July 22, 2010

Corporate Revenue

Many people decry what Freemen claim, that the courts and the police and MPs and even government departments are registered businesses. They decry the claims because, they say, there "is no proof".

What if we could show you that the City of London Police were a registered company?

What if we could show you that Nelson Magistrates Court is a registered business?

What if we could show you that HMRC is a registered corporation?

We can.

Or more accurately, The Anti-Terrorist can.

The only way to get listed on Dun & Bradstreet is to form a company/corporation, and tell them that you exist. You may be surprised at some of the "companies" that the AT shows you in this film.

The title of this post is Corporate Revenue. Listen to the AT as he explains how our government schemes to part us from our hard earned coin. I have mentioned it before: statutes being considered by private bankers before being put to the HoC/HoL. Feeling scammed yet?

Although none of this is news to me, I hadn't watched this video until today.

At just ten minutes long it has to be worth your time.

My apologies for posting so many videos of late. It is the bestest, fastest way of imparting information.


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