March 31, 2010

Free Range Serfdom

Yet another chilling but interesting video from Stefan Molyneux.

In 16 minutes Stefan explains how we got here. In the final minute he tells us there is hope, and that there is a way out.


March 28, 2010

Reality TV....No, Really.

This is funny. And true. And accurate. And brilliant.

Oh, I get a mention too!!

Huge round of applause to  Cold Steel Rain


Law-An Interpretation

Or rather, my interpretation.

This will bring little comfort to our friend Kit, who had questioned my assertion that "..a statute is [a rule for a society acting for a common goal] given the force of law when consented to by the governed". I also stated that we are subject to Maritime Law (also Fleet, and Admiralty Law). Kit also disputed this, or rather, that we are not exempt from it simply because it is known as Laws Of The Water, or Laws Of The Sea. My argument being that I live on the land and I have decided that I will live my life only according to laws of the land. Having made that decision, and having served a Notice of Understanding, Intent, and Claim of Right (NOUICOR) on the present government, which was undisputed by them, and contained the phrase that so worried friend Kit, I have no doubt as to its veracity. In short, I created my own law. I "opted out" of statute law and declared that I can be lawfully penalised only if I cause harm, injury or loss to another human being, or make mischief with my contracts.

How can one opt out? Using that very same interpretation of statutes. It stands to reason that if they can be consented to, that same consent can also be withdrawn. I have entered Lawful Rebellion. It is my considered opinion that HM Queen Elizabeth II is guilty of treason. Thousands of times. Since 1971/2 when she gave Royal Assent to the European Communities Act, she has steadily given away power granted to her by sovereign Britons during her coronation in 1952. Since she has violated her Coronation Oath, I have used rights granted to me under Magna Carta to lawfully rebel. This is not a privilege, it is not a "nice to have", it is an obligation. It is the duty of every Briton to enter lawful rebellion when the reigning monarch usurps or secedes her powers to a foreign nation. By rubber stamping all those treaties: Rome, Paris, Maastricht, Lisbon etc, she has steadily reneged on her promises to us, the people, that she swore to deliver on in 1952.

I have, over the last five years, read more statutes than any sane man should. I have discovered that although they appear to be, they are not written in my mother tongue. I speak, read, and write in English. Anyone connected with the law, either drafting, interpreting, or enforcing, does not. Over hundreds of years they have concocted their own version of English specifically for the law. Most of us call this bizarre language legalese. Most peoples eyes cross and they swiftly lose the will to live after just a few paragraphs, and it is now my belief that this is intentional. It isn't impossible to decode, you just need the right law dictionaries to hand when you read one of these mysteries. I use a variety of them: Blacks Law (if you want a taste of that publication, go here ), Jowitt's, or Bouvier's are just three that I look at for legal/lawful definitions.

All statutes contain remedies within them. They have to. Even the Human Rights Act (1998) allows for an interpreter, although I don't think they meant for someone to translate English into English. Still, the stipulation is there:

Everyone charged with a criminal offence has the following minimum rights:

(a) to be informed promptly, in a language which he understands and in detail, of the nature and cause of the accusation against him;

(b) to have adequate time and facilities for the preparation of his defence;

(c) to defend himself in person or through legal assistance of his own choosing or, if he has not sufficient means to pay for legal assistance, to be given it free when the interests of justice so require;

(d) to examine or have examined witnesses against him and to obtain the attendance and examination of witnesses on his behalf under the same conditions as witnesses against him;

(e) to have the free assistance of an interpreter if he cannot understand or speak the language used in court.
(I nicked the above from FMOTL Forum).

Another great resource is Nolo's Plain English Law Dictionary. Go here to look up whatever you need. It has many of those troublesome Latin phrases too.

I write, often, about the difference between the law of the land, and the law of the sea. The former is common law and is based, almost utterly, on common sense. I cannot think of a single common law that makes money for the Crown. Laws of the sea, or statutes (Acts) cover a wide range of law: Contract, Tort, Company, Property, Equity and International Law are just some examples. I tried, but I cannot find a single statute that does not generate revenue for the Exchequer in some way, shape, or form. This may, or may not, explain why they pump them out at a rate of one per day, and have done so since 1997. This government, in fact, has pumped out more "crimes" in the last 13 years than all the governments of the last ninety years.

Kit, and others, may well find this interesting. This is an FOI I found during my little further research stint: it is interesting as much for what they did not say, as it is for what they did say.

Or this one concerning Income Tax.

To summarise then, I would say that laws/statutes are written either to protect me, or to part me from some money if I transgress. Hundreds of thousands of these statutes and statutory instruments have no affect on my life, and hopefully never will. Because of the sheer number of them in existence, is it unreasonable of me to say "I can't keep up. There are too many rules and regulations. They are not even written in my own language. I have decided to simplify my life and I have boiled all of your rules down to just one: Do no harm. It covers all of your rules and regulations so that is what I shall do. I shall avoid, at all times, harming others. My life, my law, my rules, my responsibility. From this day forth, all of your rules and regulations do not apply to me".

