July 24, 2010

Game On!

The Irish, sensing that something is seriously amiss, have taken action against their corrupt government.

Read this.

The Garda has now charged the Irish government with treason.

I'll keep an eye on this and report any updates.

This is a staggering turn of events and the Garda must be praised for this brave, and correct, move.



James Higham said...

Good stuff - nice angle and I'll follow you on this.

microdave said...

Amazing! - However I can't see ACPO turning on our government, or the previous lot!

Mind you they haven't been called ‘self-serving, overpaid, underworked and dishonest people’

And of course there's this comment: "A police force should not intervene in politics." Since ACPO pretty well decide policy on behalf of HMG, there are obviously considerable differences across the Irish Sea...

Anonymous said...

The UK corruption has been built deceit upon deceit, blackmail upon blackmail. If one falls, the lot fall.

Its gonna take a brave individual to take that on.

As mentioned in the comments section of the article though, Ireland now, Iceland next. I think that the worm is turning.

Anonymous said...

Maybe not the government lickspittles of ACPO, but the grass roots Police Federation ... now they might lay bare some truths about our corrupt politicians ?

Magna Carta Society Blog said...

Good news. The Irish are reclaiming their rights in other ways as well:


They recovered their pistols last year.

Regards, John H.

Anonymous said...

I think that's excellent news. I can't however see that happening here. To quote from the article:

Michael O’Boyce, President of the Garda Representative Association (GRA), said at its annual conference in Limerick, at the end of April, 2010, that the Irish Government had been ‘corrupted’ and had been ‘bought’ by developers and bankers.

Our police commissioners won't do a thing because they've been bought already a long time ago. I shall follow this story. Very interesting to say the least.

selsey.steve said...

ACPO, which is NOT related to any Police Force but which is an incorporated body completely separate from anything to do with policing, is possibly the most corrupt body which includes the word "Police" in its title. Both the organisation and its members make a fortune from their activities.
It ranks alongside the CPS as the most obstructionist body insofar as Law Enforcement is concerned.
ACPO issues edicts to the Government which then meekly makes into some form of rule or Law.
ACPO should be BANNED