June 30, 2011

Defend Your Castle

For centuries we took it for granted: an uninvited scumbag enters your home and you do what comes naturally; you hurt the toerag, and give him a short, sharp lesson in right and wrong.

The law previously said that "reasonable force" could be used but that expression became twisted and it seemed that reasonable force was determined either by a soft judge or by the bad guy.

Now, however, Chubby Clarke says that we can stab away.

I'm not sure about you, but I was always going to use whatever means necessary to a) defend my home b) hurt the light-fingered bastard that broke in and c) take my chances in court.

A mate of mine in Grampian Police said to me just recently that we should mention (to the cops, if they show up following a burglary), that the bad guy was in/near the kitchen where all the knives are kept. Thus intimating that we were in fear for our lives. Now, says Clarkey, we don't even have to bother with this "excuse".

Like I said, I didn't need the law clearing up. I was crystal clear on what I was willing to do to defend me and mine. Anyone entering my home uninvited, particularly in the wee small hours, is going to have a stabby experience. Or a baseball batty experience. Or a chair over the noggin. Or something. My main aim will be to educate. I will teach these pilfering bastards that I am not fair game.

What I have, I have grafted for. Nothing came to me for free, and it damn well won't to these idlers who can't be arsed getting a job like the rest of us.

If there are any clever sods out there who think they can track me down and test me on this, please do.

You will leave my home with a lot less claret and perhaps a broken bone or three. I am, by nature, a generous soul, so I will call the ambulance to come and cart your damaged body away.

I happen to believe that my home really is my castle, and my herd must be protected at all costs.

I will get medieval on your ass.

You have been warned.


June 27, 2011

Say What? Second In A Series Of Two.

The first one went down well, so I am adding another.

These recaps are for newbies who may be unfamiliar with my scribblings. Or, they may act as reminders to all for why I do this, or why I hold a certain view of a certain event.

Some were a pure joy to write, and others were painful. I have included posts which people keep coming back to. At first I thought a useful guide was how many comments they generated but the stats tell a different story.

Anyhoo, here is the last batch for you to peruse.

This one was dramatic, Britain Has Fallen. The USA Is Next and contains a couple of videos from Daniel Hannan. Quite why he is still in the Conservative Party remains a mystery to me.

In The Withdrawal Method Eric Cantona shares his philosophy on the banksters. He wasn't wrong back then, and he is still right today. If you want to smite thine enemy, there is no finer place to start than with these greedy bastards.

Eleven Eleven Eleven was and will be my tribute to the fallen every year at the same time. This song moves me in ways others don't.

This may be a repeat of a repeat but A Letter To The Monarch bears repeating. Every week if needs be. This remarkable lady is often on my mind.

I wondered if this really was Food For Thought? The easiest thing to do with stuff like this is label it as tinfoil hattery. Trouble is, questions I had at the time, I still have, almost tens years later. They are simple questions and I am baffled as to why no-one is able to answer them.

Bully Boys Down Under shows us what we thought to be true: all cops use the same training school. Nasty, nasty, nasty people. It is getting harder and harder to separate the good guys from the bad guys.

In the Road Less Travelled I try to explain to you why I am deliberately poking the tiger in the eye. Thankfully, most of you get it and are tremendously supportive.

In this piece, A Case For Treason, we learn about that good and brave man Albert Burgess. Go take a look. Be surprised, get angry, then do something about it.

Our policemen strike again in The Thin Blue Line. It may surprise you to learn that I would support our bobbies with every atom if they just did what they were meant to do. More often than not, they are unable to exercise restraint. This does not make them popular. And, I hesitate to say this, but public confidence in the police drops lower and lower with each passing month. Naturally, they will pick the wrong "side". Pity.

We The Forgetful was my attempt to distil my thoughts. This piece just poured out of me onto the keyboard. One of the easiest I ever wrote.

Here I say thank you. It really is Heady Stuff For A Humble Scribe. Almost one year since that was penned and we have more than doubled the readership here. So, erm, thanks again.

Big Business Behind Bars caused my jaw to drop. Watch the video again as The AntiTerrorist explains some shit we really didn't want to hear.

I tried rewriting the Peelian Principles in this piece. Not everyone agreed, which is what makes writing this stuff so much more interesting.

Finally, Slavery By Consent should get your blood pumping. But not in a good way. Have a couple of Prozac handy, just in case.

Onwards and upwards.

I will keep writing as long as you lot promise to keep coming to read.

Without you guys, I am just a sad old fart hammering away at the old keyboard.



June 25, 2011

Fear Porn

The phrase is new to me, but it doesn't sound too far off.

Have a look at the first video. The  chap claims there is an unmitigated disaster heading toward the USA very, very soon. His explanation sounds viable and it is peppered with clever sounding science. It concerns a dwarf star called Elenin, which is visiting on 7/7/11 and will leave a massive trail of destruction.

Contrast that video with this radio show. Whilst they say that Elenin will over-shoot our planet by 25 million miles, they are worried about a recently uncovered NASA "preparedness" warning.

Watching/listening to these two may just be a waste of 45 minutes of your life. I post them out of interest, not because I believe there is a real threat.