Statutes, by their very nature, are contracts. They form a contract between the government of the day, and the governed. Contract Law itself says, very clearly, that no-one can be forced into a contract. I have decided not to contract. No government, no man, and no woman can force me to. That is my interpretation of statutes. I often hear it said that one cannot pick and choose the laws that they like or dislike. I am living proof that you can. And crucially, the government did not disagree with me.

Fair enough Kit? I have withdrawn MY consent. I have told them that their statutes are laws of the water and I am a Freeman On The Land. With my chosen course of action I will someday step into a courtroom. I will demand common law jurisdiction. They won't like that because their courts are Maritime courts. Maritime or Admiralty courts deal with artificial persons or legal fictions. I am not a fiction. I am a living, breathing, sentient human being with an immortal soul. No-one in that courtroom ranks higher than me. No-one. I don't care what colour wig or gown they wear, I don't care how high their seat is. I will not stand for them. I will not defer, tug my forelock or doff my cap. They will attend to my needs on my instructions. They will be on their Oath, and we will be on the record. I will be judged by my fellow human beings.

The first step was to understand what I am, and more importantly, what I am not. The second was to understand how they play the game, and how to use their rules against them. The third was to be determined, honest, and honourable. The fourth is for them to understand that I am a different beast. The fifth is to succeed every time they make an unreasonable demand of me.

I am well on the way.


March 25, 2010

Blog Celebrates First Birthday!

I don't do much with my stat porn because, quite frankly, I don't think anyone cares.

I don't myself, but I have been very surprised at your interest in my shenanigans.

Look what you did:

(Click to enlarge).

We at Ranty Barracks (OK, OK, it's just me really), salute you.

Thank you for showing up, reading, commenting, supporting, and inspiring me to keep at it.

One year on and I am almost standing up straight. I am off my knees, at least.

Soon I'll be walking, and then?

Stick with me and find out. I may need master bakers and a goodly supply of files inserted into a fine selection of cakes.......

We'll have some fun on the way, and hopefully learn a new skill or two.


Defending Freemen

During my enforced "downtime" I have missed quite a bit.

One blogpost, written by our own Uncle Marvo, was a bit of an attack on the Freeman Movement, and, since it kind of is my life right now, it is fitting that I defend my stance.

From the top then, I should explain just what it is about life in Britain that I have grown to detest. In a word, it is "statutes". Statutes are not laws, although many think they are. Statutes are (and I quote) "Rules for a society which are created by elected officials (government). They are given the force of law when consented to by the governed". It seems to me that if my consent is required, it can also be taken away. By me. So I did. In a sworn affidavit, witnessed by three other human beings, and I sent it to a government department. I could have sent it to all interested parties, or none. I chose the Home Office. They did not understand my new law because I used ancient rights to inform them (the government) that there's a new kid in town and he is no longer playing by their rules. I informed them that I was no longer a child and that I no longer needed, nor would I seek, their permission to live my life as I see fit. Not so very long ago, this was the norm. As long as people caused no harm to other people in their communities they would in turn not be harmed by the government of the day.

Dig a little deeper though, and you discover that statutes are Laws Of The Water. Admiralty Law, Fleet Law, even Contract Law is based on laws of the water. Now, the last time I looked, I lived on the land. Therefore, I feel, it is not unreasonable of me to want to be ruled by Common Law-the Law Of The Land. Simply put, I told the government that their laws of the water no longer applied to me. They did not argue. They did not question. They did not rebut any claims I made in my affidavit. There exists a legal maxim that states " unrebutted affidavit stands". I have, in effect, written my own law. No-one, no man, no corporation, can ever deny me the rights I claimed. They were given the opportunity to do so, and they failed to respond in time, or with any substance. I may never need to invoke "Ranty's New Law", but if I do, the paperwork is lodged. I am, as they say in modern parlance, golden.

I have acted honourably. Moreover, I swore an oath not to cause harm, loss or injury to another human being. If I should do so I expect the full weight of the law to descend upon me. I will, however, in court, claim common law jurisdiction. I will want to be judged by my peers, not some magistrate or judge who is running a limited company. Which, by the way, they all are. I will enter the court as a human being, not an artificially created construct. If they insist on dealing with my legal fiction I will lay my birth certificate before them and they can negotiate with it all day long.

In the comments of my previous post I was accused of being a "commie". From what little I understand of communism, everyone is entitled to the same slice of pie, whether or not they worked to produce its ingredients, to produce the heat to bake it, or even possessed the skills to make the pie. I have a great deal of trouble accepting that notion. We have seven million people in this country who have never worked, or intend to never work, so content are they with taking money from those who are prepared to work. Would a "commie" say "Drown the fucking lot of them" ? Because that is exactly my viewpoint. Leeches all. Get rid of them. If they cannot work due to disability or illness then it is our moral, and human obligation to feed and house, and to take care of them. Any society is judged on how it treats its people, particularly the weaker inhabitants. But the lazy are a different kettle of fish. I also have no beef with capitalism. For much the same reason: if someone is prepared to take risks, invest his or her money into a business that sustains a community, and keeps people in jobs, then who has the right to snatch away all the rewards when they come to those that risked all to begin with? Not me, certainly. I'm not exactly in the Gordon Gecko "Greed is good" camp, but I'm not too far removed from it. Capitalism works.

