February 17, 2013

I'm Outta Here

Fret ye not.

It is merely a house move.

After almost four years on Blogger I am migrating to Wordpress.

It is all thanks to my good mate who set it all up for me. Last night we transferred all 1200 posts and nearly 20,000 comments successfully so we should be ready to rock and roll.

The new place can be found here so please adjust your blogrolls accordingly. I'll leave this site up for a wee while forever*. Just trying to figure out the Site Feed thingme to automate the whole process.

We hope you like the new gaff. If you have any suggestions-such as fancier furnishings and fittings-please let us know.

Finally we will be able to have a decent, uninterrupted conversation again as I will not moderate comments, apart from the first one.

Ahhh, just like the old days, eh?

See you there!


* Over at the New Ranty Barracks there is a complete list of all 1,200 posts and the comments that they generated. It is much easier to navigate than the archives here, so please have a look.

I have decided to switch comments off here (to save me checking two sites all the time) but you are more than welcome to comment at the new billet.

February 15, 2013

Trust And Respect?

Several things in the online papers today got me thinking about trust and respect. Both traits are usually earned, but are ascribed almost automatically to some professions.

I am learning, far too slowly, I admit, that it is far, far better to withhold both trust and respect until you are absolutely certain the person you think is respectable and trustworthy actually is. Even then, there are shocks and surprises.

Disappointment becomes a regular emotion as you start to wise up. New realities have to be created.

An example? I may have mentioned this before, but a couple of years ago I had to go to my GP for a regular blood test to see how my cholesterol was doing. I had had the blood sample taken by the nurse one week earlier, this visit was to determine how long I had left to live.

I am called (on time) to see Dr Fuckknuckle (not his real name, but it should be), and in I walk. He is already busy writing out a prescription. He "Good Morning's" me without looking up. I take a seat. "Bad news, old son", he says gravely, (he still hasn't looked at me), "You have a dodgy ticker. You are going to need this medication for the rest of your life".

"No, I don't have a dodgy ticker", says I.

"Yes. You do", he insists.

"Prove it", I retaliate.

"It's all here", he says, tapping the computer screen. Still without looking at me or the screen. I lean closer so I can read it.

"You have three problems there", I said.

"Oh yes? And what are those problems?", he asks. Finally looking up at me.

"Number one: I am not 84 years old. Number two: I am not Margaret Jane McDonald. Number three: I am male".

"Ah", says our shaman, "Wrong screen". He fiddles with the keyboard and my name pops up.

He glances at it briefly and says "Ah yes. That's right. You have diabetes". Out comes the prescription pad for some fresh activity, he scribbles furiously.

"No I don't", says I.

"Yes you do", he insists.

"Prove it", I insist right back.

"Consistently high blood sugar readings", he exclaims. "It's all here".

"Show me", I counter.

He looks, fiddles with the keyboard, mutters, then says, slightly triumphantly, "There!"

I look. "Is that it?", I ask. One high reading out of 8 tests over a ten year period?"

"Yup", he says.

I said, "One high reading is an anomaly. You need at least two consecutively high readings to even consider there is a problem. Test me now. If it's abnormal I'll take your damn pills, but I at least want to know you have it right".

He's looking a bit smug now, and he arranges for the practise nurse to give me 500ml of Lucozade to drink and tells me to bugger off for an hour. I come back to the surgery, give another blood sample and the wifey looks at the results. "All normal", she declares. I badly wanted to be the one to inform Dr Fuckknuckle but she won't let me. "He will be embarrassed", she says, "I'll tell him".

So I went home to let my wife spouse partner significant other know that I wasn't dying just yet.

A stupid story, I admit. But the bigger problem is this: How many Dr Fuckknuckles are out there? Dispensing serious medication to people too witless, or too in awe of doctors to actually ask "Are you right? Is your diagnosis correct?". And, given recent NHS outrages, we learn that they are killing us off. By the thousands.

The police are no different. Just the other day we were treated to pictures of a grinning cop who had killed a motorcyclist while she was chatting to her partner on a mobile phone. The biker just became victim number 1,464. These people all died at the hands of, in the company of, or just after coming into contact with....the police. Not one of them has faced charges over these wrongful deaths in the last ten years. We MOPs (members of the public, as they term us) are merely collateral damage in the ongoing war. We are obstacles in their way.

And what about those sportsmen some of us stick on a pedestal? Lance Armstrong, anyone? Now we have Oscar Pistorious charged with blowing away his girlfriend. I know, I know, we must let justice take its course but it is not looking good for the lad.

Celebs? The guy off Corrie, Michael Le Vell, was today charged with 19 counts of kiddy fiddling and one charge of rape. And slimey old Jimmy Savile, self-styled King of Fingering? If even one tenth of the accusations are true he was a very sick individual. Yet both of these people were looked up to and trusted and respected.

My own village copper, the same man I gave tea and biscuits to during a neighbour dispute, is awaiting court over his possession of 1,000 indecent images of children. He seemed like a nice, family man. I had to gently ask him to piss off when he showed up to get involved in the dispute. I explained to him the difference between civil and criminal law. I maintained that the dispute was civil, but, as he explained, he was a lodge brother of my neighbour, and he had to act. "Sure," I said, "But before you do anything unlawful, go and talk to your duty solicitor". He came back an hour later to let me know that the fracas had fuck all to do with him. Off he trotted. I assume (now) that it was to get back to his child porn stash.

Sorry for the ramble.

The point, if there is one at all, might be this: trust no-one. Especially if they have any 'authority'. They will lie. They will make mistakes. They will ride rough-shod over you. And they will be wrong. A lot of the time, they will be just plain wrong.

Hang on to that respect as well. Give it out very carefully. Be mean with it.

Because they don't trust or respect you. At all.


February 13, 2013

Debt And Taxes

I found this over at Inquiring Minds and I thought it was worth sharing.

UK government debt is around one and a half trillion if you take into
account unfunded pensions, PFI schemes
and all the other off balance sheet debts.
Private debt just about matches this if you take into account
mortgages, credit cards and overdrafts. (USA debt is 14 trillion.)
Now try to get your head round a trillion.

Perhaps this helps.

1 million seconds = 12 days
1 billion seconds = 31 years
1 trillion seconds = 31,000 years
(note: – the British billion is now the same as the American billion -
a mere thousand million, not a million million)

The next time you hear a politician casually talk about ‘a billion pounds’, stop and think about it. 
Ask yourself – are they spending YOUR tax money as you want?
These facts help put that ‘billion’ in perspective.

A billion seconds ago it was 1959.

A billion minutes ago Jesus was alive.

