July 05, 2010

Propaganda. Journalism. Same Thing.

An excellent speech by John Pilger.

Given his extensive experience in the MSM who is better qualified than he to say that propaganda and journalism are one and the same?

Most of my readers understand it well. They have been saying so for years.

But it is nice to hear a professional vindicate us.




Anonymous said...


There's a link on my blog to an exceptional video called Orwell Rolls in his Grave. This took over twenty years to make and pretty much spells out the media in the USA, but could easily be anywhere in Europe, especially the UK.

Simply put, journalists are nothing but media whores. They are paid for doing what others tell them to write about. Very few journalists today actually write from the heart, are revolutionaries, free thinkers, libertarians and advocates of freedom of speech. It's very sad, but the control the media has over society is why it's in the rapid decay it is today.

Thanks for the video.

Indyanhat said...

Brilliant video Cap'n thanks, Pilger is an absolute star and so well informed ...grea posting!

Anonymous said...

I already knew that war was full of awful atrocities.

I have also known for a long time now that proganda is spouted by our newspapers.

But this video just reminds me of all that is wrong with Western Democracies and in particular the American one.

in all his efforts to point out the flaws of Western Democracies, I hope Mr Pilger has not forgotten that other forms remain so very much worse.

From a purely selfish perspective, I'd rather have an American (NATO) presence in Afghanistan providing a focal point for religious extremists than have them spreading the Caliphate to my land. What would happen to him if he tried calling Hamas a 'gang' in front of an audience in the Gaza strip? Has he never heard of 9/11?

And with the benefit of hindsight, his apparent admiration of Chavez seems more that just a little misplaced now.

But yes, he should know propaganda alright, he's done more that his fair share in spreading it.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the video doesnt work anymore. I tried to find it somewhere else but couldnt find it, boo.