July 26, 2010

War Is Hell


Today we learn that civilian casualties are much higher than reported. No real surprise there. It has been said that the first casualty of war is the truth, and that has been true for every war fought since we started fighting wars.

Wikileaks have released many thousands of reports submitted in real time, covering a five year period of sustained activity in Afghanistan. Many are routine reports, but far too many more are terrifying. One report relates to a squad of men on patrol that found an IED. Instead of taping off the area and calling in the bomb disposal team, they were "bored", and called in an airstrike instead. All good so far. But the missile overshot the IED and killed seven non-combatants in a nearby village instead. Not bored anymore, are you lads?

There is a ton of stuff here.

You will be pleased to learn that our taxes are paying for this. I recently demanded that HMRC return all of my taxes paid since the illegal invasion. Under domestic and international law we are all guilty of providing an invading army with finances for war machinery and troops. HMRC wrote back and said I was absolved. I said that this was lovely but that I would need to see that in writing, preferably from the Minister of Justice. They have not yet complied with my demand for a rebate nor have they supplied proof that I am not violating domestic and international laws.

The human cost of this illegal and needless war is far too high. Here we have just one example of incompetence that prematurely ended the lives of seven people. No doubt someone will spend a great deal of time compiling the numbers.

What will that prove? What will we learn?

Mostly that they are lying to us, and that we are paying them to do so.

Meanwhile, innocent men, women and children are dying, and are being maimed. How much longer will we allow this to continue?

What will YOU do about it?

I suggest you start with your MP/MSP and wing a note to the taxman. If we don't give them any money they will be forced to withdraw our troops.

At the very least you will be noting your horror and disgust, which may help when they start charging us all with aiding and abetting an illegal war.



richard said...

Sorry, but my Help for Heroes watch strap now in the bin. "Reaper" aircraft is the last straw. The pilot flies it from a desk 3000 miles away. We aren't Guy Gibson or Paddy Maine out there, we're the Death Star.
Help for heroes? Here's the hero.
(as usual, our friend Stef gets it right again.)

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Richard.

Two excellent videos there.

Note to everyone else: if you are looking for a hero, watch these two videos and you will find him.