July 02, 2010

Opening Pandora's BOP

Timothy AntiTerrorist shares his views on the Macondo blow-out and the subsequent environmental disaster.

It's an interesting view. Take a look.


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Anonymous said...

Another take on this disaster is that the spill is in fact nowhere near as bad as is made out. How do you create a media frenzy? Media Blackout! other sources have said they have actually drilled into a live volcano and what we are seeing on the surface as a 'spill is actually asphalt, please see this link for a bystander witness on his description of the 'oil'


they know that drilling at that depth would not be possible and would be a failure, they probably didn't do it, they may be greedy but a worst case scenario is that this spill if real could cause an ice age for us and more crucially them! this is another false flag op designed to bring in the cap and trade tax on carbon. "look sheeple, its just now to dangerous to drill for oil in the same way... what we need to do is make it more much expensive at the pump for you so we can make it safer"

you didn't think they would allow copenhagen to be the end of it??

The false flag also is another way to cull a few million of americas socially dependent people, corexill is a band dispersant in all other western countries and a highly toxic neurotoxin. Lethal acid rain on social security users just makes good economical sense to these pathological murderers.

NWO is here. Lawful rebellion is our only option.