July 27, 2010

New World Disorder

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Disagree if you can.

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microdave said...

Only the bit about "Diligent" Civil Servants. These are the bastards who appear to take great delight in imposing every stupid EU dictat on us. Other member states seem to pick and choose which ones they want, in order to serve their own interests.

For instance, why are we being forced to accept fortnightly rubbish collections, and numerous different bins, yet expats who post on these forums report that they often get their bins emptied daily? We are told it's to meet EU directives regarding recycling, so why doesn't this happen in France or Spain?

Captain Ranty said...

A fair point Dave.

What say we sack all seven million of them?

Problem solved.


richard said...

We're tightening our belts as individuals and yet being milked of cash for the Fourth Reich. Not happy. It's the Queen's fault, she ignored her coronation oath when she let Brown sign the Lisbon Treaty. Hers was (and is) the power to dissolve parliament. Why didn't she?

Captain Ranty said...


Steady now!

We are not allowed to blame Her Maj.

It wasn't her wot dunnit. It was her "evil counsellors". She is blameless. Rubber stamping statutes isn't something that Queenie does. For that activity, she nominates four or five "cousins" to do the stamping for her.

The Merkans would call it "plausible deniability".

It's good to be the King, eh?


Anonymous said...

Microdave has a point Captain. Some bloke in the pub told me the other day that the EU had forced us to ban smoking in pubs. I tried to point out that it was our home grown morons who came up with that one but he was adamant
My only other point is that, for customers to receive my companies products within the EU, it costs them about £15 shipping whereas the Swiss pay over £50. They don't trade on equal terms with the rest of us but have to pay duties. I am not by any means a fan of EU bureaucracy but some of UKIPs economic arguments need to be tested at a slightly less theoretical level.

Sorry about the anonymous but I 'm new to the Blogsphere.

Captain Ranty said...


I would dearly love to lay the blame for the smoking ban on the EU but it isn't so. The UK are signatories to the FCTC (Framework Convention on Tobacco Control) which is a nonsense brought to us by the World Health Organisation.

Wiki has some details here:


Can't argue with your second point. But I'm not all that sure that the EU was ever meant to be "fair".

Everything that they do screams corruption, so this imbalance doesn't surprise me in the least.

All I know is that we would be better off out. The EU does us no favours whatsoever.

Welcome, BTW, to the world of the blogorites.

If you disbelieve everything you read (including my stuff) and double-check, you'll not go far wrong.


microdave said...

@Anon 13:25 - Fair point regarding tariffs. However if we pulled out of the EU the savings from not supporting them would probably more than offset your example.

Have you read "Ten Years On" by Dr Lee Rotherham?

@ CR - "What say we sack all seven million of them?" - That would mean they were still here, and likely to cause trouble. Why not deport them to some African sh1t hole?

Captain Ranty said...


Because they are humans, just like us. They just happen to work for a corrupt outfit. We need to forgive them their sins and help them find more fulfilling jobs.

Jobs that do not harm their sistren and brethren.

They need education, not vilification.


Anonymous said...



If we wanted out of the EU, we'd be out of it tomorrow and the speaker quite rightly states we could balance the budget with the money we'd spend on membership. Think of the change within our society? Our fishing fleets would grow again and we'd not allow any foreign vessels to fish in our waters. We'd have control of our borders. We'd have our own laws again instead of EU human rights bollox. We'd be able to farm and sell what we wanted instead of be regulated how much we can export which is decreasing to imports. Europeans would no longer be able to pile into the UK and take jobs from British workers, not forgetting college and university places....When you actually sit and think about the benefits to Britain being out of the EU, like Switzerland it's unbelievable we're in!
If the people all demanded (and I mean a lot of people in the UK, that's British nationals not Europeans/non Europeans as it's nothing to do with them, as they will vote to be in the EU if they're benefiting from it here) we leave the EU tomorrow, no referendum needed, WE SIMPLY LEAVE, there is nothing the government could do. As public servants their jon is to enact the will of the people. They work for us.