Uncle Marvo is looking for proof. He deals in absolutes. I have none. I only know that in law, my document gathering dust in the Home Office, is rock solid. It may contain a pile of mince, but it is my mince. No-one told me I was wrong, or that I could not have any of the rights claimed. The law says my document is good, because it didn't say it was bad. Marv has also seen his share of conmen and conwomen in his time on the planet. I happen to agree with him here. My research has led me to those who want to charge for their teaching. It is precisely at that point that I click on that little x on the tab and leave their website. I will not be told that the answers have a price, and in the same breath that these people are here to help. If teaching is what you do for a living then good on you. I won't be paying for seminars, discs, or lengthy documents that show me the way towards untold riches. I don't want untold riches. I want to know how I deal with people who think they are dealing with a cash-cow. I want to know how to say "No" in a way that they will understand. I want to be left alone. I want to walk down the street without hordes of shiny-arses watching me on CCTV. I want to move freely about MY planet without some freak seeing my near naked body in a useless, possibly harmful scanner at the airport. If I am driving on a motorway, alone, at three in the morning, I want to drive at whatever fucking speed I feel is safe. I want to park wherever it is convenient for me, I don't want to spend an eternity looking for 20 feet of road that doesn't have ugly yellow lines painted on it and some mental case in a uniform waiting to rush out and superglue a parking ticket on my car. I want to know that I own my car. The law today says that the DVLA own it. They can take it away and crush it almost at will. This is proof absolute that they own the vehicle, not us. Otherwise it is theft. Has the DVLA ever been charged with theft? No, I thought not.

I want to own guns. I want to use them to defend my family against the freaks that run around raping, stealing and killing, especially if they break into my house to commit these atrocities. I don't want to ask permission to own these guns. I don't want to register them with anyone. Although I will happily do so when all the bad guys register their weapons.

I don't want to give the government 80% of what I work hard to earn. I don't want to give them much more than 10%. From what I can see, 10% of my earnings would be spent wisely. They deserve medals for Money Wasting, and I am tired of it.

Lady Justice is reduced to a pox-ridden syphilitic whore. She needs to be euthanaised with all haste. We need a proper judicial system that is over-dosed on common sense. We need to lock up killers until they stop breathing. Child molesters need to chemically castrated as a minimum, and thieves need to be sent to horrific gaols that they never ever want to reside in again.

We need one law: do no harm. That's it. The other four or five hundred thousand statutes, statutory instruments and mindless regulations can be safely repealed.

Does any of that define freedom? I want it. I want more than that. I want no government whatsoever. No huge machine running/ruining my life. I want to live. I want to spend my hard earned money on whatever I like without paying portions of it to the greediest fucking machine ever created. I want to enjoy what life has to offer. I don't want to harm others and I don't want them to harm me or mine. I want the police to protect me, and I want them to serve me. That is what I pay them for. When they are unable, or unwilling, to do so, I will take care of myself. Using my 9MM friend. And his friend, the 12 bore.

As I have repeated often, I will strive for everything I mention here, and more besides.

Or I will die trying.

Do you want to know, Marv, why it isn't "all bollocks"? Because it kicked me off. It got me started. A light went on in my little brain and I started to look for a way. I know from our emails that you have been doing a similar thing for many years. Your thing just doesn't have a label. Mine does.

It isn't important what I call it. It doesn't matter that a movement has sprung up. What matters, the only thing that matters a damn, is that people are waking up. They have stopped watching TV. They have stopped reading newspapers. They have stopped believing doctors, scientists and politicians.

They have started learning.

Who cares what they call themselves?


March 22, 2010

Back! (Sort Of)

I'd like to tell you that I have had a joy-filled week.

I'd like to tell you that, but house-moving is a singularly horrible experience that should not be repeated very often. BT screwed up my order and when I called them on Thursday they said "What house move?". They went on to explain that their system was down when I called and my order was not processed. Lovely jubbly. No communications in the new house: no phone, no broadband, AND my mobile phone does not receive a signal either.


Things aren't as bad in the picture above, but they could certainly be better.

I should be back on line later this week.


March 15, 2010

New House, New Rules

Tomorrow we move to our new home in a wee village.

Local politicians may turn up to try and persuade me to vote for them.

So I have ordered one of these puppies....

They have been warned.


March 12, 2010

Friday Prayers

Not mine, you understand. No, today around 1.8 million people here in Tripoli are trotting down to their local mosque to do their thing.

I worship at the altar of freedom but my god appears to have buggered off on holiday.