A billion hours ago our ancestors were living in the Stone Age.

A billion days ago no-one walked on the earth on two feet.

A billion Pounds ago was only 13 hours and 12 minutes, at the rate our government is spending
even more than it can raise from…

Stamp Duty
Tobacco Tax
Corporate Income Tax
Income Tax

Council Tax
Unemployment Tax
Fishing Licence Tax
Petrol/Diesel Tax
Inheritance Tax (tax on top of tax)
Alcohol Tax
Marriage Licence Tax
Property Tax
Service charge taxes
Social Security Tax
Vehicle Licence Registration Tax
Vehicle Sales Tax
Workers Compensation Tax

Only one – income tax – existed 100 years ago (at a maximum of 10%)

Our nation was one of the most prosperous in the world.
The industrial revolution was beginning to feed mouths and fill pockets.
Public spending was a mere 25% of GDP.
We coped with debts of £600 million resulting largely from the Napoleonic Wars.
We had the largest middle class in the world.
Mum stayed home to raise her children.
Dad was allowed to discipline his children.
A criminal’s life was uncomfortable.
The sun never set on the British Empire.

And now look at us today – trapped in the EU and governed by inexperienced pygmies.
How and why did this change happen?
The answer is equally mind-boggling and appalling, because we are to blame.
We have re-learned an old hard lesson :
people attracted to power are fundamentally unsuited to hold it.
Ask yourself: do senior politicians today believe in acting in the best interests of the people who elected them?
Self-evident answer: No.  Self-interest and political survival come first.


Not my work, so if there are any factual mistakes, don't be kicking my arse.


February 12, 2013

Mixed Bag

All sorts of shite going on at the moment so I thought I'd just do a potpourri. A 'news stew' if you prefer.


The Vicar of Christ has resigned. Yip-de-fucking-doo.

There was provision for it in his contract so can they just get on with the whole conclavey thing, elect some old fart to run The Greatest Paedo Show On Earth, light a fag in the Sistine Chapel, and then we can all get on with life. Except that between now, and the lighting of said fag, it will be rammed into our brains for weeks and weeks and weeks....

HINT:  If you don't want to go through all this 'uncertainty for the Church' again, try electing someone under 50 for a change.

It may be a black dude (Shock! Horror!) as part of some wanky plan to seem progressive. You want to be progressive? Endorse condoms and we can reduce the prevalence of AIDS in the world. Or, and this is blue-sky stuff, actually agree to and promulgate the notion that abortion is none of your fucking business, and the decision remains the sole responsibility of the women who need them, for a whole raft of reasons.

And while you're at it, have a root around in the catacombs and print those 66 missing Books of the bible. I'd really like to see what they contain.

Lastly, it's make yer fucking mind up time: if Roman Catholics priests are supposed to be anti-homosexual celibates, why are they continually fiddling with little lads?

Not that Pope Benny did anything about it.

A tad hypocritical, no?

Call Me Unpopular.

Poor Dave. Mere moments after returning from the EU waving a bit of paper saying "We got a reduction!" (it turns out we got no such thing), and insisting on driving through a non-manifestoed Bill to allow gays to marry (for the record, I don't care who marries who, as long as both are willing) his popularity, particularly amongst women, drops faster than requests for Lance Armstrong to deliver motivational speeches. Here, in full technicolour, we have a man who could have saved us all from the prospect of suffering another inept Labour government for quite some time, virtually ensuring that they will get back in power in 2015. If the polls are to be believed, but I suspect they aren't.


At the risk of sounding unpopular, so fucking what? Did anyone die? Did anyone even get sick? I admit that it is all a bit ropey, and somehow, Al Qaeda, or the Mafia, or Jimmy Savile is to blame, but FFS, horse-meat is quite tasty. So much for all those chefs and their spectacular taste-buds, eh? The fuckers don't know what they are eating and they are the professionals, so how the hell are we supposed to know? Next up: fish fingers contain no fish and are made entirely of panda meat. Gird your loins for the outrage-fest that will be visited upon us.

Mass Deletion.

My only bit of good news.

As most of you know, I spend an unhealthy amount of time at the UK Gov legislation site. I stumbled across a piece of primary legislation for 2013 in which they are repealing dozens of old laws. Sadly, none of them matter a fuck to most of us, containing, as they do, some real beauties like this:

Kenmare Junction Railway (Abandonment) Act 1890 (53 & 54 Vict. c.xlviii)

Midland Great Western Railway of Ireland Act 1891 (54 & 55 Vict. c.xli)

And a personal favourite: National Insurance Surcharge Act 1976 (c.85)

Need the link? Here you go:  Statute Law Repeal

Not that the repeal of the NI Surcharge Act is especially thrilling, given that the Coagulation has introduced 299 tax hikes since they discovered the public tit never runs dry. Total tax take in 2009/2010 was an eye-watering 513 billion quid and is set to rise to a ball-breaking 671 billion in 2015/2016. Our tax laws now weigh more than Cyril Smith. (Younger readers might want to google the fat kiddie-fiddling freak to better understand the comparison although I am sure you will get the gist).

Apologies for not responding to all the great (and not so great) comments lately. I am running around like fly with blue arse. A pathetic excuse, but there it is.

Be well,


February 07, 2013

Generation Meh

Ever hear that old joke: what's the difference between ignorance and apathy?

Answer: I don't know and I don't care.

There is nothing funny about apathy.

Apathy, combined with decades of programming, got us into this mess in the first place. And please, none of that British "Stiff upper lip" stuff. Being stoic in hard times is one thing, but rolling over completely, on everything?

This has to change. We need to learn how to complain. Loudly. And often.

Don't people care about being tracked by freaks in GCHQ all day long?

Don't people care about being watched by overweight civilians on a host of screens every day?

Don't people care about being robbed blind by their own government?

Don't people care about being hoodwinked lied to over our entry into the EU?

Don't people care about being lied to, almost constantly, by Alex Salmond and his indy wet-dream?

Don't people care about being forced (by the govt) to give their hard-earned money to charities they wouldn't normally support?

Don't people care about being stiffed by energy companies because some twat at the Environmental Department says we must reduce our carbon footprint?

Don't people care about those 1,200 patients killed by the NHS in Mid-Staffordshire?

Don't people care about being treated like cash-cows by incompetent MPs?

Don't people care about being subjected to a two-tier law system?

I guess not.

Because if they did, we would have burnt the House of Commons to the ground a long time ago.

Welcome to Generation Meh.


February 06, 2013

It's Nineteen Eighty-Four

And if you are hell-bent on finding someone to blame, look in a mirror.

Not content with watching us on five million cameras, the overlords now want additional powers to listen, read and record our communiques as well.

