July 31, 2011

Petition On A Referendum

Ordinarily, I don't do petitions. Not because I don't believe in the particular cause, but because I have seen so many get rejected out of hand by the muppets in Westminster.
I am highlighting this one because, under their rules, if over 100,000 people sign a petition, it may get heard.
Who knows? It may be this one. I would be surprised, very surprised, if this one doesn't generate millions of signatures. 
Even if, like me, you don't think it has legs, sign it anyway. It might get Pinky and Perky's attention. It's time they knew the depth of feeling on this issue.

UKIP has thrown its weight behind the Daily Express ePetition calling
for a referendum on the EU, with just 100,000 names needed before the Government considers a debate in Parliament on the issue.
UKIP Leader Nigel Farage urged all Party members and supporters to add their names to the ePetition as soon as possible.
He said: "This is a real chance to force the Government into a proper, Parlimentary debate on an issue that affects everyone in the UK, every single day of their lives but on which they have been denied a say so far.
"So we back the Daily Express call for an EU referendum and I hope every UKIP member, their families, friends anbd work colleagues will add their names to the ePetition.
Use all the tools at your disposal to spread the word. Put it on your Facebook page, re-tweet on Twitter, whatever it takes, spread the word.
"The Government has said it will consider any issue for Parliamentary debate if 100,000 people put their names to it. With the weight of feeling about the EU in this country, particularly over the economic bailouts,
we could easily achieve 10 times that number!
"This is also a chance for UKIP to call on support for the petition from across the
board and put Nation before Party. At last, we could be given a say on the one big question: In or out?

"So, please, add your name now!"

Click here to sign the petition



July 29, 2011

Just WTF Are You, Mrs Windsor?

It's make your mind up time.

We have asked the question several times here at Ranty Barracks, but now it has been asked as an FOI request. It is a simple question. The kind you and the government have the most trouble with.

Even your "own" Attorney General seems unable to tell us whether you are a citizen or a monarch.

What. Are. You? It doesn't get much simpler than that.

It may not matter to you, with your 6,600 million acres of land. You are sitting pretty whatever you decide to call yourself.

We, on the other hand, need to know. It does affect us. Whenever we are stopped by the police, or end up in court, or get questioned by UKBA on the way in or out of our own country, are just three examples.

Why does it matter?

It matters a very great deal because these people are acting in your name. And if you are merely an EU citizen, I have no need to listen to any of them, at any time about anything. Neither does anyone else. They carry no more weight than say, a fruit seller on the streets of Marseille, or a taxi driver in Dusseldorf.

They derive their powers from you, sweetie, and if you have none, neither do they.

You can really understand why the AG has no desire to let that particular cat out of that particular bag, can you not?

Just so we are clear, I am absolutely convinced that your traitorous actions ever since you put that funny little crown on, render you a meaningless little old lady. You have an out, if you want one: (in the words of whoever wrote Quantum Leap) you need to put right what once went wrong. Sadly, you will have to renounce your citizenship of Europe, but we will forgive you that. Take back ALL the sovereignty you unlawfully gave to the EU.

Until you do this, my allegiance remains with the Barons Committee (2001), and I will continue to ignore every single statute you ever signed.

If it were just me, you (and the fraudsters who represent you) could continue to treat me as an irritant. But it isn't, is it? There are hundreds of thousands just like me who have sent in their Affidavits, aren't there? And, lovey, when the rest of the country realises that they have more power than you do, (after all, they didn't give away what wasn't theirs to give away, they didn't violate their oaths), the jig is up.

Game over. Cancel Christmas. Lights out.

Unless you do what you must do, you deserve to be remembered as the most traitorous monarch for all eternity.


July 28, 2011

We Are Not Your Slaves!

If you truly believe that you are free in 21st century Britain, if you truly believe that you are not enslaved for life, then do NOT show up at New Street Station in Birmingham on the 20th August.

If, however, you have even one eye open, and have been mystified and angry to find out that you are indeed shackled from birth, forking over your well-earned coin to the most wasteful government(s) in many, many decades, then jump on a train, a bus, a plane, a bike, walk, or drive to this event.

Voice your disgust, your disagreement, your discontent, at this gathering of free-thinkers. Share your thoughts with others. We all have much in common. Frustration is growing.

There will be no leaders, no organisation, no structure, no control. You can bring them all with you. Only YOU are responsible for your actions. Bring a calm heart and an open mind. Be peaceful, be forceful, be rebellious. Tell them, in one mighty voice, "NO!"

Or, go back to sleep.

Ignore those invisible chains. Ignore the theft of your sweat equity, ignore the loss of your liberties, ignore the fact that your nation is being handed to the dreadful EU slice by slice.


Tip of the beret to our pal Mescalito for bringing this to our attention.

July 27, 2011

Pat Condell On The Norwegian Nutter

Pat says that violence is never the answer.

I agree that it shouldn't be, but until governments, all governments, accept that as a starting point, all the protest marches and demonstrations in the world will not bring about the change we need.

The change we want.

The change we deserve.

Very few governments around the world keep listening to the voters once they have their cozy little seats picked out in parliament. Why should they? They got what they wanted and they seem to try mighty hard to make sure you never get what you want. Campaign trail promises are worthless, but the problem is, we never learn that particular lesson.

Violence may not be the answer, but it is the only thing they understand.

Don't believe me?

Ask Assad. Ask Gadaffi. Ask Mubarak. Ask Ben Ali.

Give me some time with the history books and I'll find you dozens of examples.

Violence works. However much we abhor it. And as much as I hate to say it, you ain't seen nothing yet. The world, huge chunks of it, are on the edge. TPTB has systematically robbed its taxpayers for decades. Liberties have been stolen in the name of terrorism, security and stability. To be free in the 21st century means giving up all of your freedoms. Not content with taking, and wasting our money, they started in on our childrens money, and their childrens. The one thing all governments excel at is wasting our money. People will not stand for that. Not for much longer.

Like it or no, something wicked this way comes. And it will not be avoided by writing a stern letter to your MP.

Am I Pat's enemy now, for simply daring to write that down?


PS-Tip of the beret to the wonderful Sue over at Muffled Vociferation where I found Pat's latest video.

Free Papa Coley

The short version:

Retired shopkeeper, 72 years old, playing cards with his friends in a shop, two armed thugs walk in to rob the place, Papa Coley stabs them both, one thug dies. Papa arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. (Odd, since one of them died).

Long version here.

Instructions for the bobbies and the CPS:

Let. Him. Go.

Then apologise for wasting his time.

The two thugs came with GUNS, Papa Coley defended himself with a KNIFE.

Got it?


In fact, fuck the apology, give the man a medal.


July 25, 2011

The Crusade Against Socialism

Having read thousands of words about the Norwegian mass murderer, I suppose, like most, I wanted to know why he did what he did.

I have read a largish chunk of Anders Breivik's own writings and try as I might, I can see no madness there.

And yet, 98 people are dead. 91 of them young adults. How can the man not be insane? How could he have detached himself so much that he didn't see young people in his rifle sights but the future enemy? He wanted whoever he shot to stay down. We know this because early post mortems on the bodies show that he used dum-dum rounds. These rounds break up on impact and do horrendous damage to a human body. The bomb he detonated near the PM's office was massive but he was able to do that remotely. (He had to, in order to ensure that he got away from the carnage to complete phase 2 of his plan).

I cannot conceive of a mind that can switch itself off while slaughtering 91 younglings.

All we can do now, I suspect, is bury and honour the dead, and then look for reasons for for this man's actions.

It seems, from what I read here that his motivation was the growth of Muslims in European cities and the growing Islamification of our societies. In this, he has a point. I have stated repeatedly here and elsewhere that this is a numbers game: Muslims have four children to our two. It is simply a matter of time before we are outnumbered in our own nations. As always, I will openly state that I have met and worked with thousands of Muslims in the last 25 years. We get on very well together. I learnt a great deal about (ordinary) Muslims in countries like Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

But, as much as I like them, (I have dozens and dozens of friends and colleagues dotted around the Middle East and North Africa), I do not want them to come to my country and change it to suit themselves. I never did that in their countries so I expect exactly the same courtesy in return.