The wailing had reached new highs outside my bedroom window, and then the imam jumped in, and is presently giving his sermon not just to the pious inside, but he has left the 1 million watt sub-woofers switched on, so we are all benefitting from his wisdom. I am half-listening, (I don't have a choice), but I am only understanding one word in a hundred. That word would be Allah.

It has been an interesting week, but my trip here is almost over. I have the day off today, and half of tomorrow. I will jump onto the big silver bird on Sunday to head home. It will no doubt involve hiccups at the airport, it always does. Take last time: I got to the airport early, checked in, dumped my luggage, went through passport control and sat in the business lounge. Smoked like a free being and availed myself of the free coffee and cake. There are great steaming tureens of couscous but it isn't my thing. Eventually, we get called for boarding. I am about sixth in the queue so I figure I will be on the plane in a few minutes. Chappy checking passports looks puzzled when he sees mine, and shouts for Tariq. Tariq shuffles over, a short staccato conversation follows. Although I don't understand it all, I am fairly sure it is something like "Take this heathen away, his passport is fucked up". Tariq drags me out of the queue and shouts for Mohammed. Mohammed gets the story from Tariq, and drags me another five yards, then he shouts for Mahmoud. Mahmoud gets filled in, then drags me towards the staircase leading back to passport control. Gripping my arm, he shouts for Ahmed. Ahmed gets briefed, nods, grabs my arm, and we head downstairs, away from the plane. We find the Immigration Man, who is sat having a smoke with his friends. Ahmed tells him that something is amiss with the heathens passport. Immigration Man looks at my passport, looks at me, then sneers. "Why you not put stamp?", he asks me. "I don't have any stamps", I say. "Where is stamp?", he asks again. "Look", says Ranty, "I'm not sure how to tell you this, but" (I slow down my speech at this point) "you have all the stamps". He looks at me like I'm an imbecile, digs out a stamp from his pocket and stamps my passport, then waves dismissively. Obviously the whole cock-up was my fault. I am returned to the gate, I board the plane, and now have to hunt for a space for my carry-on bag. Deep joy.

I have been arrested a couple of times at Tripoli airport. Stamps are very important to these people and if one is missing from your passport life gets messy. When you arrive here you are supposed to get your passport stamped at the local police station. If you don't, then they "arrest" you at the airport and some intense negotiation takes place. The stamp at the local nick costs 15 dinars. The same stamp at the airport costs 50 dinars. (About £25). I am now convinced it is a scam operated between the hotel people and their cousins/brothers/uncles who work at the airport. I obsess about this "entry stamp" as soon as I get off the plane. I am only happy when I see that little green triangle parked alongside my Visa. I am safe. I just have to watch for the lazy bastard on the way out now. I will watch him like a hawk on Sunday to make sure he stamps my passport on the way through.

We are moving home on Monday. Mrs Ranty has been utterly delighted that I have been abroad in the days leading up to the move. Which means that blogging will be light next week as well. No doubt the usual chaos will ensue regarding phone lines and broadband connections. I'll get back to the keyboard as often as I can.

Have a bodacious weekend.


March 10, 2010

Hogan Heads Home

No other words are required.


Spanner In The Works

Today is No Smoking Day.

My mission is to upset the Righteous at every given opportunity. It is a task I derive great pleasure from.

Most days I smoke less than a packet a day. To celebrate this great day I shall be upping my consumption to two packets.

To those freaks who think that coercion will work, it won't. If you think price increases work, they won't. They just drive me to the black market instead.

I will not be browbeaten. I will not be bullied. I will not be threatened. I will not be assimilated.

In short, I will not comply.

As our little friend Aleksandr says:


Now fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off again.


March 09, 2010


I was thinking about respect.

It is an important subject to me nowadays because I have unceremoniously dumped my (largely automatic) respect for whole swathes of people.

We were taught as children that the police, the judiciary, the scientists, the doctors, and those who achieve public office deserve our respect. I find, of late, that I absolutely cannot respect these groups anymore.

Take the police. In my last post I covered them but latterly thought that they have traded respect for fear. The two are not the same. I don't loathe the police, and neither do I fear them. Although I reserve the right to, should circumstances arise that cause me to. I have a mate who has been a policeman for around fifteen years. I have known him since he was 18. We both worked offshore on the rigs at the time and he was, and still is, a cheerful man. He has not changed, as far as I can tell. But when he talks about his work, we normal people are suddenly described as animals. I understand this, because he has told me some horrific stories about the bad 'uns he has to handle. So, while I have respect for my friend, I still do not respect the police as a group. They have exceeded their authority on too many occasions.

The judges, the magistrates, the sheriffs and the justices of the peace I have talked about often. The shambolic sentencing they dream up simply cannot be tolerated any longer. They do not seem to me to be truly impartial and until I see that change, I have no reason to trust, or respect them. They are, by and large, businessmen and women. Appear before them and it is going to cost you money. It is almost axiomatic. They run a business so why would they not want to force you to part company with your money? They have targets to reach, after all.

