October 31, 2010

Secession, Can It Be Done?

This is a thought provoking video from Anarchyland.

In it, he explores the idea of secession. It appeals to me because we either need to tame the beast, or escape the beast. This intelligent young man shows us how we can do both and remain in the land of our fathers.

I would welcome your thoughts on this.

Anarchyland asks if I, Captain Hieronymus J. Ranty III (Ret'd) started the anarchy ball rolling. I think not.  I have been banging on that drum for the last couple of months but I would never claim credit. The Libertarians beat me to it by years, and there must be an "official" Anarchy Movement out there somewhere.

My lifetime chronology, for those interested, goes something like this:

Age 0-16-idiot

Age 16-18-drunken idiot

Age 18-25-serviceman and drunken idiot

Age 25-28-made and lost £1M. Idiocy and drinking involved.

Age 28-38-an offshore idiot. Drank my way around the world.

Age 38-44-an onshore idiot. More travelling, more drinking.

Age 44-48-Wising up period. Studying and researching like a man demented. Still likes a drink.

Age 48 onwards-Libertarian, Lawful Rebel, Anarchist, Trouble Causer, Freeman, Bloggist, Drinker and Smoker.

If I have educated anyone, inspired anyone, annoyed anyone (in government), or spurred anyone to do the same then I am proud of that. I do not think I am a Pathfinder, not really, nor do I think that I have started a new trend. I'm simply doing some unconventional stuff and letting you guys know how it is all panning out.

One thing I am certain of is that if I am wrong, you lot let me know.

For that, I am grateful.

Enjoy the video. I did.

And I for one hope that we see and hear a lot more from this guy.



Anonymous said...

Serviceman to anarchist within such a short time?...But then again who would imagine someone like John Hurst going down a similar road. The one thing about your posts is, that you dont censor. All are entitled to their opinion, which then helps, not hinders the way forward. Opening the eyes of the young to whats going on, is one of the most important things to do.He seems very informed about how the system works. Hunting the truth is the hardest, and the way you did it, was not the same way as me... Apathy could just work. How can that be fought agains?. At the point of a gun... By the way my history is very much like yours. Be well P@L Morgan.

V4V said...

We have been toying with the idea of running on the ticket of local county identitarianism. It worked before when several candidates and a Mayor were elected as members of 'The Better Bedford Party'.

Anyway plans are afoot as we have given up on Britain as a whole; how about 'Radio Free Bedfordshire....'

joe said...

I've had Anarchyland's youtube channel bookmarked for a little while now,Ranty.

I've gone from believing in a minarchist society to an anarchist society in the space of about a year,and libertarian to anarchist in much the same time.An anarcho-libertarian,maybe?

Anonymous said...


I tend to see myself a sort of anarcho-libertarian-nationalist oddly enough. I can't really see any form of central government whatsoever as it eventually leads to some form of corruption. What is needed is local government with maximum elected term time of 1.5 years or so and held to account for their actions, or NON actions should I say.

Britain is a self sustainable land. We have the land able to grow and sustain our population, that was before NuLabour allowed massive 3rd world immigration that will see these people breed 3-4 times more than the indigenous = problem.

There's lots to sort out as you know. We need a mass removal of people who should never have been allowed in here in the first place and better still a constitution that dictates no man can be controlled by any other regardless. All for gun freedom, the removal of usury, end of banking systems, end of Royalty and the City of London....

We either remove ourselves from the system or remain chained to it. The only thing that frightens people about this is how will they survive? It's understandable considering that our society now demands every employee have a bank account. I remember 20 years ago getting my little brown pay packet at work with hours worked, tax deducted etc. The control needs to stop and the first step is banks. I agree also that we need a model, a village, city, island that leads the way for others to follow suit and show it can be done. Then we can watch the house of cards come crashing down.

yosserhughs said...

Similar CV,always been an anarchist just didn't know it until I got a theasaurus

defender said...

One thing is for certain, the establishment will not give in without a bloody fight. Bring it on says I.
What I do know is that we have every right to enter into lawful rebellion and if necessary to overthrow opression.
We are, the peoples on this land owners of this entire country in every respect so for me its all or nothing. Why should I have to negociate for a tiny piece of it?

FireballXL5 said...

I don't think the "hippy commune" idea will work, how are you going to acquire sufficient land, how will it be financed, organised, defended from the state?

What he describes is what this country should and could have been. We have all the natural advantages, an island nation, natural resources, talented and skilled people, a long cultural history and settled institutions which if properly applied could have given us the sort of existence we all wish for. Everything we had has been hugely under appreciated, trashed, given away or sold.

I don't think we can turn the clock back or change the system now, it's too late, we have been fucked by a hundred years of socialist ideals and brainwashing. We would need to leave the EU, repatriate millions of undesirable immigrants, scrap fiat money and return to common law. Sad to say but all that just won't happen.

The only way to live as a libertarian is to change your own life and step out of the system as CR and others are doing. You won't change the state so get it out of your life. Holbys recent post where he describes his five year plan is similar to my thinking and the only realistic option to achieve what we want is to do it for ourselves as individuals.

Yes the county is utterly fucked but there are too many people that like it the way it is or have a stake in it being fucked and the rest are too apathetic to care.

One thing that I think is a basic must to achieve freedom from the state is to get out of PAYE employment, work for yourself (if you have to work) and take charge of your life.

Anonymous said...

This video shows how far down the road of state control and fear of the state we have come when a man that advocates freedom and liberty has to cover his face.