You want Sharia Law? Fine. Head off to a country where that is practised and accepted by all in that society. To the developed world, Sharia Law is barbaric in many aspects. We do things differently here. No, it may not be to your liking but remember: our house, our rules. If you don't like the rules, leave.

I realise that some of what I am saying today will cause alarm to some. It will definitely upset the socialists, but I can live with that. It will upset some Muslims although in my (real world) experience, it won't be many. My Arabic friends are quite content to stick to traditional methods though many also say they would prefer our system to their own. I found, in my conversations with Arabs, that if I ask a direct question from a group I get a stock answer. In Libya, for example, in January this year I asked three or four guys at a coffee shop (I knew them all), "Who here likes the Colonel?" All said, almost in unison, "Me". When asked later, individually, they all said that Gadaffi was a complete and utter lunatic, disliked, loathed even, by most Libyans.

Anders Breivik knew that if he attacked a mosque, or another great gathering of Muslims, a new front would have immediately opened, manned by the Islamic fundamentalists, and thousands of lives would be lost. His plan then, seems to have been to cull (there is no other fitting word for it) the next generation of socialist leaders at their youth camp. This, coupled with his bombing of the PM's office, was his way of saying that socialism must end. We cannot, and must not, cope with an ever increasing influx of Muslims, and a wide range of other nationalities into Britain. Immigration must be checked. If it is not, we morph into some socialists idea of a standard human. With no local or national identity. They want to remove the one thing that makes us individuals. We are supposed to be assimilated.

I will resist this until my last breath. I am not Borg, and I have no desire to be. My only rule is that I will resist without recourse to violence. It violates my oath which is to cause no harm. It violates my sense of decency-attacking young people with high powered rifles surely violates everyone's sense of decency-so I will not be seeking change that way. I have around 200 peaceful ways to ruin the socialists party without picking up a weapon more dangerous than a pen.

And yet, for thinking this way, I am an enemy of the state. For writing it down further condemns me.

I read a great piece yesterday by Tom Paine in which he says:  

"After the merest pause for a respectful nod to Norway's dead, it was on with the usual smear tactics and guilt by association before demanding that something be done about people whose opinions are readily detectable by their use of social media. If you tweet, blog or post any non-conforming opinions in comments, you should be very afraid this morning.

Try the following checklist:
  • You do not trust the British state
  • You believe that the Labour Party and its fellow-travellers are the greatest enemies of our liberty
  • You believe the BBC has a left-liberal bias
  • You believe that British academia is dominated - and our education system warped - by the left
  • You believe that immigrants have been allowed into Britain faster than they could reasonably be assimilated into our way of life
  • You believe that the left-liberal consensus facilitated this deliberately to create client groups for its own electoral advantage
  • You are tired of our capital being known as 'Londonistan'
  • You believe that citizens have the right to armed self-defence
  • You have called for politicians to be held personally to account (perhaps with a few lurid 'swinging from lamp-post' references)
Tick any two or three of those, and you are suspect."

I ticked them all.

For daring to disagree with the Fabians, I can be considered an enemy of my own country. A country that I wish to save, unlike them, who wish only for its destruction. They give it away to a foreign prelate, against my wishes, and now I have to fight. I have to resist. I have to say no.

I am proud to fight my good fight. I am honour-bound to fight. I am obliged to fight. Even if it is only with a pen or a keyboard. I am not obliged to agree with anyone about anything at anytime. Least of all these socialist creatures, who are, in my opinion, damned.

One thing is for sure, the lefties have already agreed that Breivik is a right wing fundamentalist, so that's alright. He has been weighed, he has been measured, and he has been put in a box. They know what they are dealing with. He will go away for a very long time, forever, perhaps, and that is right and just. Killing people has consequences and justice must and will be done.

The mistake the lefties make is to think that Breivik is rare. He is not. There are millions more like him. Other outrages will follow. More people will die. More bombs will go bang. More bullets will fly. More innocents will die. For exactly the same reasons as Friday's tragedy: the politicians did not listen to what the people wanted. They assumed they knew best. They do not. They always feel the need to "learn lessons" long after an event takes place but if they tried listening instead, they would learn all they need to know.

The Crusade Against Socialism will continue.

Just don't dare say you weren't warned.   


July 24, 2011

Open Thread

Apologies to readers who saw my erroneous post about Woody Harrelson's death. It turns out that he is very much alive. Thank you to Angry Exile and Ravengrim for letting me know the report was a fake.

I wonder at the sanity of those who post fake death reports. Is it ever funny? I like to think that I have a highly developed sense of humour but that report did not make me smile. Not at all. Particularly during such a horrific weekend where needless slaughter, train crashes and sleb overdoses dominate the news.

Mini rant over.

If you have anything on your minds, or a story you would like me to cover, please let me know.

Not sure what is going to happen in the US as they are stalemated in their attempt to find a solution to their economic woes, and, nearer to home, it appears that we have been conned over the latest euro bail out.

The floor is yours.


July 23, 2011

Saturday Drinking Music

An old favourite....

It seems apropos as I am flinging back el vino.

Shitty weekend so far: slaughtered Norwegian kids (85), accidental deaths of Chinese rail users (30 odd), and drug-addled slebs* (1).

Let's hope tomorrow will bring unicorns farting rainbows.

We could use an uptick.


*So far Twitter cares mostly about the dead sleb.

Dear Whitehall.....

I was delighted to read yesterday that you have instructed your minions to find ways to improve the nations happiness quotient.

I am equally delighted to offer you some suggestions. Please see the list below, which is not exhaustive, but will increase my personal happiness by a factor of 10,000 if all are achieved by say, next Friday.

In no particular order:

  • Leave the EU. Tear up ECA 1972.
  • Stop giving millions of £££'s to countries that run a space programme.
  • Cancel all cheques for foreign aid.
  • Buy aircraft for our carriers.
  • Retrain the police force so that they do not see every citizen as an uncaught criminal.
  • Scrap around 99% of those unnecessary statutes.
  • Reduce the size of government to two ministers-one for defence and one for foreign relations
  • Slam that immigration door. Round up illegals and deport them.
  • Sack hundreds of thousands of NHS mandarins. Employ cleaners instead.
  • Remove benefits for those indolents that refuse to work.
  • Take better care of our returning, injured service people.
  • Root out, and shoot, all paedophiles.
  • Reduce income tax to 5%.
  • Reduce the price of petrol to 10p per litre.
  • Rescind the smoker ban.
  • Delete any plans relating to the carbon tax insanity.
  • Build more power stations.
  • Cap the cost of electricity and natural gas.
  • Take better care of our young, our sick, and our elderly.
  • Privatise the BBC
  • Stop giving taxpayers money to "charities".
  • Stop, and I really do mean stop, interfering in our lives.

Got it?


This is only a start. I will have a new list for you when you have completed this one. My commenters here may have some additional suggestions. Read the comments and make them happy by doing as they instruct you.

Yours sincerely,

Captain Ranty (Retd).

July 22, 2011

Labour SCUM!!

Mass murder in Norway and what do we get from a Labour activist?


Tom Miller
Nothing more gut-churning than seeing fellow young socialists martyred for their political beliefs.

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We do not need these types in our country galaxy.


What a nasty, petty-minded, disgusting little man.



Worst. Decision. Ever.

Yesterday was an historic day.

European leaders gathered amid much hype to "save" the eurozone. It will be their undoing.

Until today, I didn't have much respect for Peter Oborne. I have changed my mind. Take the time to read this piece and know that the end is nigh for this disastrous union.

To whet your appetite I will bung in his last paragraph but to see how he got to his conclusion you should have a look at the whole thing.

We are in a helluva mess, and this is how it will must end:

"History has seen many attempts to unify Europe, from the Habsburgs to the Bourbons and Napoleon. This attempt is likely to fail, too. Indeed, a paradox is at work here. The founders of the European Union were driven by a vision of a peaceful new world after a century of war. Yet nothing could have been more calculated to create civil disorder and national resistance than yesterday’s demented move to salvage the single currency."

So, in the final analysis, those clueless few who gathered to make the wrongest decision in decades, wrote their own obituary.

