October 28, 2012

Heading East

Since there will be a delay arranging my dad's funeral, (because of the post mortem), I have decided to crack on with work.

I am going first to Stuttgart and then by train to Passau, near the Austrian border. The train ride is around 6 hours. The last time I was on a train was during the Great Volcano Dust Clusterfuck. It took me three days to get home from Libya using all sorts of transportation.

Hopefully this will be a more pleasurable journey.

Passau looks nice:

I have a meeting at 08:30 on the Wednesday and then the race is on to get back to Stuttgart airport by 5pm for my flight home via Schiphol airport. All things being equal, I will get home around 11:30 pm.

In the meantime.....

They have sluts:

I will (probably) be judgmental.

They have music:

 I may throw a deaf 'un.

And they have beer:

I may will imbibe. Copiously.

So I should be okay.

I'll let you know how it all turns out on Thursday.

Stay well,


October 27, 2012

Repealing ECA 1972

You all know of my deep distaste for legislation.

You also know that I have said, repeatedly, that I loathe the EU.

You also know that I have called, time and time again, for the European Communities Act 1972 to be repealed.

It is the building block that underpins many thousands of regulations and hundreds of laws that we must adhere to as part of our membership of the Stupid Club.

This video shows a very brave man suggesting that we remove ECA 1972.

He has 100% of my support.


October 25, 2012

A Sad,Sad Day

My dad died this morning.

He was taken in to hospital on Monday because his doctor was concerned about his cough. With blistering speed his condition worsened and his major organs started to fail on Wednesday afternoon.

He was lucid until 3:30 am and then drifted in and out of consciousness for six and a half hours. His medical team decided not to put him on dialysis because they said his heart couldn't stand the workload.

He died just after 10 am surrounded by those he loved, and by those who loved him. I last saw him in July and I am sort of pleased that I didn't see him at his end. Although I will regret being in London when I should have been with him in Manchester.

I remember him in his prime. He was a heavyweight boxer during his army days. He made me laugh, and he made sure I was ready for the world.

He was a great man, with a great heart, and I will miss him dreadfully.

I wanted to use this wee corner of Blogworld to mark his existence, and his passing.

Goodbye Dad.


October 24, 2012

Heading South

To big fancy London.

Luckily, I have my handy tube map:

Sadly, I do have to travel to Hugh Grant country, but I will erase my memory, using chemicals if necessary, when I get back to my hotel.

Play nice, now. I'll be back Friday night.


PS-If you needed one more reason to loathe Piers Morgan, here it is:

October 23, 2012

Cameron Promises A Referendum

Well, he did, but that promise is now long forgotten.

"By their deeds ye shall know them"-Matthew 7:16 (I have paraphrased, but it should work for this alleged Christian).

Can I humbly suggest that he picks a metal less brittle than cast-iron for any future "guarantees"?

Titanium may be a more suitable choice.

However, a covenant signed in his own blood might make him more believable.

Once bitten, and all that.


October 22, 2012

Britains' Shame


The last two weeks have been filled with disgusting reports of Jimmy Savile's adventures.

The Met are now saying there are up to 1,000 victims of this sick perverts activities. Before you launch in with either "But he was a nice man" or "Dead men can't defend themselves", neither can Hitler, who was fond of dogs. Or Pol Pot, who liked to paint. Or Idi Amin, who had a stunning medal collection.

How complicit were his friends and supporters? How complicit was the BBC? Or those who were in charge at Stoke Mandeville, or Broadmoor? We can't dig Savile up and charge him with anything so we should focus instead on his collaborators. If the claims are true, this animal interfered with boys, girls, men, women, brain-damaged patients and even the mentally ill. Someone had to know about these disgusting appetites and someone (or many people) had to help cover it up.

The police are not above charging either. Savile had strong connections with 14 police forces. An autonomous and independent review team should be set up. One with no favours owed to either the police, the BBC or the various charities and institutions implicated in this unholy mess.

