July 14, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogmas Lie

I have been avoiding a detailed piece about religion for some time. This isn't it, but a comment by Mesmer in my last blog post prompted me to at least start to pull the threads together. I will do so soon. It is, as I am sure you are aware, a vast subject that tends to polarize opinion. I am not concerned about upsetting people, or ruffling feathers, but I do want to produce a well researched piece.

Before I get to that, I thought that this link would be useful. Thanks to John over at the Magna Carta Society Blog for leaving me the link in a comment.

You may be wondering why I link psychopaths to religion. I would ask you to look at any world leader in recent, (and ancient) history. Almost all trot down to their church on a Sunday morning, and when asked, willingly tell us that they are God fearing souls. Blair and Bush are both great examples of psychopaths at work. Gordon Brown is known as a "son of the manse" and look at the state of his mind. Look at the damage he did without a single thought for the people he hurt. He, and Bush, and Blair, are remorseless. They all say that they prayed before making major decisions: decisions which, in retrospect, were surplus to requirements. We didn't need to flog off our gold at the lowest price possible. We didn't need to go to war with Iraq. We didn't need to invade Afghanistan. These, and a thousand other decisions, were made by weak men who turned to their faith to make those decisions. As a result, hundreds of thousands died, still more were maimed, and many millions in the US and the UK have suffered as a result of what can only be described as piss-poor management. Yet they will say that they were "guided" by their gods.

The sad fact here is that these psychopaths are/were worse than standard psychopaths (if there is such a thing) because they caused the harm only after consulting their deities. I see this as a weakness, not a strength.

I don't think religion is a bad thing. Or at least, it shouldn't be. I do think it has become corrupted by mans interpretation. How can I disagree with an ideology that reflects my own? I have sworn an oath not to cause harm injury or loss to any of my fellow humans. That comes directly from the King James bible. In fact, 68% of the American constitution comes from the King James bible, and it (the constitution) contains over 15,000 references to the King James bible. Almost every legal maxim I use in my letters and notices to government bodies comes from the bible. So the book itself is a good thing. It largely contains good advice for peace-loving human beings. It is also jammed with sex and violence and maybe that explains why it has topped the best seller list ever since it was first printed. It is also, I might add, the most commonly stolen book from book stores. Perhaps the light fingered bastards should read the Ten Commandments before shoving it up their jumper.

Catholic priests the world over have been raping little boys since time out of mind. If these freaks aren't genuine psychopaths I would be staggered. How can a man, who has committed his life to God, square his vows with these repugnant, and hugely damaging acts? You may well say that "It's rare", but I think it is more common than we know. And for their leader, pictured above, to get perturbed by the revelations, most recently in Ireland, is more wicked than I can comprehend. The piece I will produce will show that the church contains more acts of evil than your local witch coven. Organised religion isn't about faith. It isn't about saving souls. It is a business. Yon Vicar of Christ is a CEO. No more and no less. They have management teams, meetings on strategy, meetings on PR, and they act just as any mega-corporation would act. They have enormous wealth, and via the minds of weak men and women, vastly more power than you or I could fathom.

And just to make this topical, David James Cameron and his sidekick, Nicholas William Peter Clegg are psychopaths as well. Neither could have risen to the top of their respective parties without this affliction. Despite the promises, both are already ignoring the electorate. Both will let us down. Badly. Neither will "save" the country. Neither will do what is right. Neither will destroy leeching quangoes. Neither will get us out of Europe. And neither will get our troops home. Cleggy, unusually, is agnostic. Cameron says he is a Christian.

I have met zealots. Of all faiths. I have met hypocrites. Of all faiths, and those of no faith. I have read about liars, thieves and sexual deviants.

The ones that trouble me the most are those who profess to be Christian.



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Indyanhat said...

Seems strange that after praying to their 'god' they were not brought to mind of the teachings of Christ, love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek etc. Mostly they seem to be reminded of the wrathful god of the Old Testament who went around smiting anyone he felt like smiting...so its not that they prayed to 'god' it is more like they are attempting to emulate the 'old god' and see if they can equal his/its destructive acts...
I wish they would 'get a life'...

Anonymous said...

Thanks CR

Didn't answer my question about "tricks" - but that's ok - maybe on your next post.

Some interesting stuff on this post.

As I said on my last post, I'm not really a religious person. I have read the King James Bible, though - cover to cover - and quite a while ago, too - not just since the nazis decided it was time to re-introduce the 1930's German "experiment" to the entire world.

I've been reading a lot in the last few years, including history. Historians very often, when referring to civilizations, mention morality. When I find myself in deep thought about how we've allowed ourselves to get to where we are and how we can correct it (usually around the time the second bottle of wine is opened) I always end up at religion. Not Catholic or Protestant or Hindu or Sun-worship, just religion. The New Testament states (somewhere - couldn't be arsed to look it up) "treat your neighbour as you would have him treat you" is the most important of the teachings of Jesus. I believe in that - live and let live - and it appears you do, too.

Unlike most intellectuals(?) and libertarian bloggers, I think every society needs a religion of some sort. The nazis have convinced (or coerced) most into accepting that science is that religion - pure and real and factual. Having done that, they have proceeded to pervert science just as surely as the Spanish Inquisition and fiddling priests have perverted catholicism. What religion can we turn to now? Or should we just get drunk?

Look forward to your future posts.


Dioclese said...

If it wasn't for religion, we'd have to find another reason to kill each other.

Caratacus said...

Dioclese - religion may not be the reason men kill each other, but it is usually the excuse they use. I know you said it in jest, but it seems to get to the heart of the matter.

"You have more treasure than me, my gods tell me that I shall have it." "Your skin is darker/lighter than mine, my gods demand that you die." "You open your boiled egg at the Little End and refuse to give an undertaking that you will henceforth open them at the Big End, and, I regret to say that as of 9 this morning I have received no such undertaking. This country is therefore at war with (fill in as necessary)."

Petulant Capricious sects,
Maggots of corrupted texts.

Fuck em... (Now that's what I call reasoned argument).

Dioclese said...

I've just noticed that someone has nominated the pope for eternal damnation on http://damned-to-hell.blogspot.com/

Gotta admire his balls....

Anonymous said...

Satan in Paradise Lost says that only God has the right to decide who is and isn't a hypocrite!