to feed us all in a lodge at Chester Zoo. It was a great day out.

I took a picture of a very rare, long-necked horse for you.


(Not sure what the foal is trying to do).

Slightly embarrassed to say that I had a steak made out of one of these a few years back. Tasted pretty good. I had chips with it. Could have had rice, but I went "old school".

I was very pleased to hear that the Greeks are going to have a referendum. I guess we all know by now how that will turn out, eh? Keep voting Stelios. We'll let you know when we get the right result, endaxi?

Manchester seemed slightly shittier than usual. Even the good areas looked a bit run down. Still, I wasn't raped, robbed, mugged or molested so we will chalk that up as a victory. It's a helluva drive though-just over 400 miles door to door-and we won't be repeating it anytime soon. Not unless someone is about to cross the River Styx. Pain in the arse driving oops, travelling all that way in a car conveyance. I think I may have been nicked speeding once, or possibly twice. I'll let you know next week when the brown envelopes arrive.

Thanks for your comments on the previous two posts. Some good links in there. I will have a butchers as soon as the jet-lag eases up.

End of the month stats looked good: we made another 4,500 friends in October. Mind you, they will probably all bugger off this month as blogging will be light again. In a few days I start out on (what I hope will be) my last trek of the year. It begins in South Africa, takes me to Namibia*, then back to South Africa, up to Cameroon, over to Nigeria, over a bit more to Ghana, and finally has me coming home on or around 3rd December. I may squeeze in a week or ten days in Benghazi as well to end the year with a bang. You may catch me on a news report. I'll be the twat wearing a dustbin lid strapped to my head to ward off all those rounds coming back down to earth....

*The drive from the airport in Namibia to my hotel takes around an hour and there are usually baboons sat by the side of the road scratching their nuts. I'll try to get a picture for you. (Baboons can't sue, can they?)

Good to be back.

What's happening in your world?