February 28, 2012

Should We Fix It?

I spend enough time banging on about how broken the system is.

I never stopped to wonder if it was all just peachy.

What is wrong with giving the government over 80% of your wages every year? If they didn't need it they wouldn't take it. We would probably just spend the money on something daft like our energy bills or our mortgages, or paying off our loans, or worse, we might waste it on shiny things. Utter madness.

Charity is a good thing, right? So why not just say nothing when the government gives a portion of that tax money to their favourite charities? Even if some of those charities use the money to campaign against your freedoms? It's for your own good.

So what if some of your money pays for bombs and bullets and men of violence to wage war in countries that never actually attacked us on our home soil? Yes, there are laws that say they shouldn't, the Nuremberg Principles for example, but hell, they are only guidelines, surely?

Who cares if road tax generates an income of £32 billion a year and only £11 billion is spent on the upkeep of the roads? That money is needed elsewhere. Who cares if £15 billion is collected from tobacco every year and less than £2 billion is used to treat those nasty smokers? That money is needed elsewhere.

In India, where they are spending their own money on space exploration, for instance. Who would deny a third world country the opportunity to explore space even if 800 million of their people live on a few rupees a day? I'm almost sure those 800 million are intensely proud that they are ferreting around in space. Who needs food, sanitation or shelter when you can send rockets to Rigel 7?

In Brazil, where they cannot seem to stop finding oil & gas? This is one of the wealthiest nations in South America but you know, they need a leg up too. The hundreds of millions we send them in aid is probably spent on something lovely. Like new guns for the coppers to shoot the street boys with. (These boys are classed as vermin anyway, and who likes vermin?). Perhaps it's used to pay for the big carnivals these people love so much?

Back home, our own boys in blue need their toys too. Ever since guns and knives were outlawed, every criminal in the country respected the new legislation and stopped carrying them. But just in case one or two did not get the memo, we are making our cops dress as if they were a paramilitary outfit. And why not? They look great! Who cares if they ignore the oath they swore? It's just words, after all. The world is changing and that 80% of your wages doesn't go far you know. It needs to supplemented with a thousand different fines and we are just being silly if we pretend there is no victim. Golly gosh, it's right to lock people up when they fail to pay their council tax. It's surely right to lock people up on a whim, and you know, if some of those people die whilst in police custody (as 50 or so a year do) well, there's no smoke without fire, right? They must be guilty of something.. They are in charge, and by gum, they are doing what we pay them to do. Sure, some criminals get away with fiddling with our kids, or killing the odd person (especially if you are Lord Ahmed and the bloke you killed is a foreigner), I mean, yeah, I would expect to go to gaol for a very long time but hey! Lord Ahmed is one of the good guys! He just needed a wake up call. 16 days in an open prison soon sorted him out.

So what if judges simply shout over you in a court room? They are demi-Gods and they can and should do as they damn well please. Life would be chaotic if they stuck to the letter of the law. No, we should just presume they are right, about everything, all the time, and take our punishment like men.

And that EU thing? Who cares? Who cares that 4062 new pieces of legislation were enacted in 2011? Those sensible chaps at the EU (none of them elected, but what the heck, it's just a pernickety little detail) wouldn't waste their time with all this legislation if it wasn't critical for society to function, now would they? They are paid enormous sums of our money but they probably deserve it. I know for a fact that some of them travel hundreds of kilometre's each day just to sign in so that they can collect their expenses for the day. It takes them hours to get there, they sign in, then head off home. That's dedication for you. The Green Party in Germany have one really dedicated wifey, she makes the trip five days a week, bless her. Never mind that "environmental impact", that stuff is only for us. Our betters can ignore carbon emissions and what-not. They have helicopters and private jets to run. And since we pay for them all it would be wasteful if they didn't get used, right?

No sense going on about the government being wasteful. We all make mistakes, right? They are only human after all.

Who really cares that the queen abdicated in 1972 when she gave Assent to the European Communities Act? She's a dear sweet old lady with brown teeth, and we love her to bits, we do. It doesn't matter that the constitution was violated for goodness sake! It's just words on a bit of old vellum. No biggie.

All in all, we are bloody lucky to live in a country that cares so much about us that they invested in 5 million CCTV cameras. It's pretty nice knowing that some fat bloke is sat munching on wholesome meat pies while he watches us do our shopping, drive down the motorway, or collect some cash from the hole in the wall. The statistics are mind-blowing: did you know it only takes an average of 1,000 cameras to catch a criminal? Pretty bloody good, that. I would be jolly annoyed if they had wasted our money on a system that didn't work.

I'm all turned around on this thing. We should count our blessings, not the remaining cash after we have given 80% of it to the saintly government. They must need it, so we should just stop moaning.

God Bless 'Em!


February 25, 2012

Can We Fix It?

Over the last few days I have been swapping emails with one of my most ardent readers, Harbinger. Several commenters say that he is too negative, too forthright, too brutally honest. He is all of those things and I know that he won't be offended by that.

In one of his recent emails to me he explained why he felt the way he did and I thought it was worthy of a post. What you see below is almost exactly what he wrote to me and I have only taken out some of the personal stuff. It in no way detracts from the main theme.

I had asked Harby, "Are we fucked?"

This is his reply. It does not make for easy reading, but then, this blog was never meant to concentrate on unicorns, pixies and rainbows. This is a place where realities are ripped away and a different truth inserted.

Here we go:

"I say we're fucked because we are fucked. I am honest, brutally to be precise, as you have mentioned and this is the way I've always been. There's no point in wrapping up a shite in icing. It's still a shite. This is what society sees on a daily basis from the MSM, icing covered shit and naked emperors, not forgetting Wizards of Oz, while the man behind the curtain gets on with his manipulating.

Of late, I have to admit that I wish, above all that I could be pig, bloody ignorant and never have woken up. I do feel like the guy in the Matrix, who ends up selling his friends out in order to be 'plugged' back in. When I think about how much better life was when I knew nothing. When I think of the happiness with my ex, before reading Londinistan by Melanie Phillips which drastically changed my life, it pains me greatly as I really, truly adored her. It's destroyed any chance of a relationship with a woman ever again. I have no trust for them any more and I also know what they want, which I cannot and will not give them. It was falling down the rabbit hole that wrecked my relationship and no doubt has wrecked many others as well.

