September 30, 2010

HMRC-An Update

Regular readers will know that I picked a fight with HM Revenue & Customs.

I asked my tax office here in Scotland several dozen questions. Justifiable, legitimate, lawful questions. They never answered a single one, and they eventually referred my "case" to the Solicitors Office in London. For several months now I have been engaged in a battle with them. I hope that the lady who penned this letter is their sharpest legal advisor.

The day I left for West Africa, a letter arrived, addressed to, (get this!), Mr Captain of Family Ranty. That was the best bit. The rest of the letter was bobbins.

It says:

"...your letters do not disclose any grounds for the remission of your tax debt and the various notices that your [sic] have proffered are entirely nugatory in relation to your tax debt. I advise that you seek independant [sic] legal advice as HMRC has every intention to collect the full amount of the debt from you in line with its statutory obligations".

I have replied thusly:

"Dear XXXX of the Family XXXXXXX

I refer to your letter of 20 August, which was actually delivered on 25 August. I arrived home from West Africa on 28 September. I did warn you that I would be abroad, hence my delayed reply. I remain in honour.

I have to admit that your letter stunned me. Seriously, is this all you've got?


Magna Carta 1215 and 1297 are nugatory?

The Bill of Rights 1689 is nugatory?

My right to enter Lawful Rebellion is nugatory?

The Bills of Exchange Act 1832 is nugatory?

The Petitions of Right Act 1860 is nugatory?

My THREE unrebutted affidavits are nugatory?

The fact that I paid you twice with YOUR OWN negotiable instruments, which you accepted-because you never returned them to me-is nugatory?

I'll be bringing all of the above into court, and you are going to stand in front of the sheriff and simply say "Nugatory"?

You advise me yet again to " independent legal advice...", and I feel obliged to ask: Have you?

I advised you some time ago to speak with someone well versed in common law and constitutional law. It is clear to me that you ignored that advice. I urge you again to speak with a specialist. Show him/her the negotiable instruments I animated. Tell him/her that the payment method I tendered was not refused. Twice. Nor returned to me. Twice. Tell him/her to read the BoE Act 1832 or the revision in 1882.

I have decided that I will counterclaim. I have not yet decided how much I want but it will be approximately one thousand times what you are trying to make me pay for the third time.

Without vexation, frivolity, or ill will etc etc"

I will keep you all abreast of the situation as it develops.


September 29, 2010

For You, Ze War Is Over.

The first world war that is.

Germany will make its final payment on the 3rd of October.

Full story here.

A snippet:

"The final £60 million instalment is part of a £22 billion debt imposed for starting one of the bloodiest conflicts in history will be cleared on what will also be the 20th anniversary of German reunification.

The Allied victors - primarily Britain, France and America set the reparations in 1919's Treaty of Versailles - a peace agreement - as both compensation and punishment for waging the four year war, which left 10 million soldiers dead, and European towns and cities devastated.

Germany's Federal Office for Central Services and Unresolved Property Issues said that the bond issued to pay remaining debts stemming from 'The War To End All Wars' will be written off on 3 October."

Now, about those reparations for WWII turning David Hasselhoff into a major recording artist...

Yes, this bloke:

£1M for everyone on the planet who ever had the misfortune to hear him sing would just about do it.

We'll call it the Treaty of Ranty Barracks.


The Dutch, Their Smoker Ban, and A Victory!

This story, from Freedom to Choose (Scotland)  fairly warmed the cockles of my cold, cold heart.

Go read it. Victories for smokers are few and far between nowadays.

I know Weil. I've had several chats with him, and I know this victory will only serve to redouble his efforts.

Well done mate!!


September 28, 2010

Greek Bailout Was Illegal

That's me back in Blighty. Bit bloody nippy, innit?

The video above tells us why the Greek bailout was illegal, and what one expert is doing about it.

Plenty of meat on these bones.

Chew it over and let me know what you think.


September 27, 2010

Homeward Bound


Heading home tomorrow after a very long stint in West Africa. My trips away are usually in the 10-14 day range so to do more than a month is pretty tiring.

As much as I look forward to seeing my clan again, there are some things I will miss about both Nigeria and Ghana. Cheap beer, cheap fags, cheap food, and cheerful people. Being able to smoke in a bar. If you are a non-smoker you have no idea just how wonderful, and how liberating such a simple thing actually is. I felt normal. No-one was doing that wanky hand-waving and false-coughing so prevalent amongst the UK Righteous.

I won't miss certain smells, like a crowded lift and me being the only one to have bothered with deoderant. I won't miss seeing the corpses: two this trip. Both mangled in the same car accident. A shocking sight. Claret everywhere and no-one seeming to care very much. I won't miss the stench of open sewer systems, with fresh scat gently roasting in the 35 degree heat. And the rain! By jiminy but it comes down hard. A solid wall of water. But it's warm.

The lizards. Multi-coloured, from diddy to OMG!, running hither and yon, searching for food. The cows here are armed. Mark Wadsworth would have a field day. They carry these vicious looking horns up to 3 feet in length. Tiny goats, eating by the roadside but just smart enough to keep their bits out of harms way. Roads littered with squashed snakes. Young kids holding up dead things, grouse, pheasant, and some sort of gopher, on the roadside to sell. Hawkers at every traffic light wandering up and down the stationary cars flogging all sorts of shit, from chewing gum, to sanitary towels, to cold drinks, fresh bread and bizarrely, a whole toilet and cistern.

Hookers. Mostly young and beautiful, plying their trade wherever I seemed to be at the time. And their patience with me as I said no, politely, and assisted by pointing out older, richer men. Listening to the arguments between the ladies of the night and my fellow travellers in the room next door as morning came, and a sudden realisation that neither of the two parties had agreed a price the night before. The inevitable shrieking from her, and him begging her to "Please keep your voice down", and then, right on cue, the arrival of the hotel manager, (a nice Scotsman called Gavin), and his security team. Exit one LOTN with around half of what she expected to earn.

I'll miss, as I always do, the dramatic sunsets, and that double G&T that I have to go with them. The size of the moon in the sky. Impossibly huge. The marked difference in the wad of banknotes I brought with me and the pitifully small pile I will change back to UK notes in Aberdeen. But at last I can get back to just one currency. No more looking in different pockets for the right money.

I will not miss the six hours a day I spent in Lagos traffic. Nor the air conditioning unit here in Takoradi that has a mind of its own. I swear it was determined to keep my skin a pale, unhealthy blue whilst I was anywhere near it. I tried turning it off one night and had to swim across a river of sweat to do my morning ablutions. How sexy is that, ladies?

