July 20, 2010

That "Special Relationship"

Exists for a very good reason.

Here is a short video explaining some inconvenient truths.

16 days ago Americans celebrated their "Independence Day".

I think it would shock almost all of them to learn that they never gained independence from the British Crown.

To this day they remain a British Colony. None of this is hidden. It is not a conspiracy. It is a bald fact.

My question to any Doubting Thomases that swing by for a read, is this:

If "they" can fool you about something this huge, just what else have they hidden in plain sight?

Subrosa  writes today about the "special relationship" but from a different angle. I can't help but wonder if iDave isn't trotting over there to give Barry O'Barmy his latest set of instructions......



Anonymous said...

Lol. I'm sure this will piss off rather a few Americans. Still, it's quite a telling video. It shows corporation control of the USA and of course a great big lie that's been continuously promoted so that Americans are none the wiser. If Americans actually educated themselves more, watched less TV and read less of the MSM, then they'd see how the Federal Reserve is not only a massive fraud but detrimental to their overall well being and totally rip it apart.

However thankfully the truth is getting out.

Captain Ranty said...


I too am very pleased that "secrets" like the one revealed in the video are coming to the fore.

I am almost done watching Kymatica. It contains some brilliant information that, if widely distributed, would cause us all to see the world with new eyes.

Oh, and just for the record, there is nothing federal about the Federal Reserve. It is owned by private bankers, not by the nation. And there is no reserve either. They have nothing. They have what the Bank of England has: the ability to print money/create gilts.

There comes a time when you really have to ask yourself: "Is anything I know actually true?"

They fooled us. They fooled us all. And worse! We continue to allow ourselves to be fooled.


Anonymous said...


Yes, quite!
How much of what we have been told is actual fact or nothing more than peddled deceit in order to paint a picture that is nothing but fabrication put there to have total control over our lives?
I've just been on Mr Civil Libertarian's blog who's ranting about the poor bugger who's totally paralysed and can only move his eyes, wanting to commit suicide. Of course I told him simply that it will always be illegal to commit suicide until people manage to wrestle themselves away from the control and property of the state - birth certificate.

No doubt people look at me as though I were from another planet when I dare to question the holocaust or even the character of Hitler. For example we've been so brainwashed into believing Hitler was such an evil man, that we completely ignored that Stalin (our ally) was a far worse individual than Hitler ever was. The population in the west has been completely brainwashed with emotive illogic compared to what they once held very dear to their liberty - logical common sense critical thinking.

And yes, the Federal Reserve is about as Federal as Federal Express and it's nothing but a collection of private bankers who have the freedom to print as much money as they possibly like. The creation of the Federal reserve (1913) started the process that finished under Nixon in the 70's. This was of course the removal of the American monetary system from the Gold Standard, that is the ability to only print money to what your country had in gold reserve and the British pound sterling was a classic example.

People really need to know about all this in order to break them from the bonds that have enslaved them and their forefathers. Unless we do this, our future will be one of sheer chaos and horror.
The more I look into history the more I'm dumbfounded by the lies told. Something you may or may not know but it was actually illegal to kill the King of England and ironically the Jews were let back into the UK after the execution of King Charles 1st by Cromwell. More insidious planning by people evicted by King Edward 1st back in 1290 under the Edict of Expulsion, which to this say still stands!

Probably why my reading of the past and finding out more about Jewish manipulation of society is now beginning to make me realise things I never once considered. He who controls a nation's wealth controls the nation and look back through our history to see who has just so done? Interesting to say the least.

I also found out the other day that the term 'institutionally racist' was coined by none other than that wonderful black male, who just adored white people - Stokely Carmichael of the Black Panthers. I was never taught that in history lessons was I?

Captain Ranty said...

A great comment H.

I too am studying history to find out what I didn't know, or rather, what I was forced to learn.

Yep. Stalin was a first class bastard.

Uncle Joe-20 million deaths.

Uncle Adolph-6 million.

I'm not saying Hitler was jam-packed with sunshine and lollipops but surely Stalin deserves the crown of the anti-Christ more.