I've just had a rant on Dark Lochnagar's blog about soldiers and I used to support them, but now I don't. They join up as nothing more than puppets of war to be put here and there at the behest of our politicians, but more importantly bankers and corporations' will to secure oil in foreign lands. They ARE NOT protecting my rights, dying abroad as the speaker states. They are dying, fighting in a foreign land, against people who posed us no threat whatsoever and to secure an oil pipeline for the USA & UK and nothing more. We are fed the bullsh*t that we're imposing democracy and removing the taliban, when in reality it's nothing but hypocrisy because it's ok for us to change their way of life but we complain when radical Muslims preach to install Sharia in ours!!! I spoke (in DL blog) that we do not need armed forces, for there is NO COUNTRY AROUND us that would attack. Think about it, would the French, Dutch, Portugese, Spanish or Danish have a pop? I don't think so. The days of European countries fighting one another for land is long dead! Our armies are kept for two reasons, the first oil and secondly in case it all goes arse over tits for politicians/bankers/corporations when they'll enforce martial law on the streets, having the people fight against their own people.

Anonymous said...

The more you think about it the more mad it gets. I'm not disputing that our soldiers are not brave, but let's look at the bigger picture here, it's their choice to turn themselves over to become mindless, controlled automatons to the government. They are not an army for the people, but an army for the government/bankers/corporations as previously stated. They say that the armed forces just do their job and don't complain, yet IT'S ABOUT BLOODY TIME THAT THEY DID because they should be concerned that they've marched illegally into another man's land and waged a war against them that should never, ever have been. If I worked in a bar as a doorman and the manager asked me to go and beat the bejesus out of a customer whom he didn't like, I'd get charged with assault, yet our f*cking politicians do exactly the same, give orders TO MURDER and nothing gets done about it! The blatant hypocrisy is staggering. If there was no army there would be no war as politicians would have to do the fighting instead of getting others to do it for them.

We all have choice in life. This is something I've always known and we all (should at least) have a conscience.

The one world government is very close. If the people cannot willfully agree, complain and protest at their not wanting to be in the EU, then what's to stop the enforcing of a one world government?
The continuing influx of Europeans into the UK to work and study is exactly the plan of the NWO. The more friendships made with non Brits in Britain will put people off wanting to be out of Europe. I've nothing whatsoever against non Brits, I go to their lands and spend my money in tourism, but I have no intention of staying and taking up their college positions or work places. Yet this is happening here and it doesn't take a rocket scientists to realise that if there are more and more immigrants coming in to your land to take tertiary education positions and jobs, then your own indigenous people will suffer. This is nothing more than common sense. It also helps establish the one world government because an immigrant is not going to vote against themselves being here are they?

When you complain about it, you're lambasted as a xenophobe, a fascist, a bigot and a racist when you're far from any of these slurs. The EU has only benefited those countries less off than others and sadly most are former soviet block, yet they're trying to re-establish communism, via communitarianism within the whole of the EU.
People will remain willfully ignorant when they should be acting against it. But they don't and they won't.

richard said...

Archbishop of Canturbury "Will you solemnly promise and swear to govern the Peoples of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,(etc etc) according to their respective laws and customs?"
Queen: Errm...yes.
Years later,Brown scuttles off to sign Lisbon; HM could fire him but doesn't; goodbye laws and customs.

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Laws and Customs infringed by traitors do not go away, unless we let them.

Anonymous said...

There is really only one way to stop government abuse of our laws and natural birthright liberties....


Instead we have local people in charge of our towns and cities, who are answerable to the people and law of the land regardless.

richard said...

I agree, Harbinger. 100%.

microdave said...

"They just happen to work for a corrupt outfit. We need to forgive them their sins and help them find more fulfilling jobs."

According to Francis Maude there are many "Civil servants 'treading water' with no job to do - because it's too expensive to make them redundant"


So we're pretty well stuffed whatever we do....

Captain Ranty said...

Christ almighty.

And here's me thinking that "purdah" was that time between outgoing and incoming governments.

It seems to be a permanent state!

"They just happen to work for a corrupt outfit. We need to forgive them their sins and help them find more fulfilling jobs."

Maybe I need to change this line to:

"They just happen to work for a corrupt outfit. We need to forgive them their sins and help them find jobs."

Thanks for the link.