It's hard for the simple reason that I have a black and white personality. I'm addicted to unravelling the truth and as Alan Watt has said, once people find out about the truth they have to act. Most people don't want to know the truth for this very purpose. They don't want to get involved and would rather leave it up to someone else to do. Although I say we're fucked I know that there will come a time where I will inevitably act, far more than just writing on blogs or educating people whom I meet. It's a matter of survival now really, and I am lifted greatly when I see people fighting back against the system, such as the video you recently put up of the sheriff in Ireland trying to evict a tenant. However, I am also saddened greatly by those, such as the sheriff who MUST know what they are doing is wrong and choose to take the wage instead of be champions of the truth.

I can't write what I would like to do in an email or on any blog post. That's asking for trouble and that's why I don't post what should really be done, that is, other than the lists I've given of how to destroy the system.
The simple truth Captain is that the elites believe, through birth they have a right over all of us. This is hammered into them from an early age, the developing of psychopathy, in order to destroy any compassion and remove conscience. Not only do they think it's their right to own us, but with ownership they also believe they have the right to do whatever they want to with their belongings. They want to kill us. They want to kill 90% of the world's population and bring it down to around 500m people. This is just too difficult to bear for me at times, because who in the fuck do they think they are to think the way they do? Worse still they get away with it, for obvious reasons. You may never have heard of the Georgia guidestones before so if not have a read:

Georgia Guidestones

Although my heart's lifted by the videos of success, I know it's merely a drop in the ocean. This sort of thing needs to be happening everywhere, every 30 minutes, on everything.

If you care to look at the videos, or the stories that you read of people fighting back against the system, it's overwhelmingly older people doing it. The younger generations simply don't care. Now, I know that there are movements like anonymous and reclaim the streets etc, but they're controlled opposition. More so, while the minority of youngsters may believe they are fighting against the NWO, they are in fact implementing their wishes by promoting globalism, multiculturalism, New Age religions, homosexuality etc. and happily destroying culture, traditions, religious beliefs and morality bringing in a world of relative belief.

I don't speak lightly when I say that people MUST make personal sacrifices if they want to bring liberty and freedom into society and destroy the NWO. People are not prepared to get too involved because they know it would completely turn their lives upside down and worse still, becoming an enemy of the state not only puts your life in danger but the lives of your loved ones. Captain, you have children. Would you put their lives at risk if you knew that continuing down this path your on would create serious danger for them? Look at the Hollie Greig situation? Hollie's Uncle was murdered by the establishment, beaten badly with bats, thrown into a car, whisky forced down his throat and then burned alive. This is what they're capable of. Now Robert Green who went to get justice for Hollie is now in prison. What's happening to the highly corrupt Officials, such as the Procurator Fiscal Eilish Angiolini? What about the paedophiles high up within the Aberdeenshire establishments? Papers such as the UK Column who are bravely telling the truth are really not too much of a threat at the moment to the elites, but when they do become a serious threat, they will be removed.

We are at war with our own establishments Captain.

You know, just today I was thinking of the armed forces. I was thinking that people would pick up the newspapers and speak of how terrible that some girl was murdered or some guy, but won't give a second thought to the simple fact they were happy to send their children off to the armed forces, to do just that. Murder is murder regardless and state sanctioned murder does not absolve anything. They don't even begin to imagine the hell that the Afghans, the Iraqis, the Libyans and soon, the Iranians, must be going through, to have bombs dropped on their heads, children, husbands and wives murdered, maimed, children turned into orphans, men and women widowed..... They don't even begin to think that their taxes are funding the wars and yet will scream blue murder at how angry they are paying 0.00000001% or whatever of their yearly income to helping people without work live, work that is becoming increasingly scarce due to immigration.

I just think of hypocrisy. It's something I've always done my best in life to not live by. There is constant hypocrisy all around me and yet people do not realise this. What if I were to go around tazering policemen, handcuffing them and imprisoning them in a cell below my house? The state would arrest me for assault and imprisonment, yet this happens to people on a daily basis and no one even bats an eye to think how wrong this is. "It's because they did wrong, innit?" will be the usual ignorant retort, because they've been conditioned, from an early age to believe that if the police do this the assailants must have done something to deserve this.
And what about the massive promotion of late of MMA (Multiple Martial Arts) tournaments (boxing also of course) where it's ok to put two men/women/children into a ring to beat the bejesus out of each other, yet were I to attack/defend against someone in the street who had done something to upset me, I'll be hauled into the police station, imprisoned, taken to court, imprisoned or fined. Again no one even cares to consider the double standards here.

As you know I'm unemployed and yet my day is spent educating myself, reading and researching, yet I receive Job Seekers Allowance, a pitiful income to live on, although I live a very frugal life and yet researchers, in the msm are paid a good wage, doing exactly what I do, well not exactly, as they just provide rubbish for the masses on some nondescript, unimportant subject. Because I am not paying taxes directly on my income (I do pay tax if I buy food, drink, clothes etc) I am looked upon by society as a scrounger?? Because I am not funding the illegal attacks on foreign lands, the setting up of military bases around the world, the enforcement of democracy (control of a country through banking debt), the upkeep of the Royal family and giving bankers, politicians and corporation owners a wage, I am looked upon as a scrounger?

Like I said, I find this hypocrisy too hard to bear at times.

That said, I continually educate myself on reality and the reason why my views to some may seem extreme is only because I've looked at the situation from all possible angles.

I was speaking to a friend in the pub last night and asking him what nationality he was. He said he was Scottish to which I disagreed because he was not living a Scottish existence. When he disagreed I asked him what his dad did, he told me what he did, to which I replied "Well, does that mean you can be called what your dad does as well?" He simply answered "I get your point", that point being, you can only call yourself something if you do that/live by that something. Therefore, if you don't live by or promote a Scottish culture, then you simply cannot call yourself Scottish. The language of the Scots is Gaelic. How many people speak Gaelic today? How many people live by their cultures? How many people instead speak English and live by a combination of multi-cultures? Again, people do not like what I have to write. They think I am attacking other cultures but they are so wrong.