Reasons to be cheerful? I will see my wife significant other, who has started a new job in my absence, my youngest cadet has done exceptionally well in a computing exam, and my oldest, the subaltern, came fourth in a stand up comedy gig, beating the jobbing comedian who also competed.

I need a volunteer to tell both my boys that I will miss their birthdays this year. I will be in London when my oldest turns 22 in October and I will be in Libya when my youngest turns 15 in November.

Ah, the joys of travel, eh?


September 26, 2010

Is The Euro Dead?

The Germans certainly think so.

When the euro dies, the EU will follow swiftly.

Let us pray, brothers and sisters, for an early, but sudden death.


September 23, 2010

Canadian Freeman Rejects Government Rule

This is good.

This is where I am going to be, eventually. It takes a lot of preparation to break away and I am not rushing it.

Andrews story appears here, and covers almost everything I have been writing about for the last year and a bit.


"About two weeks ago, Lake Cowichan resident Andrew Paterson officially became a Freeman-on-the-Land.

Unhappy with the Canadian government, for a multitude of reasons, Paterson’s freeman status revokes his consent to be governed by the Canadian government, though common law still applies – he must not harm others, steal, or create fraudulent contracts.

“Canada is a common-law jurisdiction. I am choosing to live under the common law, but not under the current structure,” Paterson said. “It’s a means of saying, enough is enough.”

As a Freeman, Paterson has abandoned his Social Insurance Number, which he refers to as an employee identification number for the government of Canada. Canada is, after all, a corporation, he said, with its head office the Washington embassy.

“I’m choosing to fire my boss. I don’t want the benefit/privilege that goes with the system,” he said.

One such benefit, Employment Insurance, is no longer available to him. On the plus side, although he must continue to pay consumption taxes, he is no longer liable to pay income taxes. Although some Freemen claim universal access to health care is a right in Canada, Paterson has private medical insurance.

Paterson’s intents are outlined in an affidavit he signed, which is a formal sworn statement of fact, and was notarized a month ago, and served on the Governor-General, Prime Minister, and others.

But why go to all this trouble? It’s not to avoid income taxes, Paterson said, citing a popular misconception. And it’s not so that he can do whatever he wants to do, either.

As a Freeman, he has to be more personally accountable for his actions, and he isn’t interested in becoming a hated member of the community.

“I don’t need to be told to drive 40 kilometers per hour to go through town safely,” he said, as an example, adding that rules commonly make enough sense that he complies with them, regardless of whether or not he has to.

One point made in his affidavit clears up this misconception. It reads, “it is my understanding that acting peacefully within the community standards does not breach the peace.”

The main reason for his actions is that he wants a better future for his daughter.

“I care about the world that my daughter and her generation will inherit. World governance created by deception of the masses is a legacy unworthy of support,” he reasoned.

During Paterson’s initial 30-episode talk show on the local CICV radio station, he outlined many areas that he feels the government is deceiving its people, and creating a bleak future for its habitants.

The fact that all political parties in Canada have become pretty well the same, is one such troubling development, Paterson said.

“Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss,” he said, citing a song by The Who. It’s this kind of smoke and mirrors effect the government pushes forward that tricks people into thinking they live in a democratic society.

One recent example is the Liberal government’s push for the HST, after having said, before the most recent election, that they would not be introducing the taxation.

“It’s working against our best interests,” Paterson said, of the government. “The people of BC have clearly expressed their wishes, and a representative government is honour-bound to respect them”

Having worked previously for British Petroleum, and other major companies, spending quite a bit of time in other countries, Paterson said that travel has helped make him realize how things are, globally.

The thing that pushed Paterson over the edge, towards following through with becoming a Freeman, was a documentary he watched on the residential school system. The movie, Unrepentant, by former United Church minister Kevin Annett, claims that between 50,000 and 100,000 aboriginal children were killed in the school system over a century.

“I believe him. He’s made an overwhelming case,” Paterson said, of the genocide. “To date, there’s been no accountability... The Canadian government is just as repressive as any government. You’d be amazed.”

He plans to launch the second season of his show on CICV this Friday at 9 a.m. Unlike his initial 30 episodes, which outlined various problems with the Canadian government and power structures, this new season will outline more positive things – solutions to these problems.

His main message is the same as last season – freedom.

“Once we can no longer remember what it is like to be free, how do we get this back?,” he asked."

Good stuff, eh?

The Canadian system of law is an almost exact replica of ours. So what's stopping you doing the same?


September 21, 2010

Postcard From Ghana

Greetings peeps, or if you prefer the vernacular, Akwaaba!

After a very dodgy five and a half hour drive, I wanted to marry the receptionist at my hotel. He was as surprised as I was at the emotional arrival. I have a challenge for the laundry boy. If he can remove the stains he can keep my undies. (I really don't want them back. What with the associated memories, and the screams. Oh, the screams. I had to have the "Jesus Handle" on my side of the car surgically removed). I have suggested that he uses Semtex instead of Vim and a chisel. I'll let you know how he gets on.

My hotel seems to be next to a fish factory, judging by the odour. It is difficult to describe just how bad the smell is.

I took a couple of photo's of my view for you, but blogger doesn't seem to like anything over 10Kb.

I had imagined that getting into Ghana would be tough without a Visa. It was actually tougher getting out of Nigeria because I didn't have one. There was talk of deportation but I managed to convince them that I accepted all responsibility and in any case, if the Ghanaians wouldn't let me in, they were apt to deport me back to the UK, not back to Nigeria.

The plane from Lagos to Accra was three hours late in departing. As is usual in Africa, no-one explains why, no-one apologises, and everyone just shrugs and says "T.I.A". (This is Africa).

On arrival I had to blag my way in, making excuse after excuse as to why I had no Visa. After a hard-sell lasting 15-20 minutes they relented and let me in. They pointed me at the Diplomats & V.I.P's lane in Immigration and I was in. 30 minutes later I was chugging down a cold one at my hotel in Accra.

I was disappointed on the drive down not to see any of the women of the ShoUsYorBeva tribe. These stunning women don't wear any clothes. Not a stitch. They brighten up any jouney but they were not around. Mind you, it was pissing down so maybe they don't come out when the weather is inclement.

Another week and I can go home. Not that I can relax all that much, I have to fit in a trip to Libya and a trip to big, fancy London before the end of October.

Deep joy.

Be well,


September 19, 2010

The Road Less Travelled

Ever wondered how revolutionaries simply appear?

Ever wondered what made them attractive, sometimes years later? Ever wondered what drove them to do what they did? Ever looked for that common denominator? I did.


No more, and no less.

Thet were simply unhappy with the status quo and set out to change things. I doubt that any of them knew precisely what they were doing, who it inspired, or why. They were just...driven.