The EU

I keep seeing newspapers in which Cameron is quoted as saying "I don't think we should have an in/out referendum" or I don't think it is in Britain's interests to leave the EU" etc etc.

Poll after poll after poll demonstrate very clearly that the majority of Brits want to exit the EU. So I don't care what Cameron thinks. He is not there to act on his own thoughts, he is there to satisfy the needs of the people. His arrogance must be cauterised and he must be told, (God knows even members of his own Cabinet have spoken out now), in no uncertain terms that the people of Britain demand an in/out referendum. Not in 2015, 2016, 2018 or sometime never, but now.  Or as soon as it is humanly possible to arrange. Every day he dithers costs us £55 million pounds.

Cameron adds to our shame by not standing up for us on the EU debacle. I seriously doubt he will be leading the Conservatives in 2015 if he carries on like this.


I wasn't stood next to him or the bobby he insulted so I can't say either way whether he should have resigned or not. I think though, now that he has, and Cameron has feebly defended him, it is clear something untoward was said. The Police Federation may have a political point to make and I wasn't present at their "Mitchell Strategy Meeting" either, so who knows? He (Mitchell) seems like a bit of a twonk to me so maybe it is better that he went. He'll be on the naughty step for a few months and then eased back in. Just like David Laws.....

First Class Furore

Osborne travels first class? No surprise there. The surprise is that he only paid for a standard ticket (he has done this before) then sat in first class and tried to blag the seat without paying the going rate. That we should have to pay for this nonsense is beyond me. If we had first class MPs I may look more favourably on this. Reports indicate that the friend of the working class, the Labour Party, have traveled first class much more often that the Tories. Apparently 44% of Labour MPs choose to distance themselves from Joe Bloggs while only 16% of Tories keep us at arms length. Marvelous. How much is this snobbery costing us? I dread to think.

Rent Swapping

Such a distasteful lot these MPs. Renting out their houses and flats to each other is costing the taxpayers a fortune in expenses. Up to 27 are now known to have been at it and all are expected to whine, tearfully, "But it was within the rules". Cue Nadine Dorries with another "They will kill themselves!" routine. We fell for that one last time, Nad. Millions of us waited but none of the thieving gits hung themselves. Very, very disappointing.

Look how good they are:

All in all, these shameful activities do not exactly help to make us proud of our elected representatives or our "hallowed" institutions, do they?

Not that we'll do much about it all.

Come 2015 we'll be elbowing each other out of the way in our haste to re-elect these vile people.

And that, my friends, is our greatest shame.


October 21, 2012

Sunday Unfunnies

No funnies today.

Just some harsh realities.

Yesterday's march was all about spending billions more that we don't have.


October 19, 2012

Free Speech?


I'll have some of that.


Then get fucked.

Intolerance is intolerable.


Friday Funnies

Here we go....

Expect much, much more of this for the next two years. From both sides.

Been there. Done that.

Like a genital wart, this man is.

Spoke too soon!

He has resigned.


Ever wondered why they act with impunity?

Because they can.

Dear Americans, let's not have any more of that "illegal immigrant" shit, m'kay?

Dude or dudette?

I can't decide.

Very true mate.

Words fail me.

Anorexic chick laughs at studmuffin.

What is the world coming to?

Have a most bodacious weekend.


October 18, 2012

Nice Work If You Can Get It

Thieving bastards.

Yes, it's the MPs. Again

This is a sweet deal for the troughing fuckers. They rent a house or a flat, claim the expenses, which WE pay, THEN they rent the same house or flat out to another MP, who ALSO claims the expenses, which WE pay. Not bad, eh?

Not bad if you are a conscienceless thieving no-mark Emm fucking Pee.

Squeaker Bercow is doing all he can to stop the information hitting the front pages. He is worried about the sensibilities of the wickle MPs. FFS.