If the people want to win their liberty and above all their freedom they have to first know whom the enemy is. People don't. Therefore the battle is already lost. The biggest challenge ahead for people is not removing the NWO/elites, but understanding their enemy and waking up to stop believing the emperor's fully clothed. They won't, as I've said time and time again, they've been altered. They accept things in society, as not being any problem today that in the past were greatly frowned upon. This is conditioning. This is the altering of society. This is the demolition of cultures, traditions, morals and taboos, in order to lay the foundations of the new world society, one with one culture, one race (and the separate race of the elites), a moral-less society with no taboos, where paedophilia, necrophilia, government euthanasia, organ removal and murder will all be perfectly legal within society. This is where we're going and we'll be there very soon.

Therefore I can't really offer anyone the hopeful videos and articles that you give on a regular basis, because as I've said, they're merely drops of water in the ocean. They're going to have no effect on the general populous for the only people who will watch/read them are already awake and those who aren't are far, far too few to make a drastic change (badly needed very, very soon) within society. The majority will still watch and follow the shite on the msm. They've been conditioned to and won't accept the truth if told.

I've really come to the point in my life where I just think that all my life I've been good and been shit upon by people in due process. All my life I've always asked questions and disagreed with the status quo and been reprimanded for it. Now at 40 I want to enjoy life again. I don't want to continue what I do, educating myself and in due process uncovering yet more horrors of reality, yet I know that I'm addicted to it and there's no cure. It's a horrible position to be in. It's not like a job you can quit and then go and do something else. Once you step onto this path there's no turning back. So my life will be one of learning more and more of the truth, telling it to people and being ridiculed and attacked in due process, no matter that everything I tell them is 100% fact. It's not really a nice thing to envisage is it? How can I be called negative if what I say is the truth? Would I be negative if I put my money on Linford Christie winning the 100m against that fat bloke over there who never exercises? The bottom line is people can't handle the truth. What I want to see is people putting up blogs and writing whatever they want to without any fear of being reprimanded for their solutions to solving the problem and permanently removing the NWO from the world. This won't ever happen, purely because of conditioning. You cannot beat the system legally, because the legal system is the system.

Another long post but one I had to write in order to reply effectively to your good self. Sometimes it's not possible to write a few words to explain a situation. I always do in order to not leave out any important facts. That's why my posts are long.

To conclude, again, I wish I'd never gone on this path. I wish I was down in London, living with my ex and son, doing a job, continuing performing music and believing that everything was ok, the politicians were there for us, multiculturalism was a good thing, the destruction of our old culture and traditions was necessary because we had to move on and liberty was valued above all else. This is what I truly wish for but I know that it can, never, ever be. But then the truth does offend. It offends because people have been fed lies and these lies have been the foundation to their very lives. I hate no one. I never have. I get upset when people think I do and that I pick on certain races. I don't. I just tell the truth and why the situation is the way it is. Why non whites are multiplying all over the white lands etc etc. I almost got into an argument yesterday when I mentioned to a friend that Gospel music originated in Scotland. He got quite irate and was vehement it was created by blacks. It was only when I explained about the Highland clearances, the migration of the Scots to the USA becoming landowners with black African slaves, who never spoke English or knew of the Bible and whom thus were educated on both by the Scots.

Like I said the truth offends and no offence is ever meant on my part. I simply can't lie to people and I'm always and have always been prepared to speak the truth regardless of the outcome upon my life. And I have had many troubling situations because of it I can tell you."

So there it is. You now know Harbingers thoughts as well as I do. There is pain and truth in equal measure there.

He has read, and continues to read, a great deal more than I have and if I am honest, I stay away from certain topics. Not because they frighten me, but because I think I have enough, for the moment, to think about. The dots can and will be joined. Not by me, necessarily, but someone will (I think Alan Watt already has), but it remains....too big. Too orchestrated, too engineered. We refuse to believe it because our politicians simply aren't that smart. They are, in all probability, just marionettes. Empty-headed fools, arrogant enough to believe they are the elites within society, but do they know they are puppets? Do they? And if they do know, why do they continue to dance to the tune of madmen? And if they don't know, then that just confirms that they are as brainless as I have said.

Once again I find myself at a crossroad: do I go left, right, forwards or backwards? Backwards is not an option. That which is seen cannot be unseen. Do I continue to fight? Do I cave in and admit that the fight is, ultimately, unwinnable?

Or, do I carry on, knowing that I am at least not living on my knees? That I am doing something, however meaningless to the vast majority of people on the planet?

Harby's note struck a chord with me and all at once I see how impotent we are, but only we can make that decision. Only we can fold, and only we can decide whether to play another hand.

I'm a gambler by nature. I am not risk averse. I am ready for the consequences. I have accepted responsibility. It would be nice to have a couple of billion companions in the fight, but that does not look likely. They hate boat-rockers, and most don't like to rock the boat. The path of least resistance is always an easier path for people to take, so guess what? They take it. They will use incredible excuses/reasons to carry on down that road until they are grey and withered, because, after all, it has worked for billions before them.

This is my life to live and I simply cannot allow the scum at the top to decide how I live that life.

I'll crack on, if it's all the same to you.

For what it's worth, I believe our friend Harbinger will as well.


Norman Scarth Flees The Country

This is a bizarre twist in a story that has fascinated and outraged many of us in equal measure.

Norman has fled to seek asylum in Austria.

Details in the video above, and over at the Escapees Blog

I do not imagine it will be too long before they hunt him down and drag him back to Manchester to face the inept and the corrupt.


February 22, 2012

Chris Carter Says Thanks

Dear Smokers & friends of smokers,

My apologies for not thanking you all sincerely for ensuring my release from our so called 'justice system' but the authorities at Maghaberry Prison saw fit to deny me my life saving medication. Why they did this i do not know but it caused me much stress and discomfort and it has taken this time, with medication again, to get back on track. I am contemplating legal action.

I am now rested and planning, with legal assistance, the next step against these prohibitionists for I have not come this far to simply give up the cause! This ban is wrong and we will prove it is wrong, so thank you all for raising £1,269.67p so quickly on my behalf. I am informed that SmokersJustice hold a balance of £19.67 to start another fund, should the occasion ever arise.

Once again my deepest admiration and thanks to you all-we must fight on.