I know how they feel. Mandela, Guevara, Ghandi, Tyler, Ludd, Paine, Pankhurst, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King are just a few of those revolutionaries that grace our history books. I knew (of) Nelson Mandela when he was a terrorist. During my time in the late sixties/early seventies as a child growing up in South Africa, he was known to me as a thug. And yet he turned out to be one of the most amazing leaders the world has ever known. He is revered, respected, and loved, by millions all over the world. Robert Mugabe, another terrorist, who my own brother had a glorious chance to assassinate (during the elections in 1980), was another violent animal, but became loved by his tribe as he dominated Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Today, he is the antithesis of the well-loved revolutionary. He is hated, despised, and fortunately for the world, he is also dying. His death, for which I pray daily, should be painful and prolonged. Make no mistake, he is as monstrous as Pol Pot or Idi Amin.

Here's a vid if you prefer your icons visually:

I was wondering if I was a revolutionary. I was wondering if what I was doing was ground-breaking, and eventually, for the common good. Is what I am doing beneficial to the people of the dis-United Kingdom? I don't know. I was never reaching for a place in the history books. Peace and quiet was my main aim. Paying less taxes was another. Controlling the people we pay (to protect and serve us) better was another goal. And, of course, reducing the government, and those that enjoy huge chunks of our money, gold-plated pensions, and a day jam-packed with inactivity and inefficiency, to around five people instead of the current 7 million.

When I win my case, officially, against HMRC, and I will,  it will open the floodgates. If I don't have to pay tax, then neither do you. Or you. Or you. Or you. And that has the potential to start a revolt the like of which this nation has never seen. They will shut me down, lock me away, or they might even arrange for a little "accident" for me. What they absolutely cannot do, is let me win. Even if I do.

I have no desire to be rich, famous, or even mildly well-known. I want peace. And I want quiet. I want the government to stop raping me and then telling me, "It's in the best interests of the nation". It isn't. It never will be. I am tired of working for the government. I am tired of working like a dog, in shitholes like the one I'm in now to prop up a facade, to promote an illusion. To pay for what they call democracy. To subsidise insane decisions like war with countries that have never, ever, threatened us. To subsidise their food & drink, their travel, and luxurious accommodations when I have to live in a flea-ridden hotel in the middle of Buttfuck, Africa, and then share 50% of my hazard pay with wankers that never risked a thing in their lives.

I am tired of witnessing the slavery. Slavery, you may or may not know, is forcing people to work for no pay. Yet every day we not only see it, in a first world country, but we actively support it. Every time we buy a litre of petrol we witness the garage owner collect taxes for the government. Every time we buy a pint, we witness the landlord collect taxes for the government. Every time we buy a pack of smokes, we witness the newsagent, or the tobacconist, collect taxes for the government. All of them slaves. All of them are doing this collecting because some fucker told them to. It is purely involuntary, and no recompense is sought nor offered.

And the worst thing is that we condone it. We allow it. We permit this activity.

I don't want to anymore. I am heart-sick. I am desperately concerned that the longer we allow this shit to continue, the more we will regret it.

Sometimes, just sometimes, to live in a safe house, we have to tear down the one we already live in. The one we had convinced ourselves was secure. One we were told that was built on solid foundations.

Out of chaos will come order.

We need to create that chaos. We need to be the 21st Century Demolition Men.

First we destroy. Then we rebuild.

We tear down that which is false. That which is self-serving. And we rebuild our cities and our nation, on a solid foundation. The way it was centuries before we got here. Look over your shoulder: the answers are there. Look back. Find the right way. Before the Grand Illusion was born. The one that was shat out by the puppet-masters.

Look long, and look hard. Decide for yourself that this charade cannot, must not, continue.

Then, and only then, can we truly say that we came, we saw, we didn't like what we saw, so we changed it.

For the sake of our children, and their children, and their children.

I picked a fight with the "management". I report here about it. My stats tell me that the busiest days are those when I update you about my barney with HMRC. I am pleased that you come again, and again, to see how the battle fares.

But look, I am not here for your entertainment.

I am here to change things. I am here to rebuild our house. One brick at a time, if that's what it takes. It may take some time.

But rebuild it I will.

With, or without your help.


September 18, 2010

Revolution For The 21st Century

Our good friend Witterings from Witney has produced a bodacious post today entitled "The Problem With Our Democracy".

I replied thusly, but I wanted to expand slightly, and have done so below:

Most excellent, WfW.

As you would expect, no argument from me.

We have given so much away it beggars belief. My learning curve has been steep and rapid. I will never give up my rights for flimsy benefits, as we are asked to do whenever we come into contact with the courts, or policemen.

Note that I used the word "asked". We can never be forced, we always swap rights for benefits voluntarily. We do this because we were never taught the alternative.

Which explains why we are cowed. We engineered our own downfall because we forgot how to say "No". We forgot to question the legality of parliament. We forgot how to prove to ourselves that the statutes they vomit out were lawful.

Thankfully, some of us are remembering, or, more accurately, learning how to do these things all over again.

The New Revolution will not involve Molotov Cocktails, guns and baseball bats. The weapons we need today are pen and paper and the ability to fold our arms, plant our feet and say, politely but firmly, "No".

We tend to blame the shiftless, the indigent, and the ignorant. Google X Factor and it will probably show more hits in blogs than in the MSM or the TV Guide. We use the X Factor to label those who couldn't care less about the world outside their living room. We blame them for the state we're in. This is grossly unfair. They, the X Factorati, are merely responding to the massive campaign waged against them for centuries. The techniques used to dumb them (us) down, are numerous, and they are clever, sneaky and almost unavoidable. Have a look at the Frankfurt School and compare their methods with what we are experiencing today. You don't even have to dig for a conspiracy, the parallels are astounding.

Our news is one-sided, as it must be for "them" to exert control over our thoughts and deeds. We are guided, like cattle into a killing house. We are trained to respond the way we do. A lacklustre education is to blame. This nation does not need 61 million independent thinkers. This nation does not need us all to be critical of government. What it needs is 61 million drones. It needs us to believe absolutely that the government is always right, that taxes are fair, that the police are there to protect and serve, and that judges, sheriffs and magistrates dispense justice. There are very few of us that know this is completely untrue. Very few of us understand that statutes are pored over like business plans, and that the revenue they generate, is vital to the government.

There is not one single statute that is not covered by the one universal law of "do no harm". Yes, they may be more specific, allowing petty minded officials to storm your house or place of business to enforce some edict like, for instance, fire safety. But your employer has a duty of care. It is his/her responsibility to keep you safe whilst you work. A cafe, flouting hygiene regulations by making their customers sick, has a duty of care to its customers, and will quickly close down once patrons realise that it serves food in dirty conditions.

