May 30, 2012

Mid-Week Mirth

Two parrots sat on a perch. One says to the other, "Hey, can you smell fish?"

(I'll get me coat).

A basic mistake.

One we have been regretting ever since.

That independence thing. Again.

The happy couple. Coupling.

That's one way to do it.

Token geek joke, or deeper meaning?

You decide.

To Protect and Serve.

Way to go, fella.

Spot the difference.

The Bercow's enjoy a stroll in the recent warm sunshine.

Graffiti dudes. Don't you just love them?

(See what I did there? I changed the fon..ah, forget it).

And lastly

<<<<< Been there.

<<<<< Done that.*

Be excellent to each other, okay?


* Not really. I made it to a bench....

May 29, 2012

Great Rant!

This is utterly brilliant!

My favourite line?

"If they knock on your door, just punch them in the fucking face and tell them to piss off! This is not legal advice".

Check out parts 2 & 3 as well.

Saying no. The campaign gathers pace!


PS-Tip of the beret to Dee Welch. Known as @alfababe111 on Twitter. Thanks for the link!

The Fake Jubilee

Next week we will "celebrate" Mrs Windsor's 60 years on the throne.

We get two days off work, so that's nice, but has she really been on the throne for 60 years? Some say she was never properly on the throne to start with, and others say that her reign lasted only 19 years.

The following are from my inbox:

Dear Editor,


Arguably the Queen's Diamond Jubilee is the biggest Con perpetrated against the British people by the establishment since they were assured that joining what was then called the European Common Market would in no way effect essential national sovereignty when in truth and reality our national sovereignty was surrendered in accord with the principle of the Treaty of Rome to which the Queen signed us up in 1972.

In so doing the Queen surrendered the supremacy of the Crown and ended the monarchy. There can be no sovereign head of state in a nation which is no longer sovereign and no governor of a nation which is no longer self governing. The Queen also signed up to the Maastricht Treaty which established her as a citizen of the EU and as such subject to the constraints and obligations of that citizenship. No one can be both monarch and citizen at the same time. Despite the cover up by the British establishment the Queen has surrendered the authority vested in her by the people at the time of her coronation to give Royal Assent to any laws created by Parliament. (Reference the Merchant Shipping Act 1988)The Queen accordingly is no longer constitutional monarch and as we have no other form of monarch the Queen is therefore no monarch at all.

In truth Queen Elizabeth II reigned for just nineteen years not sixty. 

Yours Sincerely,  Bob Lomas. The Magna Carta Society.


Dear Both,

Very sadly we totally agree with you.  She has never abided by her Coronation oaths from the time she allowed Traitor Ted to agree to her ratifying the European Communities Act 1972, and from then on every other act that gave away our national sovereignty and hers, culminating in the Maastricht Treaty that made her a European citizen, effectively stripping her of all sovereignty.  

The final act of perfidy was her agreeing to ratify the treaty of Lisbon, which her Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, had previously promised would be put to her people in a referendum.  We know for a fact she received hundreds of letters on this issue, which we suspect she never even bothered to read a representative sample of.   Those of us who wrote got replies from Sonia Bonici, her " Senior Correspondence Officer", who we gather passed every letter straight to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, where they were probably binned or only seen by some junior apparatchik.


And, from Robbie the Pict:

Hi Folks,

The incompetence of Betty Battenburg's reign may have started at the very outset.  Dave asks if she actually signed the ECA72 and Maastricht:  I would be asking if she ever signed her Coronation Oath on the day.  I was personally 5 years old and don't remember but remember reading an account wherein the author claimed that there had been a preparational oversight in the Abbey and when Botox Betty was expected to pick up the pen and inscribe her moniker, she discovered that there was no ink in the well.  She paused and whispered the problem to the Archbishop who apparently said  'Just pretend you are signing, we'll sort it later'.  I thought was an interesting flaw in the proceedings and sought to view a DVD of the event, just to check.  However, the BBC recording has now been edited.  I am able to say that because the same DVD was on sale in Canada and was a few minutes longer, perhaps including that crucial moment.  Persons smarter than I could probably spot an edit if it does indeed exist, but the slightly longer (Canadian) version which I tried to order is now 'unavailable'!

We all know the importance of a Royal investiture, with every gesture and maneouvre having such significance, and a belated ,un-witnessed subscription by 'we know not who' is a catastrophic travesty of the whole proceedings, supposedly a semi-divine manifesting of Royal ritual, or so they would have us believe!  (Why wasn't at least Jesus there, if it was so important?!)

