July 07, 2010

Heading South

Clan Ranty are hitting the road.

Every three years or so we all venture south to visit the folks. Mainly to check that they have our names spelt correctly in their up-to-date wills.

Neither my old dad, nor Mrs Ranty's old dad have been faring too well of late so maybe I shouldn't josh that they may be clocking off soon. They are both made of stern suff though, and will probably outlive us both.

All of which is to say that blogging will be light until we return from Manchester.

Bloody Manchester. Ah well, into every life a little rain must fall.

Y'all stay well now, y'heah?



Anonymous said...

Watch yourselves on the M60 at weekends; roadworks, 40 mph limit enforced by average speed cameras. Stay off Ashton New Road (roadworks for new tram extensions), ditto Ashton New Road though this isn't as badly affected. Cheetam Hill area still traffic nightmare as always.

Anonymous said...

I read this reply you wrote to a guy who was commenting on an article of yours on the "Lawful Rebellion" blog:

If I came across as an all-seeing guru, it was unintentional. I am nothing of the sort. I saw how they duped us with second hand smoke. I saw how they duped us with the climate change scam. And I wondered if they had used the same trick with other stuff, like the law, money, and religion.

It turns out that they have.


I am not a church-goer (and in fact, worse than the devil himself - a smoker and drinker) I have spent the last 3 to 4 years trying to learn some history (and science and logic and philosophy and law) as to how Canada has got to the state it is in. This was prompted by the smoking ban, but each stone one turns over one starts to see how it is so much more than that. Would you be so kind as to let me know, briefly, the "trick" used with respect to religion.

Thank you


James Higham said...

maybe I shouldn't josh that they may be clocking off soon

All the more reason to - death should be done with a sense of humour.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

But too much is falling in mine...

Dioclese said...

Yaw'll have a nice time now, hear?...

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Gets my vote...