Old Nick said...

I certainly agree that these are a couple of prize evil bastards! Stalin seems to have got away with it more than Hitler which only goes to prove that history favours the victor.

hangemall said...

Completely O/T Ranty, but The Slog has been taken down. Any idea why? He had a go at Jon Snow the other day and and your link thingy on the right has him mentioning Snow again. It must have been done very quickly (or automatically) because the timing gives it at one hour ago i.e. 8pm.

Captain Ranty said...

Very odd H.

I was there just a couple of hours ago. Everything was fine.

Does anyone have contact details for John?


hangemall said...

Still in google cache at the moment.

I suppose it might not be anything to do with Jon Snow?

Captain Ranty said...

I doubt it.

Might just be a Blogger snafu.


Eternally puzzled said...

so let me get this straight....it's THE JEWS again? As for the rest of that load of nonsense....what difference does it make?

John's gone said...


Any idea what's happened to John Wards's slog blog ? Seems to have gone since he mentioned Jon Snow !

Captain Ranty said...

Eternally Puzzled,


It obviously makes no difference to you.

My advice would be to keep calm and carry on. Nothing to see here.


Captain Ranty said...

I just watched it again.

I get "The Jews?" comment now.

Just because all the banksters have Jewish sounding names doesn't make them Jewish. Whether they are or not is neither here nor there. I couldn't give a fuck if they were Muslims, Catholics, Animists, Druids or bloody Seventh Day Adventists.

If you really don't care that the worlds finances are essentially in the hands of a few families, or that the USA is still a British colony, then there really isn't much point you reading any of my blog posts.

It was good of you to dismiss it as "a load of nonsense" though.

It would be nice if you could refute any of the facts.


Captain Ranty said...

BTW, The Slog is back.

hangemall said...

OK. Got it. Another conspiracy theory bites the dust. :)

Dioclese said...

Love it! But I still stick by my 4th July post...

banned said...

Interesting stuff but the 13th amendment was the one that abolished slavery.

Eternally Puzzled said...

Marvellous responses BUT WTF are you going to do about it? WTF CAN you do? All very interesting, worthy of a few 'oh I never knew that' or 'Really'? but practically what does knowing mean any of you here can do about it. No need to be insulting about it Harbinger. I simply question it. There's millions of things I detest about the world I live in, about the country I live in but there's fuck all I can do about it. I have to get through each day, earn money, pay taxes or I could fuck off and live in a cave or join a biker gang or survivalist group but I don't want to live like that. I bang my head against a big enough wall daily as it is.
Finally I'm not a Jew but anyone who, like Harbinger for example in his last comments, blathers on about the myth of the Final Solution and the adverse affect of Ze Jooz simply comes across as a nutjob. I know - they want me to think that because they control all the information in the world except what comes out via YouTube or in the blogosphere - except, don't they control this too?
That Stalin was a lunatic is now known, we have plenty of modern lunatics out there now as well but banging on about the great Jewish/Zionist?lizard plot is crazy. I know, I know THAT's what THEY want us to think. So what if some document from the 1770's seems to indicate that the USA is still a British Colony? It clearly doesn't matter at all and no one, no-fucking-one, is going to change that.
I also can't help thinking that the Zionist/Jewish plot has been around since the discovery of the Protocols in the 1880's and they really are in for the long haul aren't they. If they were so evil they've had plenty of time to take over the world, why all the stop and starts? Maybe Harbinger is an unwitting Zionist tool rather than a complete nutter.

Captain Ranty said...


I have no idea how this morphed into a raging debate about the Jews. It was not my intent. I am not anti-Semitic and I would dissuade any comments on here that were.

The point of the post was to let people know an alternative but valid truth, and that if we have been hoodwinked on this, then other stuff we uncover is equally believable.

It wasn't a call to arms, or a demand that anyone do anything about it.

My newest post has some things that are actionable. Maybe you can help us to throw off the EU yoke?


Billy Blofeld said...

Ha! Ha!

Hilary Clinton supports referring the Falklands issue to the UN's Decolonization Committee.