Have fun,


And now, a song:

I have made my position clear in the past: as Brenda has violated her oath more times than we can count, it stands to reason she is in error, and that being so, all those who swear an oath to her (the judiciary, parliament, the police, the armed forces etc) are also rendered powerless. This has enormous, almost unthinkable, ramifications.

If the monarchy is to be benign, a decoration, if you will, then that is fine by me. But what I cannot and will not stand for is a system that claims she is an intrinsic part of the way our nation is governed/ruled, and then acts, for all intents and purposes, ultra vires. The monarchy is either lawful or it isn't, there is no middle ground here. She is either monarch or European citizen. She cannot be both.

So which is it?

And you might want to read this article as well. It is rather timely.


May 28, 2012

Dear Ireland,

...on Thursday, just say no.

It is the simplest, most powerful word in your vocabulary.

After hundreds of years of foreign rule, I am dumbfounded at your lemming-like desire to be ruled by Brussels.

A yes vote on Thursday all but guarantees that you will lose what little remaining sovereignty you have left.

To say yes is to bend over faster whilst handing the lube to Brussels.

When you guys straighten your backs you do it very well.

Grow a pair, for your own sakes. Be masters of your own destiny once more.

Just. Say. No.


May 27, 2012

Free Your Minds

This is a great song.

Don't listen if:

1. You are a drone

2. You just love those benefits and privileges

3. You are happy to let go of your rights

4. You are happy with status quo

6. You think government is working

7. You think government has your best interests as its prime motivator

And when you have listened to it a couple of times, go and read this great essay at the Lawful Rebellion site.

Nice works lads!


May 26, 2012

You Can't Say What?

Apparently, using any of these words brings you to the attention of the security forces in the US and A.

To see them (without the need to embigulate), go here.

I am, therefore, utterly delighted to use them all in this blogpost.

They say that they are trying to protect us.....

Do me a favour, US and A, (and the UK government, come to think of it), STOP protecting me.

The illegal wars and subsequent occupation of both Iraq and Afghanistan have not made me safer. Arguably, it has made me less safe as you radicalised a whole generation of Muslims. If you had kept your bombs and bullets away from those countries, thousands of US and coalition troops would still be alive today. As would hundreds of thousands of non-combatants. Our sons and daughters would not have come home with broken bodies and broken minds. They would not now be homeless in our streets and they would not now be sat in gaol cells, rotting. They rot because your duty of care ceases immediately the uniform comes off when they are discharged. They gave everything and when you were done with them, they came home to no care whatsoever. For shame.

Your days of manipulation are coming to an end. The false terror you vomit all over us on a daily basis is no longer working.

We are no more terrified of Al Qaeda than we are of fluffy bunny rabbits frolicking in the noonday sun.

Neither threaten us. Neither have attacked us on our home soil. Nor will they ever.

It's time to end the (already) lost War on Terror. You lost that one before it began. We are not naive. We know that wars are big business. Not just the short-term spike in arms sales-"Look how much damage this missile does, look how fast this jet flies, look at these magnificent drones, and just look how effective this rifle is!"-but also the minerals. That's why you are there. You want the oil. You want the gas. You want the gold, the diamonds, and the other $1 trillion worth of minerals.

Democracy-sham that it is-is the furthest thing from your tiny minds.

Don't mistake me for a pacifist, either. I too wore the olive green, and I too, carried the weapons. When attacked (or should that be if?) I believe a sharp response is required. But this nonsense has long since ceased to be about defence. Once again I say shame on you. I would pity you if you had only erred once but this is an error you seem fond of making. A true sign of insanity, but what else can we call you? You are all fucking psychopaths.

Get some help, and get it fast.

The first clue that you were a sandwich short of a picnic was when you started criminalising words.

Wake up, FFS, and smell the stupidity.


Treason. Police taking Action?

From my inbox.

(I have redacted the names of those who sent the emails).

If you wish to get involved, and we ALL should, details are here.

"Hi all,

This is an update on where we are at the moment with reporting treason to the police.

Dyfed Police
have given it a crime-book number and passed it to the Met.

Cambridge have given it a crime-related incident book number and passed to the MET.

Wiltshire Police have given it a crime-related incident number and passed it to the Home Office and the CPS.