Not too long ago, before all these regulations were in place, a judge, or a JP would hear the complaint in court and had the leeway to decide the punishment. They used common sense along with common law. Over time, our courts have become corporations. It is all about money. Who gets what.

But I digress.

WfW said it all in the first four sentences, in case you haven't read his piece yet, he said this:

Let us consider three basic facts on which democracy is based.

1. Political authority is derived from the people - government only exists with the consent of the people.

2. 'Rights' are not granted to the people by government - 'Rights' already belong to the people from the moment of their birth.

3. The people have the sole and exclusive right and power to govern themselves in any area not delegated to their government.
The operative word in all three statements is "people". I genuinely believe that the government ceased to see us as people decades ago. Take the Labour Party. After years in power they grew deafer and deafer. They stopped listening to the people. That wasn't in the manual. They had their plans and they executed them without a single thought as to the effect on us, the population. It didn't matter to them how much we protested, how many petitions we raised, nor how much we slated them in the blogs. Our thoughts and feelings were never considered. The result, although several years too late, was entirely predictable. You can only ignore the electorate for so long. After the election in May, I was not surprised to hear inept MPs like Hazel Blears say on TV and radio "We stopped listening. We carried on regardless". It was their downfall, ultimately, and it will be the coalitions downfall too. They are already ignoring us. 55% of us want to exit the EU circus, because we can see it for what it is: an extension of Hitlers desires in the 1930's. Make no mistake, it is the same plan but branded slightly differently. The Cleggerons don't hear us because they have a manual too.
Be assured, also, that it will fail. It is undemocratic, for a start. It is unaccountable and they have so far enjoyed wasting our money for fifteen years and refuse point blank to tell us where the money went. It is unelected. We get useless people like Von Rumpouy and Baroness Ashton forced on us and we pay, without complaint, their unearned, unmerited big fat salaries.
I repeat, ad nauseum, that we have the power, that we have the right, to simply say "No". Yet remarkably few of us are exercising that right. We tend to think it requires special skills, or some sort of superhuman courage, but nothing could be further from the truth. Turn it around, why don't you? How many times have we asked the government to simply do what we want, and they said, "No". What did we do in response? We shrugged our shoulders and we whinged for a bit, then we resigned ourselves to the fact that they wouldn't do as we asked. We said, "Get us out of Europe". They said "No". We said "Don't close down all the post offices", they said, "No. We know best". We said "Don't take the country to war with Iraq and Afghanistan". They said "No, we have good reason to go to war". We said, "Pull our troops out, they are dying and being maimed", they said "No, we are resolute, we will finish what we started".
And so, we are still in Europe, they did close down all those post offices, we are still in Iraq and Afganistan, and our sons and daughters are still coming home in body bags. 
We still support all of those "initiatives". We support them because we keep paying taxes. We keep tacitly agreeing to pretty much everything they do.
In short, we consent.
Consent. If you have learnt nothing else from my scribblings, learn that consent can be given, and consent can be taken away. 
Nothing bad will happen. After all, nothing bad has happened to the government, and they say "No" all the time. They are our servants. We have forgotten that. We are paying them. They owe us a duty of care. They need to start listening. They need to start acting on our demands.
The revolution is coming, albeit slowly.
But it demands your participation. Without you we will stagger into a nightmare of unimagined proportions.
The revolution starts with you. Not a crowd of dozens, hundreds, thousands, or millions. It starts with you, and that simple, but powerful word: "No".
It starts when you stop being afraid of your government.
And it ends when you are satisfied. 
It ends when you are happy once again. 
Are you ready to begin?

September 17, 2010

Mercury Rising?

 Brand new video from the much talented Timothy AntiTerrorist.

As always, he brings light where there is darkness. You might want to follow some of his links, or better yet, buy his book. I did, it is a terrific read.

Our government, you know, the one that recently relocated from Westminster to Brussels, decided to throw out a product that has worked perfectly well for 130 years. The new one is dim, badly made, and contains chemicals that are dangerous to people and the environment. An all round winner then. Of course, they were egged on by the greenies, who, in my opinion, are among the most dangerous humans on our planet.

It's high time we saw these lunatics for what they are.

Wake up! Stay awake!


September 16, 2010

1666. A Good Year For The Banksters.

A lot went on that year.

A bank, more acurately, the first central bank, was born on September 11, 1666.

Some other good stuff in this short vid.


September 15, 2010

To Me! To Me!

I'm over here.

On the right wing, apparently.

Nowhere last year. This year number 47.

And there was me thinking my views were mild to moderate.


Full list here.


September 14, 2010

Out Of Office Message

I am about to leap on a plane to fly north to the capital, Abuja, where I will be jammed in meetings for a couple of days.

Things will be a tad quiet around here.

So talk amongst yourselves.

There is plenty going on. The Grand Apologist For Child Rapists is coming to town. The report indicates just how excited we are at his impending visit. We are, it seems, consumed with indifference. It will cost us taxpayers around £12 million. I don't want to appear harsh, but how about we just share that expense among the whopping 14% of Catholics that want the old fart to visit?

Next we have one of Britains "top cops" whining about cuts. He says it puts us at risk because cuts mean lay-offs. Perhaps Deek could re-route some of the £80 MILLION his private company makes every year to save some front line jobs? No? Thought not. I guess he doesn't feel that strongly about it after all.

And for those that try to convince us that nanny knows best, here is a heart-warming tale. In an orgy of stupidity, a council tells the parents of a seven year old girl that they must accompany her the whole 45 yards to and from the bus stop. Then they perform an about turn and put the child in more danger than she ever was before they interfered. Now every kiddie-fiddler in the region knows exactly where and exactly when a seven year will be stood, alone, just ready to be snatched and molested.

All three stories beggar belief for different reasons.

The best possible outcome in Story Number One would be to deny him entry, or arrest him when his plane touches down.

In Story Number Two the answer is obvious: lay off all the civilians and the plastics. Get your fat, lazy arses out on the streets. Just like Bobby Peel said you should. Abolish ACPO.

Story Number Three is crying out for a counter-claim against the moronic council for putting a child at risk.

But, that is just my opinion, and as we have learnt, opinions are like arseholes, everybody has one, and some of them stink.

Play nice. Back Thursday.


Magna Carta Article 61 In Action

Our good friend John from the Magna Carta Society has been in touch.

John has sent an update and some links for us to look at. There is much more to come very soon, but the video I link to features John at a recent talk. Have a listen as he explains a couple of things here.