Chris Carter
(Bangor, N Ire)

February 21, 2012

Man Beats State

This is incredible footage of a house repossession in Ireland.

Watch, as the defenders of the Irish Constitution make a sheriff and his posse leave.

The sheriff has been doing his job for 31 years without even questioning the orders he has been given. He has been doing it wrong for decades.

Yesterday he learnt something.

He learnt that the little people have more power than he ever imagined. He learnt that the little people can read. He learnt that the little people know the Constitution better than he does. He learnt that the little people now know the law.

Make sure you watch the interview after the sheriff and his men leave.

A fantastic victory!


Smoking, Cops, And Gaoling The Innocent

Three separate stories for your perusal today.

Smoking story

Take a look at this utter nonsense and consider this: in the five years before the smoker ban less than 200 pubs (per year) closed their doors for good. In the five years following the ban, around TWO THOUSAND pubs have closed in each year up to 2012. We have lost almost 10,000 pubs and clubs. From a stock of 58,000 in 2006 we are now down to less than 48,000 in the whole of the UK. There is no doubt in my mind that the overwhelming majority closed due to the smoker ban. They forced us outside, where we are ridiculed, harassed, insulted, raped, and even attacked and killed. Still not happy, the anti-smoker* crowd now want to ban smoking outside pubs. Do take a closer look at the "study" they carried out. But before you do, consider that the very best study would involve questioning all 1.2 billion smokers. The very worst study would question just one smoker. This study interviewed.....13 people. It is less than useless.

*Please be aware that there is a world of difference between a non-smoker and an anti-smoker.

Cop story

This is really about lack of justice. Take a look at the poor fragile thieving copper in this tale. Then tell me, genuinely, that if it had been YOU that stole £70,000 from banks you would have walked free from court. I know that cops are not superhuman. I know they have the same flaws as the rest of us, but the very least I expect is for them NOT to run around stealing money. If you ever doubted that the cops and the judiciary enjoyed a "special relationship", lose that doubt today. All are NOT equal before the law.

Gaoling the innocent story

We all make mistakes, (as the blind dalek said, climbing off the dustbin), but most of us will try our best to rectify the mistake as quickly as possible. If you are the judiciary, you have some sort of special right to take your sweet time over it. Particularly when the poor sap is banged up in Strangeways. Read THIS and then try and convince me that our court service is fit for purpose. Put aside the fact that the guy is seeking asylum because that is not the issue. He did nothing wrong, and ended up in gaol for 16 weeks. If I were him, I'd pick another country to seek asylum in. This one is badly broken.

Three tales, discovered randomly, and the common denominator? Stupidity.

God help us.


February 20, 2012

Scotland's Shame.

Post-independence we should call this place Paedoland.

THIS is what happens if you campaign against paedophiles.

And THIS is what happens if you get caught with over FIFTY THOUSAND indecent images of children.

I trust that all those who have visited over the years telling me how great the judiciary is will now reappear and re-confirm their faith in this filthy, perverted system.

You don't see this in the Visit Scotland brochures, do you? "Visit Scotland and if we catch you with indecent images, you naughty boy, we'll let you off with a slap on the wrist!"

Just who are Scotland's judges and sheriffs protecting, and why? It looks more and more likely that Robert Green is entirely correct to suggest that paedophilia is rife amongst Scotland's elite.



A message to all members of TNS RADIO - Seeking solutions

Please push this out far and wide
Coaches to Aberdeen - FREE ROBERT GREEN campaign.
We are co-ordinating a leaflet raid on Aberdeen... to hand out 250,000 leaflets to every man and women in Aberdeen to expose the establishment and the paedophile network that has orchestrated the phony trial of Robert Green.
We will hand out the same leaflets that Robert handed out - TO MAKE OUR POINT
We will arrange coaches from wherever they are required.
This will be a gruelling trip for many... especially from the south coast - but we MUST do this.
The authorities picked Aberdeen - because it is as far away as it is - deliberately to frustrate his supporters.
Their tactics are about to BACKFIRE SPECTACULARLY... because it will be easier for us to saturate the whole city of Aberdeen (population 200,000 approx) than virtually any other city.
We will describe our event as 'The Shame of Aberdeen'
We will publish this event to the world's media
This will shake the establishment to its core.
We will include reports on 'Where were the BBC' and 'Who Killed Dr Kelly'
At the expense of Robert Green's freedom - the establishment have just scored a spectacular own goal... this will resonate around the world and explode the institutional corruption and extensive paedophile networks that operate everywhere
We need coordinators on the ground to help arrange groups to travel to Aberdeen - hit the streets and SHAME the establishment into investigating this gross miscarriage of justice.
I am proposing the weekend of the 7th and 8th of April.
All those willing to help to co-ordinate coaches - please email Roger Hayes - roger@thebcgroup.org.uk.
Please title your response Free Robert Green Campaign for ease of identifying.
We need printers
We need coaches
We need coordinators
We need webmasters
We need bloggers
We need emailers
Lets do this for Robert... but above all let's do it for our children and the many victims of this disgusting regime.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Roger Hayes
Chairman. The British Constitution Group

I will be there.


Funny Money

A while ago I put up a video of Lord James of Blackheath making a speech in the House of Lords. It concerned a serious offer on bailing Britain out of its debt.

This appears to be a follow up of his two year investigation into $15T worth of dodgy money sloshing around in various banks, principally, HSBC and the ECB. Now, I don't pretend to be an economics genius and would be grateful for any views on this from the experts.

Will Lord James get his investigation, or will he conveniently suffer a heart attack or become a victim of a government desperate to hide the truth? This is a dark thought, but it is not beyond this government to silence the trouble-makers, is it?

Time will tell.

But if the man is right, we have a serious problem, and it needs fixing.

Tip of the beret to Mescalito for the suggestion.


February 18, 2012

What If?

I respect very few judges.

Having heard Napolitano speak several times, he makes more and more sense every time I hear him.

The story is that he was fired from Fox News for this.

What if he's right?

What if it's exactly the same here in the UK?


PS-My thanks to Mrs F for the find.

February 17, 2012

Press Release From HDJ

In a sickening twist to a long, drawn out battle, those with vested interests today protected their own.

A dark day for Scottish justice.


There is more, go over to Ian's place.