It may all just be "fear porn". But if the first guy is right, millions of Americans are going to die. According to him, the elites are buying up emergency stores and survival equipment.

Like I said, interesting.

Or bollocks.

You decide.


June 24, 2011

All Over For The Greeks

And hopefully for the Euro.

It is surely just a matter of days now before we see the Drachma, a repaired economy, job creation, and some happy, smiling Greek faces once more.

The Reich is crumbling.

At last.


Friday Funny-Graffiti Special

After the heated debate on my Lost And Found piece (which is still raging) I thought we should end the week with a smile.

Here then, is a collection of random graffiti for you to snork at.

Have a great weekend.


June 23, 2011

Thursday Tune

I thought this was outrageously good.

"Picture yourself being in a rain storm under a lot of trees and the raindrops hitting the leaves. First is the rain sound. Then the thunder. Then the choir sings. No band. One guy's voice is the drum. Choir uses hands to simulate storm. Performed live at Vocal Extravaganza 2008, a concert spectacle of vocal jazz and popular music."

Stunning, or what?

Do enjoy the song while I try to figure out what Harbinger and DAD are telling me in the comments of the last post. Did I get it so badly wrong, or are they reading too much into it? I am chewing on the problem and will dig deeper before replying to them.


Tip of the beret to PaulB at FMoTL for the find.

June 22, 2011

Lost And Found

The Giant Is Waking Up!

This is powerful.

According to that clip around 20% of the countries in our world are waking up. They don't seem to like what they see. And who can blame them? While they were sleeping corrupt men and women stole their rights one by one. There is only one way to get them back. Asking is pointless. They have to be taken back. The farmers are not going to give their cash-cows instructions on how to open the gate. We either learn how to do it ourselves or we smash it down.

Lose the fear. We outnumber them. Massively.

Find some courage. It doesn't take much. I am living proof of that.

Lose your compliant nature. "Going along to get along" is for sheep, not men.

Find your self-respect. It was taken from you while you slept. They replaced it with self-loathing.

Lose your shackles. You are no longer slaves.

Find your love. For far too long we have been taught to hate. They divided us.


Find those things that bring us together. Use them against the would-be oppressors. If we used one voice we would deafen them. They tremble in fear at that very thought. And they deserve to be terrified.

Be a part of The Great Awakening. Be a part of something wonderful. Start really living in your world, instead of merely existing in theirs.

There is no downside.


PS-Tip of the beret to Phil on FMoTL for the find.

June 21, 2011

PM Grows A Pair. Finally.

Wonders, they never do cease.

Read this, but put something soft under your jaw.

I didn't. It hurts.

A snippet:

He insisted it was the ‘weak thing to do’ to keep ‘ploughing on’ when consultations on reform indicated there were better ways of doing things.

‘The tough, strong thing to do is to say 'yes, we can make these plans better',’ he said, adding that that was what the Government had done on both sentencing and the NHS. ‘Public confidence isn't a side-issue in this debate, it is the issue,’ he said.

‘My mission is to make sure families feel safe in their homes and they can walk the streets freely and without fear. Our policies are about making sure that is the case.

‘The system today is failing and badly needs reform.’

He went on: ‘Let me be clear. We will always pay the costs necessary to protect the public and punish criminals.

‘We will not reduce the prison population by cutting prison sentences. We must do it by making prison work.’

About fucking time someone did something sensible. Let's face it, this sort of thing was well beyond a Labour MP.


June 20, 2011

A Word Of Warning

Not all coppers are your friends.

Increasingly, to many of them, we are just criminals that haven't been caught yet. If our paths should cross, we probably "deserve" the kicking they are about to administer.

The world gets more sinister by the day. Coppers, the world over, get nastier by the day. Remember, always, that they do not swear an oath to protect us. They are there to protect the elite. Never doubt it, and you will never be disappointed.

But there is hope.

Listen carefully. There is a message in this film. Hear it?

Me too.


Say What?

I hadn't realised that I had written almost 750 posts since this adventure began.

During a rare look-back, I was surprised to see which articles have stood the test of time. Which articles do people keep coming back to? The stats tell me that it is the ones I have highlighted below.

I didn't bother with any posts from this year because they are easily accessible.

This one, Stupid No More got a mixed reaction. Readers thought I was raging when I wrote the piece but I was as calm as a summers breeze. This was the first time I thought (and said) that violence was looking like the last tool in the box.

Unbound Released Free explains why we can (and should) disobey every single statute. A remarkable short film.

In this piece I ask are you Ready For Rebellion? And there was a mixed bag of yes/no/maybe. All very understandable.

I was hugely excited when John Hurst finally got to court and I wondered if it was History In The Making? But it was not to be. At least, not in the way we expected.

The Hierarchy explains where you sit in the food chain. It surprised some to learn that they are right at the top! This is amongst my personal favourites. I was very pleasantly surprised when I had finished writing the post.

This post, The Greatest Lie Ever Told, went down like a fire at an old folks home. It generated the most negative comments for any other piece I posted before, or since, that one. It's a long read and I think there are some diamonds in amongst the slag.

Let Us Talk, You And I, Of War went down pretty well. So much so, that our pal down under (where beer must flow and men chunder) permanently linked to it. A singular honour for which I am still grateful.