In the video, John refers to a couple of resources, they are here:

"6. The case brings us face to face with the kind of issue that led to Lord Atkin’s famously powerful protest in Liversidge v Anderson [1942] AC 206, 244 against a construction of a Defence Regulation which had the effect of giving an absolute and uncontrolled power of imprisonment to the minister. In The Case of Liversidge v Anderson : The Rule of Law Amid the Clash of Arms (2009) 43 The International Lawyer 33, 38 Lord Bingham of Cornhill, having traced the history of that judgment, said that –“we are entitled to be proud that even in that extreme national emergency there was one voice – eloquent and courageous – which asserted older, nobler, more enduring values: the right of the individual against the state; the duty to govern in accordance with law; the role of the courts as guarantor of legality and individual right; the priceless gift, subject only to constraints by law established, of individual freedom.”


Lord Judge, the Lord Chief Justice, complained that judges were allowing the European Convention on Human Rights in Strasbourg to take precedence in their decision-making.
He said it was up to judges to “save” English common law - which dates back to the 12th century - by relying on it for precedents in their cases, rather than always looking to Strasbourg for guidance. 
 John also sent me various attachments but asked that I do not publish them at this time because they would hurt his impending action. Naturally I will respect his wishes. The full story will emerge shortly and we will update you again as events unfold.

Needless to say, it will be gripping stuff.

There are very few people with the depth of knowledge that John has in this subject and it is reassuring to know that he is using his ancient rights to seek redress in a world where the idiots in charge assume we have forgotten our history, forgotten that rights made of solid gold are far more valuable than benefits made of poor quality plastic, and that common law is supreme.
John is making a video that will explain everything. It will also contain documentation that will be used in an ongoing court case. There is no finer test of a law, whether it has just been enacted, or one that was fully supported by a monarch eight hundred years ago, than arguing it in a court-room. The king may be long dead, but his words are just as viable today as they were in the Middle Ages, and the law remains at our disposal. The nay-sayers, God bless their negative socks, trot out that old phrase, "Magna Carta was a statute, and parliaments cannot bind their successors". Which is lovely, sounds officious, and fools some people. Not me. Magna Carta was enacted fifty years before our first paliament in 1265. Which neatly destroys their argument.
The video will be ready in a few days and will appear on Johns blog.

Stay tuned.

It's all about to get a lot more exciting.


September 12, 2010

A Case For Treason

I know that many of you harbour some doubts about Lawful Rebellion.

Some of you remain sceptical about the application of an 800 year old right to redress the situation. Fair enough. I ask you constantly to study, to research, and to convince yourselves that what you read here is accurate.

Perhaps you would prefer to believe an ex-copper?

If so, do pop over and have a look at this new site created by Albert Burgess.

It has a bulging research section.

Without information, accurate and cross-referenced information, it is impossible to make a choice.

Let Albert, and your conscience, guide you.


September 11, 2010

Let Us Talk, You And I, Of War

It is time.

It is time to talk.

It is time to talk of war.

This is the war for our liberation. This is the war in which we really can win our freedom. It is a war that we have lost countless times. We lost because their sinister tactics worked. Did they come screaming at us in the dawn with automatic weapons? No. Did they snatch us from the streets and lock us away like some Iranian ayatollah would? No*. Did they slaughter millions of us like Joe Stalin? No.

*It seems that I was wrong. Holby offers proof that they do. Our friend at  FTAC Watch begs to differ with me as well. My apologies for getting this wrong.

They are much smarter than that. They simply....divided us. They sowed seeds of doubt in the strong. They infiltrated and ridiculed and blackmailed. They made life difficult for us. Misinformation fed to the "right" people ensured that we had limited success in our chosen careers. Deliberate smear campaigns ensured that we backed down. If you want a topical example of this, look no further than the Wikileaks shenanigans.

We are human beings, and we are fallible. They isolate us and they frighten us. This is a classic technique. I should know. In preparation for a posting to NornIron in the bad old days I was trained to snatch ring-leaders out of a crowd of rioters. The method proved consistently to quell the problem. A leaderless mob is just that. Direction has been removed and the crowd quickly breaks up. Agitators are vital in any uprising.

That, I believe, is our problem. Here in Bloggyland we have hundreds, thousands, of hugely intelligent people. People that know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that something stinks, and more importantly, that something has to happen. Something has to change. We all differ slightly on our tactics, but agreement is fairly broad. We allow ourselves to fall victim to that age old tactic of divide and conquer. Time and again I will read heart-stopping blog-posts, posts which move me, and inspire me, and on occasion, make my jaw drop with their originality and intelligence. I read, then I watch and wait. Sure as eggs are eggs, the trolls come. They throw in a negative remark, and run away. A casual hand-grenade lobbed into the discussion room and they're off. Only to reappear where they are sent (or paid?) to sow unease, to interrupt the conversation.

Who are these people? What is their motive? Why do they do this when they are victims of the same vindictiveness as us? When will they realise this? Where do these utterly controlled loons live and work? All legitimate questions and all slightly rhetorical. We could find the answers, but I know the answers are not important. Seeking the answers will only misinform and misdirect us. It is draining.

So draining, in fact, that members of our "army" suffer great battle fatigue and lay down their weapons. (In this case I obviously mean their keyboards). The words they wrote inspired and gave us cause to re-examine what we thought we knew, what we thought was true, and what we thought everyone agreed on. These casualties, a resilient bunch, usually recover and they usually return. The self-enforced break allows them to sharpen their tools in this nasty war and they come back with keyboards blazing, spitting bullets and hurling missiles at the righteous, the priveleged, the power-hungry, the controllers, the seriously deranged and the undoubtedly deluded. This is right. We are right. No matter how small the wound, it is a wound nevertheless.

It is my belief that we are winning. We are wearing them down. Our words, sometimes laden with sarcasm, sometimes with profanity, (mea culpa), but always with logic and common sense, hurt them. We expose these freaks, for that is what they are, never doubt that, to the sunlight, and they hate that. They are shadowy, secretive, and they imagine they are above the law. They are not, and a day of reckoning approaches fast.

They must be told that their behaviour has to change or the inevitable intervention will hurt them in ways they cannot conceive of. They must be told that they cannot continue to steal our children, steal our money, condone and cover up sexual abuse in the houses of the mighty and the powerful, that they cannot wage illegal wars and get away with it, that we will not be tagged, logged, tracked and controlled until we submit.

Into every life a little rain must fall.

What they are not expecting is a monsoon.

Some will merely contract pneumonia, but some, inevitably, will drown. We must steel ourselves for the bleating, for the pleas of "We were just carrying out our orders from above". That no longer cuts any ice. It is not a valid excuse. It will not wash.

We must be prepared, in many cases, not only to watch them drown, but we must also be ready to hold them down while they do. (This is metaphorical, of course, I cannot now advocate violence to other humans).