Now all we have to do is wait for the implosion.

There will be blood on the carpet before the sainted union is buried, but it will be worth it.


July 21, 2011

Clegg, And His Fear-Mongering

An odious little nobody squeals, and we are supposed to tremble in terror?

Do be brief, Cleggy. The only people terrified of a EuroZone collapse are politicians, bankers, and Marxists.

If you manage to get through this garbage without vomiting and/or checking on your piano-wire stocks, you are made of sterner stuff than I.

I'll do a little light fisking and you can complete the job in the comments.

His opening statement?

"Nick Clegg has warned that the break-up of the eurozone would have catastrophic consequences for Britain."

No, it wouldn't. Quite the opposite. Britons, and British businesses would benefit to the tune of £110 billion per year.


"The deputy prime minister said that the crisis could have "a direct effect on living standards in this country'."

He's right there. As well as being better off, we could, at last, delete 4,000 new "crimes" from the Rolls, and dump in excess of 135,000 EU regulations. Liberty wins. Our economy wins.

Further on he opines:

"He warned Tory eurosceptics about the risk of a break-up, saying: "Be careful what you wish for."

Look where being "careful" got us? Our freedoms slashed as if they were an irritant, rather than devices to protect us. Being "careful" sees us handing out billions of £££'s to the unelected, unaccountable and the downright irresponsible.


"He said:''We are not an island economy, we can't turn our back on the rest of the world,'' he said."

Yes, we are, it has served us well for centuries, and why would we be turning our backs? Norway and Switzerland, to name but two, seem to cope extremely well."In Europe, but not married to it" would do just fine.


"He said by ''taking the action we did'' Britain had ''moved out of the danger zone''."

That's right Nick. Because now we are wrapped in cotton-wool, eh? Safe as houses, right? Perhaps you could explain why the thought of further integration with Europe scares the bejesus out of me, and everybody I talk to about the Glorious Fourth Reich?


"Mr Clegg said he was "not a starry-eyed, naive believer in all things which have the European flag attached to it" but was a passionate advocate of an open, liberal single market."

You could have fooled us, Cleggy. But then, perhaps it's because we are not thinking long-term, like you. We do not have glittering careers ahead of us in the EU parliament and all the perks that brings with it. In my opinion, the only politicians worth listening to are those defending Britain, not those who give it away, piece by blood-soaked piece, to a sinister group of men and women who care more for themselves and this insane idea that 27 nations can and will sing from the same hymn sheet despite being as different as chalk and cheese.

We need to get out. We need to get out today. Right now. Before those trapped in the Westminster Bubble really do our nation harm. I cannot recall anyone giving the governemt permission to give our nation away to anyone. The last two polls are crystal clear: the British public want to be out of the EU. The Labour Party did itself untold damage by ignoring the electorate. Smart people learn from other people's mistakes.

The onus is on you, me, and every Briton who wants to be able to call him/herself a Briton in the years to come. It's time to save our country from the politicians.

Just to be clear:

I am not a European. I am an Englishman and I am a Briton.

The Union Flag, Cleggy. Have a look at it, and have someone explain to you what it means. Have them explain how many millions have died defending that flag, have them remind you what WWI and WWII were all about. It seems you are criminally unaware of British history.

As a personal favour to me, grab the nearest EU flag and shove it where the sun don't shine.

It will be uncomfortable, but, you are a traitor. You deserve gaol, not just a minor discomfort, and it may serve to focus your mind on the bigger picture.


July 19, 2011

Murdoch Pie

I am having trouble getting my head around the absolute outrage being shat out about this non-story.

Case No 1: 80 year old man gets tased by the police. Twitter says fuck all.

Case No 2: 80 years old man gets a little shaving foam chucked at him. Twitter fucking erupts!

Furthermore, wife of old bloke No 2 assaults foam-chucker and no-one hauls her off to gaol.

Before you scream "WTF?", you should know that she is guilty of common assault. We all saw her attack the foam guy (who is an imbecile) when he was offering no threat to her whatsoever. She had absolutely no right to belt him one.

The imbecile, Johnny No Marbles, has managed to direct everyone's attention away from the (alleged) guilty old bastard and cleverly gets the world to sympathise with him.

FFS! I chuck shaving foam at myself every single day. It doesn't hurt. Not at all.

Grow the fuck up.


D Day Cometh For The USA

And it cometh right soon.

On August 3rd, millions of Americans are expecting their social security payments. The govt need to shell out $23 billion but they only have $12 billion, leaving an $11 billion shortfall. One way around it all is to increase the debt ceiling. The USA is in the hole for an incredible $14.3 Trillion but they need more.

Increasing the debt ceiling would not be good:

"But financial experts say hitting the debt ceiling or coming really close to it would destabilize the markets and the economy. Just how dire the consequences would be is difficult to predict, but many Americans could feel the impact almost immediately.

Stock markets are almost certain to drop sharply. Some analysts say interest rates for Treasury bills and private borrowing would rise abruptly. Others say the flight to safety might actually make investors dump stocks and buy Treasury securities in the short term."

 August 3rd is just the first hurdle. D Day Two arrives on August 15th when they have to pay out $29 billion in interest payments. They don't have that money:

"The next D-day is Aug. 15, when Treasury owes $29 billion in interest but will already have missed $54 billion in scheduled payments if the debt ceiling hasn’t been extended.

“I believe Treasury will always make sure, before all other government spending, [it has] enough cash to pay the interest on the bonds. That has to be the highest priority,” Powell said. “If we default on interest payments, we can sink the whole boat.”

The short story is that if the USA defaults, ordinary Americans are in for a world of pain.

Regular commenters here have said many times that piling debt upon debt will end in tears, or worse; when the money supply dries up, or hyper-inflates, a very real outcome is violence and possibly civil war.

When America came off the gold standard in 1931 their problems began. They created the Federal Reserve (in 1913) and that was their first mistake: allowing private bankers to control the money supply. We have the same problem here, before you start feeling too smug. We will follow the USA into bankruptcy very shortly after they hit the wall. When they sneeze, we catch a cold.

It will not be pretty.

Protect yourselves if you can by buying gold and/or silver. Gold will rocket to $5000 an ounce (currently $1600) and silver is massively under-priced at $40 per ounce. Their paper money is worthless but it won't stop either the Americans or the British pumping it out faster than Bob Mugabe. The presses will run night and day and each new note that rolls off devalues all existing notes by a fraction. The snowball effect will kick in within weeks.

Our economies are built on debt but those "experts" who brought it into being had to know that it could not continue forever. Ironically, it is the "developed" countries that will hurt the most. Emerging nations may owe a lot in loans but their citizens cannot access credit, at least not easily, so they are protected because they do not have debts bogging them down.

It is a mess. Like all messes, someone has to clean up.

I can't wait to see the size of the broom needed for this one.


July 16, 2011

Slow News Day...

...so I thought we could play Find The Pussy.

Have a good weekend!


July 14, 2011

Tax, Or Theft? (Repost from 2009)

I received a new comment on this piece today and I thought I would repost the whole thing. Despite never having found conclusive evidence to support the claims I make in the piece, it remains one of my core beliefs. It still makes absolute sense to me (the notion of "birth bonds") because if I was running a government it is exactly what I would do to generate cash. And, being a member of the government means that I could throw my ethics into the nearest cupboard until I was deselected.

If you are a newbie to all this, please let me know what you think.

Here you go:

Let's kick this off with a quote from Benjamin Franklyn:

"It would be a hard government that should tax its people one-tenth part of their income".

Or how about this one from Winston Churchill:

"There is no such thing as a good tax"

In my last post Anon asked the question "Why shouldn't we pay taxes?" and I thought it would be good to explain why not, or at the very least, present a case for paying a lot less.

Now, I could bang on about the waste but there are better places to see that waste, like the Tax Payers Alliance, for instance. Waste is not a new phenomenon in government. They have outstanding qualifications and vast experience in this area. The money isn't theirs, so they don't take as much care in its disbursement as they should. Legal obligations be damned, it's free money to be used for whatever takes their fancy. It was ever thus.