Fucking marvelous.

Let's look at the piece, which can be found here

It starts badly, and ends up being quite terrifying. And, through it all, remember that the people who want to do the watching and the listening and the transcribing are all paid by.....YOU.

Oh, the excuse is the usual: "To combat terrorism". (They use the same legislation to prosecute people for having bins out too early, or if they don't quite close the lid on the bin).


'UK spy agencies want to install 'black box' surveillance devices along the country's communications networks to monitor internet use, it emerged today. 

A report by an influential committee of MPs tells how spooks are keen to implement a nationwide surveillance regime aimed at logging nearly everything Britons do and say online.'


'The government argues that swift access to communications data is critical to the fight against terrorism and other high-level crime, but it has been delayed after the Liberal Democrats dropped support for the bill. '


'The services that might be targeted by the probes weren't identified, although Facebook, Twitter, Hotmail, and Google Chat are all popular in Britain and were among the services named elsewhere in the report.'

and, be very afraid:

'The next two paragraphs were completely blanked out.'
Of course they were. No need for the fucking proles to know exactly what the sneaky bastards are doing, eh?
My advice?
Order in a truckload of this:
Nothing else makes any sense.
Mind you, on the day this comes to pass, and it will because we are a nation of idiots, I will be logging off. I have no desire for this government, or any other, to invade my privacy in this way.
So, if one day you swing by only to find that I have fucked off, this will be the reason.

February 04, 2013

Random News...

Not a pretty start to the week, so if you are of a weak disposition, look away now.

Nothing To Hide?

A Minister gets it. Well, almost.

Look fucksticks, you have my name & address. That's pretty much all I want you to know. The fact that various government departments sell this information to others is bloody disgusting and, I suspect, unlawful. Given that you abuse even this small piece of data, why the fuck would I want you to know anything else? You cannot be trusted.

Get fucked.

It's Illegal To Criticise The EU

It has been for 12 years.

*Predictable comment klaxon*

Listen up Herman: you and your familiars are a bunch of cretinous, greedy, unelected, unaccountable, fascist, mouth-breathing fuckstains with no idea of democracy and you have serious mental health issues. The EU is a rabid monster and the kindest thing, if it were possible, would be to put a couple of rounds into its head. I curse you. I wish death and destruction for the EU. I wish it immediately. To not criticise you and your inept power-grabbing group of arseholes should be a crime.

Get fucked.

Wee Georgie Makes A Promise


We believe that, George. We also believe in fairies, pixie dust, unicorns, wands, elves and goblins.

YOU have no control. The whey-faced pox doctors clerks (AKA mandarins in Whitehall) run the fucking country, not you. Stop talking bollocks and keep doing as you are told. Banks are special. Unlike any other industry, they must, and will, be protected at all costs. No more lies, sonny. Keep shoveling money at them. Don't stop until every Briton is destitute, and every banker has two Ferrari's on the drive.

Get fucked.

Let's end on a high note.

Writ Of Mandamus

Sounds archaic. And it is.

In law, it also has the equivalent power of a 50 megaton thermonuclear device. Following on from the Australian sovereigns, the Brits are doing the same. Read this information and know that some people, more awake than most, are taking action on your behalf. Get involved if you want to be part of something huge. In direct contrast to the weasel words of wee Georgie, this will have an effect. Note that this Writ is not a request. It is a command.

Get ready banks. Get ready to...

...be fucked.


January 28, 2013

This Is Why We Need Our Guns Back

And no, they aren't (just) for shooting burglars with.

We need to defend ourselves against the very people who suggest stupid shit all the time.


Fucking ridiculous.

Fucking spot on.

Politicians: just fuck off.

Lately, your stupidity has reached record levels. Give it a rest, FFS.


January 27, 2013

"Deniers" Were Right All Along

In what is described as a 'truly sensational' report we learn that those who rightly condemned all of those climate lies over the years were spot on.

AGW, Climate Change, call it what you will, (they do, they change it to suit the ludicrous agenda they push), is complete and utter tosh.

You might want to bear that in mind when the Green Freaks start howling about CO2.

CO2 is that stuff that trees need to live. The trees very kindly suck it up and release it as something useful to every living thing on the planet: air.

The Greens want to save the planet, but in order to do so, they want to radically reduce CO2 emissions which will kill the trees which will kill all the animals and plants, and it will most assuredly kill off the people too. What is it about these freaks that drives them towards a pristine earth containing no people, no fauna, and no flora? Is that the dream? A nice shiny earth but completely devoid of life?

It's the same with PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), whose members almost never come across a healthy animal that they didn't want to put down. PETA euthanises 90% of the animals they pick up. How lovely for the animals.

We also have the depopulation mob. Despite empirical evidence showing that the planet can sustain 118 billion people, they insist that 7 billion souls are already too many. Naturally, all those espousing this claptrap want to kill off the brown people. We white folks will be just fine. I never yet saw a brown depopulater. Funny, that.

Hypocrites. All of them. Mind you, it is easy money. If you have a PhD in talking shite, the government will shovel millions at you. Politicians: the most gullible sub-species on the face of the earth.

Have a snippet from the report:

"New research produced by a Norwegian government project, described as "truly sensational" by independent experts, indicates that humanity's carbon emissions produce far less global warming than had been thought: so much so that there is no danger of producing warming beyond the IPCC upper safe limit of 2°C for many decades."


Renowned Swedish climate boffin Caroline Leck, who was not involved in the research, commented:

“These results are truly sensational. If confirmed by other studies, this could have far-reaching impacts on efforts to achieve the political targets for climate.”

The whole thing is here: Climate Change Freaks Are Full Of Shit, Report Says

It seems that the Green Freaks emerged way too early. We do not need their shrieking until 2050 at the earliest.

So governments around the world can now cancel the cheques, or better yet, claw back the billions they gave to these imbeciles in the first place.

And for fucks sake, get my electricity bill down to a sensible level again. All the lies told by warmists achieved only one thing: more money flew out of my wallet than was strictly necessary.

I'd like a refund please.

And then I want every warmist flogged. Twice.


January 26, 2013

Freedom Of Speech

Regulars will recall the original reason for comment moderation. We had a troll.

A particularly disturbed, anti-smoking troll. He targeted this blog, and around eight others and demanded various ludicrous conditions that if the bloggers stopped using certain terms he would leave them in peace.

Clearly, the man is delusional at best and at worst, psychotic. Either way, he caused me and others to change the way we accept comments. His usual M.O was to post gibberish which indicated that he hadn't first read the post, then commented with a pro or con argument like a normal person would. Bloggers and commenters noticed this and the bloke came in for some fairly hefty insults. They were well deserved.

