July 23, 2010

The Hopi Prophecy

...is complete.

This short video explains.

Lessons for us all in there, I reckon.



Anonymous said...

That's a lovely video CR.
It's interesting that he should talk about battling the governments, to get back bonds and money when it's going to be worthless in the future. There will always be money but the corrupt system of creating money from thin air, no longer being connected importantly to the gold standard of what actually exists will simply disappear, hopefully for good. Along with it power also.

It's important for all to start thinking about basics such as how to farm the land. It will mean going back to our cultural roots, our traditions and creating once again beautiful people within, not without (although there will always be physical beauty not the fake beauty of today). We will see a return to our crafts and skills that have been disappearing over the last century. We'll also have local pubs, with local breweries and the freedom to smoke, natural tobacco again with no c*nt telling us what we can or can't do. We'll also see and end to trading in houses and possibly landlords. We'll have the land that will be our own to farm and raise children on as we used to throughout time.

I'm beginning to like the future that's on its way. I think you and many are too.

Captain Ranty said...


Last night I watched a very early version of the telling of the Hopi Prophecy. It should be alongside this video on YouTube. Fascinating stuff, and accurate!

The fella that did this video is a practising Freeman. You should be able to find the clip where he gets nabbed by two cops. (No license, no insurance). Ten minutes later the cops leave. Happy with his reasons for having neither.


Anonymous said...


I'll certainly have a look for this guy and his videos. Freemen are springing up all over the place. Good to see.

Snakey said...

I recommend watching Koyaanisqatsi.

Fascinating movie, with the Hopi prophecies as inspiration.