The wrong people are in gaol and the wrong people have their liberty.

Absolutely disgusting.


We're Coming For You

Having identified the criminals, it's time to get together and do something about them.

Guy explains why they are criminals, what they are doing wrong, and why we should do what they do: we must gang up and fight back.

A class action suit.

Now that would be action with some class, and it would rock their world.

I'm up for it.

What about you?


PS-many thanks to Pitano1 for the link.

February 16, 2012

Saying No. Does It Work?

I'll tell you what I have done so far, and you can decide.

Corporation Tax

I had to create a limited company when I took on a 3 year contract with a Dutch company. The salary was around £50K per year. Throughout the time I ran the company I paid income tax (PAYE), employers National Insurance Contributions, employees National Insurance Contributions, and I spent a small fortune on accountants fees. At the end of the contract I wound up the company but was asked to provide audited accounts to HMRC. My accountant calculated that I owed HMRC over £5K in corporation tax. I disagreed. £50K may sound like a lot, but there was very little left after all the outgoings. My "disagreement" with the audited accounts led to three fines of £500 each from Companies House for late filing. I told them I wasn't paying the fines. They wrote back and cancelled them. One first class stamp, a sheet of A4, and an envelope saved me £1,500. Then HMRC started on me. By this time I had learnt a few things so I wrote asking them to prove that I owed them anything. They wrote back threatening me with court action and I said "Sure, let's do it", but they never did. I documented the various exchanges here. They have not bothered me since I wrote telling them that I intend to counter-claim if they pursue the matter. They did not respond to that Notice, which I sent over 18 months ago. Four first class stamps, eight sheets of A4 and four envelopes saved me over £5,000.

Working Tax Credits

Back in the early nineties I foolishly applied for WTC. I easily qualified because my pay was pretty low at that time. As time went by, I got promotions and pay increases. Each time this happened, I notified the tax office. I sent letters, and because they were still paying me incorrectly, I also phoned them and asked them (a total of 11 times) to stop sending me money. They said that they would take action and they never did. I have filled in every annual return as they demanded but last year, my youngest turned 16 and they wrote to me demanding the balance, (around £7K), which they described as over-payments. After some finessing, they decided to "cut me a deal" and said that if I paid £5K the problem would go away. I said no. They asked why not and sent me a form to fill in to appeal the decision. I filled it in and said what I said here, with a few more details, dates, times, number of letters written, number of phone calls made, etc, and that is the last I heard. So, another two first class stamps, another two sheets of A4 and two envelopes later, another £5K saved.

Speeding Fine

This is more recent. On 23rd September last year I was allegedly photographed travelling at 70mph in a 60mph zone. I decided to test a few Freeman/Lawful Rebellion theories. The Chief Inspector wrote to me demanding that I fill in his form. If I did not, he said, I would be fined £1,000. I did not fill in the form. In response, he sent two bobbies to my home. I blogged on that event here. The PF wrote back and offered me a deal in which the £1,000 was cancelled. I declined his offer and made him one of my own. Two weeks into January, another bobby turned up with a Citation (also blogged on here) and I responded to the Procurator Fiscal (known as the CPS in England) that if I were to turn up in court it would cost him £15,000. I also demanded that he prove his claim against me and that he prove he had authority over me. He has not yet managed to do this. He was given 20 days to respond and he is out of time and therefore in dishonour. I have remained honourable throughout. By pure chance I discovered that I was listed as a "criminal" to appear in the Justice of the Peace Court on 13th February 2012. I did not appear. I now await another missive from the PF. I will let you know what happens.

Energy Company

You will recall that I have asked my energy supplier to explain to me why I am paying an additional 9-12% on my energy bills. This percentage is called an  "environmental/climate change" charge. The energy company, when asked, said that "The government mandated us to collect this fee" suggesting that the money went to the government. On questioning further, it goes nowhere near the government. It goes directly onto their bottom line. Pure profit. I asked more questions about the specific statute that demanded this payment be taken from me. They waffled at first but I kept repeating the question. One Saturday morning (a couple of weeks ago) they called me. I asked about progress, and the lady said "No-one has asked us this before. Certainly not in the way YOU asked the question, and definitely not with the same level of persistence. I have had to pass it on to senior managers. They are working on a reply". So we will wait and see. My feeling is that this charge is at least unethical, and may even be fraudulent or criminal. I will keep at it and let you know.

Debt Collection Agency

Along the way I have minor spats with debt collection agencies. One is trying to collect money from me despite the fact that the company they are working for agreed with me over two years ago that I had correctly cancelled my satellite subscription. If we describe the dealings with HMRC as the main meal, DCA's are merely an appetiser. All I did there was to ask them to prove that I owed them anything. Their response is to say that the "debt" (£31.00) was "assigned to them by their client". So what? If I had assigned the debt, or signed a contract with the DCA then we can talk. Until then, they do not exist in my world.

That's it. They say that possession is 9/10ths of the law. Did my methods work? I don't know. I do know that I have managed to keep at least £12,500 in my bank account where it belongs.

I should remind newer readers that when I began this, I said that I would pick my fights one at a time. I am well-versed on Freeman principles and Lawful Rebellion, but that does not mean I am going to take on all agencies at the same time. I have several plates spinning and it is enough to keep me going. If I did everything at the same time it would be chaotic. So far I have picked fights only after months of research and in the full knowledge that I am right. Only an idiot picks a fight he knows he will lose. If you are going to do this, do it right. Study, research, double-check, then launch. Launching first without the know-how only leads to misery and very possibly arrest and detention.

This game they play is an old one. They have had us fooled for centuries and the odds are stacked in their favour.

But they can be beaten.


February 15, 2012

You Tell 'Em, Nige!

Nigel doing what he does best.

Explaining the Stupid Theory to idiots who have no idea what harm they are causing.

Greece will revolt. Her people are in unbearable pain and revolution would seem to be their only option now.

The mismanagement is monstrous.

Take control, default on those horrendous loans, return to the drachma, restore normality.

See you on the other side.

You can do this.


PS-please see this write up courtesy of Pitano1.

February 14, 2012

For Figs Sake!

The next time you are struggling to pay for that tank of fuel, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that basket of weekly shopping, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that packet of fags, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay that electricity bill, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay that gas bill, think about this.