Then he started to post as other people. In the real world, this is called identity theft, or if you want it old-school, impersonating others to their detriment.

In his final throes of madness, he declared on this very blog, over 130 times, that I was a paedo. No proof, no evidence, just the repeated scribblings of an obviously disturbed man.

It forced us (the affected bloggers) to get together and track him down. We did this remarkably quickly. We advised his ISP that his behaviour was worrisome and a tad unlawful. The ISP, given the evidence, agreed and did the right thing and closed him down. A few weeks later he reappeared and off we went again.

When I started this blog my aim was openness and honesty. No censorship, ever. Whatever your viewpoint was, this was the place to put it.

Thanks to this individual I am forced to use moderation. I don't particularly care what he calls me, as I remember the playground chant "Sticks and stones...etc" and it remains relevant today. BUT, when he thinks he has my name and my address and posts that, he crosses a line. Especially given that he has the wrong name and the wrong address. This may hurt the man whose details he insists are mine, so comment moderation stays. Until the man dies, or gets the help he needs in a secure mental facility.

This is his latest missive:

"Ranty. You can remove comment moderation if you want. unfortunately there are conditions which have to be met. Your lies/bullshitting/blagging/threats and all that shite you think i swallow is/has been an insult to my intelligence and will result in permanent sanctions on your blog. your sanctions are: The words FUCK/CUNT/WANKER are not allowed on your blog , you cannot post these words on your blog or any fucking about with word plays like FU, W>>>>>KER C*NT. This does not apply to other posters I will completely leave your blog and will not return unless you post those words. If you post those words from today then my offer will be withdrawn, and moderation will continue."

Now, I have been fighting Big Government for five years. I have picked fights with some mighty agencies of our pathetic government, and won. I could have done none of that or reported back here on the battles, without free speech.

It is the single most important right we have.

Yet this delusional soul thinks he can determine which words I use on my blog?

I do not negotiate with the mentally unstable, chum. I will continue to write what I want, when I want, and as often as I want.

Although I wanted to resist saying this, I cannot:

Fuck off, you wanker. Go and be a cunt somewhere else.



January 25, 2013

Spreading Dissent-Updated

One of our pals, a regular reader and commenter here, has asked that I publish some images he has designed for use in an upcoming campaign.

I am delighted to do so as they will help wake some people up.

He asks that you download*, print* and distribute them so that people learn there is an alternative to sitting in front of the telly wishing it would all stop.

As the old saying has it: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride.

Stop wishing, start printing, and use it as a talking point. Join this campaign!

*PLEASE NOTE: If you do not have printing facilities, contact votenobody at virginmedia dot com and for the cost of posting, a quantity of posters will be sent to you.

I don't do much on the NWO but there are many sites to go and look at for research into what these clowns are up to. The EU is one of my biggest bugbears and there is plenty in my archives but there are others who do it far better. Dig out information, educate yourself, then educate others.

It often surprises me to see other bloggers castigate me because I cite treason all the time. It is as if the crime of treason should be overlooked in favour of arguing the politics or the economics. I strongly disagree. The law can be used too. There is a ton of evidence to support all of my accusations and again, you can search my archives or look elsewhere.

Treason, whether you think the crime is an archaic one or not, remains the most serious crime on our books. Look it up. Learn what Treason is. Look up Misprision of Treason and while you're at it, study Compounded Treason. Then, take a closer look at your elected MP, and your Monarch, and decide whether they are guilty of any or all of those crimes.

When you are loaded up with the facts, get printing.

A bit of paper and ink, and you will have a hot debate on your hands to liven up the pub session. If you still have a local pub, that is. If not, go and wreak havoc in the library or local cafe.

Get people thinking. Let them know that there is something rotten in the state of Denmark. Teach them to recognise the stench of corruption.

Lead them out of the darkness.

If you don't do it, nobody else will.


I only printed a small part of the story. There is much, much more.

Blogger is playing up and I cannot upload an A4 pdf that I was sent for you to look at. Please contact the email address on the posters above for more details.

In the meantime, this email, shared between a few people, was partly the inspiration for the campaign:

"A Plan For Peaceful Rebellion - a Proposal

‘What should we do’ has been a question I have asked myself many times over the years. It seems that we are up against a great deal and that the odds are stacked against us. Nevertheless, I also feel that there are a great many people who have woken up, and that there are many more who will do so as events unfold. The problem, to my mind, is how this mass of people should proceed to turn things around.

As it appears, we are all isolated individuals unsure of how to proceed, admittedly some doing more than others according to the level of ones’ bravery/foolhardiness/apathy/fear/knowledge. I would suggest that right now most awakened people are just sitting tight waiting for ‘something to happen’.
What is needed is some sort of coordination between all the factions of the resistance, whether they go by the name of patriots, freemen, nationalists, lawful rebellionists, freedom fighters, Constitutionalists, or just people who are sick and fed up of being lied, to, thieved from, and manipulated by the ‘powers that be’/ Elite / politicians / banksters / etc. Then there are the ‘special interest’ groups - everything from the anti-Europeans and anti-cuts campaigners, to those fighting the surveillance state, the assault on natural health care, wind farms and fluoridated drinking water. And everything else besides.

Imagine what could be achieved if all these people joined together for a planned and systematic attack on the ‘system’, which I suggest means basically reconstructing society from the ground up along more humanitarian and sane lines, adhering to Common Law, with our Constitution to the fore, whereby true democracy rules, and where all the people are truly represented as to how our nation is managed.

Let there be no mistake, such is the depth of the corruption, the deceit, the lies, the theft from, and the total disregard for the British people and their needs and wants, that whatever plan is enacted at reversing this is never going to be an easy option. I would suggest that in short the huge mass of discontented must act as one voice, and in unison with each other, regardless of individual idiosyncrasies; in short, we must rebuild from the ground up the kind of society we want, and as the first step we must collectively say ‘No More!’ to the current wave of sickening lies and deceit and manipulation. 

We must remember that whilst we are each individual free spirits, by necessity we must adhere to certain standards of self-control if we are to live peacefully; this is of course living by Common Law. Those who might think that this is a call for doing just what they damn well like, and to hell with everyone else should go elsewhere. 

Obviously such a course of action by the controlling ‘Elite’ would not be taken lightly, and resistance to the ‘New World Order’ on our part is to be expected, but successfully resisted, if done as part of a mass demand for (genuine, and for the better) change.

