July 28, 2010

Entering Lawful Rebellion-A "How To" Guide

Having been inundated with requests (well, just one, actually), to write up a guide to Lawful Rebellion,  I started to pull the threads together to produce a comprehensive tutorial.

Someone beat me to it. You can find all the steps needed right here.

Any citizen (we ceased to be subjects in 1983, I seem to recall), is obligated to enter lawful rebellion if he/she knows that the monarch is 1. being held captive 2. being advised badly or 3. has committed treason. Her Maj has committed treason and/or has been advised badly by those we now know as "evil counsellors".

(All emphasis in the affidavits below is mine)

Look at the first affidavit:

Affidavit of [Your Name Here]

In Pursuit of Justice and Right, And in Full Exercise Of My Undoubted & Lawful Duty to My Sovereign Lady, Elizabeth the Queen -

I, [Your Name Here], now resident at [Your Address Here].


IT BEING APPARENT TO ME and to a multitude of others that divers evil persons have falsely and unlawfully induced Our Sovereign Lady to believe that they alone are the true representatives of the people placed in Her Majesty’s Care by Almighty God -

AND IT BEING APPARENT TO ME and to a multitude of others that these same evil persons have unlawfully and falsely induced Our Sovereign Lady to give an unlawful effect to legislation that has violated and continues to violate the Common Law: Which legislation further serves to undermine; deny and destroy the Absolute Supremacy of Her Majesty’s Imperial Crown, all to the prejudice of Her Majesty’s People, and in absolute contravention of the right of the people to live in accordance with their own laws and customs (as evidenced by the terms of the Oath that was undertaken by Our Sovereign Lady before Almighty God at the time of her Coronation) -

AND IT BEING FURTHER APPARENT TO ME and to a multitude of others that the entirely lawful authority of Our Sovereign Lady the Queen to Uphold & Defend Her People is now so reduced &/or destroyed by the many processes of Treason that have been and are now being employed against Her Majesty’s Authority from within the ranks of those evil persons who have been and are now entrusted with authority to manage the affairs of Her Majesty’s Parliament & Government of the United Kingdom –
That my Security and Safety under the Rule of those Laws that are my inalienable birthright are now threatened to my personal detriment and danger and to the detriment and danger of my family; my people and my country in their entirety –

AND IT BEING FINALLY APPARENT TO ME that I can achieve no redress to those many grievances that I now have and which result entirely from the Unlawful Conduct of those Evil Persons who now surround the Person and Throne of my Lawful Sovereign, except by means of the lawful process that I now intend –

I NOW PLACE ON THE RECORD of All Persons who now claim to assert a lawful authority over me in the name of Elizabeth the Queen that unless there is correction to the many processes of misgovernment & abuse that have been and are now being imposed on me; with such process of correction being commenced; undertaken; evidenced and given a first and lasting effect within a period of 40 days from this present date

SUCH PROCESS OF CORRECTION being fully evidenced by Her Majesty’s dismissal of the Assembly of Traitors that is now falsely describing itself as the Representation of the People within the House of Commons

AND WITH SUCH DISMISSAL providing the entirety of the People themselves with full opportunity to speak and to act on their own behalf in the election of representatives that are truly loyal to the purposes of Her Majesty’s Throne & People -

THEN I WILL WITHDRAW And withhold all allegiance & obedience to the Person and Crown of Our Sovereign Lady, Elizabeth the Queen, and those who falsely claim to speak &/or to act in Her Name, and by such action, I will remove myself entirely from the authority of those Evil Persons who now seek to abuse & misuse me in the name of Elizabeth, the Queen and in absolute violation of the Common Law of the People to which I belong –

AND I GIVE NOTICE that I will return to my full allegiance to the Person; Estate & Imperial Crown of Elizabeth the Queen only when Her Majesty the Queen is released from the bondage that now prevents her from the free exercise of her lawful authority and duty to Uphold the Common Law that is my birthright and to ensure for all time to come that the government of my country is conducted in full accordance with the laws and customs of my people.