Scientists? A good one, an ethical one, is so very hard to find. I discovered this when I started looking at the second hand smoke scam. If you think climate change is riddled with fraudsters, you really ought to take a look at those who sold their souls to the anti-smoking cabal. Climate scientists could learn a thing or two from the greedy bastards involved in anti-tobacco. They sell themselves like cheap dockside whores. Grant money is plentiful where health-scares, or planet-scares are concerned. Any man, or woman, who is prepare to torture the science for cash money is beneath contempt for me. The truth is more important to me than anything else. If I were in their game I would starve to death. But that is because I have a conscience, I still recognise what is right and what is wrong. Science lost its way decades ago. They disgust me. So, I had to cancel my respect for them, almost totally. There are still good people trying to tell the truth but they are few in number, and besides, they are treated with hatred, just as I am when I call the corrupt scientists liars and thieves.

Doctors, broadly speaking, will tell you a lie in a heartbeat. As long as they feel that the end justifies the means (it never does, I have found), they would sell their own mothers. I used to put these people on a pedestal and I would naively believe every word they uttered. In the last five years or so I have started to question what they tell me. An example: I was asked to see my doctor after a routine blood test with the practise nurse. I walk into his surgery and he says "Sorry old son, I have bad news, sit down". Immediately you assume the worst, don't you? He says, "You are a diabetic. The blood test confirmed it". Now, having an interest in things medical, I knew that he would have to have seen several results before reaching this decision. He was already writing out prescriptions on his pad. I said, "Wait a minute. You need to see at least two positive results before you can decide that I am diabetic. Show me the other results". He said, "It's all there in the computer". "Good" says I, "show me". He tapped away, then he tapped some more, and then said, "I only have one high sugar reading". I suggested we do another test. He agreed. I did the test a week later, and went back in to see him. "Good news old son", he said, "You are quite normal. The last test proves it". Had I not questioned his diagnosis I would be chomping down pills for the rest of my life for no good reason whatsoever. I have several more stories like this, involving different GP's. One told me I had a "Dodgy ticker". I told her to prove it. She, also, was already writing out prescriptions when I challenged her. Again, she could not prove a damned thing. She had been reading someone else's notes before I came in to see her. And once again, I saved myself the trouble of taking tablets I did not need to take. How many people, I wonder, are flinging pills down their neck because they didn't have the gumption to ask, "Are you absolutely sure I need this medication?".

Politicians? I think, if you have spent any time at Ranty Barracks, you will know exactly how I feel about the pond-life that passes for a politician these days. Again, there are some good ones. But that is the problem, is it not? The ratio between good and bad is inverse. It should be the other way around. There should be just a few bad apples, but, as we all know, finding a good one is a tough job.

Respect is earned. I no longer automatically assume professional people are honourable and worthy of my respect. I mistrust them all because there are more sinners than saints. When that reverses itself, I may once again trust and respect them.

I will not hold my breath.


March 07, 2010

Keepers Of The Peace?

Recent high profile stories involving senior policemen and women have shocked many of us.

A lot of people, when thinking about the police, may see this image in their minds:


Or this:

Or (for older folks!) this:

But how many of us wanted to see this:

In Peels day, policemen were expected to keep the peace. They swore an oath to uphold (common) law. They take the same oath today but then they proceed to do the opposite. They reinforce and enforce statutes, they harass people whose only goal is to get from A to B. Today's coppers are different. This is by design, not by accident. Training techniques at Hendon now employ the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and the result is clearly shown above. They long ago ceased to be Peacekeepers. Now they have transformed into Judge Dredd. No emotions, no flexibility, no real chance to talk to them as if they were human beings like you and I. They have a clear mission: stop and search (using any, or no, excuse), find a problem, extract a fine. Our police forces today are far removed from Robert Peels vision. Modern cops, in the main, are no more than uniformed thugs. Their neuro-linguistic programming is responsible for the violent acts they carry out on a (mostly) unarmed public. Let's not forget that over 1,100 people have died whilst in their custody in the last ten years. That's 1,100 wrongful deaths and not a single prosecution.  And these are the people we pay to keep us safe.

It's all about targets. Now, if I was a copper and I was instructed (as they are) to feel X number of collars per month, then, in order to keep my gaffer happy, I would do exactly that. It would not concern me in the least that I chose soft targets to make my numbers every month. If I can grab, say, a driver for blowing his nose in stationary traffic, rather than chase down an armed robber or a violent drug dealer, guess who will receive my attention? Under all the crap they wear, these men and women are human. And although they get paid to be in harms way, they are not going to take a bullet if it can be avoided. A reasonable and wise choice, if I'm being honest.

It's those other changes that worry me too.

Police Forces, from ACPO all the way down to the solitary copper in a small village, all work for limited companies. A limited company is formed for one reason: to turn a profit. And they do. Each and every year. Like your local councils, police forces have money invested in stocks and shares. The police are in cahoots with the court system. All courts in the UK are also limited companies. They are also designed to make money. And they do. From time to time they are also expected to dispense justice. A cursory glance at any newspaper will confirm what you already know: justice is a word alien to our 21st century judicial system. Without straining myself I can find 10 examples of pathetic sentencing in any given month in any given year for the last fifteen years.