In this piece I report back on a saying No episode at Schiphol Airport. I did it again last Thursday morning and I am happy to report that more people joined me in the queue for the "normal" scanner.

In Marr's Attack I happily defended bloggers everywhere. He's still a cheeky jug-eared bastard.

Resurrection was something of a jaw-dropper. Have a look and see what you think.

This piece about Child Abusers And Snuff Rings brought howls of outrage and disgust. Rightfully so. It continues to be read weekly. I can only hope and pray that it is the right people looking at it, and, more importantly, taking action to gaol those concerned forever.

Another favourite (of mine) is Know Thine Enemy. For newbies, the enemy is not who you thought it was. Oh no. Not by a long chalk.

If you always wanted to enter Lawful Rebellion but didn't know where the right paperwork was, wonder no more. This is an obligation, not a life-style choice. Serious action for serious people who want their country to be governed the way it says on the tin.

If you just want to be awkward, read the last section of Options For Rebels

This one was remarkable for the number of visitors from uk.gov. Note that none of them commented on Tax Needn't Be Taxing.

In Recap I highlight some of the stuff we have learnt while writing this blog. I should do another one soon called Recap 2-The Recountening, because the shit I never knew I didn't know just keeps on growing.

To finish (for my fingers are sore) I could do no worse than to remind the world that when we lost Mrs Elizabeth Beckett we lost an absolutely amazing lady.

I may do another post like this in the coming days.

As always, your comments, which actually make the story, are most welcome.


June 19, 2011

Meet The Slime

The House of Lords is infected.

Once a venerable institution, respected for those older, wiser heads, their combined common sense, and their common desire to see sensible legislation enacted, it is diseased.

It now houses foetid bacteria and their names are:

Lord Kinnock
Baroness Kinnock
Lord Mandelson
Lord Brittan
Lord Clinton-Davis
Lord Richard

There will be others, but due to the secrecy surrounding EU pension payments it is difficult to get a full list of those who have been bribed (with our money) to support this festering boil on the face of Europe.

In addition, these scum can never badmouth the glorious union because if they do, the blood money stops being paid into their bloated bank accounts.

It says so right here:

"Moreover, under an ‘EU loyalty clause’, anyone who has worked for the institution who speaks out against Europe can be stripped of their pension. 

They must abide by certain obligations ‘both during and after their term of office’ including maintaining ‘loyalty to the (EU) communities’.

If they break this obligation, they can be ‘deprived of their right to a pension or other benefits’. "

The European Union is about as popular as an outbreak of genital warts in a newly opened brothel. The orchestrator's of this Fourth Reich know this all too well. So they simply hand out truckloads of cash to the tunnel-visioned, insipid politicians who never had a moral compass to begin with.

Knowing that he could lose it all by voting against the bill, one such greedy bastard said this:

"Mr Clinton-Davis’s salary in 1989 was £85,000 and his estimated pension £12,150. He said: ‘I voted the way I did because it was a bad bill.’"

Yeah. I'm convinced that was the reason, you leech.

I am disgusted and ashamed to have to call this collection of money-grabbers fellow Britons.

The rest of this sordid little tale of treason and corruption can be found here.


June 17, 2011

Magna Carta Art 61 Alive And Well!

Have a listen.

Lawful Rebellion remains valid. It's our protection against tyranny.

Many thanks to Mescalito for the find!!


UKBA: The Plot Sickens

Arrived home yesterday to find a letter from UKBA. Their last letter said that the next step was for them to issue a Writ. No such Writ was issued, just another letter.

They have mysteriously found my goods. (In their last letter they said that they had been destroyed). The tone of the new letter is just as dismissive and just as threatening. They asked that I decide whether I wish to continue to challenge the legality of the seizure (I don't) or if I wish to withdraw my claim (I don't). They also bang on about "their" costs, so I thought it fair to mention mine.

Here is my reply:

"(Address removed)

17 June 2011


I refer to your letter dated 7 June 2011. My reply is late because I was abroad on business.

You have sent me a form on which I need to select one of two options: challenge the legality of the seizure or withdraw my claim. I do not wish to withdraw my claim, nor do I wish to challenge the legality of the seizure. I believe that your officers did as they were trained to do.

However, it is clear to me from reading your letter that you did not even bother to read mine (dated 21 April 2011) in which I explained to you what my lawful standing is. I even included supporting documentation. How you missed it is beyond me. I must now insist that you take advice from a constitutional lawyer. You obviously do not understand the ramifications or the importance of my standing as a Lawful Rebel. Your statutes are meaningless to me. I have opted out. Lawfully. I am under no obligation to obey statute law. Indeed, I am obliged to ignore it.

I appreciate that the concept is alien to you, and it will mystify any lawyer who has no experience in constitutional matters. I forgive your (collective) ignorance, just this once.

I wish to attend court to obtain a ruling on this. But do you? When I win my case the publicity will be massive. My blogging friends and I have (between us) over 1.5 million daily readers. If, by some tiny chance I lose, I will appeal. All the way to the European Court if necessary. As a matter of fact, I have already won. If you had sought the advice of a constitutional expert you would know this.