May God in His Mercy, Defend the Right & May God Save the Queen from those who now hold her in an Unlawful Captivity.
__________________________[Your Name Here].
Before me, An Officer of the Court, or Solicitor
Print Name____________________Date_________
(Signed & Sealed)
Sworn at: ________________________________________

So basically, "You have dropped the ball. When you pick it up again, and signal that you are fully in charge of yourself, and your actions, put right that which went wrong, I will rejoin the fold. Until then, all bets are off".

And now the second, which is sent 40 days after the first affidavit:

Second Affidavit of [Your Name Here]

WHEREAS It Is Now Made Plain To Me that Elizabeth the Queen has been entirely deposed from her Freedoms; Crown; Authority & Dignity, by the devious machinations of traitors and by all of those evil persons who have formerly or do now support the enterprises of treason, contrary to the Laws of God and contrary to the known laws and customs of the kingdom and people of England -

AND WHEREAS the said Elizabeth the Queen is now entirely deposed from her lawful power and authority to Govern the Nations & Peoples of the United Kingdom, with Northern Ireland –

AND WHEREAS the said Elizabeth the Queen has been and is now unlawfully restrained from providing a full and adequate response to the content and requirements of an affidavit that I have served upon her in a lawful manner –

NOW I, [Your Name Here], now resident at [Your Address Here].


FOR THE REASONS GIVEN within the content of the preamble to this present document, I Must and Do Now Remove Myself from All and Any Allegiance to Elizabeth the Queen, to the purpose of removing myself at law from the authority of all of those Hateful & Evil Persons who have taken it upon themselves to hold Elizabeth the Queen a prisoner in her own land – and or who have taken it upon themselves to misgovern the United Kingdom in the Queen’s Name, by the process of laying an unlawful claim to the True Authority of Elizabeth the Queen; such claim to the Royal Authority being entirely contrary to the known and most ancient laws and customs of the realm and being most clearly an expression of Treason.

I DECLARE that as from and including this present date, and for all such time as may now be required to restore Elizabeth the Queen to Her Freedom and to The Lawful Dignity & Authority of her Crown, I DENY

AND WITHHOLD ALL ALLEGIANCE AND OBEDIENCE TO ELIZABETH THE QUEEN, to the precise purpose of providing some defence to Her Majesty’s Person; Royal Estate and Freedoms, by the process of denying all and any lawful recognition to those Evil Persons who now hold Her Majesty captive to their own Treasons; Evil Designs and Unlawful Purposes, contrary to law -

AND TO THE FURTHER PURPOSE that my own Security and Safety under the Rule of those Laws that are my inalienable birthright may be safeguarded against the threats to Freedom & Liberty now being posed by Divers Evil Persons, contrary to law.

I NOW DECLARE to All Persons claiming a legal authority to exercise the power of government, in the name of Elizabeth the Queen that their authority to govern me in any way whatsoever is both denied and ended.

I FURTHER DECLARE to all such persons that my personal freedom comes directly to me from God Himself, and that the walls and doors of all and any prisons now under the control of Traitors to the Crown & People of the United Kingdom will crack wide and will open at the behest of God Himself, if they should seek to impose penalty upon me for my departure from their mischiefs.

FINALLY, I give Full Notice & Assurance that I will return to my allegiance and obedience to the Person; Estate & Imperial Crown of Elizabeth the Queen when Her Majesty is entirely released from the bondage that now prevents her from the free exercise of her lawful authority and duty to Govern Her Peoples in accordance with their own laws & customs; which authority requires Her to Defend Her Peoples; Her Kingdoms; Her Realms and Her Territories in full accordance with the terms of the Oath that was Sworn before Almighty God & The People on 2nd June, 1953.