Are most coppers good or bad? I like to think good. But then again, I rarely come into contact with them. When I do, I will use what I have learnt in the last year or so, and see what occurs. I will, if stopped whilst travelling in my conveyance, remember to check their vehicle while they have a look at mine. A staggering number of police vehicles have no valid tax discs. Now, if I recall correctly, no-one is above the law. If I have to display a valid tax disc, so do they. I will also ask them, every time they cause me to stop what I am doing (assuming I am harming no-one), if they know the difference between a law and a statute. If they cannot answer me correctly I will file a complaint. Any copper who doesn't know the difference is committing an offence, and he is in breach of his oath of office.

Policemen and women are no different to you and me. They are tasked with keeping the peace. We have similar rights of arrest to them, and we certainly should not bow and scrape when we come into contact with these public servants. We can, and should, talk to them politely and without animosity. But we can, and we should, question them about their activities when we feel threatened by them, instead of feeling protected by them.

Quick quiz. Is this a good guy or a bad guy:

Let me know in the comments.

This post is not an attack on those that man the thin blue line. I just want to know why they have changed so dramatically in the last decade or so. And I want to be convinced that the changes were for the good of all.

I see no evidence of that so far.


March 06, 2010

Blogging Lite

A sudden trip has surfaced.

I will be in North Africa for a week or so.

Mind you, I am using BA so I may not get home on the date I selected....

Please bring down the government during my absence.

It's not too much to ask, is it?


March 05, 2010

Nick Hogan Update: Target Reached!!

Rush over to Holby's gaff for the scoop.

Blogworld versus ClimateShite-Blogworld wins.

Blogworld versus Nanny-Blogworld wins.

These victories are stacking up!

Well done to all concerned. Generous and thoughtful, with an eye on liberty. The wankers in the HoC could learn a thing or two from us if only they would pay attention.


Something For The Weekend

And for next week, for next month, in fact, this "something" is for the rest of your lives.

Something huge, as it happens. Something priceless. Something, Fellow Oppressed, worth taking back.

The title of the video series (in reality, one lecture broken up into YouTube portions), is The Solution. I think it offers not just one solution, but many. Listen carefully in Part 7. The real answer is given to us there.

I am not even going to try and add to the words of Schaeffer Cox. No need. He is a talented, intelligent, motivated speaker but more than that: I believe him. Cox, more so than anyone else, has, I think, grasped the nettle.

Forget that he is in Montana. Forget that he talks about Alaska. Forget, even, that he is an American. The same applies here. It applies everywhere.

It was also strangely comforting to know that he had a Glock on his hip the entire time.

I want one. Not to attack with, but to defend. Not, as you would assume, as a defence against the "bad guys" on the street, (although that is a valid reason too), but to use to defend me and mine from our government. Today I learnt the difference between tyranny and democracy. Little hint: we ain't living in a democracy. Not when the law is used to coerce and punish instead of to protect and defend.

All the answers to all our problems are contained within these videos.

Three questions you might want to ponder:

How badly do you want to fix our broken country?

How badly do you want your freedom back?

How soon, my friends, do you want to start?


March 04, 2010


I found a great new site today (via the FMOTL Forum) and wanted to let you know about it.


The site is called Scottish Sovereigns On The Land and it has some fantastic sections that will help if you are enslaved north of the border.

Our laws differ slightly from English Law. Some of the most obvious are: juries (remember them?) of 15 people not 12, the third verdict "Not proven", and several other, smaller differences. In the main, when the Act of Union was signed in 1707 rights conferred on Scots transferred to the English, and vice versa.

Check out the Scots law section, and have a look at some of the videos lower down the main page.

If you (genuinely) want to learn more about your sovereignty then time spent at this great site will not be wasted.

This is a growing movement, and most of us feel we were driven to it because of the oppressive nature of Britain today. We rank above nations like China, Russia and Cuba in the surveillance rankings. We have more CCTV cameras deployed than China, can you get your head around that fact? I am struggling to. We have less freedom than Russia, arguably one of the most surveilled nations on Gods green earth. Even Cuba beats us. How embarrassing is that?

Still, if all goes to plan, Blue Labour will win the general election as anticipated, and we will lose even more freedoms as the EU monster starts to spread its disease to all 500 million citizens unwittingly bound up in its tentacles.

You are sovereign. The very instant you forget that, they have you. We sovereigns gave (lent) our sovereignty to Elizabeth II. When she swore her Coronation Oath she promised to protect and defend us from foreign invaders. She has reneged on that Oath several thousand times. Every time she rubber-stamps another statute shat out by Brussels, she gives up more of the power that we lent to her. It is a contract: we give you power, you protect us. Equal consideration, see? Our relatives and those that were alive in 1952 made a deal with the queen and only they, and their offspring have kept to the bargain. We are now in the awkward position of having to remind her, and her agents, that we are still sovereigns, and that we can take away that which was given. Lawful Rebellion, I should add, is NOT a notion, it is NOT a concept. It is a right. It even has the sanction of our monarch, and our parliament, if that matters to you. It was created for exactly the circumstances we see in the UK today. Entering into Lawful Rebellion is the duty of every sovereign that loves his/her land. When the powers that be abuse the powers we gifted to them, we are obliged to take action. We are duty bound to say "NO!".