Or, I could tell you that human beings do not have to pay tax. Bizarre, but quite true. When you were born, a corporation was set up in your name. Once your parents registered your birth, you became a company. From that day, to your last day, you are considered to be a money making machine for the government. They don't call you a company, or a corporation, but that is all that you are. They simply took an everyday word, "PERSON", and redefined it in all of their legal dictionaries. They cannot demand payments from a human being, but they can, and do, from our persons. The clue is the first line on any letter you receive from the courts, or the fixed penalty office, the taxman, or any other government agency: it will say MR JOE BLOGGS or MRS JANE SMITH. All in captials. Check it out. As soon as you see your person in all capitals, they are dealing with your company or, as we also term it, your Strawman. If you really need to see evidence that human beings do not have to pay tax I will issue this very simple challenge: show me just one instance where the words "human being" appear in any of our statutes concerning taxation. I can save you some time here. We are referred to as "persons" "companies" or "corporations", but never humans.

I could also tell you that by paying income tax you are breaking international law. One of the judgements, and subsequently, legislation, that arose from the Nuremberg Trials was that anyone sponsoring/financing/supporting an armed force in an illegal war is jointly and severally liable for harm and injury caused to non-combatants. We fought in Iraq illegally, and we continue to do so in Afghanistan. Our taxes pay for servicemen and women, missiles, war machinery and all that goes with supporting a fighting force abroad. We are, by Nuremberg definitions, culpable in the deaths and injuries to innocents. Morally, lawfully and legally, we can withhold our taxes until the offensive is terminated.

My bugbear in all of this is not a desire to "freeload". My desire, my need, is to be taxed fairly. Is that too much to ask? Without pasting a copy of my payslip here I can tell you that I pay 40% tax on a portion of my income. When I am in Africa I receive a "hardship" allowance per day. By the time I get paid this allowance, the government have stolen almost half of it. They are receiving payment for hardships and dangers that I endure. I don't think that is right, reasonable, or fair.

They misappropriate funds regularly. Let me give a couple of examples:

Tobacco Tax-this is one I am very familiar with. A packet of twenty fags costs me £5.85. Of this, £4.45 goes to the government. This is a tax of 76%. Now, when we add up everyone else's purchases, we get a figure of £8.2 billion, when we add VAT it comes to £11.4 billion. That all goes to the government in taxation. Yet they only spend £1.5 billion of that on so-called smoking related diseases. What do they do with the rest? If all they need to treat these mythical maladies is £1.5 billion, then that is what they should take. Not a penny more.

Road Tax-latest figures show that £44 billion is raised annually via this tax yet only £11 billion is spent fixing our roads. What do they do with the rest? If all they need is £11 billion, then reduce the road tax so that is all they take in.

Council Tax-when the banks failed I was disgusted to learn that almost all local councils had huge sums of money invested in stocks and shares. Some of them lost over £200 million when the Icelandic banks went tits up. These very same councils were crying poverty when we asked them for improved services. "There is no money for that", they said. No, we can see now why there was "no money". It was all in a bank in fucking Iceland. Why weren't they using our money to pay for services? Their pensions have to be considered of course, but are they the highest priority they have? It would appear so. If they have enough to invest in stocks and shares they are patently demanding far too much from us.

Anon rightly asks why we would wish to avoid paying for services, and I guess that if he/she had elaborated, he/she would want to know if Freemen, (or indeed anyone, as I will show), should pay for the NHS, for policing, for the fire service, for local doctors, for housing and education, and the never-ending list of other stuff we need for a society to function well.

One answer is that I have paid for all of these services already. In fact, by the time I first stepped into long pants in 1969 everything I could ever need had already been paid for. I'll say that again. By the time I was 7 years old I had paid for my housing, health care, education, training and security. Within 7 years I had paid for my entire lifetime needs as a citizen of the United Kingdom. In earlier posts I talked about our Redemption Accounts or Birth Bonds. As a reminder, it works like this. Once we have been registered after we are born (usually within six weeks of exiting the womb) up to ten bonds are created in our Strawman name. These bonds earn money on the stock market until the day our deaths are registered. The value of your bonds depend entirely on your background and your projected lifetime earnings. Every quarter the government receives a dividend from these bonds, which, if you could gain control of, would come directly to your bank account. The money is yours, and the value of your bonds is a fantastically huge sum. All of which the government keeps and manages for you because in law, you are defined as a child. A child cannot be allowed to manage such huge funds and cannot be trusted with it. The government very kindly removes that responsibility from us. In Canada, and in the USA, some Freemen have managed to gain control over these funds. It is not an easy thing to accomplish. The secret has been hidden from us for many, many years. I am no economist, but, I know that my projected earnings were around £1 million. If any "moneymen" read this post, perhaps you can tell me what a trust valued at £1M in 1962, if carefully invested, would be worth today?

Assuming I have it all right, and that this is all true, why in the name of all the gods should I now pay the government 53% of my earnings every year? They have my money. Millions and millions of pounds that belong to me. I am incredibly wealthy yet I am prohibited from getting access to funds that grew and matured as I grew and matured.

And since they have all my money does it not seem greedy on their part to want to rob me every month? Does it seem to you unreasonable that I want to stop paying these excessive and unfair taxes? Does it seem wrong if I want to cease making payments for services that I have paid for time and time and time again?

Here's the bottom line, and you need to forgive its crudity: we have been fucked. We continue to get fucked every single day of our lives because successive governments, who are ALL aware of the scam, (at least, the top dogs are aware, they have to be), simply cannot tell us the truth. If they did they would lose control. They control us with punitive taxes, and once we are harnessed to the tax machine there is no escape. We are enslaved forever.

I am one of a tiny, tiny number of people who have studied, read, and understood the depth of this deception, and I want so very badly to correct this abomination that it keeps me awake nights.

You may well ask "But what if everyone felt this way, and took the action you are taking?"

My answer?

Look at the facts. I have 700 to 1,000 daily visitors to my little blog. Of those, I would say that less than 10% believe anything I say although they may find the blog interesting, or it may be a diversion for them. (This is not meant as an insult by the way.  I welcome anyone who reads this stuff. I just wish it was 50 or 60 million). And of that 10% how many do you think will act on any information they find here? 10 readers, 20, maybe? And who can blame people for disbelieving? This information flies in the face of everything we have been taught: be a good citizen, work hard, pay your taxes, stop complaining, others are worse off, etc etc. Its all bullshit. Clever bullshit, I grant you. It is designed so that our enslavement passes by unremarked. We were never meant to know some of the things we have uncovered in the last year or so.

Getting the genie back in the bottle will be impossible in another year or two, as our successes continue to mount up.

If I were in government today I would be terrified. This is world changing stuff.

And I don't say that lightly.

I may have missed some things as I am an awful meanderer. Please chip in with comments if you have time.


NOTE-for the pedants who may trawl back for the original post. I have altered my readership figures above. Back in 2009 I was lucky to have 50-60 daily stalwarts, today that figure varies from 700-1200 unique visitors a day, depending on the article, and linkage from my good pals in the blogosphere.

A Letter To One Of The Despicable

This arrived in my inbox today.

I thought it was worth posting for you to read. The inepts who voted for this £9.3 BILLION gift will never understand the seething outrage felt by we, the giftees.

I fervently hope that they all come to a bad end. Swiftly.

Here it is:

Mr Julian Sturdy MP

Dear Mr Sturdy.

I reproduce below an Internet comment on the amazing decision of this government, including with your support, a £9 Billion gift to the IMF, acting by proxy for the EU, and of course profligate Greek and other bankers. 

The decision beggars belief as a deliberate attack upon all British taxpayers, akin only to thinly disguised theft.

No mandate. No discussion with the electorate. No regard for the masses of people losing their jobs, livelihoods, homes or businesses in the midst of a domestic recession. No regard for an economy in deep debt and failing daily.
No conception of the deep hypocrisy, irony, and contemptible insult of the mantra "We're all in this together".
No, just the same, relentless, ideological crazed obsession with the useless, corrupt and irrelevant European Union.
Above all, no understanding of the deep, and growing, loathing on the part of the electorate for a political class seized with some sort of collective insanity.