"A leaked letter revealed that the Commons Speaker has warned the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) against releasing details of MPs’ landlords – saying it is causing ‘grave concern’ to MPs."

Grave concern? Grave fucking concern? I do not give a fuck. I checked my fuck warehouse and it is completely empty.


"He calls on Ipsa to ‘reconsider’ the plan, saying it would cause ‘unwarranted damage and distress’. Tory MP Julian Lewis, who campaigned to ban the publication of MPs’ addresses on security grounds, said even the release of their landlords’ details could be dangerous."

Unwarranted damage and distress???

What about the damage and distress it is causing to the British taxpayers you light-fingered bastards?

Never mind though. It's all "within the rules".

And guess what?

Come 2015 we will queue up like the fucksticks we are and we will vote for these same troughers again.

Are we learning yet?

Are we fuck.


October 17, 2012

Bad Boys, Bad Boys

Whatcha gonna do (next) bad boys?

It's hard to respect some people.

Back in the day, respecting the bobbies was automatic. These days? Not so much.

It really is getting harder and harder not to tar them all with the same brush.

They seem to want us to distrust and dislike them. Greater Manchester Police are in direct competition with the Met to see who can be the most cuntish. Lancashire Police, sensing they would be left out of the race to the bottom, joined in with this fine effort.

The short version? Blind man. 61 years old. Tasered for five minutes. The offence? Carrying a white cane.

Correct me if I am wrong, but aren't there an awful lot of bad apples lately?

Or is it just me?


October 16, 2012

Chewsday Chuckle

Nothing much going on rebellion-wise, apart from another spat with the taxman. I'll knock up a post on that when it concludes, which shouldn't take much longer now. I have them in a corner.

Meanwhile, have some images.

Yep. Got two of those indecisive creatures.

Like it.

Harby won't be pleased with this one.

Thieving bastards.

Keeping the peace, EU-styley.

The shine has definitely gone off that particular award, has it not?

Egg zackly.

As our food prices rocket, theirs plummet. Our "generosity" is boundless.

BoJo seizes on a PR opportunity.

Another dig at that dead oddball.

Seeing allsorts of EU "defiance" from the Tories just now. Not sure whether it's for real, or the usual bollocks.

Time will tell.



October 15, 2012

Listen Carefully, Scotland

 Hannan On The EU.

Always a joy to listen to this dude.

Indyfans in Scotland, you really, really need to listen carefully. The Celtic Tiger died. It did not die in a heroic fight for its life, it died of debilitating disease and sickness. The Irish showed us what happens when you swap one yoke for another. The Greeks and the Italians and the Spanish are no longer captain of their own ship. All are heading for the rocks. If you want true independence then you must, absolutely must, resist all calls to join the Stupid Club. It will be the death of this nation.

I've said this a thousand times but I will say it again: a Scotland dependent on the EU is not, by any definition of the word, independent.

Being one step away from Westminster has untold blessings. Being one step closer to Brussels is the stuff my nightmares are made of. Either Scotland can make it on her own, or she can't. It's time to decide. 2014 will race towards us and we need to think this through. Carefully.

If MSP's cannot answer your questions, keep asking them. If they will not answer your questions, keep asking them. If all else fails, take to the streets to demand those answers. I'll come with you.

Just today I was told on twitter "Let's just get out [of the Union], then we can decide on the EU". I replied that I did not see it that way. Far harder to leave the EU than it is to gain entry. I have no desire to live in an "independent" Scotland that wants to be ruled from Brussels. Better the devil you know.

Better outside the tent pissing in.


October 12, 2012

Friday Funnies

Or not, as the case may be.


How many more are there?

This is kinda cool. I was taken with it.

Look! Look at the success of the Euro!!

I don't get this.

Unless it is that Norwegian guy, Mr Wobbloj.

This was Lesson 1 in my new "How to draw" book. Not for slackers.

Alright then. We'll come back later.

