July 25, 2010

Judge Napolitano

You don't have to be an American to be moved by this terrific speech by Judge Napolitano.

 I'm not, and I was.

Go here and press "play".

Lend him your ears, and know this: our government is not the only one stripping rights and freedoms.

They have to be stopped.

And that, my friends, is your job.



Anonymous said...

O/T apologies CR


Private company assuming they have police powers.


Captain Ranty said...

Olly, if it involves injustice then it is never O/T here.

An incredible story. And, FWIW, your reactions/actions were all bang on.

Your counter-actions are also spot on.

It's time we let these petty tyrants know that they have no more power than you or I. The same goes for the police, BTW.

The follow-up will be interesting.


Anonymous said...

Yes, will be updating as soon as I hear from all the relevant people :-)

It's through sites like yours and many, many others that I have a much better understanding of my rights than I used to.


richard said...

A great speech, thanks for posting it.

banned said...

A half hour well spent, thank you.

One slight problem was that as is usual with Americans describing their sufferings under the British Empire he fails to recognise that, at the time of their rebellion, the 13 Colonies were the least taxed of all the Kings realms, including the Home Countries.

But that does not alter the main point that our freedoms are ours by right of birth and not for the Government to grant or remove as they see fit, still less the evil EU.

Captain Ranty said...

Yes, I spotted a glitch or two as well.

But as you say, they didn't affect the main thrust.