We have news for you Mr Sturdy, and all your chums in the cosy 'Westminster Village'.
Although the feckless MSM takes little interest in such a decision, obsessed as it is with worthless trivia - be very sure that there is an informed electorate out there (educated by the Internet not the MSM) for whom this news is anything but trivial.

It confirms their long held belief that this government most definitely is not "theirs" and is regarded as an enemy of the people it professes to represent.
A government bent on serving some bent ideological creed, but not the interests of the UK or British people..

It is not as if people are understandably angry about such a decision. No, it goes far deeper.
They are filled with a seething hatred of the complacent, self interested, ideologically and politically perverted, EU obsessed, careerists who call themselves MPs. The same people who manipulate other people's money for their own ends. A political crime of the first order.

But, be very, very sure, for every £Billion of British taxpayer's money you so generously gift to the EU, IMF or other remote and alien causes, there will be also be untold numbers of British voters with whom it has registered, and who will remember it to full advantage at the first electoral opportunity - with a vengance.

Why will many of you (hopefully all) be rejected with contempt on a massive scale at a future election? As Dr Richard North of the EU Referendum Blog spells it out, and it is worth repeating:

"Thus, in reality, we are buying up debt with borrowed money, to give to an organisation which will lend it to a "client" (or clients) that will never repay it. In effect, that makes this money a £9 billion "gift" from British taxpayers. It will be given to the financiers (mainly banks) who lent money to the Greek government, to help them cut their losses.

Will the electorate forget this as MPs fondly hope? No chance! MPs are so astonishingly stupid that even they cannot comprehend the simple inevitability of the law of political returns - what you sow, you reap. You impoverish the British people - so in turn they will

"What this means is that we borrow money off the market – for which we pay interest - to lend to the IMF. But what may have been missed from the earlier post is that the bailout funds are to be used, inter alia, to buy up Greek debt – from a nation that intends to default.

Subrosa has more about the loathsome giveaway by the people who call themselves our representatives. All we need now is a reason for not rising up and slaughtering them. It had better be really good."

I have removed the authors name for two reasons: a) I don't have his permission and b) he speaks for us all anyway.


July 13, 2011

Named And Shamed-The Despicable 274.

These are the bastards who voted to give away our money ... that's £9.8 billion, or £35,766,000 each that they owe us - the £36 million club.

Adams, Nigel; Afriyie, Adam; Aldous, Peter; Alexander, rh Danny; Amess, Mr David; Andrew, Stuart; Bacon, Mr Richard; Baker, Norman; Baldwin, Harriett; Barclay, Stephen; Barwell, Gavin; Bebb, Guto; Beith, rh Sir Alan; Bellingham, Mr Henry; Beresford, Sir Paul; Berry, Jake; Bingham, Andrew; Birtwistle, Gordon; Blackman, Bob; Blackwood, Nicola; Blunt, Mr Crispin; Boles, Nick; Bradley, Karen; Brake, Tom; Bray, Angie; Brazier, Mr Julian; Brine, Mr Steve; Brokenshire, James; Brooke, Annette; Bruce, Fiona; Bruce, rh Malcolm; Buckland, Mr Robert; Burns, Conor; Burns, rh Mr Simon; Burrowes, Mr David; Burstow, Paul; Burt, Lorely; Byles, Dan; Cairns, Alun; Campbell, rh Sir Menzies; Carmichael, rh Mr Alistair; Carmichael, Neil; Chishti, Rehman; Clark, rh Greg; Clarke, rh Mr Kenneth; Clifton-Brown, Geoffrey; Coffey, Dr Thérèse; Collins, Damian; Colvile, Oliver; Cox, Mr Geoffrey; Crabb, Stephen; Crockart, Mike; Crouch, Tracey; Davey, Mr Edward; Davies, David T. C.(Monmouth); Davies, Glyn; de Bois, Nick; Dinenage, Caroline; Djanogly, Mr Jonathan; Doyle-Price, Jackie; Duddridge, James; Duncan, rh Mr Alan; Duncan Smith, rh Mr Iain; Ellis, Michael; Ellison, Jane; Ellwood, Mr Tobias; Elphicke, Charlie; Evans, Graham; Evans, Jonathan; Evennett, Mr David; Fabricant, Michael; Fallon, Michael; Featherstone, Lynne; Field, Mr Mark; Foster, rh Mr Don; Fox, rh Dr Liam; Francois, rh Mr Mark; Freer, Mike; Fullbrook, Lorraine; Gale, Mr Roger; Garnier, Mr Edward; Garnier, Mark; Gauke, Mr David; George, Andrew; Gibb, Mr Nick; Glen, John; Goodwill, Mr Robert; Gove, rh Michael; Graham, Richard; Grant, Mrs Helen; Grayling, rh Chris; Green, Damian; Greening, Justine; Gummer, Ben; Gyimah, Mr Sam; Hames, Duncan; Hammond, rh Mr Philip; Hammond, Stephen; Hancock, Matthew; Hancock, Mr Mike; Hands, Greg; Harper, Mr Mark; Harrington, Richard; Harris, Rebecca; Hart, Simon; Haselhurst, rh Sir Alan; Heald, Oliver; Heath, Mr David; Heaton-Harris, Chris; Hemming, John; Hendry, Charles; Hinds, Damian; Hoban, Mr Mark; Hollingbery, George; Holloway, Mr Adam; Hopkins, Kris; Howarth, Mr Gerald; Howell, John; Hughes, rh Simon; Huhne, rh Chris; Hunt, rh Mr Jeremy; Huppert, Dr Julian; Hurd, Mr Nick; Jackson, Mr Stewart; James, Margot; Javid, Sajid; Jenkin, Mr Bernard; Johnson, Gareth; Johnson, Joseph; Jones, Andrew; Jones, Mr David; Jones, Mr Marcus; Kawczynski, Daniel; Kennedy, rh Mr Charles; Kirby, Simon; Laing, Mrs Eleanor; Lamb, Norman; Lancaster, Mark; Latham, Pauline; Laws, rh Mr David; Leadsom, Andrea; Lee, Dr Phillip; Leech, Mr John; Lefroy, Jeremy; Leslie, Charlotte; Letwin, rh Mr Oliver; Lewis, Brandon; Liddell-Grainger, Mr Ian; Lidington, rh Mr David; Lilley, rh Mr Peter; Lloyd, Stephen; Lord, Jonathan; Loughton, Tim; Luff, Peter; Lumley, Karen; Macleod, Mary; Maude, rh Mr Francis; May, rh Mrs Theresa; Maynard, Paul; McIntosh, Miss Anne; McLoughlin, rh Mr Patrick; McPartland, Stephen; Mensch, Louise; Menzies, Mark; Mercer, Patrick; Metcalfe, Stephen; Miller, Maria; Milton, Anne; Mitchell, rh Mr Andrew; Moore, rh Michael; Mordaunt, Penny; Morgan, Nicky; Morris, Anne Marie; Morris, David; Morris, James; Mosley, Stephen; Mowat, David; Mulholland, Greg; Mundell, rh David; Munt, Tessa; Murray, Sheryll; Murrison, Dr Andrew; Neill, Robert; Newmark, Mr Brooks; Nokes, Caroline; Norman, Jesse; O'Brien, Mr Stephen; Ollerenshaw, Eric; Paice, rh Mr James; Parish, Neil; Patel, Priti; Paterson, rh Mr Owen; Penning, Mike; Penrose, John; Phillips, Stephen; Pickles, rh Mr Eric; Pincher, Christopher; Poulter, Dr Daniel; Prisk, Mr Mark; Pugh, John; Raab, Mr Dominic; Randall, rh Mr John; Rees-Mogg, Jacob; Reid, Mr Alan; Robathan, rh Mr Andrew; Robertson, Hugh; Robertson, Mr Laurence; Rogerson, Dan; Rudd, Amber; Ruffley, Mr David; Russell, Bob; Rutley, David; Sanders, Mr Adrian; Sandys, Laura; Scott, Mr Lee; Selous, Andrew; Shapps, rh Grant; Sharma, Alok; Shelbrooke, Alec; Simmonds, Mark; Simpson, Mr Keith; Skidmore, Chris; Smith, Miss Chloe; Smith, Henry (recorded as voting in both lobbies); Smith, Julian; Smith, Sir Robert; Soames, Nicholas; Soubry, Anna; Spencer, Mr Mark; Stephenson, Andrew; Stevenson, John; Stewart, Iain; Stewart, Rory; Streeter, Mr Gary; Stride, Mel; Stunell, Andrew; Sturdy, Julian; Swales, Ian; Swayne, Mr Desmond; Swinson, Jo; Swire, rh Mr Hugo; Syms, Mr Robert; Thurso, John; Timpson, Mr Edward; Tomlinson, Justin; Tredinnick, David; Truss, Elizabeth; Tyrie, Mr Andrew; Uppal, Paul; Vaizey, Mr Edward; Vara, Mr Shailesh; Villiers, rh Mrs Theresa; Walker, Mr Robin; Wallace, Mr Ben; Walter, Mr Robert; Ward, Mr David; Watkinson, Angela; Weatherley, Mike; Webb, Steve; Wharton, James; Wheeler, Heather; White, Chris; Willetts, rh Mr David; Williams, Mr Mark; Williams, Roger; Williams, Stephen; Williamson, Gavin; Willott, Jenny; Wilson, Mr Rob; Wright, Jeremy; Wright, Simon; Yeo, Mr Tim; Young, rh Sir George; Zahawi, Nadhim; Mark Hunter; Bill Wiggin.