I'd trust 'em.

I bet this never happens again. They've been pre-disastered.

I love the sound of profanities in the morning.

That's pretty much it.

If want to see jiggly tits, you'd best scoot over to Maxies gaff.

Be well,



Couple of short videos for you.

This message is for police forces and the one that follows is for the state.

I often bleat on about the drones but I also think Rob is right. I am seeing more and more people start to ask questions.

People are slowly starting to catch on. Politicians are our friends in the run up to an election and once they are in, that friendship dies. But we are waking up to that.

The police do themselves no favours. Of course, even when they get it right, the CPS screw it up.

Will they, or the state, ever realise that they really are there to serve us, or will they go on serving themselves?

If they do, violence is inevitable.


October 11, 2012

Exasperation Nation

Aspiration nation, Dave?

It's a nice wee catchphrase and no doubt coined to compete with Useless Ed Milibland's "One Nation" sound-bite the week before. Still, both will play well with the Tory/Labour drones. It doesn't actually mean anything, so what the fuck. It's yet more blah-blah-blah-blah-blah. It's white noise, Dave. It's irritating and you need to get a grip.

I think that if you ever left the bubble Dave, you would find there is a lot of exasperation doing the rounds.

This refusal of yours, for instance, to deliver on a promise made, has led to people distrusting you, and your familiars, in the future. You promised a referendum, Dave, and we still fucking want one. We desperately need one. We see the harm the Greeks, the Irish, the Spanish and the Portuguese have endured and we know that these countries are a dry powder keg and that you politicians are running around with lighted matches. You have no idea what's coming, do you Dave?

When you hear the BOOM! don't come running to us. We have been telling you the score for long enough now. Yes, yes, yes. We know that you are acting under orders from the goblin in Brussels but he won't fucking protect when the time comes.

No Dave, your pals, the only important pals you have, are right here in dear old Blighty. Yep. The same ones you swore an oath to work for. We. Us. The people. Remember?

If you want us to remain pals then you are going to have to haul ass. Get that referendum tee'd up and let's get this thing done. We want out. Massive numbers of British people want to do the only sensible thing left to do: run away from the EU screaming with joy. We like the Europeans, Dave. We go there on holiday. Some people have second homes there, they like it so much. Sure, we take the piss out of the French, the Germans and the Italians, but we still like them.

Just not enough to be married to them. Forever.

So yes, we do have aspirations, Davey. Here is a very short list.

We aspire to get out of the EU. We aspire that very, very much.

We aspire to be known as a nation tough on kiddie fiddlers. We really, really aspire the shit out of that one, Dave.

We aspire to have a police force that stands for decency and fairness. We not aspire, Davey, to have a police force that cheerfully looks the other way whilst our daughters are being raped.

We aspire to pay 10% or less in taxes, Dave. If you aspired as much as we do to cut the government down to a reasonable size, then our aspiration to cut out waste could be realised.

We aspire to have our freedoms back, Davey. We aspire to have less interference from a group of fuckwits in the House of commons. We aspire for nanny to fucking hang herself. Today.

We aspire to have fewer regulations Dave. Our small, medium and large businesses aspire to run those businesses without first having to read over 130,000 regulations and petty rules foisted on them.

We aspire, Dave, to walk around our cities without being fucking filmed every step of the bastard way. As aspirations go, removing those 5 million cameras is high on the fucking list.

Oh yes. We have aspirations too Davey.

If you talked to us once in a while, or, God forbid, you should actually listen to the plebs, you might learn a thing or nine.

Are you learning yet?

Have I been aspirational enough?


Get weaving.


October 10, 2012

Paedophilia: Condoned in Britain

Not a pleasant subject.

Which is probably why so many of us condone it. We look the other way. Especially if it doesn't involve our own children.

More, we pay people, directly, to do whatever the fuck they want to do with our children.