The next time you are struggling to pay for that pint of beer, think about this.

The next time you are anywhere near a polling station, think about this.

THIS is what they waste our money on.

If THEY didn't waste so much there would be no need for you to part company with YOUR cash in the first place.

You need to seriously consider NEVER voting LibLabCon ever, ever again.

They are ALL the same. They are firmly convinced that YOUR money is theirs to waste.

Remind them that it isn't their money. NEVER vote for them again.



February 13, 2012

Mother Of Democracy Dead

I watched the unfolding events in Greece last night, and right up to the very last minute I had hoped that their politicians would do the right thing.

They did not.

Instead of ripping off the band-aid all in one go, they elected to suffer a slow painful death at the hands of that monster, the EU. 43 brave souls rebelled and were immediately thrown out of parliament. Sacked for being honourable holds no shame, no shame at all. If justice prevails, you will be awarded medals at some point in the future.

Reuters describes the story here. One line (among many) stands out for me:

"Night of terror inside and outside the parliament," conservative daily Eleftheros Typos wrote on its front page.

We can clearly see the terror outside from the image below but can anyone point out a terrified MP?

Click pic to embiggen

If it refuses to embigulate, use this link

No panic inside. Just business as usual. MPs in thrall to the EU drop trou and adopt the position. Again.

Queen Angela must be so pleased.


February 10, 2012

The Writing Is On The Wall

And it should be written on walls in every village, town and city.

Any additional words from me would be redundant.

Except a tip of the beret to twitterer @PaulMcCarthy68. Thanks mate.


February 09, 2012

Captain Ranty: Criminal

Deep joy.

I was wondering when, or indeed if, the Procurator Fiscal was ever going to write back in reply my challenge. You may recall that I asked a couple of simple questions, namely: can you provide Proof of Claim and Proof of Authority? Two straightforward questions and I anticipated two straightforward answers. (Actually, I was and am convinced they can never provide such proof).

To be honest, I really thought he would have written back to at least say "Load of crap, sonny, get your arse to court". Instead, I have heard nothing. Not a word. By pure chance, I did a search at the court and I discovered that I am listed as one of 85 criminals to be seen on Monday 13th February.

Sneaky, low-down, greasy, deceptive bastards.

As I sit here awaiting a response, they will no doubt hear the case in absentia. I never expected them to play fair, and I was right. Look at what passes for justice? The mind boggles. How many people do they screw every year? Probably millions. This captain is not for screwing. I will teach them that, at least.

It isn't that I am afraid of court, but all my research leads me to believe that court is a place where men (or women) arrive at only when they have failed to resolve their differences. I reckon the ball is still in play. The PF should, by now, have lobbed it back. He has not.

EDIT:  (Added to fully explain my stance)

Here is my main argument, I don't think I made it clear in the post: the last thing I received from the PF was the Citation. It gives a court date (13th Feb) but then lists the three ways of dealing with the citation.

1. Attend court personally

2. Arrange for your lawyer to attend

3. Write to the PF using the reply form and envelope provided. This should be done at least two days before 13 Feb 2012.

Now, as you all know, I responded on 17th January. I blogged it here.

I chose option 3.

Next thing I know, I find (by accident) that I am listed as a criminal and I am up before the JP at 10 am Monday!

Nowhere in the PFs citation does it state, "You may answer on the form provided but if we don't like the answer we will go ahead anyway".

Will they dispatch the bobbies to come and get me? My home is at least 1.5 hours away from the court so they better show up early to get me there by 10am.

As far as I am concerned, the PF is in dishonour. I never failed to answer a single one of his missives but when it suits him, he can ignore mine?

I don't bloody think so.

Whatever they do to me whilst I am not there on Monday will be contested bitterly. I will use fair means or foul to have my retribution.

Still, they may contact me in tomorrow's post, or even Saturdays.

I'll let you know.


Altered Images

Saw this on Twitter earlier today and I thought I'd bung it on here.

For various reasons, images were doctored (early photo-shopping?) and the result is a skewed look on the events that created that need. Nothing I saw was earth-shattering but it did get me thinking: what other images have they doctored over the years? And how much text (easier to manipulate by far) have they messed with?

These altered images don't change the world, as far as I can tell. But it is disturbing.

Speaking of things altered, I have seen my visitor stats improve month on month. I see the articles here linked to all over the place, more people are rating the articles and many more are tweeting them. All good, you might say, except that as this blog grows its exposure, I am seeing numbers that do not reflect what is obvious. My Wikio rating slips lower even as the exposure gets more widespread.

These altered numbers don't change the world, as far as I can tell. But it too is disturbing.


February 08, 2012

Rally To Defend Free Expression

Hopefully, my credentials regarding freedom of speech are beyond reproach. I care passionately about your right to say whatever the hell you want even if it offends me.

This is such a fundamental right that it ought never ever be challenged, yet in today's multi-culti Britain, death threats are perfectly acceptable, but only if you have the right ethnic background. On Saturday a large group will be gathering to defend their right, that same right which is worth more depending on the colour of your skin, or the particular deity you bow to.

More details can be found right here.

This is a very sad state of affairs and it must be done. As we have often learnt on this very blog "He who does not assert his rights, has none".

Please go if you can, and assert your rights.

Assert the hell out of them.


Are You Ready For The Death Of The Dollar?

If not, listen to this.

And if it affects you, make some plans.

It can't hurt.


February 07, 2012

Leaving The Stupid Club*

* Oops! I just broke one of their laws. It is against EU "law" to criticise them. About anything. Anywhere. Ever.

My bad. As our American cousins would say.

You might be interested in this video. It has a whole list of facts that the government don't really want to be made common knowledge.

Oddly enough, as it turns out, there are almost no reasons to stay in the Stupid Club.

This is the write up that goes along with the video:

Against the background of a deepening crisis in the Eurozone and the fact that Britain is required to hand over increasingly larger sums of bail-out money, this film, illustrates that Britain need not be involved at all in this political mayhem.

Based on the recently published book "Time to Say No" which has already aroused widespread interest amongst members of both Houses of Parliament, this film has been launched on this website on the 3rd February 2012.