You know what to do.

Order your piano wire early. There is going to be huge demand.


The Art Of Saying No

Courtesy of Max Farquar. Talented bastard, handsome, intelligent, moustache aficionado, and all round good egg.

We is on the same wavelength, we is.


July 12, 2011

Tuesday Titter

In picture form!

No deep thought required. Just yer old peepers.

Found these pics here. (I only trawled back a couple of weeks. You could spend months there...)

One for the Lesbanians.

One for the deep-thinkers. (If any showed up)

One for the remote shitters.

One for the speed-freaks.

One for the tree-huggers with a love of history.

One for the feminazi's.

Last one is for us rebels.

Do have a lovely evening.


Greeks Take Ranty's Advice!

Default imminent.

We said this weeks ago. It was the best option for the Greeks, and, as a bonus, it will be the beginning of the end for that foulsome thing, the bastard european union.

Read all about it here.


"They also abruptly shifted tack in the eurozone debt crisis by raising the possibility of using the eurozone's bailout fund to buy back Greek debt on the markets, meaning sizeable losses for Greece's private investors and reduced debt levels for Athens.

Following 12 hours of fraught negotiations in Brussels haunted by the risks of contagion in the eurozone spreading to Italy, now being targeted by the financial markets for the first time in the 18-month crisis, the 17 governments of the eurozone pointedly failed to rule out a sovereign debt default by Greece."


"Accepting that a Greek default was now impossible to avoid, EU governments are hoping it will be brief and "selective", not triggering a "credit event" on the financial markets that could wreak havoc on the credit default swap markets, also in the US, and unleash contagion."

Now that wasn't what they were saying a few weeks ago, was it?

They (the EU Scum) should swing by here more often.

Next up: Italy's downfall.


July 11, 2011

BZZZZZZT!! Take That Old Man!

Who will they zap next?

Newborns? Those in wheelchairs? People on life support?

Our sick coppers are at it again. This time they made an 82 year old man dance at the end of their new toy.


"An 82-year-old pensioner required hospital treatment after being tasered by police, a watchdog has said.

The elderly man was being arrested for carrying an offensive weapon and criminal damage when officers fired the electroshock weapon at him."

The old fella was taken to hospital from where he was later discharged. The full story can be found here.

To the nameless pensioner: I hope you get well soon.

To the spineless copper who tasered him: I hope your next shit is a hedgehog dipped in napalm.

Yes, yes, I know we don't have all the facts, but an 82 year old man is not a threat to anyone. Least of all to strapping 6 foot bobbies. Following the enquiry I am betting that the conclusion will be that the cop had around 9 other options he could have tried absolutely no other options as the old guy was about to kill everyone in sight with his bare hands. Twice.


Trevor's Trapped Testicle

Made my eyes water, just listening to this.


July 10, 2011

Sunday Funny Sunday

Just found a new blog via Twitter. (It is good for some things after all...).

If you have a twisted sense of humour, swing by and read some of his stuff.

Many of these one-liners had me spitting coffee:

"Ned’s looking good today in his Daffy Duck swimming trunks. Here he comes now with a big jug of Rola Cola and a hard on.

Had a romantic walk with Maureen up to the gasometers. Did a goalie kick with my chewing gum & fell on my arse. “Prat”, she said, lovingly.

“Hi Arthur. How’s trix?” “My piles are playing up, the shingles are back, my feet hurt & I think I’ve got scurvy. Apart from that I’m fine.”

Anyway, I’m off to bed now with a mug of cocoa and my copy of Fred Dinenage’s incredible autobiography, “Are These my Slacks?”. Sleep tight.

My hair hurts. My mouth’s like the inside of a tram driver’s glove & I look like I’ve just emerged from a hostage situation.

Doing the Sunday roast for me & Maureen. Roast beef, gravy, carrots, peas & Yorkshires – Lidl frozen ready meal. £1. Can’t go wrong there.

Sat in the park earlier with a can of Red Stripe and a CurlyWurly. One-lung Ray jogged past singing Eye of the Tiger. God I admire him.

Saw Janice too, flirting in her lemon velour romper suit & silver slingbacks. Her easy glamour always brings the boys to the yard.

Maureen just did a squeaky guff while hanging some clothes. “Did you just blow off?” “No. Must’ve been the clothes horse”. Unbelievable."

The names Flange, Bert Flange.

Definitely a nugget in the slag-heap.


July 09, 2011


This article is republished with kind permission from Olive Farmer.

Many of you have said that it will all end in violence. Then, and only then, can we instigate the change we deserve. That may be so.

But you should know that there is an alternative path. It requires (possibly) more bravery, more determination, and more resolve than the old fashioned piano wire and lamp-post method. That we are heading towards huge change I do not doubt for a single second. We wait, as we always must, for the slumbering ones to notice what has gone on while they slept. We count, as we also must, the fresh brutalities visited upon us by the police, by the judiciary, and by those venal politicians and their familiars. We mourn, as libertarians and free spirits must, each and every lost freedom snatched from us by a frankly terrified group of elites who, notably, remain unaffected by this wholesale thievery of our liberties and our ancient rights.

Can we defur the feline differently? My optimistic side says "Yea". My realistic side says "Nay". 

I am torn.

Olive Farmer, is not torn, and speaks thusly:

There is a moment fast approaching that will determine the future of humanity.
In the maelstrom of world events currently unfolding lie great currents, sweeping tides that defy understanding because they are so intricately orchestrated, so various, so occult.
These currents are sweeping humanity to a new, awful future.
Unless we learn a different way forward for our species.
Unless we learn how to Start Again.
Observe the revolutions fomenting in Europe, see the hands of the luciferian world elite guiding and shaping the chaos, see the thinkers and philosophers amongst us being drawn into sects and cadres, see the unthinking being shaken from their complacency, finally now raising their heads from the pasture and looking around them, fearful and selfish as ever, seeing who or what will emerge to lead them and hoping to ally themselves with the winning side as it emerges, for there lies safety, even in abject submission and slavery.

The current political elite is to be sacrificed though they know it not.
From Saddam via Mubarak to Gaddafi and the rest of the slime that runs the Arab world, from Cameron and Merkel and Sarkozy to Papandreou and the rest , the instigated chaos of the new world order will oust them as scapegoats, very probably lynch some of them in the streets as the madness of revolution spreads and falls under the control of the hands of absolute evil that are engaged upon their final solution.

These evil creatures that run the world care not for their faithful servants, will shoot them like dogs if the whim takes them, or if the high ranking slave steps out of line.
Just ask Kennedy

The great anger sweeping the world is a designed anger, an anger which arises from the careful manipulation of the power of money, the power that stems from political patronage, the power that has been given to the police who sadly, in every country, draw their batons against their own countrymen and women in defence of the indefensible.