..... maybe she views the Falklands as a test case, prior to trying to gain U.S. Independence ;-)

Captain Ranty said...


I saw that.

Cheeky bastards. They should just do as they are damn well told and despatch the US Navy to set up a ring of steel around the Falklands.

We need that oil goddammit!


Eternally puzzled said...

Appreciate the response Cap'n. I enjoy your blog and the various links and will continue to enjoy. I just can't stand all that anti-semitic, Zionist Protocols twaddle.

Yours mega-frustratedly


Anonymous said...

Eternally Puzzled said....


.."WTF are you going to do about it? WTF CAN you do?"....

Well there's two options to things in life and they are simple. Firstly you can do nothing whatsoever or you can try to do something about it. For example, you can pay your council tax or you can challenge it and educate others around you letting them know that it's an illegal tax imposed on the people without their consent.
The same option is for Zionism/Judaism/lizards as you like to put it. You can continue to allow disproportionate control of the media and every other establishment by Jewry, or you can discuss with others, letting them know just why our society has devolved into the way it is.

So it's a choice.
Obviously your mind's fixed.

"...blathers on about the myth of the Final Solution and the adverse affect of Ze Jooz simply comes across as a nutjob."

Point explained. Like I said, pointless discussing with people such as yourself because you've explained yourself 100% how I assumed that you would.

Anonymous said...


"I am not anti-Semitic..."

Neither am I.
More so it's a virtual impossibility to be anti semitic to western Jews because they are not semitic peoples in the first place. They are no of the house of Juddah like semitic Jews in the middle east and instead Khazar origin, whose ancestors all converted en masse to Judaism on order of their rulers who got heavily into worshiping the Babylonian Talmud.

And lastly CR, the word anti semitic today no longer means "those who hate Jews" but those who question Judaism and whom Jews certainly hate.

I used to be 100% behind Israel, thinking Judaism was Christianity with synagogues. Oh how mistaken I was.

Eternally Puzzled said's comment was a dig at my post, obviously angry that I mentioned Jews, the holocaust and implied the fiddled figures of the Jewish deathtoll. I mentioned nothing whatsoever of any final solution. I seems to me that EPS is pretty much against anyone discussing subjects he/she does not want people to discuss.

I'm an advocate 100% for free speech. It's the only way that problems in this world are solved and there is much debate needed on world Jewry and their practices over time, especially the holocaust.
Unlike EPS I believe we can do something about life. I believe that if we all just cower our heads like obviously EPS no doubt does, then nothing changes, but if we discuss, challenge and put up a front then things start changing for the better.

There was NO holocaust. That is there was no 'whole fire.' There were Jews put into concentration camps in WW2 by the 3rd reich but the numbers of dead was a complete fabrication. Moreso the Jews in those camps were there along with many other peoples who completely outnumbered them. The dead of WW2 are simply ignored in order to elevate 'Jewish suffering' under the hands of Hitler. Remember that the rise of anti semitism is a direct result of semitism?
There were however holocausts in WW2 in the definition of the word. They were of course in Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Most children today when asked of horrors of WW2, they'll mention the holocaust of the Jews. Thus the indoctrination of society is complete. And the protocols pretty much explain why and how it was done.

Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I didn't know that the phrase meant what it did. I should have just said that I don't hate Jews.

While we are on the subject of hate, I don't hate any particular group of people.

If I had a vision of the world it would be all 7 billion of us living together in a big happy blob. Colour doesn't matter, sexual orientation doesn't matter, religious views don't matter.

We. Just. Fucking. Get. On. With. Living.

But that is a pipe-dream. We have been slaughtering each other since we lived in caves. We focus more on differences than similarities which I find pretty fucking hilarious as we are all 99.99% the same. It's only that 0.1% that causes all the trouble. It makes up our personality, skin colour, shape & size.

We don't seem to have learnt much, do we?

So we may go on slaughtering each other for another millenia or two.

Eventually the penny will drop.


Anonymous said...


The term anti semitic is an odd one as I've explained in regards that it doesn't apply to western Jews even though we are forced to believe it does.