Sussex Police have refused to deal with it therefore they have been reported to the Cambridgeshire police for misprision of treason

Cambridgeshire Police have referred us to the IPCC. The IPCC is not known for upholding complaints against a senior police officer only the lower ranks! My letter of response to the Chief Constable of Cambridgeshire is shown at the bottom of this email.

It would now seem that most Chief Constables are unlikely to investigate our allegations of treason. This means that we need a new approach to putting pressure on the police. Since it is only the CCs who are the fly in the ointment we need to get more access to lower ranking officers so that they are more aware of what is going on.

There are three ways to do this:

1 Email or write letters (my preference since you cannot 'accidentally' delete a letter) to the Borough Commander of the largest town police station that is not the county police HQ. All the police HQs have already had emails. This way lower ranking officers will see the contents of the email/letter as it will inevitably be passed up to the CC.

2 We will put more pressure on the Police Federation to tell their members to take the allegations seriously. We will also point out to them that if the Government succeed in pushing through privatisation of the police, that at worst senior officers would just get made redundant and keep their pensions whilst being given lucrative jobs with security companies. The lower ranks are likely to be gradually replaced with cheap foreign third world labour. The unwanted officers may be offered jobs with security companies at a much reduced salary. It will be in the interests of Police Federation members to side with us to get rid of the people at the top that are causing all the problems.

3 Involving other Police associations such as the Police Superintendents' Association, Christian Police Association, The British Association of Women Police but NOT the Association of Chief Police Officers as they represent the CCs!

We are preparing a new email/letter to be sent out which will be forwarded onto you in due course. We have 63 members but we only know the police force of 20 of them! Have you told us who your police force is yet? The idea is for all of us to send the new emails/letters as described above in item 1.

We would want everyone to email the various police associations with the email that Albert is preparing.

More on this later.



Dear Chief Constable Parr,

Forgive my mirth at the idea of the IPCC investigating the Chief Constable of the Sussex Police for misprision of treason. Never in the history of the IPCC have they ever upheld a complaint against a senior officer; only against the lower ranks.
 Therefore the idea of getting justice from such a corrupt organization is nil. You or they would not be able to fall back on the apparent repeal of the laws of sedition and treason by Tony Blair and David Cameron as they were ultra vires. If the general public cannot rely on a police officer to carry out the duty that he swore an oath to do or the IPCC to investigate such an officer, then there is little they can do except resort to upholding the law themselves. Those who sought to repeal Constitution Laws will have to give an account to the people of this land why they thought it necessary.

The last civil war, in which 868,000 people died and 50,000 were wounded, got rid of a tyrannical King. The next one will be about getting rid of a tyrannical government and its infrastructure. If the treasonous government attempt call in EU armed forces to help I doubt whether the British Armed Services would assist them and fire on their own people. This would be a scenario in which casualties would be catastrophic and all because Chief Constables and the IPCC closed ranks against investigating well founded allegations of wrong-doing by the Government and the police force. History is littered with such people!

Therefore be on notice that once we, the loyal, patriotic and Queen loving public, have taken back our country from the hands of such people, we will not hesitate to implement the laws against these corrupt law breakers to its fullest extent. I would remind you, yet again, that treason still carries the penalty of death and misprision of treason the penalty of life imprisonment. Since the death penalty is still on the statue books it would be very unlikely that a new Government, made of people with integrity, would not hesitate to use it.

Please do not treat this email with the usual one-size-fits-all 'Terrorist Act' as I have said nothing wrong except appeal to the long established law that governs our country and the possible consequences if they are ignored





May 25, 2012

Friday Funnies

Another week gone.

Have something for the weekend.

Click on piccies to embiggen.

Nosy buggers.

Sound advice.

Cue apoplexy from the Righteous.

Yes son, you're going to spend a lifetime trying to get your hands on the twins. Size doesn't matter. They're all good.

This man represents ALL politicians, and most of the electorate.

Shiva H Vishnu!! How big was he before the diet???

Did Jenny get her golden shower? Tune in next week....

We are going to see this one repeated, ad nauseum.

(I don't see any loo roll. Does a little man pop in and sort it all out for her?)

Our Bob, having a laugh. What's he like?

Some people take things a little too literally...

If only companies would advertise truthfully, we'd see a lot more like this.

Let's end this with some huge news...

I'll try and find the follow up: "Hat Reunited With Owner".

Have an outstanding weekend.


May 24, 2012

And It's Yassou From Us

Greece will leave the eurozone on 1st January 2013.