The great herd that is humanity is being manipulated into this faux revolution.
Imaginary money creating imaginary debt creating the spectacle of the theft of nation's wealth, the security of a nation's people, the very structure and underlying mainstays of the economies, the power generation, the water supply, the food chain, the communication systems, all stolen, all stolen in order to create, finally, an outburst of the anger that leads to violence.

The world over, humanity is as a dry tinder-wood, awaiting just the touch of a spark for the fire of hatred and blood-letting to begin.

The spark will be provided. It is planned, as we have seen already in so many places.
Only the blind, and there are many, can fail to see the inevitability of the approaching chaos. Those who don't see it are those who live where the fire is not already raging. They stupidly believe that it's somebody else's problem.
It's not.
It's their problem.
Like a forest fire, it is sweeping inexorably and swiftly their way.

History shows that every revolution brings in its wake totalitarianism, witch-hunting, the lowering of standards of living, starvation, the loss of security, great fear. History also shows us that ALL the revolutions of the last few hundred years have been orchestrated and controlled by the very global elite that they purport to be against. So the Rothschilds behind the French revolution, so the Schiffs behind the Russian, so the Bushes behind the National Socialists of Germany and so on.
And behind the money that builds revolution lies the evil that rules the world.

These manipulators have at their control the masked mobs of the violent, the bomb setters and Molotov cocktail throwers, the shooters. So it was in Egypt. So it was in Tunisia and in Libya. So it is in Yemen and Bahrain and so it is and will be in Greece and Spain, Albania and Italy and Portugal and eventually Ireland and the rest of Europe and the rest of the world.

And what will emerge?

Those that study the long held and well documented plans of the new world order, that have read Blavatsky and Alice Bailey and Manly Hall and Albert Pike and the rest, understand the great structure and organisation that has slowly enveloped the world, know the underlying philosophy behind the United Nations, see the connections and join the dots between the US military industrial complex, the CIA Nazis born of the Thule society and the endless list of their collective subordinate organisations, see the connections between the old Royal bloodlines and their banking associates, see this vast web of lies and the weird luciferian fundamentalism that lies behind it and understand........
To the uninitiated, to the great unwashed, lucifer is a stranger as god is a stranger. To the believers and bible bashers and muslim fundamentalists and the rest lucifer is as real as god, and yet their god is the product and construction of the very manipulators that control the rest of the false reality.

Their god is a creation of the twisted minds that have created the rest of the false reality and comes to them in the form of the Bible or the Koran via organised religion, instruments all of division and hatred and strife and warfare and the slaughter and perversion of innocents, as demonstrated by their histories and their continuing present.
To lash at the beliefs of everyone, to strike at the core of the false reality creates no friends.
It becomes a lonely place.
Each of us believes in one part, one piece or another of the false reality.

Believers in the false democracies, believers in the false religions, believers in the false glamour world that holds so many of the ignorant and sleeping in its grip, believers in the strange and unnatural system of money and profit and wealth, all these things and many more together create the false reality and each have firm defenders and those willing to kill in defence of them.

Each of these belief systems is currently under attack from and by the very hands that created them, using the anger of revolution to sweep away the old in preparation for the new world order.

And with the new world order will come lucifer, brandishing what seems to be the sword of peace, bringing what seems to be reconciliation, bringing all that the world would expect from a Christ, but then destroying all that oppose, leaving only those that will comply.

I do not believe a word of the Bible.
But those that created it follow its prophecies and in lucifer's name are ushering in the new world order....
Unless we prevent them.

Humanity cannot fight this evil with violence.The temporary and faux victories of violent uprisings will inevitably lead to the horrors we have seen so many times before.

The guillotine, the Gulag, the concentration camp..
It is time to stop the knee-jerk reaction to police intimidation. It is time to recognise the strategy of the global elite for what it is.
It is time to IGNORE them!
It is time to find amongst the protesters those that seek violence and to quell them, to hug them, to speak with them, to prevent them.
If they are agents of the powers that be, to unmask them.
Your enemy, if you seek the change that will save humanity, is violence and ALL those who commit it, even though they seem to be on your side.
They are not on your side. Violence can be no part of our collective future, and we must prevent it from being the shaping force of our present.

Violence is the enemy of humanity.An end to violence must be our absolute aim regardless of the crude tactics that push us towards anger and hurt.

Humanity cannot fight evil with evil, for then evil will have won even before we begin.

Keep peaceful at all times regardless of the provocation that is planned to come your way.

Hug the riot-gear clad cop.

Tell the soldier how much you love him as he levels his gun at you.

If your son or daughter, grandson or nephew or brother or sister allies themselves with the global elite, wears the uniform that gives them unjust power over other human beings, speak with them, tell them of the shame they bring, cast them aside if they will not listen, but leave them the opportunity to redeem themselves, to come back once more into the fold, and welcome them back with love.

In every nation, as the chaos comes, those amongst us that are in uniform will be used against the rest of us.
Such was the great travesty in communist Russia, such was the great evil in Communist China, such was the disgusting spectacle in Nazi Germany, such is the situation now in the democracies of Europe!

Brother beating brother, son beating father.

Don't fight them.
Pity them.

Hug them.

Clasp their hands and ask them to join you.

Fight aggression with love.

Fight anger with calm.

Face the batons and the tear-gas and the bullets with peace and love.

These uniformed men and women the world over do not understand how history will despise them as it despises the S.S. that so brutalised their fellow Germans.

They everywhere will be shunned.
Families will disown them and hang their heads in shame.
It is our job, our duty to save them from this fate.
And in actions such as these lies the remedy, the solution, the answer to the great organisation of evil that spans the globe.
In love and with love will come victory.

We must decide not to play their game.
We must decide to go our own way towards the new reality.

The river, flowing towards the ocean, finds another path when it meets an obstruction.
Seek and find that other path, the path of least resistance, the path that is non-compliance, the path that just ignores the violent strategies of the global scum.

It is a truth that humanity seeks leadership.
The models for the choice of these leaders have been in the hands of the global luciferians for all of time.

It is time to change the model. To create a new way forward. To create a new world by simply ignoring the systems and procedures and laws of the old.
We should, amongst us, seek those that are most wise, those that do not lust for power or the trappings of wealth, those that have no association with the old “parties”, those that see love as the way forward, those that have no membership of the churches of the world but do not despise those that do. We should seek out the kind, the fair, the quiet, the humble, the meek, the non-violent, the caring souls......

And here's the strategy, perhaps.
In each place where the fervour of revolution begins, replace it with the fervour of rEvolution.

We should ignore the powers that be, ignore the law and the systems they have created to control the way we govern ourselves, and Start Again.

At the local level, in small groups, find these people and put them forward.

Do not feel that you are too small a group, that your efforts are in vain. Use this internet to reach out and find others. From this will come critical mass.
At the regional and national and transnational level let them step forward, with us behind them................

Build our own, new systems in love and harmony, make our own new law, debate and find the beautiful new future we desire, and simply IGNORE the old ways, pay no heed to their laws, their government, their police, pay no heed to their instructions, pay no heed to their press and TV and propaganda.

Their systems are not our systems, not the systems Humanity desires and yearns for. They are systems of evil, systems of war and brutality and slaughter and bullying and greed and torture and lies and fear.
We have had enough of their systems.
They have no legitimacy.
All this rEvolution needs is a critical mass of us to achieve this transformation.
Do not feel small and helpless.
Do not feel that you can achieve nothing.
Humanity is approaching 7 billion in number, each of us is just one..... yet together we are many, together we are enough to end this misery.

This is our duty to the future.

It truly is time to Start Again, for if humanity fails in this we have lost our future, have condemned our children to worse slavery than that we endure now, almost certainly acted too late to prevent the destruction of many of us.

Our world can be beautiful.
Our world can be bountiful.
Our world can accommodate billions more of us in its vastness, all living in peace and harmony, in security and safety, basking in the beneficial light of our own incredible ingenuity.

It is, my friends, time to Start Again.
Put this on your poster:

" rEvolution "
With love, I hope this message reaches many.