The term anti semitic has been hijacked by Jews in the west. As you know the semitic peoples of North Africa/middle east encompass a wide range of belief systems. However, Jews seem to think that it's their right to hijack the word for their own. What's more ironic is (now bear with me on this) that the Jews, from the west who now live in Israel and kicking the crap out of the Palestinians are in fact being 'anti semitic' themselves. Their hatred and killing of the semitic Palestinians is being done by them, the non semitic peoples of Khazar origin.

Jews have simply created a situation in today's society where anyone who should question them or their history, they immediately lambaste as anti semitic and of course have hugely powerful organisations such as the Anti Defamation League to attack those who 'attack' Jews!


I think I'll disagree with you on what you've written. It just doesn't work that we can all live in one big happy clappy love bubble. That's Utopia and sadly forgets completely, human nature which makes us all very different CR.
Our differences are really what should be recognised and promoted because they make us all unique.
Let's look at it this way; you and I are both pretty much aspiring freemen. Correct? It means that we don't want to put up with state control of our lives, illegal taxes, doctor's deciding what we should eat and drink for us, CCTV dictating our movements, ID cards etc etc. However there are many people out there who are happy to continue this existence, playing the game of and be very much part of the system. Thus you and I are very different to these people. We don't tell them how to live. They choose to live the way they do because either they want to or are not happy to educate themselves to attain a far better and substantial existence out of the system.

Me, I'd like a quiet life, a house in the woods or in the hills, with some land to raise animals and food and I'd be happier than a pig in sh*t!

Anonymous said...

To continue with difference:

Our evolution, that is the many different peoples in this world have all become who they are from years of development in the lands and environments they're grown up in. It defines who they are. It gives them respect, they enjoy their cultures and traditions and many just want to get on with them. Of course people who don't belong to those peoples, who may live in their lands and know that they will feel uncomfortable because regardless their history and culture is not that of those of the land they live in. Therefore we have a problem that's been automatically created.

What then happens is that because that person does not belong to that culture they make a choice to either leave, accept it albeit begrudgingly or else they look for more people of their own culture, in the alien land and start forming communities. And voila multiculturalism is born, that as these cultures grow, they will very well choose to change the culture of that land to theirs as has happened throughout time.

In a nutshell. People either want to maintain their cultures and identity or they don't. People enjoy being different to others, as I am very clearly to those who know me, the phrase "broke the mould when they created you" came into play with me, or they don't. There are leaders and there are sheep.

Now the closest that we are to the same is that rip away the skin and you'll find that we all share the same bodily parts and functions. However what's inside the brain, our conscious and how we all think, adapt to situations makes us all 100% different and as I said unique.

To finish CR, the NWO wants us all to be the same. It doesn't want difference. It wants a one world government, bank, culture, language, religion... It doesn't want groups of critical thinking peoples, who use common sense logic instead of emotion in their reasoning. It doesn't want these people because it knows they will easily see through their masquerade, that of wanting the complete servitude of all peoples under them as a new Feudal system is created.
Watch Carlin's American Dream here to understand.
Throughout time difference has made us unique. It's made us challenge the status quo and ask questions our peers never would have the balls to.

I respect your belief that we're all the same although I completely disagree.

Anonymous said...


Ironically this very blog proves just how different you are to many people. You choose not to be pushed around, bullied and manipulated. Don't be afraid of your differences, accept it and grow with it. It's what makes us all unique. It's simply human nature.

More importantly if people want to hate that's their prerogative to do so. It is not up to us to judge them and tell them what they're doing is wrong. After all, we know nothing of them and their experiences that made them get to their belief. Hate is an emotion. It wouldn't be there if it wasn't supposed to be. Allowing hate is allowing liberty.

Captain Ranty said...


Thank you for your comments. I hear what you are saying.

I perhaps should have been clearer: I was really trying to say that we are the same physiologically. The bias that abounds regarding skin colour never ceases to amaze (and disgust) me. It is such a tiny part of our configuration.

I agree that that we are all unique. And that our differences should be celebrated and even encouraged.

Otherwise we are drones. No fun in that whatsoever.