So says this piece

It also says:

"Greece will leave the single currency eurozone on January 1, 2013, a senior economist at the world's second-largest currency trading bank has claimed.

Citigroup said Greece's new currency would fall immediately by 60 per cent - and unleash a massive, yet manageable, wave of contagion across Europe."

We will watch (and sympathise) as Greece undergoes more and more pain until they are released on 1 Jan 2013.

A rapid exit would have been so much better for the Greek people.

Best of luck to you all.


ePapiere, Bitte!

And so the totalitarian nightmare that is the EU rumbles on.

Whilst they remain unelected, unaccountable, unsavoury and unscrupulous, they demand that we identify ourselves with either paper or electronic documents at the drop of a hat.

Read all about this nasty initiative right here.

You will note that we are not the only "rebels" in this economic and political gaol. Others dare to defy the mighty Gollum and long may that continue, I say.


"Perhaps more frustrating for the European Commission is that some member states like the United Kingdom do not even have paper identity cards, and the idea of adopting them causes widespread public opposition.

The UK briefly introduced ID cards during the second world war but abolished them afterwards. The use that the Nazi regime made of identity documents to single out Jewish people and send them into concentration camps has been a powerful argument against introducing ID documents across the Channel.

When Tony Blair's Labour government discussed the idea of ID cards, a citizen movement sprang up overnight to block the plans.

ID cards are also not used in Denmark and Ireland."

I am slightly surprised to learn that Ireland rebelled. They (the Irish politicians) tend to bend at the merest whiff of a request from Brussels. Spineless bastards that they are. Gawd bless the Danish too.

I still laugh like a loon when I recall that gormless mare in Manchester who was so proud to get ID Card Number 1 and trilled (on, and on, and on about it) until she was told, "Sorry love. The rest of us don't want the fucking things". She then bleated (on, and on, and on) about a refund. How much did that particular clusterfuck cost us?

Unbowed, the gibbons in Brussels will want to push this through, wrapped up in a cross-border payment agreement. I confess that I have had absolutely no problems so far when making payments, but you know the EU mantra by now: "If it ain't broke, break it" and "Let's create more and more EU legislation just for the hell of it".

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to resist with all thy might. As often, and as loudly, as you can.

You know it makes sense.

The EU is doomed. They just didn't get the memo.

Remind them.


May 23, 2012

Mid-Week Chortle

Still fuming after reading this piece of nastiness so I thought I should post a piccie or three to cheer me/us up.

He was warned...

An age-old question answered. It was the egg.

Now this IS funny. Or not.

A gormless twat, you look like.

Makes me LOL, this one does.

George and Edith knew right then that they'd be eating the bastard for weeks....


That three-titted bird off Total Recall.

Coming to a eurozone country near you. Soon.

The Hoff plumbs new depths with his outrageous product lines.......

And finally

We sure did.


Anyone For NUTS?

Still think you're a Brit?

Forget it. Since 1999, you have been a Regionnaire.

Look at this:

"The plan by the European Union to destroy the historical borders  --  both internal and external  --  of its separate countries is speeding up.

In 1994 we, in the UK, voted in our Counties at the European Elections for the last time. If you lived in Cornwall, for instance, you sent an MEP from Cornwall to sit in the European Parliament. But by the next EU election in 1999 as far as the European Union is concerned, the counties had been superseded and the country split into twelve Regions. The Provinces of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland were considered by the EU to be countries and therefore were established as one Region each, but England instead of being one country was now nine Regions.   This meant that if you lived in Newcastle you now lived and voted in the North East Region of the UK, not England.

This was the start of the NUTS  --  Nomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics (nomenclature d’unites territoriales statistiques), or the division of all EU countries into areas ostensibly for statistical purposes.   The basic countries have a two letter code  --  UK, for instance  --   and each Region is an NUTS1 and has an additional letter.   If you live in the South East Region, then you reside in UKJ, while those living in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland reside in UKL, UKM and UKN respectively.

Then comes the first subdivision of the Regions, or NUTS2.   While Northern Ireland remains one NUTS2, Wales now has two and Scotland, which believed it could be an independent country within the European Union, now consists of four NUTS2 subdivisions. The nine regions of what was England now consist of 30 NUTS2.   There is yet one more sub-division:  NUTS3. These consist of five groups of districts in Northern Ireland, 23 Groups of unitary authorities or LECs in Scotland, 12 groups of Unitary  Authorities or groups of districts in the nine regions of England.