Until we reach that point, and reach it we must, take heart.

Know that you, blogger and commenter alike, are inflicting those one thousand cuts.

They will all die, eventually. Take comfort and solace from that.

Whatever else you do, prepare for victory. It is just around the corner.

The message here, if there is one, is this: if you are tired, take a break. If the words won't come, you need some downtime. You need to reboot. And you need to come back to the fray only when you are reinvigorated, refreshed, and rearmed.

Just never forget, soldier, that you are missed, that you are needed, and that we want you there at the end.


September 10, 2010

Government Selling Off My Stuff. Again.

Some things never change, eh?

Today we learn that the coagulation government intend to flog off the Royal Mail.

I was just wondering who the fuck gave them permission to do that? I certainly wasn't asked. And I should have been. The Post Office is mine. I paid for it. For decades.

British Rail was mine as well. They sold that off because the bean-counters haven't got a fucking clue how to balance the books. I paid for British Rail and its infrastructure. I paid the wages of the staff. When it was sold off I don't recall being sent a cheque with a "thank you" note for investing so heavily in our national transport systems. Do you recall the remarkable improvement in services? Me neither.

I used to own the GPO as well. They re-branded to British Telecom but it changed nothing. It was still mine. For many years I paid for cables to be laid, for exchanges to be designed, installed and commissioned. I paid for poles to be installed in rural areas. I paid for telephone boxes and a thousand other things. The gormless government, again in the shit with their accounting, needed to raise some revenue so they flogged it off. Again, no cheque, no thank you. Do you recall the remarkable improvement in services? Me neither.

They just kept the money and squandered it on....fuck knows. But waste it they did.

A couple of days ago I read a report about those banks that we "rescued". They turned a profit of £30 billion. Where's my cut? Where's my rebate? Where's my cheque and my thank you note?

Here's something you can take to the bank: they will raise a huge sum from the sale of Royal Mail and they will waste the money. Again. It's what they do best. They have a Black Belt 4th Dan in waste.

Seriously people, how much longer will we permit them to take the piss?

These inept morons will sell anything that doesn't belong to them, whether it's nailed down or not. They take our stuff, without asking, and we just stand by, dribbling and pointing, but consistently not doing a damn thing to stop them.

They'll sell the roads. They'll sell the lakes, the rivers and the waterways. They'll sell the libraries. They'll sell the hospitals. They'll sell the museums and they'll sell the national parks. When there is nothing else they will find a way to sell our air.

And us?

We'll do what we do best.

We'll fucking stand there and mutter.

We have a Black Belt 5th Dan in muttering.


September 09, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

This short video, nicked from The UK Libertarian, brings some hope.

Lend her your ears for five minutes.

Then, get your kids to listen.

If we could encourage 20 or 30 million American kids to think along the same lines, or 2 or 3 million of our own, we might just win the war.


How Do I Love Thee?

Not very much, is the answer.

(Click image for embigulation).

I could bang on for days, literally, about why we need to get out of this vile arrangement, but a swift glance at the chart tells us all we need to know.

Let's leave this pathetic club.


H/T to Spitfire No 13.

September 08, 2010

Book Burning? Go Ahead.

In a poxy little town in Florida, a poxy little pastor says he and his poxy congregation (all thirty of them) will get together on Saturday and burn the Qu'ran.

The Muslim holy book, the book that guides all Islam, allegedly the religion of peace and understanding, advocates everything said and done in the two video nasties that follow.

That being the case, burn every single copy of the Qu'ran. Burn them all today. The US Commander in Afghanistan says that the poxy pastors actions will put his troops in harms way. There is an answer to that. Pull them out. All of them. Today.

A strong stomach is essential for this one:

 Have a listen to this depraved piece of shit:

Is it any wonder so many are turning away from The One True Faith? (This clip is from Fox, for which I offer my profound apologies).

Having sex with babies, stoning women, and chopping off body parts do not gel with my libertarian (or my Freeman) leanings.

And just to pre-empt the argument that "Not all Muslims do this, agree with this, or sanction this behaviour", I remind you of a legal maxim:

He who does not disagree, agrees.

No decent human being would allow this savagery in a civilised society.

To stand by and do nothing makes them all guilty.

And I say this as a man who has worked alongside Muslims for over twenty years.


The Bomb In The Brain

Our friend Stef does it again.

His output is Herculean. And so thought-provoking.



September 07, 2010

HMRC To Take ALL Your Money

And then decide how much/how little to send on to your bank account.

In a move that stinks of totalitarianism, fascism, and pure cuntishness, HMRC have said that they need to take it all. All of it. Your whole salary. Naturally, no mistakes will be made. Everyone will be dealt with fairly and disputes will be swiftly resolved.

We wish.

They will make mistakes. They will retain the whole salary from some people as the computer, when asked, "Can we send Mr Jones any money this month?", will simply say "No". The dispute will take months to resolve, and in the meantime? No food for your family, no bills get paid, the leccy gets switched off, so now you will freeze or starve to death, whichever comes sooner. All because HMRC had a brainfart.

Thaddeus J. Wilson gives us more details over at Anna's place. I strongly urge you to read it all, then tell everyone you know. Just to be sure, tell everyone you don't know as well.

This shit has to be stopped right now.

Here you go:

"It’s been a while since there has been a story in the press that left me with my jaw so far down that it hurt. But today, I believe, we are firmly back in the deranged world of government gone completely insane:
HM Revenue and Customs could take direct control of every worker’s monthly pay cheque under plans to overhaul the error-prone income tax system.
Instead of employers deducting income tax then paying gross salaries to employees, the gross monthly payment would go to an HMRC-run tax “calculator”, which would then pass the net salary to the worker.
The reform would mean the end of traditional monthly payslips, because employers would no longer be able to tell workers how much tax they had paid each month.
The immediate thought that comes to mind is: what do we do when (and not if!) this all goes wrong? What happens when, as will inevitably happen, HMRC makes a balls up and takes your whole month’s salary? Who will you fight with? Without a payslip, how do you budget for the forthcoming month, especially if you are on highly variable wages? What about people with all sorts of different sources of income? How will this “help” them? What about people who have valid reasons for submitting an annual return to claw money back?
Inevitably, this kind of glorious “lateral thinking” is a result of the many failings of the people in HMRC. Why is the long-suffering taxpayer being exposed to this extraordinary risk? It’s not like the government exactly has a fantastic track record when it comes to grandiose computer systems.
I’m going to do something that I don’t generally do, because I’m not as erudite at campaigning as Anna: I’m going to ask you to spread the word about this as far as you can; I’m going to ask you to write to your useless MP and complain in the strongest possible terms about this insane idea; write to your local newspaper, tell all your friends and do everything you can think of to stop this insane idea from becoming reality.
Because although Anna is a wonderful campaigner, I don’t think there’s enough of her to go around to save each and every one of us!
UPDATE: I am generally loathe to update articles, especially if they have only just been published, but I feel that this information may be of great value to 1.4 million taxpayers:
The first batch of 45,000 letters demanding cash to be repaid will start to arrive on Tuesday – with the rest sent out over the next four months.
But accountants said recipients should act swiftly to use a little-known loophole which forces HM Revenue and Customs to abandon ‘out of the blue’ demands and effectively write off the money.
They also insisted many of those affected are entitled to argue that they or their employer have done nothing wrong and should not be penalised for someone else’s blunder.
Enough is enough. It is time to starve these incompetent thieves of our hard-earned money!"