Being "sovereign" is NOT an archaic phrase or badge. It defines what you are. It confers rights that HMG has no interest in promoting, or reminding you of. As a Briton, it now behoves YOU to remind them.

You have rights that are unalienable. That means that they can never be taken away from you. They can be traded for priveleges (from HMG) and these priveleges can be, and often are, removed with no notice and for no reason.

An example of that in practise would be when a policeman explains that you are to be charged. He will say "Do you understand?". As soon as you say "Yes", you just gave up your powerful rights for a couple of measly priveleges. The right answer is "No, I choose not to understand". This way you maintain your body of inalienable rights. They don't like this very much. You just went off the script and they don't now know how to treat you. You have not enetered their world. A wise choice, if you ask me.

Think of it this way:

Rights are a Rolls-Royce.

Priveleges are a rusty 40 year old Lada.

I don't know about you, but I like my Rolls-Royce.


March 03, 2010

Even The Gods Want An Election Sooner

That devastating earthquake in Chile has shifted the earth on its axis.

I'm no scientist, but I am going to go out on a limb and state that the God of Tectonic Plates wanted to speed time up. He (or she!) has shaved 1.2 microseconds off each and every day between now and the time we get to dump Labour into the political hinterland. Hopefully forever.

It's a message, pure and simple.

Or, it's bollocks.

You decide.


Like Drums?

I needed five or six minutes away from the world.

This video of The Top Secret Drum Corps took me there.

A stunning display of skill.


March 02, 2010

Marcellus Is Revolting

He tells us why, he tells us when, and he tells us how. And I agree with every word.

Because pretty soon the only people NOT actively supporting civil disobedience like this will be the insane, the drones, the feckless and the monumentally dim.

Sure, you can have a quiet life. You can close your door, then your curtains, then your mind, as you reach for the TV remote.

Sure, you can turn on, tune in to X Factor, and drop out.

Sure, you can ignore 1100 wrongful deaths in police custody, without a single prosecution, over the last 13 years.

Sure, you can ignore the damage El Gordo has done to your country. The same country he gave to Europe without asking your permission.

Sure, you can ignore the billions he gave to the banks. The banks that should have been allowed to bleed to death.

Sure, you can ignore the poll rigging, the vote rigging, the expense stealing, and the absolute hypocrisy of your elected officials.

Sure, you can stand by and smile ruefully as the high and mighty get off with serious crimes while us scum go to jail for almost nothing.

Sure, you can cheer for the warmists as they try again, and again, and again to take more money off you every month.

Or you can stand up, man up, and say, in a loud and happy voice "FUCK YOU!"

One of the shortest words in the English dictionary is "No". Enn Oh. How hard is that to say? You don't even have to say it all the time. You just need to say it once. Then, my friends, you will experience the sheer awesomeness of the word. It becomes addictive. You will want to say it to everyone, everywhere and all the time, because when you get used to it, you will learn that by saying "NO", you just took all their power away.

You are sovereign. You are special. There will never be anyone on earth quite like you ever again. Not ever.

Are you absolutely certain that you want to voluntarily hand all your power to morons in parliament? That thug wearing a police uniform? That plastic plod, that traffic warden? Those greedy, wasteful freaks down at your local town hall?

Do they deserve it? Do they give value for money? Do they offer any value at all? Do they deserve up to 80% of YOUR hard earned money every week, every month, every year, for ALL of your working life? Only to leave you with nothing in your last remaining years?

Like Marcellus, I have decided that everything stops. I will not conform. I will not obey. I will understand my place in the world and I do know that change starts right here, and right now. My biggest enemy isn't them. It's me. I have won the battle with myself. I am now taking the fight to them. I will win. Or I will die trying. I will no longer live on my knees, pretending that I dwell in a democracy, or a fair society. That myth is busted. Reality bites like a rabid wolf on PCP, but I am recovered, I am strengthened, and I am fully awake.

Here is another item in your arsenal.


The scary part is choosing to say no. Cross that bridge and unlimited freedom awaits on the other side.

Don't be afraid though. You will find many friends on this side of the bridge. And we grow in number with each passing day.

Our newest friend is Marcellus.

And he is most welcome.


Free Nick Hogan Today

This is your opportunity to do a good a thing. It will also allow you to upset the nanny state.

The man pictured, Nick Hogan, allowed his customers to smoke in his pub. He was subsequently charged and taken to court repeatedly. He forked out around £50,000 of his own money to fight the nonsensical smoking ban in Britain. EVERYWHERE else in Europe retains a choice for their customers, but not here in Jackboot Britain. Here, their disgust for you smokers, and your tolerant non-smoking friends, is total.

