July 15, 2010

Nige Versus Belgium

You've gotta love this guy.

Too few MPs/MEPs/MSPs speak their minds. Too many keep schtum because they are there for an easy life.

Not our Nige. He says what needs to be said. Regularly.

Keep at 'em old son, keep at 'em!


PS-Tip of the beret to The Admiral


opsimath said...

Very nicely done, Mr Farage! Keep at it - they don't like it up them, you know!

Pete said...

I wish he was our PM !

microdave said...

That brought a smile to my face, and a bucket full of laughs....

Anonymous said...


He certainly does like to stick-it-at-'em doesn't he?
And Belgium, that insignificant little place.
I fear another plane crash is on the books for old Nige.
Unlike Pete, I wouldn't like him as PM. He may be great knocking the European bureaucrats, but running this country with the UKIP's manifesto would really be no different to Labour, Liberal or CONservative. More so, he's also spooning it from the same gravy train as the rest of them which makes him a hypocrite extraordinaire.

And sure, some will so that he's in it to change the system. I've got far better ideas:

1. Elect a government that immediately removes itself forthwith from the EU.

2. If the EU starts demanding moneys for removing without authorisation then we simply tell them - "The people never authorised their involvement and being controlled by a foreign power."

3. If they start threatening us with military action tell them that unless they back off, we'll send over a missile into the heart of Brussels that will certainly make sure no football is played or beer produced, ever again. I know this is a draconian measure but it's a draconian reaction to a draconian action. F*CK THE EU! It's bleeding the UK dry (and every other state in Europe too!)

We shouldn't be in the EU. No one wanted in the EU. Heath lied to the people and escaped his crimes. Time to withdraw now and f*ck policy. Time to elect a government with a backbone!
Only problem is who? I can't see any whatsoever within the UK.

microdave said...

@ Harbinger - isn't your post a bit contradictory? You want a government which will pull us out of the EU (as do I), yet you don't like UKIP. Unless a miracle happens, and iDave sees the light, what other solution do you have?

I agree that Nigel is milking the system, but thank God someone is stirring the bastards up!

joe said...


Anonymous said...


Why is it contradictory? Do you really believe that UKIP would pull us out of the EU? They'd no doubt get into power and then start whining on about this clause and that clause meaning that it wasn't possible, illegal in fact.

I don't trust UKIP, because they're the same breed of politicians, no different to the rest of the main three. They may whistle a tune that people like to hear but I reckon they shy on their promises (as all political parties do) and it would just be an excuse to shove their spoons in the gravy train.

UKIP are a catch party. That is they're a safety net for Tory, Liberal and Labour.
All political parties in the UK are corrupt. They are nothing but shills of the NWO. They wouldn't be where they were otherwise.

microdave said...

"Do you really believe that UKIP would pull us out of the EU?"

No I don't, and since they were originally a single issue group who would disband when the job was done, it's obvious that they shouldn't have a manifesto. But they are the only party, so far, to campaign for getting out.

I agree that all our politicians are corrupt, but unless a new coalition forms from members of the existing parties, I don't see much alternative...

What I WOULD dearly like to see, is the current administration jump down heavily on the bloody bureaucrats who so diligently enforce every stupid new regulation. WHY THE HELL can't we be like some other EU countries, and simply ignore what we don't like.

Then we can follow your earlier suggestion, and tell them to f*** off, if they don't like it. We're a major financial contributor, so we should be able threaten to hold back the funds they so desperately need...

Anonymous said...


"..But they are the only party, so far, to campaign for getting out..."

Dave, they are not the only party in the UK campaigning to remove the UK from Europe. The British Constitutional Group, The BNP, The English Democrats, The English First.....these are just some of the other parties that state they would withdraw the UK from the EU forthwith.

"What I WOULD dearly like to see, is the current administration jump down heavily on the bloody bureaucrats who so diligently enforce every stupid new regulation. WHY THE HELL can't we be like some other EU countries, and simply ignore what we don't like."

You won't see this happen because the current administration ARE PART OF the 'bloody bureaucrats who so diligently enforce every stupid new regulation' as you eloquently put it. If you might happen to check any of Brian Gerrish's speeches or his website you'll see that Blair, Cameron and Clegg were all promoted by the same Communist thinktank - Demos. The sooner people in the UK realise that a vote for Tory is no different to a vote for the Liberals and the Socialists - THEY'RE ALL THE BLOODY SAME drinking from the same cup and preaching from the same instruction manual.

Bottom line is that any party worth their salt would simply tell Brussels to:

"F*ck off, we're not paying your membership; we don't want to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats; and we certainly don't want your Marxist laws and regulations that destroy our liberties and freedoms and allow mass immigration and the destruction of our cultures."
If the EU disagreed then we'd simply say: "bring it on! Any non authorised entrance into our land by ourselves and trespass into our waters will be met with deadly force, you know, the sort of force we used against France, Holland and Spain when they tried to invade us and impose their culture and wills upon the people of this island."