THE COMMON LAW OF ENGLAND is my birthright and at any future time of returning to a condition of Full Allegiance and Obedience to the authority of Elizabeth the Queen, I will require and expect to receive The Queen’s Own Freely-Given Assurance that the government of my country will from that same time be conducted in full accordance with the laws and customs of my people; which laws and customs require and demand that the activities of all and any parliaments and governments of the United Kingdom be constrained to act within those provisions of the law that provide for the existence of such parliaments and governments.

May God in His Mercy, Defend the Right & May God Save the Queen from those who now hold her in an Unlawful Captivity.

__________________________[Your Name Here].
Before me, An Officer of the Court, or Solicitor
Print Name____________________Date_________
(Signed & Sealed)
Sworn at:_________________________________

Essentially, we have assumed that Her Maj is acting against her will. She did, after all, swear an Oath at her Coronation in 1952 to protect and defend us all. By assenting to statutes with European origin, she is handing her powers to a foreign entity. We did not grant her that privelege.

We are not the first to use this right. Read this.

Just for clarity, we do not need 25 Barons to exercise this right. It is incumbent upon all Britons.

Let me know if you have any questions.



I am Stan said...

Just a couple of questions Captain,what does it mean by "Divers",and once you have done the above what then?,can I legaly refuse to pay taxes for example?.

Captain Ranty said...

"Divers" is an old Middle English word (circa 1200-1250) and it simply means "more than one". (Since we don't know precisely how many persons are misguiding her, we use the plural).

You can lawfully refuse to obey any statute. That would include any Income Tax Acts.

The word legal applies to statutes.

The word lawful applies to common law.


GoodnightVienna said...

I've obviously missed something Cap'n - where do we send it?

Captain Ranty said...


There can be only one place!

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace


Angry Exile said...

Dayee Cap'n. A couple of questions:

Presumably divers ≈ diverse as per your reply above, but couldn't the affidavits simply use more modern English for things like 'divers'? Or would they be invalidated without the stylised lingo?

Would a secular version have any less validity? For example 'my personal freedom is innate' for 'comes directly to me from God Himself' and so on.

If the answer to a secular version is no, would the affidavits of someone like Richard Dawson be weakened legally since they're swearing by God?

Just asking out of interest really. I doubt that I'm in any position to use them down here anyway. Assuming lawful rebellion applies here in the Off World Colonies I wonder if I'd be batting a sticky wicket sending that sort of thing to the Governor General. In her position I'd reply that I knew what I was signing up for when I applied for citizenship. On that note here's my last question: where do British citizens who were not born British citizens stand? Could they be told basically to STFU since it was like that when they got there, so tough shit?

Angry Exile said...

Ok, more than a couple of questions. Sorry, but as I start typing other things usually occur to me.

Captain Ranty said...


I appreciate the questions.

I stuck to the language used in the original, but there is no need to. As long as you convey what you need to convey then secular language will be fine.

"God" could be substituted with "My Creator/my creator" if you prefer. I think we use God in these documents because her job title (one of them) is, of course, Defender of the Faith. You can just leave out all references. They are not vital.

I do not think it is of use to an Australian citizen. Although many achieve the same effect by becoming Freemen. Lawful Rebellion just has more punch.

To be classed as British, (last time I checked) you needed to have both grandparents born in Britain. I do not know if this is any use to those who switch or become "naturalised".

Does that help?


Former Subject said...

1.How may a Scot permanently resident in England word an affidavit?

Clearly, English Common Law is not a birthright here, yet it is the law of the land of residence.

2. How may someone who has sworn an Oath of Allegiance claim that the oath is now invalid?

3. Does participation in PAYE represent some form of tacit acceptance of the status quo?

Bucko said...

Hi Captain
Thanks for that.
What is the endgame to all this? Assuming I sent my letters today (hypothetical), apart from the Queen thinking I'm a cunt, what would be the difference to my life tommorrow?
What should I be trying to make happen from this?

Corrugated Soundbite said...

Many thanks, Cap'n.

Naturally, I've linked.

Angry Exile said...