Finally, a word on costs. I conditionally agree to pay your costs as long as you agree to pay mine. For my special appearance at the court, my fee is one thousand (1,000) ounces of silver per hour. I expect to be paid in bullion, not fiat currency. This is non-negotiable.

Or, you can simply send my goods back to me at the above address, accompanied by an apology.

You have seven (7) days from receipt in which to reply.

Without frivolity, ill-will or vexation,

(my mark)

Captain: of the Ranty family."

Let's see what happens next, shall we?


Resistance: Phase One Initiated

Phase One was initiated on June 15th 2011.

 Join in.

Become a legend.

Become master of your own destiny.

Become free.


June 15, 2011

Offensive Comments: A First

First time I have ever drawn attention to one, that is.

Regular readers, and the faithful who post here, know that I am as liberal as they come. Free speech for all, always. You can say what you want here, the last bastion of true free speech.*

But the comment below was posted here and I felt that it was worthy of your scorn.

Tell me, what kind of imbecile posts shit like this?

"some of the things you cunts have said about scotland is disgusting, all you english are fucking inbred fucks. I'd love to kill eveyone fucking one of you then pour my buckfast all over yer maw and burn her."

I don't know where to begin. Grammar? Syntax? Sentence construction? Capitalisation? Spelling?

Or should we just stick with plain old bile, stupidity and hatred?

Scotland, if you are listening, do not let this brain-dead moron anywhere near an independent nation.

He is sure to fuck it up all on his own.


*free speech does not grant you immunity from derision and laughter, if it is necessary. And it is, in this case.

June 14, 2011


Just listen.

Listen, in the coming days for the screams of the greenies, the warble-gloamanista's, those carbon-trading scam artists, and especially their biggest allies, the gubmint, as the truth slowly trickles down.

Read this, and if like me, you constantly scoffed at the bollocks you have heard for the last ten years, pat yourself on the back, put a smug look on your face, and get ready to say "I told you so!" about a million times. A day.

Here's a snippet~

"The Sun normally follows an 11-year cycle of activity. The current cycle, Cycle 24, is now supposed to be ramping up towards maximum strength. Increased numbers of sunspots and other indications ought to be happening: but in fact results so far are most disappointing. Scientists at the NSO now suspect, based on data showing decades-long trends leading to this point, that Cycle 25 may not happen at all.
This could have major implications for the Earth's climate. According to a statement issued by the NSO, announcing the research:
An immediate question is whether this slowdown presages a second Maunder Minimum, a 70-year period with virtually no sunspots [which occurred] during 1645-1715.
As NASA notes:
Early records of sunspots indicate that the Sun went through a period of inactivity in the late 17th century. Very few sunspots were seen on the Sun from about 1645 to 1715. Although the observations were not as extensive as in later years, the Sun was in fact well observed during this time and this lack of sunspots is well documented. This period of solar inactivity also corresponds to a climatic period called the "Little Ice Age" when rivers that are normally ice-free froze and snow fields remained year-round at lower altitudes. There is evidence that the Sun has had similar periods of inactivity in the more distant past."

If you scoffed, be happy. If you reduced your carbon footprint, you put us all in harms way, you fuckwit!


June 13, 2011

Magna Carta Dead? Never Think It.

I received this email from a friend. The only details I have changed is my name, his, and the name of the lady who sent it.

"Dear Captain,

XXXX asked me to forward these details of a recent court case, with profound implications, where the judge quoted chapter 29 of Magna Carta in his summation 

– Best Wishes, 


The link below relates to a Court of Protection unlawful Deprivation of liberty case London Borough of Hillingdon v Neary & Anor [2011] EWHC 1377 (COP) which quotes the Magna Carta freedom rules at paragraph 23. I have snipped the section below, and included the principle that Justice Jackson claimed it refers to:

  1. The second central principle concerns cases of disagreement. The ordinary powers of a local authority are limited to investigating, providing support services, and where appropriate referring the matter to the court. If a local authority seeks to regulate, control, compel, restrain, confine or coerce it must, except in an emergency, point to specific statutory authority for what it is doing or else obtain the appropriate sanction of the court: again see Re A and C (above) and the authorities referred to therein.  
  2. The origin of this basic legal principle is to be found in an era long before the invention of local authorities as we know them. Chapter 29 of Magna Carta 1297 provides that:  

    "No freeman shall be taken or imprisoned, or disseised of his freehold, or liberties, or free customs, or outlawed, or exiled, or any otherwise destroyed; nor will we not pass upon him, nor condemn him, but by lawful judgment of his peers, or by the law of the land."
It was also reported in The Times, 9th June 2011, because the Judge lifted reporting restrictions. "

The full ruling can be found here. 

I was not going to run this story because Ms Raccoon did a fantastic write-up on it. 

If anyone, and I mean anyone, tells you that the Great Charter is just a piece of yellowed parchment with no relevance today, tell them to eat shit and bark at the moon. This ruling is dated 9th June 2011. 

I repeat: this ruling is dated the 9th of June, two thousand and eleven.

Use this great document or don't. But do not ever underestimate its validity.

They want you to think it is useless.

They want you to believe it was/is a statute. It isn't. It's a Treaty. When did you ever hear of Treaties* being amended or deleted? 

You never have because by their very nature they are unamendable. Undeleteable. They stand for all time.