All these sub-divisions and sub-subdivisions are numbered.   So this means that if you once lived in the Isle of Anglesey, you now live in region UK11 of the European Union or if you once lived in the Shetlands, you now live in UKM66 of the European Union.

Of course the United Kingdom is not the only country to be divided in this way and there are now approximately 264 Regions (NUTS1) covering all the countries which make up the European Union. To take one instance, currently there are 13 such Regions in Greece. Their personnel are appointed by the Greek government and the duties of each Region is a miniature of the duties of the central government. In 2008 the current Greek government announced its plans (as per EU directives) to reduce the number of Regions from 13 to five,  the number of prefectures from 52 to 16 and the number of municipalities from 1050 to 350.   In the meantime came the financial crisis and these plans were shelved but not abandoned.

In addition, there are approximately 110 organisations known as Euroregions or inter-regions which cross national borders and belong to the Association of European Border Regions. These are said to be for cross-border co-operation in various fields including the promotion of trade links, cultural ties, transport policies, tourism, education and spatial development. However, the term ‘Euroregion’ does not always clearly show the differences in aims and objectives, if they exist at all, compared with other trans-frontier structures which are given different names such as Euregios, Border Regions or Working Communities. Many of the newly established Euroregions in the central and eastern European countries seem to be in fact, simply communities of interest which are forums for informal trans-frontier information and consultation.   Moreover, the legal frameworks within which the Euroregions operate exhibit such a wide variety of forms that it is difficult to clearly associate one particular legal framework with the term ‘Euroregion’.

The first inter-region, called ‘Euregio’ which took in parts of Germany and the Netherlands, was created by Germany in 1958 to ensure, it stated, that national borders should not be a barrier to the integration of Europe.   Although several of these date back to the 1960s, it was the 1990s which saw the largest increase in cross-border regions all over Europe.   In fact today there are virtually no local or regional authorities in border areas which are not somehow involved in inter-regional co-operation initiatives.

 Nor do these inter-regions stop at the borders of the current European Union. Turkey, which has yet to be formally accepted as a member of the EU, nevertheless has extensive inter-regional programmes linking it with Greece.  Switzerland with its substantial banking sector and Norway with its huge resources of oil, are both particular targets in spite of the fact that they, too, are currently outside the EU.   For instance, the Nordic Council, which comprises Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark, gets EU grants for all of its eight Euroregions and the EU says that it is necessary to include Switzerland so as to integrate it into European regional planning. According to the August 2009 Current Concerns, the English edition of the Swiss magazine Zeit-Fragen, largely unknown to the Swiss population (and certainly not voted for by them), this most democratic of countries is being split into three huge Metropolitan Areas  --  Zurich, Geneva and Basel  --  ready to act as ‘European Motors’ and to play leading roles in Europe in a number of respects such as economic performance, decision-making, etc.

But of particular interest to us here in Britain is the fact that three of these Euroregions cross our borders:  the Arc Manche, the Atlantic Region and the North Sea Region.
The Arc Manche was originally set up in 1966.   It currently includes the French areas of Brittany, Nord-pas de Calais, Lower Normandy, Upper Normandy and Picardy together with the English counties of Dorset, Hampshire, the Isle of Wight, Kent, and West and East Sussex.  It has created its own forums for conferences, etc. and on 12th October 2005, members of Arc Manche met in Brighton to create the Channel Arc Manche Assembly.   Inter-regional Assemblies, where they exist, usually consist of regional heads of governments, commissions of executive officers, general secretariats and standing commissions on a wide range of issues. These officials are not elected by the general public.    

 At the first meeting of the Arc Manche Assembly, Alain Le Vern from the Upper Normandy region, was appointed President and Brad Watson, from the West Sussex County Council, was appointed Vice President.  

The North Sea Region was created in 2007 and links areas of six countries bordering the North Sea: Norway (which is outside of the EU), Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands and the whole eastern side of the UK.

The Atlantic Region, which was possibly created in 2008, takes in the west of Scotland, Wales, Cornwall and Devon, Northern Ireland and Eire, plus parts of south-western France, Spain and Portugal.

There seems to be no information yet about Assemblies for the North Sea or Atlantic Euroregions but it is certain that none of the three will be based in the United Kingdom.   The Arc Manche Region will be run from France, the Atlantic Region from Portugal and the North Sea Region from Denmark.   All three now have legal status and receive large grants from the central funds of the EU (which, of course, includes British taxpayers’ money).   Between 2007 and 2013, the Arc Manche Region will receive an annual budget of £261 million, the Atlantic Region £127 million and the North Sea Region £219 million. 