CR, that answers the questions pretty well apart from the last one. I was interested what the position would be for someone in the UK in a similar situation to me, as in migrated legally and chose to take up permanent residence and citizenship. I'd hope that the rights of a citizen are the same whether they're born or naturalised but a naturalised citizen entering lawful rebellion would at least be open to the criticism that they shouldn't have come if they didn't like it. Perhaps if there are any they should say they came expecting Britain to have maintained its citizens ancient freedoms yadda yadda yadda.

Captain Ranty said...


1. I am an Englishman living in Scotland. Never, not once, has anyone even asked about it. You won't like this but I think they class us all as the same. Brits.

As the Queen rules over Scotland, when we signed our Act of Union back in 1707, everything you had, we got, and everything we had, you got. Again, that has never been questioned. But, if it suits, just switch the word England for either Scotland or Britain.

2. I swore an Oath of Allegiance in 1978 and again in 1981. Entering Lawful Rebellion nullifies my Oath. Queenie and I are done until she gets her shit together.

3. The theory, which I will be testing soon, is that once HMRC either zero my cororation tax "debt" or take me to court, I will be demanding a letter from them that I can hand to my employer so that I can stop PAYE coming out of my salary.

Again, the theory is that you need no longer abide by, or obey, anything with her signature on.

I took a separate Oath not to cause harm, loss or injury to my fellow humans, nor to make mischief with my contracts.


Captain Ranty said...


I think you are covered in the answer to FS.

In essence, you are no longer obliged to participate in British society. Others have views that differ but I think that captures it.


Captain Ranty said...





Captain Ranty said...


Now that you have expanded on it, I think you may be quite right. I will do some digging and post what I can find.


Captain Ranty said...

Oh, I forgot.

I can also ignore the Official Secrets Act which I have signed. Twice.

However, parting company with whatever information I have that is covered by the OSA will be staying where it belongs.

Carelessness with some information has the potential to harm others. So I won't be spilling any of those beans.


Bucko said...

Thanks Captain

Amusing Bunni said...

This is a great letter, I hope you don't get arrested for it or anything.

Captain Ranty said...


Arrested for writing a letter??

Things really must be bad in your neck of the woods :)

I am exercising an ancient right. No more and no less.

The cops should be arresting the queen for treason. But they are fucking spineless. They have motive, evidence, a perp, 61 million victims, and yet they do nothing.

I am safe, but I appreciate your concern.



Magna Carta Society Blog said...

CR, Just to clarify, I presume that you say we do not need to petition a Barons Committee because it has already been done.

IMHO it is important to bear in mind two common law principles here.

The first is that no man may sit in judgement in his own cause.

The second is the limitations on claiming duress of circumstances as justification for breaking the law. You can only do it when it is neccessary because thgere is no alternative. Blackstones Commentaries confirms that the defence of duress protects liberty as well as life and property.

The Judicial Studies Board site gives specimin directions duress that cover this. It also confirms that invoking duress reverses the burden of proof. It is for Mrs Saxe-Coberg-Gotha to demonstrate that she has mended her ways. Here is a link to the article:


Scroll down to para 49.

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Regarding lawful rebelion for those who have sworn the oath of alleigance, bear in mind that it adresses the office, not the office holder.

The law makes the King, the King is not above the law, as they say.

Oaths of office incorporate the oath of alleigance and take this principle into account. They are prommissory oaths, as opposed to declaratory oths which witnesses swear. Breach of a promissory oath is perjury because the persumption is that breach implies lack of honesty at the time that it was taken.

Here is what Halsburys Laws of England has to say about the effects of oaths:

"927–950. Effect of oath.

A person is bound by an oath administered in such form and with such ceremonies as he may accept without objection or declare to be binding If he has made a false statement in taking the oath he may be convicted of an offence...".

This is the basis of the legal requirement to take active steps to lawfully rebel.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks John.

Yes, I should have been clearer. I added the link to the news report from 2001.

I did try to reach a couple of the lords involved but so far I have not had an answer. (I was asking them for updates).

That JSB link is very useful too. Thanks.

Appreciate you keeping us straight on the details.