I've been saying this for over a year. They need to starved of our cash. Their addiction to our money has them by the throat. It will only get worse if we allow the addiction to run unchecked.
The only cure is cold turkey.

If it sits better with you, call it a "public service".


September 06, 2010


I am late with this news. My old pal The Admiral posted it a couple of weeks ago.

My alternate title was:

British Public, Glued To X Factor, Suspect Nothing.

I'll be damned if I can spot the difference.

Can you?


September 05, 2010

Paper Money Shite, Coins Even Worse

What a load of bollocks.

In an effort to save £8M per year, your wanky new government are doing this.

With a criminal disregard for those whose income depends on it, the changes, without consultation, and without our consent, will go ahead.

Do you see now?

Do you understand yet?

Your government couldn't give a flying fuck what you want.

All that matters is what they want.

Sack them.

Sack them all.



September 04, 2010

Michael O'Leary Is A Cunt


I've said it.

He is a twat of the first water.

I fly 40 times a year and the ONLY thing that brings me comfort is that there are two cunts up front that know what they are doing.

Twatty O'Leary wants to reduce this to one cunt.

 This is the useless cunt, pictured yesterday.

Fuck him, and the pox-ridden nag he rode in on.

May he burn in hell.


Know Thine Enemy

The government is not your enemy.

The police are not your enemy.

The European Union is not your enemy.

HMRC is not your enemy.

Quangoes are not your enemy.

Fake charidees are not your enemy.

Government pecksniffs, incompetent PCSO's, lacklustre judges, screeching traffic wardens, scheming politicians, colluding lawyers, power-mad local councillors, the Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderbergers, Common Purpose, the Council on Foreign Affairs, and doddery Lords & Ladies are not your enemy.

THIS, is your enemy:

Meet the Normals.

They allow all the fuckstains named above room to breathe. They permit them to exist. They continually bend over for them. When the Normals die, the others die by default. Your mission is to exterminate the Normals. Rid us of these unthinking, uncritical drones. Please.

The Normals think that an EU superstate is just fine. The Normals believe that being robbed of 60% of their income every year is just peachy. The Normals agree with the European Arrest Warrant. The Normals are absolutely certain that a camera on every street corner protects them. The Normals believe that the state has a right to eavesdrop on every single conversation they have on the telephone. The Normals know for sure that if the state traps and records every single email ever written that "bad guys" will be brought to book. The Normals are happy for just under 20,000 different council employees to enter their home without a warrant. The Normals are equally happy for "criminals" to be detained for 28 days without charge. The Normals campaigned for ID cards Because They Are A Good Thing. The Normals support a DNA database. The Normals know intuitively that justice can be found in a courtroom. The Normals love ANPR. The Normals want more speed cameras. The Normals believe that the War On Drugs, The War on Terror and, the War on Smokers, Eaters & Drinkers are holy and justifiable wars. The Normals support minimum alcohol unit charges.

In short, the Normals support every single moronic diktat that the government shits out.

They are the enemy. No question about it. No doubt. No if's and's but's or maybe's.

But here's the kicker: the Normals are unaware. The Normals simply cannot comprehend a different reality. They are supine. They are brainwashed. They genuinely believe that this way, is the only way. They think libertarian is an obvious mispelling of 'librarian'. They think anarchy is another word for 'violence'. Lawful Rebellion, to them, was a right granted in medieval England and has no use today. Indeed, all rights that were fought over, lives sacrificed for, and blood shed for, are worth less than the wanky 'benefits' the state offers in return.

Parliament, introduced in 1265, equates to democracy in the Normal mind. The Normals wouldn't consider that we had been getting fucked by parliamentarians ever since. Nor that before that we were getting fucked by a succession of kings and queens. According to the Normals, what we have today is normal. Nothing else will suffice. Nothing else can replace this enduring farce.

Until we can persuade the Normals that big government is big trouble, we are lost. The Normals believe that laws cannot be changed, far less abolished. The Normals think that we need almost 7 million public sector workers. The Normals imagine that by the time they reach retirement age there will be something in the pot for them. Never mind that the fabled retirement age gets ever further away.

The Normals will never rock the boat. They will never protest. They will never say no. They have forgotten how to do these things.

They bow, and they scrape, they tug their forelocks and they acquiesce.

They consent. They do this because no-one ever told them there was a choice.

They do this because no-one ever said to them "There is another way".

Our job, good people, is to educate them. Saying nothing is not an option, doing nothing is negligence writ large. You have an obligation. You have a duty. You have a mission.

Exercise your obligation. Carry out your duty. Complete your mission.

Help them to live.

Mere existence is not enough. We are greater than that. We deserve more.

So much more.


Government Appointed Thieves

This is a post by a guy called Eric The Red over at TPUC. I thought it was worth posting here.

Check it out:


This is quite long but please bear with it, its worth reading, I’m sometimes stating the obvious but when you see it laid out like this you are in for a shock!

Figures based on a married couple (no children) I’ve been quite frugal on their living costs.

Husband earns £350.00 per week working full time.
Minus £52.90 income tax
Minus £28.00 National insurance (a tax)
Leaves £269.10 Take home pay.

Wife earns £134.00 per week working part time.
Minus £4.40 income tax
Minus £2.60 National insurance (a tax)
Leaves £127.00 Take home pay.

£396.10 Take home pay for both in total.

Both travel to work by own cars, both travel 110 miles per week each.
Fuel for both cars at 35 mpg is 6.3 gallons at £5.00 per gallon, total £31.50, 75% of this is tax which is £23.62
So £7.88 is actual value of fuel used. 10% of this is profit (78p) so the petrol stations end of year accounts will pay about 12% tax on this which is 8p.
The crude oil to make the petrol will also have been subject to import taxes at 20%, so at £56.00 per 40 gallon drum ($85.00) £11.20 is paid in tax, so that’s another 28p per gallon in tax from the value of the fuel purchased, 6,3 gallons x 28p is £1.76.