Though the gradual awakening is to be welcomed, the problem is very much that everyone is acting more or less alone, which makes each of us easy targets. No surprises that true heroes willing to stick their necks out are few and far between. Easier to do little, sit tight, and continue to complain whilst our country disintegrates around us, and our few remaining civil liberties continue to disappear. All this is understandable; it is human nature to not put oneself in harms way, and furthermore the human animal is basically a herd animal; an animal that likes to be led by others - the very reason we find ourselves in this situation, of course. As this is unlikely to change for a long time, if ever, then someone must put into place the structure and momentum for the sort of resistance that many are crying out for. It is the problem, and so is the problem that needs addressing.

I truly believe that there are great numbers of us out there ready to ‘do something’. As everything goes to pot these numbers are growing, though many will perhaps have little understanding of the ‘agenda’ behind what is happening - that the social collapse has been planned - but rather they are simply pissed off with how they are being treated. That’s fine - for now - so long as they are willing to do something about their plight.

The rebellion, therefore, must be one of a united resistance, guided loosely by those who know the score. Alone, few of us will, or perhaps even can, make that much of a difference. In great numbers we can change everything. 

So, what I propose is the setting of a date when we basically decide to say ‘No!’ en mass. That famous scene from the film Network comes to mind here - the moment when we collectively decide to say ‘No, I am not going to take it anymore.’ I propose that prior to the announcement of this day a call is put out to all concerned individuals, groups and relevant organisations to attend an assembly somewhere to put forward the proposal for the Great Day of Change, in order to gauge expected levels of support. Naturally, if a large majority think the idea crap it is hardly likely to work if it went ahead. With the support of those attending the date would be announced, and this circulated and promoted widely.

Yes, much would have to be discussed prior to the assembly. What exactly would we propose people do from day one? Should the rebellion start lightly - perhaps a refusal to pay the TV licence from that day onward perhaps? Call it a step-by-step approach whereby we become bolder as out actions achieve success and hopefully gather momentum. Or should it be an all-out refusal to cooperate from day one? That’s for the organisers to discuss. 

Perhaps the event could be streamed live on the internet to reach the many who for whatever reason could not, or did not wish to, attend in person.

I propose also that the following is put into place:

a) A panel of people who can offer free advice on matters relating to lawful rebellion.
b) A communication network so that we each look out for our colleagues; ie safety in numbers.
c) A new judicial system is put into place so that we can start to make headway in bringing to justice all those who have acted treasonously towards this nation and her people.
d) Everyone to be encouraged to motivate and educate others as to what we are doing. A website and printed literature would be there in order to provide information to newbies and the masses who so far continue to bury their heads in the sand by losing themselves in Corrie, X Factor, gossip mags, etc - though we must recognise the fact that there are many who will never understand.
e) Everyone is encouraged to sign up to Roger Hayes’ Lawful Bank, and I know that he has also spoken about eventually putting in place our own system of policing based on Common Law. 

The militarising of the police; increasing surveillance; financial oblivion; loss of our rights and liberties; threat to the freedom of the internet; attacks on our mental, emotional and physical health: all gather pace on a daily basis. We all know that ‘something must be done’. Many of us believe that time is getting short before the point of no return is reached - if that point has not been reached already. A peaceful, lawful rebellion must be instigated in the near future, and this is one proposal for such a rebellion.

I stress that everything the movement - if we wish to call it that - recommends to its followers must be by way of suggestions, not orders, because though all may be following the same route we each need to decide the speed at which we go. 

Nevertheless, all advice given, and recommendations made, for the way to proceed must be made by genuine, sincere, and committed people. The history of any number of ‘movements’ is littered with examples of initially sincere, genuine people being replaced by the other sort, leading to the eventual and deliberate ineffectual nature of said movement. Infiltration is very real, and most be guarded against at all costs. Hopefully, once sufficient momentum has built up any sort of leader would be unnecessary; the thing having taken on a life, so to speak, of its own.

Though the thought of another un-elected ‘official’ telling us what to do is initially repugnant, the fact remains that the rebellion must have such a person at its helm, at least in its early days, simply in order to keep the whole thing on track. For my part I certainly know who I would like to lead such a movement, and I imagine many others would feel the same about that choice, but once more that is a decision for others to make.

My proposal might be workable, or it might not. It’s just my take on things. However, if it stimulates debate - which eventually leads to ACTION! (rather than more words, words, words) - then it will have served its purpose."


January 24, 2013

Conflicting Referendums

I have a new problem.

As do hundreds of thousands (millions?) of Scots who want to leave the EU.

Fast forward to 2014 when Slippery Alex gives Scotland a referendum on remaining in the Union and combine that with Cast Iron Dave's new improved promise to the people that we will get a referendum on the EU. Let's imagine that the referendum in 2017 actually takes place with an actual in/out choice. Let's pretend that the promise is real.

If Scotland does vote for independence next year (highly unlikely, in my opinion) that means I lose the chance to get rUK out of the EU in 2017. The SNP are determined to go to Brussels to beg entry into The Stupid Club, although, if today's news is anything to go by, entry may be a long and protracted thing.

Look: No, We Do NOT Want To Talk To You

Assuming a 'yes' in the indy referendum, Scotland will have to apply to join the EU just like any other nation.

It blows my mind that a nation 'shackled' to another would replace those chains for another, more tightly-fitting set. 10 seconds after the Act of Union was signed in 1707 a group sprang up crying "Foul!". This group morphed into the SNP. That same SNP, led by Wee Eck, has consistently lied to the Scots about legal advice held/received on Scotland's continuing relationship with Brussels. He has lied about job creation in the new Scotland. He has lied about the revenue renewable energy will create. Hardly a man we can trust with our future. His familiars sing the same song, so we cannot trust any of them either. Scottish Labour? Don't get me started. Let's not even discuss the one Tory MSP. The poor man is outnumbered by pandas in Scotland.

Now, however, the SNP has been told, in no uncertain terms, that there will not be a conversation about entry. Not, at least, until Scotland begins formal negotiations with Brussels. How long will that take? No-one knows. Will they be accepted? No-one knows. What will the terms be? No-one knows.

I have choices. Just like everyone else:

Vote no in 2014. (Despite wanting Scotland to be independent)

Vote yes in 2017. (Because we absolutely must leave the EU)

Don't vote at all. (Go to the pub instead. Get drunk. Stay drunk).

I had decided to dump my voters card forever, but now, on principle alone, I may need to use it two more times.

I loathe the EU. I make no secret of that. I know them to be a damaging, out of control bunch of psychopaths hell bent on creating a United States of Europe. This is not in my interest, and it is not in your interest. I already believe that MPs have too much power. And they are elected.

How bad would life become if we are to be governed by a group of unelected, unaccountable gibbons in Brussels, forever?

