July 23, 2010

It's Time You Knew The Truth

You have awesome power.

This video tells you why.

Now that you know it, don't you think it is high time you exercised that power?

I have already begun.

The freedom virus has arrived and it is spreading like wildfire.

Even the most cynical amongst bloggers must have noticed the upswell in the last year or so. Libertarianism, in various guises, has shot to the forefront. This is a fantastic thing, and it seems (to me) to be growing by the day. Naturally, and thankfully, this is not a good thing for those self-involved, self-interested freaks in government. (Mind you, in my post later today you may just learn that governments will soon cease to matter, one world or otherwise, and the dodgy bullying coppers and all those bent lawyers & judges). 

That spark that I talked about has been fanned into a flame. I see little freedom fires almost everywhere I look. Even on days when I am not looking for them.

I firmly believe that we are on the crest of a wave now.

You can join in, or you can continue to observe.

Do what feels right and you will be fine.

Confession time: I nicked the video from those talented and inspiring people over at Lawful Rebellion. You should pop over to read this great article by Dave.


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