*other than wanky treaties like Nice, Maastricht, Rome and Lisbon, that is. Now they are useless. 

But the dear old Magna Carta is as useful today as the day it was signed.



June 12, 2011

Opt Out, FFS!

How many times must I ask it?

How many times must I say it?

How many times do YOU need to hear it?

This is childs play.

Say "NO!"

Until you do, they will shag you, to death, until time stops.

They will take the piss, forever.

It's what they are trained to do.

And it's what you are trained to resist.

Say No, forfuxake.

Until you do, this shit will be endless.

Give it a go, why don't you?

The alternative is bending over.


Haven't you had enough of reaching for your ankles?

Haven't you had enough of saying, "Okay, just a little more, then I will really get upset!"

Tell them to fuck off. I did. And I am still here. I'm still standing. No men in black. No dawn visits. No court cases. No credit close-downs. No noticeable differences to my life whatsoever. None. Nil. Nix. Nada. Zip.

Opt out.

There is no use waiting "for the right time" because the right time never, ever, arrives.

Just do it.

Say, in a loud, happy, proud voice, "FUCK YOU!"

You will be surprised at the reaction. Trust me on this.

They are scared to death of "No!".

Try it. Liberate your Self.

Because they never will. Not in a million years.

Do it.

Or die in chains.

Your choice.


June 11, 2011

A Royal Funeral

Yesterday I attended a royal funeral.

The day started early. Up at 5:30. Rapid Triple S, and an even swifter cup of coffee and we were off. Two and a half hours later we arrived at Igbobo for the church service. They wheeled in the body of Prince Adekunle Babafemi Ogunlewe and so began a three hour session of hymns, prayers, benedictions and testimonials. It was officiated by an archbishop and no fewer than seven vicars. All in the Yoruba language. I joined in the hymn singing as much to my surprise as the Prince's four wives sat across from me. It was difficult but not impossible.

Here's a snatch:

A o pade leti odo
T' ese Angeli ti te;
To mo gara bi kristali,
Leba ite Olorun.
A O pade leti odolf
Odo didan, odo didan na,
Pel' awon mimo leba odo,
To nsan leba ite ni.

Recognise it?

We know it as "Shall we gather at the river".

Prince Ade (pronounced ah-day) had lived a good, long life. He died on 22 May aged 80 years. Far in excess of the average male life-span of 46.7 years. Judging by the turn out, he was a popular man.

After the church service he was popped into the ground. Just a couple of hymns really, this did not seem to be the major event. Yorubans call it a celebration of life, rather than a mournful, hand-wringing regret of death. I kind of liked it.

We all then piled into cars and headed for the local school where many marquees were set up. As soon as we had we sat down we were offered food and drink. I stuffed myself with fish, curried chicken and at least three types of rice. The Heineken flowed like water, so I imbibed. A lot. The band was good and loud. They sang only in Yoruba but I got a sense of what they were singing about. Although asked several times, I refrained from dancing. I have no rhythm.

My first trip to the portaloo was uneventful. I had a smoke and returned to the table. More beer was waiting for me. So I drank it. They brought more. So I drank that too.

The second trip to the loo was different. I now had a fan club. Around 40 kids wanted to talk to me and have their pictures taken with me. They wanted to practise their English and I wanted to practise my Yoruba, so it was a win-win. It was disconcerting to see the girls curtsey and the boys bowing but I quickly realised that the only odd thing about this particular celebration was me.

Not only was I the only white man amongst many many thousands of Yorubans, I was also the only white man ever seen in Igbobo wearing Nigerian national dress.

I looked a little like this:

(But without that particular pose).

The Prince's brother, Adesegun (Segun) Ogunlewe, himself also a prince, spent a lot of time at my table. He returned many times, with his bodguards in tow, to sit with me, drink a beer, and chat. This was nice, but there was a never-ending line of people who wanted to come and bow. He also dispensed money, a sort of "alms for the poor" deal. Segun (pronounced shay-gun) is head of services for Lagos State. Second only in power to the state governor, recently re-elected Babatunde Fashola.

An odd day, given my anti-royalist stance, but one I enjoyed tremendously. I am guessing that this was my first, and last, royal funeral. The Windsor's will almost certainly not be inviting me to any of their royal send-off's.

I will feature in the DVD of the days events, and in the local press too. Please do not google the event too hard. Or, if you do, please keep any pictures of me to yourself. My anonymity is still required for the time being.

It is now nearly 12:30 and the pool bar is open. Having destroyed one liver yesterday, I go now to work on the other one.

Have a great weekend,


June 08, 2011

End Your Sovereignty Erosion

Go here, read it, digest it, and then tell everyone you know to read it.

That is all.


Safe To Dance Now?

You bet your ass it is.

And why?

Because people decided it was. They got together in greater numbers and defied the boys bullies in blue.

If you ever doubted people power, doubt it no longer.

We outnumber them. Massively. When we show up in numbers, the vicious arrests, the slam-downs, the knees on necks, the pure aggression, just.....stops.

There is a lesson here for all of us.

Are you learning yet?


PS-tip of the beret to our good friend Mescalito for the link to this video.

June 06, 2011

Lost Rights, Lost Liberties, Lost Nation.