The book written by the respected researcher Ian Milne and published by Civitas, de-bunks many of the myths surrounding the so-called need for British membership of the European Union, and illustrates how easy and beneficial it would be for Britain to withdraw.

Much of the content of the film has either been hidden or never publicly discussed. A DVD version of the film entitled "Leaving the European Union" is being produced for free distribution to the public. The information in the film is that important, especially now. It could change your life.

Trevor Colman MEP
Last Updated (Tuesday, 07 February 2012 09:10)

This just in from England Expects

Gawain calls it "The Moment Of Shame".

So do I.


Sovereign "Extremists"


We are now known by the FBI as extremists. Check out this report from yesterdays Chicago Tribune

Shall we fisk it? I think we should.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Anti-government extremists opposed to taxes and regulations pose a growing threat to local law enforcement officers in the United States, the FBI warned on Monday."

-So, we are a threat are we? For daring to ask if these thugs have any authority over us?

"These extremists, sometimes known as "sovereign citizens," believe they can live outside any type of government authority, FBI agents said at a news conference."

-Not so much of a belief, it's more of a fact.

"The extremists may refuse to pay taxes, defy government environmental regulations and believe the United States went bankrupt by going off the gold standard."

-We "extremists" refuse to pay taxes because there is no law that says we must. Stealing our money, often with force, or threats of imprisonment, is as far from democratic as you can get. The US is trading in Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As is the UK, and just about every other first world country that operates on fiat currency.

"Routine encounters with police can turn violent "at the drop of a hat," said Stuart McArthur, deputy assistant director in the FBI's counterterrorism division."

-I have heard of many accounts of police being violent. No hats were involved. Just tasers, batons, pepper spray.....

"We thought it was important to increase the visibility of the threat with state and local law enforcement," he said."

-"We thought it was important to increase the clampdown on the awakening cash cows who have had quite enough of the bullying by state and local law enforcement," he said. Fixed that statement for you.

"In May 2010, two West Memphis, Arkansas, police officers were shot and killed in an argument that developed after they pulled over a "sovereign citizen" in traffic."

-My sympathies to the families of the officers who died. The two men that were pulled over were violent nutters and were going to shoot someone whatever group they belonged to. True sovereigns and freemen are peaceful at all times. Unless they are attacked and need to defend themselves.

"Last year, an extremist in Texas opened fire on a police officer during a traffic stop. The officer was not hit."

-Is there any evidence that he was a Freeman? Either way, a nutter.

"Legal convictions of such extremists, mostly for white-collar crimes such as fraud, have increased from 10 in 2009 to 18 each in 2010 and 2011, FBI agents said."

-Legal convictions. There's a brand new oxymoron for you. Without knowing the nature of the fraud I cannot comment, but every movement has its charlatans. Ours is no different in that regard.

"We are being inundated right now with requests for training from state and local law enforcement on sovereign-related matters," said Casey Carty, an FBI supervisory special agent."

-I hear the same is being done here but with less noise. The UK police need to treat us differently because we are, erm, different.

"FBI agents said they do not have a tally of people who consider themselves "sovereign citizens."

-It is a very large number, and it grows weekly. Just what are you going to do when many millions are awakened? Shoot them all?

"J.J. MacNab, a former tax and insurance expert who is an analyst covering the sovereign movement, has estimated that it has about 100,000 members."

-Only 100,000? I seriously doubt that this particular expert got the numbers right. Perhaps they are playing it down deliberately?

"Sovereign members often express particular outrage at tax collection, putting Internal Revenue Service employees at risk."

-Outrage used as a weapon of terror? I suppose mild anger is used to merely alarm people? Maybe they should colour code it? Red for "outrage", yellow for "mild anger", blue for "quite upset", and green for "happily pays everything with a smile"

In the last four years I have come into direct contact with the police twice. On both occasions they came to me, and while they were here they were treated with courtesy. No-one got hurt because, like adults, we held a conversation. They were doing their job and I was doing mine. If any violence was to come about, my money was on it being them that instigated it. It's what they do.

Their side of the "argument" is all too predictable. It would be interesting to sit in on one of those training sessions just to hear the justification for the actions of the police. Like us, they are sovereign too, but once they dress up in their little outfits they must have to throw a mental switch. I have a good friend in the Grampian Police. He said to me once "Look, you've all done something wrong at some point, we just haven't caught you yet".

If they all have that attitude, it will end badly.

Tip of the beret to Coz for the link.


February 06, 2012

Forgotten Foundations

To some, this may appear to be lazy blogging, but I believe these posts need to be done to remind regulars, and to inform newbies, that the foundations our nation was built on, are suffering badly.

I'm no builder, but I reckon that if you get the foundations wrong, the house will eventually collapse.

Not only are the foundations supporting the UK crumbling, thousands of traitors over several decades have been wilfully damaging them. It upset me enough at the time I discovered this criminal damage to set myself on a course that felt dangerous to me (having always accepted that everything in the garden was rosy) but one that I embarked on after some considerable thought. One of my earliest posts was simply entitled Lawful Rebellion and as you will see, it attracted no comments at all. My understanding has changed a little since then, and I have stopped using the term "Common law". The term I use nowadays is inherent law.

Whilst I believe that all the subjects I link to today are connected, it may not seem so at first. Persevere, and you will be able to join the dots. This post, More Secrets You Were Better Off Not Knowing was shocking (to me) and it also did not attract many comments but I was at an early stage of my blogging life then.

In this post I laid out the fundamentals in a piece called Just the The Facts, Ma'am and in the comments you will see several other links that should be looked at.

If I have failed to make myself clear on issues green, let me re-state for and on the record that we are ants on this ball of rock. Very little we do can and does have a big impact. We live in a self-healing system and that is exactly what happens: Mother Nature rights all wrongs. Sometimes she shrugs, and sometimes she bites. Look back down the aeons and you will discover natural disasters, perpetrated by the earth, to rid the earth of pesky people. Sometimes she bites hard enough to get rid of millions of us at a time. Plagues, fires, earthquakes, floods. This piece, called Eyes Wide Shut was a little dig at the greenies.Because of them, I spend thousands of £££'s every year that I don't have to. AGW, Climate Change, call it whatever you like, I just see a scam wrapped in a con surrounded by fake science.