The very thought has me sweating like Jimmy Savile at a youth club.


January 23, 2013

Cameron's Big EU Speech...

....was underwhelming, to say the least.

I think he was trying to please everyone, but you know what happens when you try that? Everyone remains dissatisfied.

There was yet another promise made: we will have our referendum. Maybe. Perhaps. If. Possibly.

Before R Day arrives however, he will try to rearrange the deckchairs on that rapidly sinking behemoth. IF the chairs are not arranged to his liking, and IF he wins the next election, we may have a referendum.

Anyone else getting a blast of deja vu? Haven't we been here before? Something about a 'cast iron guarantee'?

If you missed his rambling, vague, and at times, schizophrenic diatribe, you can find it here: New Fairy Tale From The Tories

 Several other bloggers have had their say too. Have a look at the sites I link to here if you want an alternate opinion. Although, we all seem to be saying the same thing: we are consumed with indifference.

I have studied body language in the past-I'm no expert-and when a statement is made, immediately followed by scratching ones nose, it is almost invariably a lie. When we are kids we clamp a hand firmly over our mouths when we tell mum or dad a fib. As we get older the signs are more subtle but they are still there. We may adjust our tie, or scratch an ear-lobe, for instance. When Cameron says "The people will decide" he reaches up and scratches just under his nose. He did this several times during this bed-time story for the insane. Of course, he may just have had an itch.

His Master Plan is to tweak what we have today. To somehow reconfigure Treaties, those same Treaties that say "No tweaking allowed"-to better suit the UK. It is an exercise in futility. The unelected and unaccountable in Brussels will not have their game spoiled.

The EU is a monster. It is out of control. The mandarins in Brussels are like ours in Whitehall. But their lot are on steroids. They impose hundreds of thousands of regulations-whether they suit all 27 nations or not-with a fervour that defies comprehension. This monster cannot be contained.

Yet Cameron thinks he can tame the beast?

This image sprang, unbidden, into my mind:

He said that we can plough our own furrow and crucially, his hands went nowhere near his face, indicating that he at least believes that.

So do I.

I want out, sooner, rather than later. I believe that we can be strong voice in the world again, and that trading with other (non-EU) nations will be given a massive boost.

I do not care what the Conservatives want. I do not care what Labour want. The Liberal Democrats remain, as ever, irrelevant. I do care that our national sovereignty has been cheaply sold, by all political parties over the last 40 years, to our detriment. Many politicians have leapt from the British gravy train directly onto the EU gravy train. Nothing mattered to them but their own personal gain, their own death-grip on some tenuous power they believed themselves to have over us.

There is a sensible way out. What form that exit takes is neither here nor there.

We could invoke Article 50 in The Treaty on European Union (Lisbon Treaty as was).

We could repeal the European Communities Act of 1972.

Or we could just stop paying them £55 million a day. Or all three simultaneously.

All would have the same effect: we would be in control once again.

We would regain the right to decide our own destiny.

Just like we did for hundreds of years before this nightmare was ever a reality.


January 21, 2013

Up Is Down, Right Is Left

Welcome, my friends, to Dystopia.

Today is Orwell Day.

He must be screaming from his grave.

Today, Barry O'Blimey gets a second bite at that cherry. Americans must be so very pleased with themselves for electing him.

He casually signs Executive Orders allowing domestic security agents the right to kill US citizens. How nice.

In fact, as well as UAV's patrolling US skies, he needs a lot of rounds to shoot those US citizens.


He must have dum-dum rounds to ensure those US citizens remain dead.

On Wednesday, this lunatic will tell us a pack of lies. Just like he does every time he wibbles on about the EU and referendums.

"So the UK population is upset? Aww, diddums. I am in charge around here. Fuck democracy".

Whoops! His big speech on the EU is on Wednesday. My apologies.

And finally, there is an awful lot of bullshit on the news. Not least of which is the "Asthma rates plummet" fairy tale.

I have eyes like a young hawk and I see no decline at all.

Your instructions remain the same: question everything.

Believe no-one. Ever. (Not even me).


PS-if one of the above images is yours, thank you. (I find it is easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission).

Back In The Saddle

Hi folks.

Had a terrific week in Germany, although I think I broke my liver.

From the start of the Algerian Clusterfuck I was concerned for a good friend of mine who works for BP. He is based at their main camp in Hassi Messaoud but travels regularly to In Amenas and to the rig sites deep in the desert. I still have not heard from him and my efforts to track him down continue.

UPDATE: I have now heard from my pal. He was not at the site during the crisis. He emailed this a few minutes ago:  "A good few mates are dead and my boss got shot twice in the back and leg. He is OK now and back in Norway in hospital"

The Algerian army is populated mostly by conscripts and none of them want to be there. I have seen guys get snagged as they travel up through the desert (usually heading for the capital, Algiers looking for work) when they come across a check-point and their names are checked on a national database. If they have not completed their national service they are inducted there and then. I saw quite a few disappointed young men who had hopes of a good life in Algiers only to be hustled into a portacabin. Ten minutes later, they emerge, in brand new uniforms carrying an AK-47. Which they fiddle with endlessly. There were several incidents resulting in death or serious injury at a camp I stayed at because almost no time is spent training these chaps. They constantly have one up the spout then sit fucking around with the safety catch (rate selector) and the trigger. Simultaneously. Accidents are guaranteed. Standard operating procedure is for the offender to be relieved of his weapon and then he gets the shit kicked out of him by any soldiers nearby. I have seen this. It gets nasty. The guy is then hauled off to gaol.

So it was with horror I learned that they were dispatched to In Amenas, and I knew that a high level of 'blue on blue' was going to happen. It will be interesting to see just how many hostages were killed by the bad guys and how many died in 'friendly fire'. (There's a misnomer for you).

I missed most of the other news as I was only interested in the unfolding hostage story.

What did I miss?


January 13, 2013

Auf Wiedersehen

That's me off.

I leave at daft o'clock tomorrow to head to Germany.

I'd love to leave the door wide open so that you can bung on any interesting/horrifying/stupid stuff from the government, but some odd people will rush through that open door and publish utter bollocks.

As it is I get hundreds of items of spam per day and it takes me a while to sift through the shite for any real comments. This is because I removed the need for you to have 287 attempts to get the captcha thing right. It is an horrendous invention.

You are most welcome to comment but there will be a serious delay between you commenting and me releasing them for the consumption of all.

All of which is meant to explain that posting this week will be lighter than an anorexic on SlimFast.

Back on Saturday.

Have a great week.


January 11, 2013

Sandy Hook "Oddities".