Love to all,

Olive Farmer

Yes Or No?

I spotted a link on Twitter and wanted to bung it on here for your thoughts.

It comes from the Ludwig von Mises Institute from around this time last year. The article concerns consent. More specifically, the consent of the governed.

A snippet~

"Nowadays, of course, we would have to supplement Proudhon's admirably precise account by noting that our being governed also entails our being electronically monitored, tracked by orbiting satellites, tased more or less at random, and invaded in our premises by SWAT teams of police, often under the pretext of their overriding our natural right to decide what substances we will ingest, inject, or inhale into what used to be known as "our own bodies."

So, to return to the question of political legitimacy as determined by the consent of the governed, it appears upon sober reflection that the whole idea is as fanciful as the unicorn. No one in his right mind, save perhaps an incurable masochist, would voluntarily consent to be treated as governments actually treat their subjects.

Nevertheless, very few of us in this country at present are actively engaged in armed rebellion against our rulers. And it is precisely this absence of outright violent revolt that, strange to say, some commentators take as evidence of our consent to the outrageous manner in which the government treats us. Grudging, prudential acquiescence, however, is not the same thing as consent, especially when the people acquiesce, as I do, only in simmering, indignant resignation."

As you know, I removed my consent to be governed by sending a series of affidavits to the government on 8th June 2008.

The very word "consent" throws up several questions:

Can it be demanded?

Is it implied?

Is it explicit? (If so, how?)

The biggie: Can it be removed/revoked/rescinded?

I have done so, lawfully, but it has never been challenged. Perhaps one of these fine days I will get to state my case for doing so in a court of law. I will not hold my breath. They (TPTB) seem very reluctant to get me into a court-room at all. Despite my near constant needling.

(I liked the picture they used in the article, so I nicked it):

If consent can be revoked, why is it that millions more of us do not do so? Is it fear? Is it ignorance? Do we feel safer/better/stronger as a society if we all agree to let 650 fools steal our money in large chunks and our freedoms in smaller, less noticeable chunks? Is it the "herding" instinct?

What is it that frightens us so much? Do we imagine that TPTB will send crack troops to terminate us for disagreeing with them and their perceived right to do whatever they want with no recriminations?

They don't send anybody. I have been waiting for them. I have even been expecting them. There is no evidence of a backlash for withdrawing consent. None at all. They could, of course, be waiting for a critical mass, some sort of tipping point that has already been factored in. Maybe it's a numbers game? Maybe when a million or so remove their consent TPTB will act? The reverse of that is that they simply ignore us. They may "know" we are right, or they may "know" that we are wrong, but why do they not engage?

Over the last few years I have withheld thousands of £££'s. Money I would normally hand over without a second thought stayed in my bank account. Their letters came, and my Notices went, and the money is still in my account. We all know that the only thing that rings their bell is the filthy lucre, so why do I remain free and unmolested?

Saying "No" has not harmed me in any way. The naysayers keep predicting that I will be hauled away in chains but they must be terribly disappointed that I am still here. I don't think they are ever coming for me.

The Taxman, the Census man, the Companies House man, all have suffered "losses" because I chose to say no.

You might want to consider your options.


July 08, 2011

Ideas Are Bullet-Proof.

Indeed they are.

And this idea, this plan, executed by Anonymous, gives me great hope.

Watch it, and tell me they are wrong.

Do you care?

Do you care enough to do something?

I do.

But I am not skilled in the electronic arts. My resistance is more "in yer face". I am known to the government because I have to use my government name when I send them my Notices and Affidavits. They can, if they want, take me out of the game at any time. They have had ample opportunity to lock me up for non-payment of this or that over the last three years. Yet here I sit. Happily spreading the word of this super-powerful group Anonymous.

Not only do I cheer their efforts, I scream for more. I want them to hurt major corporations. I want them to hurt governments. I want them to name, shame and embarrass the elites. I want them to expose corrupt politicians, corrupt coppers, and corrupt judges.

There is a war on.

They may have all the guns, but we have vastly superior numbers. In military terms, when engaging in a battle, the attacking force must have at least four times the number of combatants than the defending force. We outnumber them ten million to one.

We. Cannot. Lose.

The rules of engagement:

1. Turn off the television.
2. Stop reading their propaganda in the daily papers.
3. Say no.
4. Only fight battles you know you can win.
5. Tell your friends how they can enlist.
6. Never give up.
7. Become your own legend.

Learn some new skills: a martial art, to use a bow, to brew your own beer, to grow your own food, to understand the law and use it to your advantage, but mostly, learn to resist.

Anonymous strikes fear in the hearts of our corrupt leaders.

Support Anonymous. Spread the word. We are no longer alone.

Remove your support for the obnoxious, the spineless, the greedy, the egotistic, the power-hungry in Westminster.

Let them know that we have woken up.

Let them know that we are slaves no more.

Let them know that we are stupid no more.

Let them see what happens when they bite the hand that feeds them.


PS-I found this great video at Wake Up Orkney. (Also just added the site to my list of Awkward Sods).

Freaky Friday

If this wasn't quite so bizarre I would have called this a Friday Funny.

There is nothing funny about an appointed judge taking pictures of todgers in the court-house toilet.

Have a look:

Bent coppers, bent politicians, (alleged) pervy IMF heads, so why not pervy judges?

We're in good hands, folks.

Rest easy.


July 07, 2011

Charlie Veitch On 9/11

I have always had questions about this so-called terrorist attack. I won't repeat them here. This isn't about my thoughts on what happened that terrible day.

The Truthers are up in arms about Charlies U-turn. It all happened within 11 days according to this video.

I don't particularly care what Charlie thinks. It is his right to change his mind based on the information he has. I may change my mind. But until I get my questions answered, I will remain convinced that something very dodgy happened that day. One reason alone (for me) stands out: it looked, from all available angles, like a controlled demolition. Why do I say that? I say it because the Royal Engineers trained me to use plastic explosives and those buildings came down just like the manuals say they should if you have set your charges correctly. It was a textbook example of how one brings down a building with minimal damage to the surrounding architecture. I mean it was perfect. Clear that one up for me and I may start to believe that the bad guys flew planes into those buildings.

Anyhoo, have a listen to Charlie and make your own minds up.

Or change your mind about the event, just like he did.

He tells us why he changed his mind in the second video down.


July 06, 2011

One IS Above The Law

So sayeth Her Madge.

I was over at Nominedeus to have a look at the latest article, penned by bollixed (a regular commenter here too) and I followed his link to The British Monarchy website.

Our mate bollixed had been rummaging and found this:

"People often wonder whether laws apply to The Queen, since they are made in her name. (1)

Given the historical development of the Sovereign as the 'Fount of Justice', civil and criminal proceedings cannot be taken against the Sovereign as a person under UK law. Acts of Parliament do not apply to The Queen in her personal capacity unless they are expressly stated to do so. (2)

However, The Queen is careful to ensure that all her activities in her personal capacity are carried out in strict accordance with the law. (3)

Under the Crown Proceedings Act (1947), civil proceedings can be taken against the Crown in its public capacity (this usually means proceedings against government departments and agencies, as the elected Government governs in The Queen's name). (4)

In the case of European Union law, laws are enforced in the United Kingdom through the United Kingdom's national courts. There is therefore no machinery by which European law can be applied to The Queen in her personal capacity. (5)

However, it makes no difference that there is no such mechanism, as The Queen will in any event scrupulously observe the requirements of EU law.  (6)

As a national of the United Kingdom, The Queen is a citizen of the European Union, but that in no way affects her prerogatives and responsibilities as the Sovereign." (7)

It raises a few questions, does it not?

1. I never wondered that for a yoctosecond. No-one, I repeat, no-one can be above the law.

2. Very good. Since Madge and I are equals, unless any law is specific enough to mention me by name, then I am untouchable as well.

3. Aren't we all?

4. Yup. We see examples of this every single day, don't we?

5. If EU law cannot be applied to Madge, then it cannot be applied to me.

6. Here we differ. I will never abide by any crap that that the EU hurls our way.

7. Impossible. Nowhere is it written that a monarch can be a citizen. She is either one or the other.

The floor is yours.