I thought this was topical, given the horrendous intrusions and the outrageous theft of our rights by Nanny. Tip of the beret to poster Bodge on TPUC. The original link to the piece is here.

I have emboldenised the ones dear to me. Perhaps you could let me know which losses mean the most to you, and why? (Most need no explanation).

Here you go:

"Over the past sixty [years] life in Britain has become so hemmed about with laws and regulations that the individual is increasingly at risk of committing a crime without even knowing it. Britons are also subjected to unremitting political propaganda in the politically correct interest by politicians, the mainstream media, public servants, teachers and the major corporations, be they public bodies, non-profit making or private enterprise.

Such intrusion into the lives of Britons is unprecedented. Consider this list of the things that sixty years ago you could legally and without great bureaucratic fuss experience or do ; things which are now impossible because of new laws or changed circumstances :

Say and write whatever you wanted within the limits of libel, slander and obscenity

Employ whoever you wanted to employ

Rent or sell your property to whoever you wanted

Put a property on the market without the need for an Energy Certificate

Buy a property if you were earning the average male wage

Be free of elite haranguing about being green and man-made global warming

Live without the need to sort rubbish into different “green” defined bins

Associate with whoever you wanted without fear of being called “racist”

Be free of elite haranguing about being “racist, homophobic or sexist”

Live almost anywhere in Britain without immigrant ghettos impinging on your life

Live without laws such as the Race Relations Act which privilege minorities

Drive without an MOT hanging over you

Drive without being faced with a breathalyser test

Drive without being expected to “belt up” or have a children’s seat if carrying children

Park a car without having to use a parking meter or being at risk of being clamped or given a penalty notice

Take a one part driving test without the need for a separate theory exam

Ride a motorbike without a helmet

Smoke where you wanted to

Sell and buy vitamins and herbal remedies at will

Buy any non-prescription medicine without restriction, e.g., aspirin

Own a gun

Carry a knife without it being treated as an offensive weapon

Go bird nesting

Take a wild plant

Take most wild animals either year-round or in season

Kill vermin

Purchase exotic animals like tortoises and parrots

Use drugs which are now illegal, legally

Have a reasonable expectation of a secure job regardless of class or education

Know that all your laws were made in your own Parliament

Have a jury trial for any offence carrying a penalty greater than six months

Exercise a right to silence when cautioned by the police without incurring disadvantage if brought to trial

Know that you were free from arbitrary stop and searches

Live without being subject to administrative justice such as police cautions and on-the-spot-fines

Live without state surveillance through the widespread use of CCTV cameras

Engage in voluntary work or paid work in professions such as teaching without being subject to a police check

Live without the risk of being held for 14 days without charge

Live without the threat of an ASBO which is a civil court order, the breaking of which results in criminal penalties

Be able to raise a family on a single wage

Live without the fear that social workers would interfere with your family for anything short of serious criminal behaviour

Exercise reasonable discipline over your children

Allow children to go to school on their own, play without knowing exactly where they were and once they were of a reasonable age, say ten, stay in the family home without adult supervision for a reasonable period without risk of being accused of child neglect.

As a man, assist a strange child in distress or stop a child not your own from misbehaving without fear of being called a paedophile or of running the risk of being charged with assault

Bank without any fear that the bank was legally obliged to inform the state about transactions over a certain amount

Defend yourself against an intruder in your own home without risk of a criminal charge

Go to a school in which children behaved and were taught at least the three Rs

Run a business without being besieged with health and safety requirements

I dare say I have missed other freedoms which no longer exist, but that is a formidable enough list. The important lesson from it is that Britain existed perfectly happily without these now supposedly essential social constraints. The reality is that the majority have been introduced not from any need but because of ideological commitment or entanglement in Treaties most particularly those tying Britain to the EU. Others, such as the absurd price of housing and the inability to raise a family on a single wage are indirectly due to the ideological commitment of governments since the 1979.

The accretion of laws eroding our freedom, both petty and great, will continue unless political action is taken because there will always be politicians, mediafolk and interest groups with axes to grind which result in more and more laws designed to deal with a specific alleged ill."

Even abridged, this is a terrifying loss of liberties, and I already know that you will argue that some restrictions are for the "good of all", and in some cases I will agree.

Add to the list in the comments if you wish.


Driven To Rebel

This is an essay I wrote for those great friends of mine, the Lawful Rebels, and it continues to be read, over a year later. I thought that newer readers here might want to take a look at it.

It is still topical, apart from the first and second paragraphs. I have since lost one of my two cats, and now over 7950 pubs have been lost forever.

Otherwise, it may still be worth a read. Let me know what you think.

"First things first: I am an ordinary bloke. An Average Joe, by anyone’s standards. I have a family, a reasonable lifestyle, low-ish debt, two dogs and two cats. Like all other ordinary people, I merely wanted to provide for my family, be an upstanding member of my community, obey the law, get on with my life and to be left in peace. Is that too much to ask?

It would seem so.