I remember feeling so bad about the massacre of those wee ones at Sandy Hook. It was an horrific event and if your heart didn't go out to those poor, poor people then you are probably made of stone.

I'm a father myself, and we have lost three little ones and I felt awful for the parents.

And then Harby sends me this:

...and I either have to question my own sanity, or the fact, the unpalatable fact, that Sandy Hook was no more than a side-show.

Try suspending everything you know (or think you know) for ten minutes as you watch the YouTube clip above.

Thanks H.


January 10, 2013

A Party For The Stupid

Imagine, if you can, that you see an invitation to a party.

The invitation looks something like this:


I have selected a few people to come to my party. It should be fun as almost none of us even speak the same language! Oh, and you must, absolutely must, RSVP."

The group gathers. There isn't much conversation at the beginning. All are from different cultures so it isn't all that surprising.

There isn't exactly a host, as all assembled seem to want to organise the fun, but one chap, out of the blue, decides that he is in charge. There is some muttering, but the party continues.

[People mingle]

One says, "Hey, maybe we should do business together? I can sell you stuff and you can sell me stuff. We can set it down on paper and make an agreement".

Word spreads around the room and before long, all have signed the paper. None bothered to tell their wives/husbands or neighbours about the actual wording. Many of them didn't bother to read the words at all, so excited were they.

[Later on. Same evening]

One (shabbily dressed) man says to another, "I don't have money for the cab home. Can you help me out?" The other chap says, "I don't have enough either but hold on, I'll get it off one of the others". Off he goes, and comes back with a handful of notes which he gives to the shabbily dressed guy. On looking around the room, he discovers that almost everyone is getting money from the three wealthiest attendees. Money is being handed around and no-one seems to be keeping a tally.

[Later still]

The chap who elected himself as party leader announces that his brothers may need to come over to the other attendees' houses to pick up members of their family/community because someone said they saw them steal something from his house. All agreed that they could all do this, whenever they wanted to. No actual evidence would be needed, after all, are we not honourable people?

The leader says, "You know what I hate? Bendy bananas. I think we should have a rule that all bananas are particularly straight. Here are my arbitrary measurements. You must all do this or I can fine you for non-compliance. I don't want to hear any laughing either. New rule! Anyone criticising me is liable to a fine".

[Some muttering, some grumbling, but all agree]

"Whilst I think about it, I want an extension built on my house. This is too small for you lot. You all have to chip in for it" says the self-appointed one.

"And while you're at it, I want exactly the same extension at my 'ouse" says one of the wealthier ones. (It turns out that he was one of the people who suggested the party in the first place and didn't want to miss out).

[Time passes, but the guests are not idle]

By the end of the evening, thousands of rules have been agreed. All will chip in for another party and they soon discover that they want a party every single day. The cost is horrendous, but the poorer ones just keep borrowing off the richer ones and sometimes, they even borrow off the poor ones too. Chaos ensues. No-one knows who owes who what, or why. But the money shuffle continues.

It becomes obvious to all that some members should never have been invited at all. But this is embarrassing to the self-appointed leader and he will not, absolutely will not, admit that. "Keep lending them money" he instructs the richer guests.

Worse, some of those who were bamboozled into attending have discovered that their friends and neighbours have realised that the idea was a stupid one. They want out. But their leader says "No! We must attend the parties because if we don't, they may talk about us behind our backs". It is explained time and again to the leader that we know the others have more skeletons in their cupboard than we do in ours, and besides, life was great before the leader started going off to all these parties. "He does a great deal of lending and never borrows anything from the others", say the friends and neighbours, "This is costing us a fortune!"

"Many of the house rules we used to have have now been rescinded" says the leaders friends and neighbours, "We do not like the new rules, and we want to run our own house parties".

This is a fair and reasonable request but the leader, he says "No! I will go to a party soon and tell them we don't like some of the rules. That will shake them up!".

The leader, however, had forgotten that one of the rules he signed up to expressly forbids the changing of any rules.

All he has to do is announce that he no longer likes any of the rules and that he will not attend any more parties, and that he is not providing the drinks and the food for the others. And that we are going to hold parties with our old (and new) friends, from a different neighbourhood. Job done.

But he won't.

Because one day, he might, just might, get to be the unelected leader himself. Then he can get to boss all the other guests around.

If only he was brave and fearless, like the Swiss guy down the road. Or that nice Norwegian chappy.

If only he would listen to those friends and neighbours who have to pay for the party with money they haven't got, and who must obey the thousands of nonsensical new rules, those whose friends and family were whisked away to be locked up miles and miles away from home.

But you know what they say: like attracts like.

Only the really stupid would go to a party like that.

But only the monumentally moronic would keep going to a party like that.


Doom Porn

We haven't had a video for a while, certainly not from The AntiTerrorist, so I thought I'd post these for you.

It has been a while since the AT uploaded a new video. This should a) whet your appetite or b) introduce AT if you haven't seen his work before. (Or both, even).

Part 2:

And a teaser snippet from yesterday:

If you have ever needed the police, this will sound all too familiar.

I'll keep an eye out for new videos for you, but if you want a real understanding, I urge you to buy his books. I own them both and they are a constant source of reference.


January 09, 2013

Jam Tomorrow

What a sleazy, nasty, lying little man.

Cameron is to offer an EU referendum in 2018, apparently.

But we've heard that before. The last guarantee was "Cast-iron". At least he didn't over-promise this latest nonsense.

It's the DM, but read the full thing anyway: Voters "could" finally get a say on leaving EU in 2018

Shall we fisk it?

Alrighty then.

"David Cameron will pledge to hold a referendum on a new deal with the European Union in 2018, it was reported today." 

Yup. And I have some genuine pixie dust to sell.

"The Prime Minister will use a landmark speech on the UK’s relationship with Europe to set out the process he hopes will secure the return of powers from Brussels before seeking the approval of the British people."

He already has my full approval to return all powers to Britain. Today.

"To add to the growing sense of division, the United States today said Britain should not leave the EU."

With respect, do fuck off. None of your business.

 "The PM is due to give his long-awaited speech later this month, thought to be at a high profile building in the Netherlands."

Why don't you give that speech, today, at a "high profile building" in fucking Westminster?

"Mr Cameron will argue that Britain must stay in the single market, reject the idea of a Norway-style trade agreement."

Ri-ight. Because that same agreement is really holding Norway back, isn't it?

The rest is in a similar vein. Read it, but have a bucket standing by.

That odious toad does not want us out. And why would he? Like Bliar he sees a glittering career and and a fat pay-packet in Brussels someday. Not to mention his new addiction to power. Just recently he said he wants another 7 years in the big chair.