In We Were Deceived I was feeling low. I linked to a series of videos that upset me greatly. I kept looking out of the window for a saviour. For a knight on a white charger coming to save the day! I stopped looking out of the window and looked into a mirror instead. The knight is me. The knight is you. The knights are all of us. You don't need the horse, and you don't need the sword. Just a pen. Civil disobedience has ended untold numbers of governments. It will be the undoing of ours too.

My admiration for Elizabeth Beckett remains as strong, if not stronger today, than when I first read her amazing letter. If you have never read this, please do so now. Ignore all the others if you are short on time, but do read this one.

If, like many, you are confused about the Two Crowns, be confused no more. This piece explains some of the mystery. And the misery. It did not go down well with all readers as my erm, debate with Kit clearly shows.

This piece is one (of many) about money. I called it More Uncomfortable Truths

In The Hierarchy some people thought I was joking. I wasn't then, and I am not now.

I also tried to explain what we are in You Are A Minor God.

Reading The Hierarchy and the Minor God posts will help you even more when you know that All British Courts Are Illegal. This is yet another of those foundations that has been so severely degraded that there is almost no way back apart from scrapping and starting it all over again. Properly.

Predictably, we are our own worst enemy. The divide and conquer technique works well. It works every day. Just in case you aren't terribly sure who the enemy is, I explain it here in Know Thine Enemy but before you rush to judgement, ask yourself, "Am I the same as these people? What am I doing to restore the essential foundations?" If the answer is "Nothing", then you are Mr or Mrs Normal.

It doesn't matter what information I put up here for you to read, or which videos I think may help you to understand if you are here merely because there is nothing on the telly at the time. I can write until I am blue in the face, but until or unless you decide to do something, there isn't much point in swinging by. You are wasting your time.

If you can read all of the posts I linked to, and can feel nothing, or you think, "That cannot be true" (without bothering to search further), or you are still convinced that everything is okay and what I raise are merely "technical" issues, then go back to sleep with my full blessing.

But if you are enraged, outraged, sickened, stunned, shocked, or surprised, and you should be, then surely it is time to understand that waiting for elections to come around and ticking the same box you have always ticked is no longer enough. It is no longer good enough.

Your country, your city, your town, your village, your local community, your family, your friends, YOU, need to get involved and make change happen.

The monarch, the judiciary, and the politicians all bend a knee to a foreign power. The foundations are gone. 

Left to our "betters", nothing will change.

They have us right where they want us.



PS-Our resident troll says that I have never suggested what we can do to right the wrongs. It obviously missed Reasons To Be Jeerful which I posted some time ago. There are almost 200 ways to choose from here, troll. Pick one and get on with it.

February 03, 2012

Ignorance Was Bliss.

When I started this blog it was supposed to be a release valve for all the crap we put up with daily in the UK and around the world. Hence the name I picked for it.

But in the years since I started the scribbling, so much shite has oozed its way out of what we know as "The Establishment", that I found myself looking deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole.

Some days I wish I had never bothered.

I wish I hadn't discovered:

  • That the monarch has committed treason. Thousands of times.
  • That we were conned into joining the EU.
  • That there is a Black Pope.
  • That statutes are unenforceable.
  • That my name belongs to the government.
  • That I don't need any licenses because anything licensable is inherently lawful
  • That Magna Carta 1215 is still the basis for our rights.
  • That money is worthless.
  • That my taxes are mostly wasted.
  • That no-one on the planet has dominion over me.
  • That Unum Sanctum 1302 claimed my mind, body and soul.
  • That my birth certificate is used to generate billions.
  • That Lawful Rebellion is a duty, an obligation.
And hundreds of other things that I have posted on here over the years.

I wish I didn't know these things. I wish I was still Borg. Life was simpler then. Pay all demands made by the government. Immediately pay parking and speeding tickets, even if you KNEW no-one was hurt or suffered a loss by your actions. Simply pay energy bills without examining them for flaws. Simply go along. Because everyone else does.

I wish I didn't know these things, but I do. And I am angry. I am angry that I was stitched up. I am angry that those elected to represent me do no such thing. I am angry that the monarch I served faithfully gave me and my country away to the EU.

I am happy to have fair, clear, sensible rules. Otherwise life would be chaotic and we do need some order. I am even happy to chip in to the public purse to pay for stuff I use: the roads, the doctors, the hospitals, a well-trained well-equipped armed forces, well-trained constables (not the damned revenue-collecting thugs we have now), de jure courts where I am judged by my peers not some crusty old paedophile who won't even confirm his oath in court.

I draw the line at keeping six million people paid for doing bugger all. I know we need to support those who cannot work but the ones who will not work really grip my shit. I know we need some civil servants but do we really need 5 million of them, FFS! I know we need some MPs but do we really need 650 of them? I know we need to support some foreign countries going through a rough patch, but do we need to send £11 billion to a country with its own space programme, one that has just spent billions on FRENCH fighter jets? Do we really need to send aid to Brazil, the same Brazil that is awash with oil & gas? Do we? Really?

My ranting and raving here serves no real purpose. I am (mostly) preaching to the choir. Hell, some of you will comment with stuff I have overlooked, and you will be just as angry and disappointed as I am.

But lately we have attracted morons who not only say I am wrong, but that they want the status quo to keep on status quoing. It's enough to drive a man to drink.

I'm off for a drink.

Have a great weekend.


February 02, 2012

Traffic Cops & Freeman Dave

While I continue to pen SB3 I thought you might like to see what happens when a freeman travels the highways and byways without all that pesky documentation.

What we don't have yet is Part 3 so we will have to wait to see how the story ends.

Edited to include Part 3.

Part One:

Part Two:

So far, both Dave and the police officer(s) have acted superbly. We all must know that on a different day, with a different cop, this could have gotten very ugly.

Watch how hard the cop works to get Dave to contract, to create joinder. And do remember that 99 times out of 100 we convict ourselves. The right to remain silent is one of the most important rights we have. Use it when you have to.

Of course, this post is not entirely unrelated to the current series. Once you hand back the name, they have.....nothing. (But please note that if you do hand back the government name, your roads will mostly be rocky. Not for the faint-hearted. More on that when I finish the piece).

Part Three:

Thanks TSL!

Meanwhile, well done Dave for having the sand to do this.