In other words, the EU is busy knitting the various nations so tightly together, destroying both local and national loyalty, that it will be difficult to unpick them and retrieve our countries should we ever wish to leave the European Union.  
And that’s the idea."

Tip of the beret to author Sonia Porter for the explanation.


May 22, 2012

The Euro, Explained

By fictional genius, Lord Slackbladder:

Baldrick: What I want to know, Sir, is before there was a Euro there were lots of different types of money that different people used. And now there’s only one type of money that the foreign people use. And what I want to know is, how did we get from one state of affairs to the other state of affairs?

Blackadder: Baldrick. Do you mean, how did the Euro start?

Baldrick: Yes sir.

Blackadder: Well, you see Baldrick, back in the 1980s there were many different countries all running their own finances and using different types of money. On one side you had the major economies of France, Belgium, Holland and Germany, and on the other, the weaker nations of Spain, Greece, Ireland, Italy and Portugal. They got together and decided that it would be much easier for everyone if they could all use the same money, have one Central Bank, and belong to one large club where everyone would be happy. This meant that there could never be a situation whereby financial meltdown would lead to social unrest, wars and crises.

Baldrick: But this is sort of a crisis, isn’t it, Sir?

Blackadder: That’s right Baldrick. You see, there was one slight flaw with the plan.

Baldrick: What was that then, Sir?

Blackadder: It was bollocks.

So there you have it.


PS-Tip of ye olde beret to some bloke on Twitter. I thang yew.

Rebellion Updates

Not much to tell, but let's do it anyway.

The Corporation Tax Thing

Not a peep out of them for a very long time. At least 18 months have passed since they wrote to me threatening all sorts, including legal action. You may recall that my answer was "Bring it on". They have taken no action so any reasons from me as to why this is so would be pure speculation.

The Working Tax Credits Thing

You may also recall our spat about over-payments. They did pay me more than I needed but I met all of my obligations in informing them of any changes in my circumstances. I asked them eleven times to stop sending me money. Like most government agencies, they continued to write cheques recklessly and needlessly. Their last missive said that they would pursue me because I had messed up. My reply was scathing. I highlighted every time they dropped the ball. Which was pretty much every time they came into contact with it. I refused point blank to pay them a farthing. Nothing heard since then. (About 8 weeks ago, this was).

The Speeding Thing

I have now received the camera calibration certificates and the photographs. It all looks in order to my (untrained) eye. I may have to capitulate on this one, but not for the obvious reasons. I will tell you more about this in a future post. It is a bizarre story, to say the least. Sorry to tease you, but I have to make some discreet inquiries before making a final decision on whether to go ahead or not. I anticipate the usual wailings from those who disagree with my stance, but I ask that you keep your powder dry until I do a follow up post.

The Electric Thing

Remember me asking my utilities provider last year to provide evidence that they "must charge 12% annually for climate change/environmental charges"? At first they said that the government ordered them (via legislation) to collect this money. When challenged by me they said that no such legislation existed. (But I already knew that). They still owe me an answer. In the meantime, my electricity bills have dropped from £3800 a year to just above £2000 a year. I anticipate still further reductions. They were shafting me, and I shouted about it. I said no. How many other people are being ripped off? Will they take action? I truly hope so.

More updates as they happen.


May 19, 2012

Home Is The Hunter..

..home from the, erm, Prague.

It's good to be back, as always, but I will yearn for the Czech Republic as it is such a lovely place. I didn't see much more than a fraction of it and it is, like most European nations, steeped in history.

The only negative thing I saw, and I saw it times without number, is the graffiti. All those fantastic buildings, and many of them have been 'tagged' by the graffiti artists. Well, the word artist is wrong in this sense because it just looked like a mess. A shame, really.

Random stuff, seen and heard:

In the hotel restaurant at breakfast yesterday: a pretty lady takes out a pill-box. Takes a tablet, sip of water. Takes a tablet, sip of water. Takes a tablet, sip of water. She did that nine times.

Walked past an American talking on his mobile phone and I hear: "Just kill it! Bury it in the garden!". Kill what? A horse? A dog? A goldfish? An aardvark? I have no idea.

On the way back to the hotel from the pub: Stepping over a guy passed out on the pavement. It was in a small park and there was tons of space for him to have been. He chose to lie lengthways across the path....