2 x annual car tax per week is £4.23 (£110.oo per car pa)

2 x insurance policies at £11.53 per week for both (£300.00 per policy pa)
(the government says you must have this, tax is also paid on the companies profits)

2 x mots at £45.00 each pa is £1.73 per week, you must have an mot by law and a large percentage of the fee goes to the government (not shown)
The 17.5% vat is 16p per week.

So, without servicing and parts, both cars cost £48.99 per week to run, £29.85 of this is tax, £13.10 is for things the government says you have to have (and is also taxed), and only £6.04 is the actual goods you bought (fuel), and that includes the petrol stations and makers profit (and they pay tax on that too)!

Total car costs = £48.99 per week from £396.10 is….

housing services
Council tax per week £25.00 (£1300.00 pa)

Water rates £8.46 (£440.00 pa, water is a necessity of life, we have to have it, how can a private company own all the water in the UK?
The water company is taxed on its profits and also pays vat.

Electricity per week £30.76, at 5% vat is £1.53 vat (£1600.00 pa)
We need this to cook our food and heat our homes in winter; you could say its another necessity of life). The electricity company is taxed on its profits and also pays vat.

TV licence £2.80 (£145.50 pa) (another tax!)

I won’t include a telephone in the equation, as it’s a choice to have one or not
(but they pay vat too and there taxed as well)

So, we have now spent £67.02 on bills we pay.

£29.33 of this is more tax, the remaining £37.69 is what actually pays for the services that we need so we can drink, cook, and keep warm, and bare in mind that the service providers are taxed on their profits and pay vat too, so I wonder how much more of the £37.69 will go on yet more tax?
Gone are the days of collecting free water from a well or free firewood from the forests.

We now have £280.09 left from the two wages.

Housing costs
Rent at £80.76 per week (£350.00 per month), again somewhere to live is a necessity of life so you don’t have much choice but to pay rent (or buy).
The landlord will be taxed on the income he gets from the house you rent and vat on the repairs etc that he needs to carry out, so theres more tax!

So after paying for the roof over your head you now have £199.33 left from the two wages.

They spend £70.00 per week on food, 17.5% of this goes on vat so that’s £12.25, that leaves £57.75 of actual food purchased, but with food stuffs the supermarkets work on a mark up of at least double what they pay so only £28.87 is actual foodstuff, the other half is their profit (after all costs) which will be taxed and a small percentage will go on council rates as well.
The actual £28.87 worth of goods you just bought will also include the makers profit margin of between 50 to 100% and this will be taxed too, then there was the transport costs (road tax and fuel tax) and they pay rates too.

The ingredients used to make the actual goods are also transported, so there’s more tax, and some of it might have come from overseas, so there’s more import tax to pay! And of course the handlers profits on the products too and they pay tax.

So £199.33 less the £70.00 spent on food leaves £129.33

Lets say one smokes 10 cigarettes per day at £5.67 a pack of 20 (£19.84 per week), 77% of this is tax so that’s £4.82 per 20, so thats £2.97 for the actual cigs per week and £16.87 in tax per week. (remember the £2.97 will include the shops profit and that will be taxed too!)

They like a couple of bottles of wine at the weekend lets say £6.00 a bottle so that’s £12.00, about 50% of this is tax so that’s £6.00 a week on wine tax.
The remaining £6.00 spent on the actual wine itself includes the shops 50 to 100% profit margin and that will also be taxed! (and import tax etc)

£129.33 less £31.84 spent on cigarettes/wine leaves £97.49

So out of their earnings of £484.00 they have spent £386.00 on the cost of living, £182.20 of this was nothing but tax! The remaining £203.80 has also been subject to many other taxes that are far too numerous and complicated for me to work out, also at least half of this £203.80 is pure profit for greedy supermarkets and big businesses working on 100% plus profit margins (what ever happened to a decent profit margin of 15 to 20% that we used to have in the old days?).
So after over the top profit margins and the others hidden taxes it can be shown that the actual goods/services that they got was only really about £75.00 worth (but probably much less than this).

Obviously they still have £97.49 left to spend, but that is subject to 17.5% so that’s £17.06 more tax that they will pay (vat is increasing to 20% in January), much less than half of the £80.43 that’s left will pay for actual goods, more than half will be profit margins and hidden taxes.

Of their £484.00 total weekly income they paid…..
£199.26 in (easy to work out) taxes.
About £174.00 in hidden taxes and greedy profit margins.
So you see all they really got was about £110.00 worth of goods!!!

If the above could be recalculated using actual known profit margins and knowledge of EVERY TAX the goods were subjected too I think you would find they got well below £75.00 worth of goods!

More than 90% of income tax is paid to banks in debt repayment!
The VAT we pay is basically all handed over to the European Union!
National insurance funds our pensions and national health service which is full of inefficiencies and thousands of useless quangos costing billions!
Fuel tax and car tax is supposed to fund road maintenance, our governments regularly pay £1000.00 for a £100.00 repair!

Among other things council tax pays for our schools, have you ever seen how much the “approved only” suppliers charge for books etc? £1.00 for a pencil instead of about 5p!

So now you can see how we are all ripped off and just slaves working for the tax man, just think how better off we would all be if we all stood up and said…..
“Stuff the banks! Pull out of the EU! Sack the quangos! No more blank cheques for roadworks! Allow schools to buy from the pound shops! And no more greedy profit margins!”

Food for thought?

Or is it enough to get you saying "No"?

You know where I stand.


September 03, 2010

Charlie Bows Out

Just got time to bung this on before disappearing for the day.

I haven't watched it yet but I believe it is a "Goodbye From Me" video.

Let me know what he says!


September 02, 2010

Freeman Wins In Court

This is a great success story.

Watch as Freeman Keith wins his fight and the judge abandons the court.

In Keiths own words:

"The key is simply know who you are, stay in honour and stand your ground peacefully. I was in "court" because I parked mine or my wife's conveyance on my Sovereign land (i.e.) lawn. No ticket, straight to a court summons issued on a fictitious entity. On and for the record this file was filled with goodies and they waited until the entire case docket was done before they called a name that sounded familiar as in an account that I am administer for. Unfortunately for the court, there were over 20 people there in support of me and most of them were Sovereigns as well...Included in the room were 3 other Peace Officers from WFS and myself, a sworn to the people Peace Officer and duly witnessed and Notarized as such....Hope this is helpful...Case dismissed with cause and prejudice, note the judge bowing before he abandoned the court. This video was recorded in Common Law jurisdiction and authorized by myself as such. Copyright September 1st, 2010 Keith of the Thompson Clan, All rights reserved."

Tip of the beret to Jonah for finding the clip and posting the link.