Like despots in Africa, he has no desire to leave office. We'll have to drag him, kicking and screaming, from Downing Street a la Snotty Brown in May 2010.

No help to be had by voting Conservative, or Labour, for that matter. Let's not even consider the LibDems as a serious political party. They are beyond hopeless.

Looks like UKIP all the way then.




It's Official!!

The coalition government, whose manifesto pledges contained gems such as "There will be a bonfire of the quangos", and who promised us "small government" and "less interference" is now officially the largest producer of legislation for any government in a single year since de Montforts first parliament was formed in 1265.

In 2012 they vomited out FOUR THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHTEEN pieces of legislation.

Nit-pickers will say "Yeah, but most of them were Statutory Instruments" to which I answer, SI's are given the force of law. They are no different to primary legislation and if you disbelieve me, just try contravening a statutory instrument.

All year long I watched, I waited, and I tweeted the new totals and by the end of December I was convinced that they would fail to break their earlier record (4,116 for 2011) but I was unaware that they carried on producing 2012 law well into 2013. For all I know they may not be done yet. I will keep an eye on them and let you know.

Or, you can watch the tally grow yourself.

Look here:  The Shite Factory

Some say that over 82% of this legislation stems from Brussels.

If so then I can think of no finer reason to leave the EU.

This is make-work for a pool of idiots with nothing better to do. Not that any of our "lawmakers" have time to read through this tsunami of twibble. They aren't there long enough. Even if we assume they work 180 days a year (they don't, but let's be generous), that means reading, ratifying and voting on 22.87 pieces of legislation a day, as well as their normal workload whatever they do all day long.

Small government and less interference?

My arse.


January 07, 2013

New Year, New Job.

I quit my job late last year. I found it stifling so I ran away to join a different circus. I started this morning.

New year, new job, new challenges, new risks, new threats, new dangers to be encountered, new countries to visit, and new friends to make.

Naturally, our glorious government will take 73% of my earnings this year for taking absolutely no risks, and for facing absolutely no danger. I wouldn't mind taking all the risks for all of the reward.

I really enjoy my job but I bitterly resent working just to keep these arseholes in funds.

Which is why I will be creating as much havoc as I can for the government. I will be awkward. I will say no. I will be defiant. I will be difficult. I will clog up their system.

And I will laugh like a demented hyena on nitrous oxide while doing so.

Get ready, lickspittles.


January 05, 2013

Saturday Chuckle. Or Not.

Yet another absurd demand by an idiotic politician: ban Frosties.

Ignore the fact that they have been sold, and by association, approved of by the public for 6 decades.

Morons, all of them.

Have some piccies.

Now that, is a bargain.

A truism if ever there was one...

Defiance. Give it a go.

"Right you malingerer, get your arse back to work. We are all in this together".

Attention to detail. It's important.

Labour: deciding what you eat. And it ain't Frosties.

"I've warned you before about dancing with a hat on. Out!"

Know the difference.

Lastly, it isn't rocket surgery, is it?


January 03, 2013

Sneer And Loathing In The UK

Alternative heading was "MPs Discover That Brits Think They Are Vile".

In a study by Labour MP Gloria de Piero she discovers first-hand that Joe Public universally despise MPs.

This is no shock to most of us. In recent decades the quality of MPs (no matter their background) is embarrassing. Their greed, their unfailing incompetence and their whiny excuses are now legendary. No lows are plumbed quite as frequently by any other group of people. They are uniquely ignorant and arrogant and if I could, I would make this study mandatory reading by all 650 of them.

It won't happen though. Almost nothing penetrates that Wastemonster Bubble. It's like living under a dome through which they can speak, but cannot hear. The term "out of touch" has never been more applicable. One of the reasons Labour lost the last election was because they stopped listening. The Coalition government, bless 'em, never even started listening. If they listened, even for a moment, they would hear the roar of over half the country screaming "Get us OUT of the EU. Now!" but, it is a peculiar affliction of MPs to go stone deaf once the ballot count has been announced.

I don't particularly care what their sexual proclivities are. I don't care what colour they are. I don't care how much money they have. I don't care where (or even if) they were educated. None of that is any of my business. None of it. The only thing, the only qualities I look for in MPs is ability, honour and a wee dash of integrity. Those that possess those traits are as rare as hens teeth.

I do care when they waste my money.

I do care when they shower fake charities with my hard earned.

I do care about my money going directly to some tinpot leaders' bank account in Zurich.

I do care about the criminal mismanagement of my country.

I do care when they routinely ignore our pleas to leave the EU.

I do care when they tell fecking great lies in their manifesto's.

I do care that they would even consider Sharia law having any place in our system.

I do care that I am forced to eat halal food.

I do care about that immigration door being nailed open.

I do care that our NHS has failed.

I do care when they gift failing banks with billions when they should be closed down.

What happens to these people when they gain entry to the Wastemonster club? Are they briefed on the way in? Are they told, in no uncertain terms, that the people who elected them no longer matter? Is our system of law explained to them? Are they made aware that we have a constitution of sorts and their first duty is to us, the people of this nation?

It can't be much of a briefing.

I imagine it really does go something like this:

"Welcome to your first morning at Westminster. It has stood since 1265 and we fully expect you to respect its new traditions. First things first, the Expense Claims Office is over there to your right. You will spend an inordinate amount of time there. Knock yourselves out. Any complaints, just say this:- 'It was within the rules!" and you should be okay. If any of you should seriously bend or even break the law, for, oh I don't know, something as trivial as killing a foreigner on the motorway, worry not! You are special people now and we will try to keep you out of gaol but if you must serve a sentence it will be brief and it will be comfy. Now, a word about lawmaking. You are here not just to get access to free money, cheap booze and discounted meals *chuckles heartily* you are here to make law. As much as you can in any given year. In 2012, for instance, we crapped out 4,062 pieces of legislation. Disappointing, I know, but we DID break the record in 2011 with 4,116 so you need to get your game face on. What was that? No, no, no! You don't need to read it! No-one does. You just need to nod it all through. Most of it comes from the EU anyway and they know what they are doing, right? That's pretty much it. Go do the voodoo that you do, so well!".

Back to Ms de Piero.

This is a typical paragraph from the piece:

"Each meeting started with her asking the group to list the words they associated with politician. The results were not kind: them and us, the old man, upper class, completely different, liars, selfish, self-seeking, privileged and arrogant, spiv, jargon talkers, people who did not live in the real world. When she asked whom the politicians worked for, the reply was "themselves"."

If you need cheering up, you really should read the whole thing: Why We Loathe MPs

I think my faith in the British public is beginning a Restoration Phase....