They bankrupted him, and sent him to gaol for six fucking months. Lords who drive and text and kill people get released in 16 days. Women who steal £1 million from their employers walk out of court free. This sentence was pure spite wrapped in malice surrounded by vindictiveness. It has nothing to do with justice. This is the "Jackboot stamping in your face" that George Orwell wrote about in 1984.

Voice your displeasure. Show your contempt for their asinine statutes. Dig deep, and between us we can get this man home, where he belongs. Nick will thank you. His wife Denise will thank you. Freedom fighters everywhere will thank you.

Your humble captain thanks you.

Remarkable Speech (No. It Isn't From One Of Ours).

This amazing speech comes to us from  1958.

52 years ago this man, Robert Welch, saw with uncanny clarity what America was to become. And, more importantly, what needed to be done to stop his predictions from coming true. Not enough was done, and the America we see today is the result. The UK is there already.

Anyone heard of the guy? (Forgive my ignorance).


March 01, 2010

An Open Letter To David Cameron

Dear David,

Your understanding of the words "modern" and "radical" are a little shaky.

I thought, when I clicked "play", that I would indeed hear something modern and radical. Instead, I find myself consumed with indifference.

What a let down.

Who told you that the NHS is the single most important thing to Britons? Even I can fix the NHS overnight. What you need is wire wool and Dettol. Lots of it. Buying in bulk will offer great discounts. Clean the hospitals. While you are at it, clean out all the petty paper-pushers for whom we closed down hundreds of wards to accommodate. There must be many thousands of "target chasers" that we don't need. What we need are good cleaners and good nurses. Now that would be modern. 

The economy? Yes it's in a mess, and no, it isn't your fault. As much as I want to say it's all Gordon Browns fault, I cannot. Look south-east, to a tiny little city. They call it Brussels. In this tiny place you will find thousands of unelected people, whose sole job is to a) separate us from our cash and b) drown us in new statutes and unwanted regulation. Dump the EU and we are on the road to recovery. Now, more than ever before, (one of your favourite soundbites, I believe), we need to retract. We need to withdraw. We need to lick our wounds and rebuild our economy. No point looking to Brussels for that help. Our relationship with them is clear: we send them billions, and they send us legislation. Get us out of Europe, pronto. That would be radical. 

 Law. Hundreds of thousands of statutes, regulations, and statutory instruments bog our country down. Repeal them all. We only need one law: do no harm. It covers everything. The courtrooms of the last thirty years morphed into places of business. Justice is the last thing I would expect if I were ever to land up in a court. Massive changes are needed to restore our faith and our trust. Just in the last few weeks we learnt that a woman who stole £1 MILLION from her employer walked free. A Lord who killed someone whilst texting someone else when he was behind the wheel, left gaol after just 16 days. Yet a man called Nick Hogan, whose only crime was to allow people to smoke in his bar was gaoled for SIX MONTHS! He should be released immediately and apologised to. Change our justice system to reflect common sense and build (rebuild) the foundations on common law. Now that would be both modern and radical.

In fact, reform the smoking ban and you will immediately inject life into our failing pub industry. At the last count, more than 50 pubs per week are closing down, with average job losses at 10 people per site, isn't it time to get modern and radical with a smoking ban reform plan? You will gain the respect of 12 million people in a heartbeat. Restore choice. Do it now.

Climate change. Distance yourself from this fabricated nonsense as soon as you can. Each week reveals more and more lies. The modern way, the radical way, to approach science is to have datasets that tell the truth. Right now our scientists have sold their souls for research grants. Reinstate integrity and honesty and let's all deal with real issues, not ones that were dreamed up to scam money out of gullible politicians who really ought to know better. They con you out of money and guess who pays? That's right. Joe Public.

We are sick and tired of bailing out governments with all the spending ability of a two year old gerbil. Cut waste. Lose ALL the quangoes. Cut off ALL charities that are so clearly fake. Start with ASH. They generate around £15K per year rattling tins, but get half a million from the government just by looking sad and holding out their grubby little paws. That would be modern. That would be radical.

Cut the PC crap. You say in this disappointing video that you have or will increase to 60 the number of female MPs. Box ticked. You have increased the number of black MPs. Box ticked. You have increased the number of Asian MPs. Box ticked. Here's a clue Cammy: Labour have been ticking boxes for thirteen years. Look where that got us. I have nothing against females. I have nothing agains blacks. I have nothing against Asians. But get this, if white middle-aged heterosexual men can do the job better, hire them instead. As the meerkat says, simples.

Use all of the above, improve on it if you can. No charge will be issued from Ranty Barracks.

But for the love of all things holy, don't try and tell us that your band-aid solution for a gaping wound is going to help anyone.

Get my country back from the unelected, from the unaccountable, from the clinically insane lickspittles in Brussels. Then understand that major surgery is needed. Not platitudes.

Do that, Mr Cameron, and I will help you all the way.

Do it not, and you will fail. And I will use every atom I possess to help ensure that you fail.

Think on.

Captain Ranty.