In a 1920's tram (hired by the event organisers to transport the delegates to the Palace for dinner): the tour guide said, with great pride "Czechs are Europe's biggest drinkers. We drink around 150 litres of beer a year each and we want to improve on this! Please help us by drinking as much as you can at your gala party tonight! The Czech Republic thanks you!!" (Can you even imagine the puritans response to that statement here?).

In the hotel bar, on Thursday night: a stunning blonde hooker repeatedly tried to catch my eye but there was a tall pot plant in the way. I made a game of it by leaning slightly to my right, then, when she saw an opportunity for eye contact I would lean quickly to the left. (I have no clue why I did this. In mitigation, I had consumed an industrial amount of Pilsner Urquell (the Nations Favourite), gin, wine, and assorted (but bizarre tasting) spirits.

At the airport in Prague last night: the Irishman drinking some sort of alcohol from a bottle in a carrier bag. Sip, furtive look around. Sip, furtive look around. All the time he was ten feet away from me as I sat in the bar chugging down a last Urquell before boarding the flight to Amsterdam. (see image below).

Walking around the city in the evenings: Me, (and my boss), turned down thousands of invites from a) furtive looking geezers and b) pretty ladies waving business cards and leaflets entreating us to "Come to titty bar! Beautiful ladies! Very sexy!" and "Guys, come see sexy show. Very elegant, very dirty!" (Elegance and dirt combined, it was hard to refuse that guy).

In the hotel limo on the way to the airport: the driver had a few words of English and I had no Czech so the conversation was bumpy. He would start a sentence in English and, when he struggled, he would switch to Czech. Even though I was stone cold sober I understood him perfectly well. He then abandoned English altogether and spoke his own language and I spoke mine. It worked oddly well.

The food was excellent. Sausage and red (or white) cabbage doesn't sound too exciting but it was great! Washed down with the Czech beer it made for a great snack or a full meal. It was also a pure pleasure to not have to use euros. The exchange rate at the time was 32 Czech Korunas to the £, so it felt cheaper than it was. Of course, it is all relevant. Pound for pound though, it was still cheaper than here, but then again, most places are cheaper than here...

Get there if you can. You will have a blast.


May 18, 2012

Czech This Out

Ever since the smoking ban kicked in back on 26th March 2006 I said that it was the beginning of the end for centuries-old freedoms.

I maintain that statement today.

Things have gone from bad to worse as out-of-control governments pass more and more legislation. The smoker ban was an experiment, a first step to see how/if they could control a population using social engineering. That social control continues with minimum pricing for alcohol "units" with Scotland having stamped the seal of disapproval on drink by stamping the seal of approval on a rate of 50p per unit. Will this stop excessive drinking? No. Will it increase the amount of dosh heading the Treasury's way? Absolutely.

Most, (if not all) legislation is a business model. The only goal is to generate revenue. Your MPs don't give a shit about your health, but they do care a very great deal about your disposable income. They will plot and scheme late into the night to figure out new extraction methods. That may explain why the coalition broke all records in 2011 by enacting an eye-watering 4,116 new ways of taking our money off us.

Like it or not, we live in state that absolutely adores spying on us.* 4.5 million cameras aren't enough. They need now to pry into our personal emails, tweets, texts and phone calls. How they must rage knowing that they cannot capture each and every face to face conversation as well. No doubt someone, somewhere, is working on that. Just like in the movie Freeze Frame (2004 with Lee Evans), we may all find the need to wear a camera headset so that we can record every waking (and sleeping) moment so that we know for sure we haven't bent one the millions of rules and regulations.

*If you disbelieve me, just wrap your eyeballs around this latest privacy invasion.

This is what freedom looks like:

The above is a snapshot taken last night in a bar in the freedom loving Czech Republic. No-one did that false coughing or the inane hand-waving, no-one looked at me sideways, no-one tutted, and there were no cameras to record my sinful ways. The hotel, just like the dozen bars I frequented this week, had good air management systems and when it was dry in the evenings, it was a pleasure (and MY choice) to sit outside the bar and smoke.

I try to explain to non-smokers (not anti-smokers, there is a huge difference between the two) that their freedoms were curtailed as well as ours. They lost the freedom to decide for themselves whether or not it was life-threatening to enter a bar that allowed smoking. Incidentally, no serious study has ever proved that second hand smoke in a bar is lethal. Unpleasant for some, perhaps, but dangerous? No, not in the least. To this day, not one single death certificate contains the phrase "Cause of death: second hand smoke".