For the last twenty years or so, things have changed. I mean radically changed. I was fine with the changes because I am a dynamic human being and I know that change usually means progress, and who doesn’t want that? My work involves cutting-edge technology and I know the benefits it brings to billions of fellow planeteers. No dinosaur me. I love gadgets. I love innovation. I love new inventions. I love labour saving devices. It frees up my time to do something else. Unfortunately, five years ago I was rudely awoken from my blissful ignorance. Readers of my blog will know that it was the smoking ban here in Scotland that jolted me awake. I knew instantly and intuitively that this was a quantum shift. This was huge. The Scottish Executive decided, on a whim, (it really was, do the research), to kick smokers out of pubs and clubs. I thought that if they could get the legislation through, and change a way of life for 1.2 million people overnight, then more bad stuff was right behind it. Non-smokers were smiling from ear to ear, little knowing that they were being punished as well. “Finally!”, they said, “Smoke free pubs & clubs! How fantastic!”. Except that it wasn’t. And if you don’t believe me, just ask any one of the 2756 landlords & landladies that lost their pubs in 2009. Or ask any one of the 45,000 ex-pub workers who have now joined the dole queue. They might have a different slant on things. Statistically, 75% of those laid off were non-smokers. I wonder if they prefer unemployment to a little harmless smoke?

Worse was to come. We discovered that politicians suffer deafness 1 nanosecond after winning your vote. It is axiomatic. Power received = instant deafness. Over 4 million of us signed a petition to 10 Downing Street in which we begged them not to close our post offices. We were ignored, and the slaughter began. I now have an 18 mile round trip to my nearest post office. For some it is much, much worse. We watched, as our government piled stupidity on top of ineptitude and smothered the whole mess with greed. They just love our money. They can’t get enough of it. When they get caught with their sticky fingers in the till what do we hear? “I was just following the rules”. Nice. One story that blew my mind concerned a young mum who applied to the Social Fund for a single bed for her daughter. After jumping through more hoops than a circus dog she was told that she qualified for a bed, but that she would have to provide the mattress herself. Her wee girl slept on coats piled on the bare springs. Meanwhile, thousands of £££’s were happily shovelled towards an MP whose moat needed dredging.

The killer blow, however, arrived in early October when the Irish vote on the Lisbon Treaty was delivered. I got that same sinking feeling that I experienced back in December 2005 when Jack McConnell (then First Minister) returned from his 2 hour visit to a Dublin pub and announced his ridiculous smoking ban for Scotland. I was awash with desperation because I knew, somehow, that the promises made by the Labour, Conservative and LibDem parties would all disappear like a snowflake in a camp-fire. It was all over. We had lost a nation. A nation that has taken us, and our forebears, more than nine thousand years to build. We gave it away to an unelected commission that refuses, point blank, to provide financial reports on their nefarious machinations. They have consistently refused to tell us how our money is wasted for 14 years straight. Corruption in the EU is endemic. At last our (now useless) MPs get to gorge themselves at a different, overflowing trough. Everyone’s a winner. Except us. The proles, the voters, the electorate, the controlled, the tagged, the vaccinated and the monumentally stupid. We were robbed, in broad daylight and the shameful thing is this: we did nothing. To do nothing is dishonourable. The theft we witnessed was embarrassing. We watched them take our rights away. We gave up habeas corpus, we gave up the right to a jury trial, we gave up innocent until proven guilty and, alarmingly, we allowed the death penalty to be accepted as a footnote in the Treaty.

I could go on and on.

I could tell you that the £ is destined for the dustbin. I could tell you that European Cops (brutal thugs, more like) armed to the teeth, will appear on our streets. Our coppers will end up on their streets, somewhere in Europeville, because psychiatrists have discovered that cops don’t really like shooting their own, but they are not averse to shooting other nationalities. I could tell you that our monarch signed her own redundancy notice when she (traitorously) signed off on the legislation. I could tell you that the 646 numpties in parliament signed their own redundancy notices as well. I could tell you that your nation is now split into nine regions, each of which will be governed by a Common Purpose graduate. I could tell you all sorts, but the proof of the pudding, is always in the eating. We have to see the 7th level of Dante’s delightful little palace before we will erupt and react. This will take time. We are about to suffer the death of a thousand cuts. It will be painful, but bearable, until it isn’t. That, my friends, will become Freedom Day. I long for it to arrive.

Until that day, what can we do?

We can have some fun, that’s what. We can all open our eyes, at least a crack, and realise that we are human beings. We were always human beings but we have been brainwashed for decades to forget who and what we are. We can make life uncomfortable for the powers that strive to be. We can be awkward. We can say no. We can return their silly tax demands. We can return their silly parking tickets, and we can refuse to pay their inane council tax. We can walk away from as many, or as few, statutes as we like. They are legion, and they are meaningless and they are unwanted and unneeded. We can take control, as Freemen and Freewomen, (if you need a label, I only just found out that I don’t), and we can become human again. We can live our lives unfettered, unhindered, the way it was meant to be lived. We were meant to enjoy life, dammit! We weren’t meant to be enslaved from the day were born until the day we died. We are not here as their playthings. We are not their slaves, or mere useless cash generators for the greedy and the inept. There is so much to see and do that two lifetimes aren’t enough to fit it all in. There are people to meet, to laugh with, to drink with, and to love with. There are cultures without number that we need to experience to say that yes! We have lived, and while we did we had fun, and we learned something. To go to your grave knowing only that you worked all your life, and struggled at times to provide for your family or yourself because you were being robbed every month by successive governments who had no idea how to spend (or save) wisely, is surely a wasted life.

