July 04, 2010


Disclose.tv - collapse an interview with michael ruppert 1of 6 Video

Until today, I had not heard of, or from, Mike Ruppert.

Having watched this interview I am pleased to have corrected that. He is a fascinating man and he has many views that I share. His interview covers peak oil, CIA supplying drugs to American citizens, alternative (but ultimately useless) energy supplies, the breakdown of civilisation (already in train), and concludes with hope for the future with some practical tips on survival. This one hour interview is a "must see".

Put on a pot of tea, or coffee, and give this man some of your time.

You won't regret it.



Anonymous said...

You're right there Captain. Just started watching it and I have to say - brilliant.
An honest man, not standing about while other good men do nothing. We need more like him in all organisations and establishments to come forward and blow the whistle.

joe said...

Great vid Ranty,its all stuff we are pretty sure of already but its good when someone in the "know"or on the inside is confirming our suspitions and we're not going mad.

Anonymous said...

@3:50 of video 3 of 6

"This path was the only thing left. I had no other choice. Yeah anger and resentment do build up especially when you see and document as much corruption, as much dishonesty, as much illegality, as much murder, as much betrayal as I have from people who pretend to be otherwise."

How true is that? Thank f*ck! Here was me thinking I'm seriously losing it only happy to see that I'm far from alone and yes, everything he says I agree with and relate to 100%.

Thanks for this Captain. Thanks for introducing this incredible man to all of us. I'm off to finish watching the videos and have a look at his website.

Indyanhat said...

I hope I am monkey 99 and the next monkey I tell turns the tide !
Thanks for that Cap'n, there are a bunch of us who know this stuff but its good to see it all put together by someone like him, I hope he lives a happy life bringing some smiles to people for a while.
The end is nigh, are you prepared?

Captain Ranty said...


I'm glad you like him. I do too.

30 years mired in muck and sleaze. That can't be an easy road to travel.

A great guy, and one who doesn't deserve the sad ending we hear about in Part 6.

Definitely an unsung hero of our times.


Captain Ranty said...


I couldn't agree more. It's a lonely business looking at the world with different eyes.

And it's good to know we are not alone in our thinking.


Captain Ranty said...


There is always more to do, but I am close.

I just need my shotty and I am good to go.