In 2006 we had a stock of 58,000 pubs & clubs in the UK. Just a few years on, we have lost around 11,000 of them. Even today (and I do understand the recession hasn't helped matters) we are losing 50-60 pubs every week. I say this: amend the legislation to allow bar owners to decide whether they want smoking or not, and it will be a shot in the arm for our dying hospitality trade.

Bizarrely, I have come to associate the smell of tobacco smoke with freedom. It smells a damn sight better than the piss, the B.O and the cheap perfume which we are assaulted with in pubs nowadays, and smoke smells a damn sight better than the lies and hypocrisy of the anti-smoking crowd. Their biggest, fattest lie was this: "Stop smoking in pubs and clubs and we will turn up, in our millions, to fill them" They did not show up, then they had the audacity to blame the smokers for the carnage that followed.

If I can smell smoke indoors, I know I am not in an oppressive or repressive society.

Go figure, as our American cousins are wont to say.


More On Voting

Two posts for the price of one today. Courtesy of our guest blogger Gaius.


More On Voting

Now that the dust has settled on the council elections, I would like to make a few observations.
Support for UKIP stopped the tories controlling at least three councils.
This benefits us here in three ways.
1. It proves a vote for UKIP is not wasted since it has a real effect. .
2. The labour party took over the three councils. Even though there isn't really any difference between the three main parties the general public don't really understand this. So it is better that the general public blames the socialists for the inevitable failures.
3. Several backbench tories have already started making noises, not that Camoron will pay any attention to them, this does however make the tories appear weak and divided.
Several commentators on my last post said that they didn't vote and were not even on the electoral register.
Look, I can fully understand not wanting anything to do with the state but can someone explain how not being on the electoral register actually stops the states interest in you? They will still want to tax you in the myriad ways that already exist, they will still want to run your life. Is this really some sort of magical panacea that gets the state to leave you totally alone?
Therefore if not being on the electoral register makes no difference why not vote anyway?
I'm not pretending that the democratic process is wonderful, it's clearly not. The voting system, electoral fraud in immigrant areas and the deliberate lying of most political parties say otherwise. But both the leadership and a majority of the membership of UKIP appear to want a smaller state and lower taxes and there is no downside to giving them your cross.
Voting is simply another stick with which to beat our enemies with along with everything else we can do.
I may as well mention the muslim thing. It is clear that my comments were directed at the loony fundamentalists who worship a particularly nasty kiddie fiddling, warmongering sky fairy. Moderate muslims who do their thing in private and don't want to force their views on others will understand this and not be offended. The rabid drooling nutters will be offended but ffs these fucked up scum deserve all the shit they get so it is right and proper that decent people take the piss and make them a laughing stock. 
And by openly deriding their stupidity, we win.
William Hague Is A Cunt
William Hague wants business leaders to "work harder" for the good of the country.
I own my own business, why the fuck should I work harder simply to pay more tax. Why the fuck should I work harder simply to spend more time complying with all the useless bureaucracy that the govt insists I do for them. 
Who the fuck does this pompous prick think he is, I am not your milch cow, we aren't all in this together, you and other cunts like you created the problems and I have no responsibly for any of that shit.
Of course, Hague is right about one thing which is that only businesses and not govts can create jobs. So there is one thing he can do, take all the red tape, the rules and regulations, endless taxes on everything, the EU paperwork, the renewables obligation, the employment regulations, planning laws, licensing rules, quangos, NGOs and bin the lot. Then see the natural talent and hard work of ordinary people send the economy into orbit.
Of course the slap head twat Hague won't do this because he would then be out of a job, useless cunt that he is.

May 15, 2012

Chewsday Chuckles..

In lieu of Friday Funnies.

(I won't be here on Friday as I will be heading home from Prague).

Maybe these piccies will encourage a smile......

And please use the white space as an open forum until I get back.

Good ol' Jack. Man after my own heart.

After he was fired, Jim the Gardener left a wee message for the Fetheringstone-Whittleys.

I was expecting this image a lot sooner, to be honest.

Gotta love those bowling ads.....


The new Olympus 409-1E. For those tricky shots...

Not funny at all, this one.

This image (courtesy of ZeroHedge ) is of the Greek Ministry of Finance.

 And finally,

Ah, Lagos. I miss thee so.

Have a good week. Back on Saturday.