Until we find a politicians WHO ISN'T a politician, but a man of the people, who loves his culture and heritage and most certainly not a globalist, the UK's f*cked and will continue to slide further into the Abyss along with all other countries within the EU that employ their controls upon their lands as we do.

microdave said...

"The British Constitutional Group, The BNP, The English Democrats, The English First.....these are just some of the other parties that state they would withdraw the UK from the EU forthwith."

I stand corrected, but with the exception of the BNP I doubt if one in a thousand people have heard of any of them, so their chances of being elected are basically zero.

I have seen several of Brian Gerrish's videos, and I agree that they are all drinking from the same cup.

Even, if by some miracle, we did get a REALLY new government they would still have to pretty much destroy the "Bloody Bureaucrats" or else threatening the EU would have no effect. The Civil Service are the ones actually running things, regardless of who's in No 10. That's what makes me so angry when you see how things work in other countries. Why do "our" lot seem so determined to destroy this country? France, in particular has far more national pride, particularly in government.

I agree with you regarding "football, X Factor, Katie Price's or Kelly Brook's tits and of course McDonalds", but that doesn't cover ALL the population - there are still large numbers who despise what is happening, but like you (and me) know there is little chance of changing it...

Anonymous said...


I think what it's really all about is the complete change from a selfless and proud society (previous generation remember what it was like to be attacked and at war) to a selfish and non caring society.

In the past people were proud to be British. They were proud of the deeds done in the past by so few to make the world a better place. Instead today our younger generations are just told negativity about their history. They're also sitting next Oki Ollumbatola and the white guilt comes in about the slave trade - they themselves has no part in. Many in the UK are globalists and belong to no culture. Many are uninterested in continuing traditions of their ancestors. The computer age is what they live in and it's playstations and XBoxes and no differences (especially the whites in the UK) towards other peoples and cultures - relativity!

So in reality, if Mrs Spencer's children at no 25 have chickenpox you'll feel sorry but it doesn't affect you. If however your children get the pox then it does. Thus today's society only get involved when it directly affects them. So what will happen is nothing gets done, everything is left to the last minute to make any change impossible.

We could walk away from the EU tomorrow. However, lawyers and other bureaucrats are saying we can't when we know we can. The media, controlled by the same peoples who control the bureaucrats and lawyers also lie to us. We, as a nation could do whatever we wanted to but we won't because firstly people in the UK are oblivious to their freedoms and secondly it's like an open gate for a gorilla that's lived in cage all its life - it doesn't want to leave.

So the people will continue to be brainwashed by the media. They'll continue to chase celebrity in their desperate attempts to be loved, when the only thing they have to offer is their pride, their body and their sanity - all of which will undoubtedly be taken.

Our people are oblivious to reality because they simply can't be bothered to look. If the people wanted out of the UK, they'd have voted for the BNP for example, but instead they'd rather vote for the same old same old, knowing they're going to get fucked up the arse yet again. To me our society is full of deadheads who deserve whatever shit is dropped on them.

Anonymous said...

Bl00dy marvellous!

tell them to f*** off, if they don't like it

Captures the public sentiment perfectly.

Sadly, the ConDems showed their europhile colours in the HoC on Wednesday, when they decided to support the EU diplomatic service - which, incidentally, has been in operation for years. So they must've known about it.

microdave said...

@ Harbinger - I would agree with that analysis. Sadly, as you and I both know, a worryingly large number DO believe what they see on the Beeb, and read in most of the papers. More enlightened folk who visit sites such as this one already know the alternative view, but we are small in number.

And just to confirm my thoughts about how other countries operate here's a letter in a daily newspaper today:

"As an expat living in France, I can see that Britain still doesn't quite understand the rules, does it? Britain may have to offer jobs to Eastern Europeans in positions in the NHS, but you don't have to give them the job. You would never meet a nurse in France who couldn't speak perfect French. Perhaps the education system is so bad in Britain these days that managers don't understand the difference between 'offer' and 'give'."

So we can now expect more deaths due to language problems, all because our bloody jobsworths insist on blindly following rules....

Anonymous said...


I think it really boils down to a case of people in power are doing their best to utterly obliterate Britain. That's the only real excuse there.

So many within our society are apathetic. At least you and I and many others are on blogs and blogging ourselves to try and wake up a very dead and ignorant public.

We don't have to do anything, that is we could contest the laws that we've been put under but we don't. We don't have to employ people from other countries, but we do.

No one cares. As I said we live in a very selfish society, where people are only interested in things that directly affect them, unable to think ahead, realising what happens to another will one day happen to them.

It's ignorance. It's state brainwashing via education and the media. Our society comprises of a small minority of people very awake with what's going on and a majority of deadheads, who couldn't give a dingo's kidneys what happens.

As regards to hospitals, of course there will be deaths. It's utterly unbelievable that people can think of employing people in Britain who can't speak perfect English. Society's f*cked I'm afraid to say and people need to wake up.