July 02, 2010

On Freedom, And Decisions.

I am a couple of days late with this.

Embarrassingly so, as I am a huge Stefan Molyneux fan. (You may have guessed that by now).

Tip of the beret to The UK Libertarian

Pretty damn cool speech, eh?

Stefan is a Brit living in Canada speaking to Americans in New Hampshire. He may as well be speaking to the world.

What he says there is just as relevant to us. Right here. Right now.

Like it or not, we are under the gun.

Just how long can you stand it?

How much more can you take? Pretty soon those cuts add up.

Are you going to wait until they add up to exactly one thousand? Do you really imagine that the new boss is different from the old boss? Do you really think a new way is in the offing? You may have been fooled. I haven't.

You can stand by, and hope. You can dream. You can dare to fantasise that change is afoot.

Or perhaps, you will start saying "No!", now, when it matters?

The choice has always been yours.




Anonymous said...

Molyneux is British, living in Canada (this is a small correction so that folks don't assume he knows nothing about the UK).

Anonymous said...


This might interest you:


It's a list of salaries of the heads of quangos.

Enjoy :-)


Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Anon. I have corrected that line.

I recall thinking that he had a dodgy Canadian accent....


Captain Ranty said...

John, John, John.

Must you do this to me? My blood pressure is dangerously high already!

I'll have to write it up now.

Thanks. (Really!)


richard said...

Get ready for more Statist crap. Northern Ireland is about to introduce an act by which ANY public meeting (with the generous exception of funerals) MUST give 37 days' notice to the authorities if there are to be more than 50 people. Church parades, barbecues, trade union protests outside workplaces, the lot. If this isn't a test-bed or trial run for what's to come in GB I'll eat my hat. It's obviously designed to cut protests against...well, everything.
Stef's a great man, thanks for posting this.

microdave said...

"It's a list of salaries of the heads of quangos."

Paul Lee,
Horserace Betting Levy Board -
£240,000 - £244,999
No pension - 5 days per month on average, not including attendance at race meetings and associated events.


A quick perusal gives 292 on more than the PM's salary. Even if you add his MP's allowance on top, there are still 30 of them paid more....

Anonymous said...

Sorry CR,

I didn't want your BP to rise, but hey, we're all in this together... Eventually I hope the masses will realise how much they've been taken for a ride. I won't put money on it though :-)

Quangos, funded by taxpayers.... surely they can ALL be cut ?