My intention was never to be a rebel and yet I find myself driven to it by the unhealthy, unwholesome, unlawful and quite frankly seedy conditions that now exist in what was once a great nation. We are spied on endlessly, they want to know our every mouse-click, they want to store and read all our emails, and they want transcripts of all our calls, and they feel the need to capture us on CCTV cameras hundreds of times a day. “It’s for your own good” they say, “It’s to stop crime!” Except that it doesn’t. Only one criminal is caught per thousand cameras. This figure comes from the Home Office website. Even they cannot justify the existence and operation of 4.2 million cameras in the UK. The UK suddenly became Cuba, China and Russia all rolled into one. The only difference is that the Cubans, the Chinese and the Russians had no desire to know what our politicians and our other apparatchiks demand to know. They use excuses all the time: The War On Terror, The War On Drugs, The War On Drink, The War On Smokers, and lately, The War On Fatties. It is endless. It is mindless. It is needless. It is useless.

So when I eventually said “Enough!”, I genuinely meant it. I had to step away from the madness, the control, the falsely permeated fear and the outrageous greed of government, politicians, NGO’s and the 7 or 8 hundred thousand fake charities that suckle at the withering teat.

Initially, I was lost. Who to believe? Where to go for real, unbiased and balanced news? Who to trust? Was it the law? My MP? The judiciary? The police? No, no, no and no. The deception is total. The charade has been played out over hundreds of years and the more you dig, the more corpses you find. The cadavers I found buried in shallow graves were Lady Justice, once a great lady now treated with disdain and disgust, Sir Robert Peel, screaming for an eternity at the bastardisation of his policing model, and a good few politicians that would never have stood by and watched Britain first turn into a police state, then give itself away to the most corrupt mandarins on the face of the earth.

For good or ill, lawful rebellion was the only tool I had left. I have other options of course. I could STFU, as the modern kids would say. I could carry on regardless and leave the mess for my children or their children to clean up. I could sit and watch the propaganda unit in the corner of my living room and pretend that my living room was my world, and that what happened beyond was none of my affair.

Knowing that something is badly out of kilter won’t allow me that luxury. Having a conscience that constantly tells me to do something doesn’t help. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, and finding the motivation to play my part comes easy to me. Fortunately, there is lots of help at hand. This very site offers salvation for those prepared to learn, comprehend, and act. Other sites, although infected with naysayers, and the terminally terrified, (or government plants, perhaps?), also offer real nuggets of information that you can and should use. Distance yourself from the mayhem and lots of pennies drop. Create some peace and quiet for you and yours, and be determined to hang on to money you earned, money that you created. This lot in government will not only keep taking it away from you, but they will demand more, and more, and more.

They will bleed you dry.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to choke off their money supply. Just say no. It really is very easy. Once you have done so, the serenity that settles around you is out of this world. The relief is enormous, and the benefits are tangible.

The first move is up to you. It always was.

Make the change. Be the change. There are no heroes waiting around the corner on white steeds. The hero you need looks back at you from the mirror.

There is hope. There is always hope.

The hope only burns as long as you fan the flames."


June 05, 2011

Northwards, To Lagos

I had a lovely week in Johannesburg. The streets where I was staying (in Sandton) were safe and the bars & restaurants were good. I got to see my extended family too, so much drinking and much eating took place. We made lots of fine memories to sustain us until we meet again.

But, into every life a little rain must fall, so I left the land of milk and honey to head north to the land of piss and vinegar:

Looks lovely, doesn't it? This image must have come straight from the Nigerian Tourist Board.

What they don't tell you is that this is the every day reality:

They certainly don't tell you that if you arrive after nine pm you will be stopped at three VCP's, manned by the Nigerian Police Force, all of whom will demand money from you. Equally, they don't tell you what the required response to these demands should be. I tried "Fuck off" three times, and three times they waved me on. Disappointment writ large on their greedy faces.

They don't tell you that after you have checked in and are trudging your way up the stairs to your room that you will be approached by a smiling pimp.

Pimp: "PSSST! Mister. Mister!"

Ranty: "Yes?"

Pimp: "Erm, the man who ordered the two girls in reception has already gone to bed. Would you like them?"

Ranty: "For free?"

Pimp (laughing): "No sir! But I can cut you a deal..."

Ranty: "No thanks"

Pimp: "OK then". After a slight pause, "Want a boy?"

Ranty: "No thanks"

Pimp: "No problem sir. I'll check back with you through the week"

Ranty: "Please don't".

There endeth the conversation, and our weary traveller wends his way up the stairs to get some shut-eye.

So, with such an electric start to this portion of my trip, the only way is down.

I'll keep you updated....


June 03, 2011

June 02, 2011

Who Knew?

The War on Drugs has failed.

"The global war on drugs has failed, with devastating consequences for individuals and societies around the world," said the report issued by the commission on Thursday. The study urges "experimentation by governments with models of legal regulation of drugs," adding: " This recommendation applies especially to cannabis, but we also encourage other experiments in decriminalization and legal regulation."

Haven't we been saying the same thing for years?