July 29, 2010

Militarising US Police Departments

Armoured vehicles, military grade M16 assault rifles, active denial system weapons.....

Reads like a shopping list for an infantry unit.

Instead, this is what Homeland Security are buying for the police.

Just what are they preparing for? And will we follow suit? We know by now that when the US and A sneezes, we catch a cold.

We have similar uniforms. That's a start.

I wonder when the big fancy guns will appear on our streets, with RoboThug clinging onto them?



Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Captain.... sorry old chap , it's already started in my neck of the woods (SW UK)

Witnessed a truly scary police stop (30 metres from my effin house)- armed with H&K autos , a collection of yokel plods did impersonations of that fat shaven headed cockney no-neck night club door chimp comedian fellow, Frank Spencer goes SAS and assorted Police Academy characters.

It was dreadful, oversize Kevlar hats on askew, body armour velcros and buckles all over the shop and body language that if nothing else demonstated that they were not exactly familiar with firearms and clearly some didn't care/know about the etiquette of pointing the business end of their firearm at passers by. Made me think of the clown in Thames Valley.

They did a car on car stop in a residential area narrow main road with plenty of cover for a real slam dunk urban firefight... and Saturday morning civvy strollers stood around agape. A few looked a bit pleased with themselves too - weirdly the subject of the takedown was sat in a plod car unrestrained and appeared to have his driving license out..... (OK I made that up) - but he wasn't arrested.

I understand that Avon & Somerset plod have grand plans

Anonymous said...


Always had this feeling that eventually the overall desire is to connect the police to the military. We already have the military police who look after the bad armed forces lads (as we're told) but my suspicions are they want to combine the police and the military into one unit.

One thing you always here is "The military would never go against the people and protect them against others who'd try to oppress them. The police however wouldn't."And do you not think the PTB don't know this?
So kill two birds with one stone, remove the military but keep the police by simply combining the two together.

All I can really say is one thing - rearm the people so we can combat against the government when they decide to fully chain us. People really can't see what's going on, hence why celebrity culture seems to grow 100% every second of the day in our media.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Military + Police in 1 unit? - surely that's the Gendarmerie ? The Gendarmes are soldiers , part of the French Army.

EU conspiracy anyone?

Captain Ranty said...


As an ex-soldier that picture of the gaggle of plod is worrying. All it would take is one bad guy with a machine gun to take out the whole cadre. Never bunch up like that!

As a civilian it also worries me. Why do they need to patrol with weapons? What is the threat? Is it terrorism? If so, has no-one told Avon & Somerset Dibble that the bad guys are half a world away?

It's getting worse for absolutely no sensible reason that I can fathom.


Captain Ranty said...


Again, you are right on the money.

What used to baffle me was that we, the people, would just watch these sinister developments and say nothing.

I fully agree with your last point: lets all get guns.

An armed society is a polite society. Crime will plunge overnight.


Captain Ranty said...


EU conspiracy?

No such thing. These bastards are pretty transparent about their plans to control us.

EU fact, more like.


Anonymous said...


LOL @ "What used to baffle me..."

It still does! More so that I'm far more clued up than I was, even though then I always knew something wasn't right.

Politicians are great at talking about change, yet the change they tell us that's for the good we know will be the "Medusa touch" to our lives.

The only change for the good we can ever have in life is by ourselves.
As I grow older, I'm beginning to understand the bible far more. What if the book is merely a book of symbols and the devil is merely the characterisation of evil? It is becoming more and more apparent that the offering of society of gifts is just what the devil offered to Jesus. Yet he of course refrained. Having read the protocols again of late and reading Henry Makow's latest article I saw the following (in a link):

"their youth has grown stupid on classicism" from the first protocol. And we know (as a responder stated) about classism:

"Classism, as in placing emphasis on social status, that makes sense. And what is today's classism based on? Fame, power, money, and sex."

It is the likes of you and I who have got off the train. We no longer choose to travel, wedged, restricted between the rails to the ultimate destination. This train of course, full of today's people promises to take them to Utopia, when in all reality it's taking us to the Abyss that Marx fell into and whose plans were to pull everyone else in with him.

I can tell you, it's a hard life being different. Yet it's what I've always been. No longer part of society. Unable to communicate with people around me as I continue to think, in conversation with them when they're on about some mindless subject, "do you actually have a clue what's going on outside your own f*cking reality!"
Sure, people will probably classify me as arrogant when I see myself merely as a realist, who likes to remove the facades people don't or refuse to. Sure they will call me a pessimist but that's what a realist is in the eyes of the optimist.

The only real saviour for us all is a complete destruction of the system. People simply do not realise that it's corrupt to the core and has to be removed completely. Like the weed that grows wild, leaving any part within and it will regrow, this is why I look at people who look for a democratic and peaceful approach to taking back society using the system that's been abusing it since day one. All I can really say is these people I compare to Boromir of Gondor who wanted to take the ring back to Minas Tirith. The ring (system) is too evil and no matter how you try to use it for good it will never be. Lord of the Rings is a deep book and Tolkien spoke of far more than people realise.

Smash the system. Destroy government and bureaucratic control of people's lives. Take your lives back from the people who took them from you without your consent. Pick up your swords and put down your ploughshares. If they can send troops legally to murder Afghans and Iraqis abroad, then we can dam well arm ourselves and defend ourselves from these evil people who sanctioned it.

Changing society starts with changing yourself. Glued to the TV and immersed within the media that change will never happen.

Tapestry said...

Ask Raoul Moat