Worse, we pay those in "authority" to turn a blind eye. Judges, police, social workers. We have seen that this week with that shameful outfit Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council. The disgust I now have for Greater Manchester Police is boundless. They ignored this abomination for over ten years. Mainly because the perverts were slightly brown. They were afraid to give offence. Several dozen (mostly) white girls under sixteen were sacrificed on the altar of political correctness. I hope every policeman or policewoman involved dies of shame. If you work for GMP and you turned a blind eye, fucking resign. Today. Same goes for the spineless social workers who refused to believe that these poor girls had been systematically raped. Handed around the Pakistani filth like party favours.

We say nothing even knowing that the state snatches 62 children a day. Many of these kids are taken from slightly less than perfect homes to be slammed into care. From these homes well over 70% of them will emerge damaged. Physically, mentally, sexually, or all three.

What does this say about us as a nation?

I am horrified. I am beyond disgust.

Look at this post from aangirfan and tell me I am exaggerating.

What is wrong with us? Abusing children is not a rite of passage. For them or the abusers. It is not normal. It is never acceptable. It is never excusable.

Lately we have been learning about everyone's favourite sleb, Uncle Jimmy Savile. He allegedly abused/raped/molested young girls (mostly under sixteen) for five decades. Five decades! And nothing was said. It wasn't said because dear old Jimmy did a lot of cherridy work. So fucking what?

His peers at the time knew it was going on. Producers and colleagues at the BBC knew it was going on yet none of them said a fucking word. Now, of course, they are queuing up to spill the beans.

I have four words for you pitiful excuses for humans: shut the fuck up.

Whining now is not helpful. Whining when you saw the sleazebag fiddling with kids would have been helpful.

All the time this was going on we happily paid our license fees so that Jimmy was paid, and continued showing up at the studio. Continued to get young girls in his dressing room and continued to fiddle away. I repeat: he did this and we paid his wages.

Next up, the investigation. Guess which dozy cunts will pay for that?

Other names have been thrown into the ring. They are all alleged to have had their way with children: John Peel, Freddie Starr, and God knows who else. No name they pull out will surprise me. I think this story will run and run, because, I suspect, only the surface has been scratched.

John Peel said (in his autobiography) that "Girls were lining up outside my hotel room. Some were around 13, but hell, I didn't ask for ID".

Savile, in his book, said "I found a young lass one night. Quite late. I called the police and told them about her. She was fourteen. I said I was keeping her for one night but I would bring her in around 11 am. I did. I kept my word".

The Roman Catholic Church must be pleased. It gets them off the front pages with their sick perversions for a while.

Radical Muslims of course, think it is all perfectly natural. No "age of consent" for them and their vile brood. I read once that congress could be had with a "woman" as soon as she had been weaned. Does that notion terrify you? It does me. Grown men, having sex with babies. Because the fucking Koran says it's okay.

But we do have an age of consent. It is there for a reason. It is to protect children not yet mature enough to make a decision on whether or not to share their bodies with other people.

These freaks know that.

It's a very great pity that we are not allowed to separate them from their undercarriages using a blunt and rusty hacksaw blade.

I'm no longer a man of violence but for these animals I would make an exception.

We don't have many responsibilities but taking care of our younglings is far and away the most important.

If you see something hinky, do the right thing and fucking tell someone. If they do not react, tell someone else.

Do this until something is done about it.


Mid Week Merriment

And the odd head-scratcher.

A national scandal.

I've received several emails on this but there is more to come yet. Much more.

You've been warned. Watch for the signs.

True dat.

Turn the fecking thing off and wise up.

Ever wondered how rabbits cross rivers?

Wonder no more.

Dark humour indeed.

From Greece. But will they revolt?

Heard a Greek guy on the radio saying that "Merkel is here to view her new asset".

We may be saying the same thing after 2014.

On balance, not much merriment at all today.

Still, I never promised you rainbows, fairies and pixie dust, did I?

Be well,