October 30, 2010

Anarchy 101


The good kind. Civil disobedience, saying "NO!", starving them of cash, and generally showing the government that we are actually in charge. They have forgotten that, and maybe, just maybe, if enough brave people have a go at them, they will undergo a moment of clarity, leading to sudden recall, and a desire to actually ask us what we want.

This is a great guide from Anarchyland. Please share the link with all your friends. Send it to strangers too. After all, a stranger is just a friend you haven't annoyed yet.

Annoy them with this. They will probably appreciate it.

The fact that I get a mention in the vid has nothing to do with me posting it. Nothing at all. Really.

Twice. He mentions me twice. At the beginning and at the end.

Just listen hard in between.



Anonymous said...

Your words are getting out to all CR. "Starve the beast" hit the mark...Maybe you should read up and see how big this beast is.Latest post at Revolution Harry's place, will give you an idea.Lucifer Rising...Be well P@L...Morgan.

Captain Ranty said...


I went, I read, I am inspired.

Harry produces fantastic articles. Puts me to shame, he does.


Anonymous said...

Remember me mentioning Malta?..Searching, and finding the truth, sent me through so much turmoil.Thought I was going mad. Unplugged now my friend, definitely unplugged..Like you have said before, you have to live a freeman to be one.Be well P@L...Morgan.

opinion prole said...

Hard to avoid paying income tax as an employee. But council tax is another matter entirely. Not paying it at all could encourage the them to make an example of selected refuseniks with the full weight of the law.
One way to really screw them up would be to pay say 5% less than the actual demand on every government bill. If hundreds of thousands did this it would take forever for the bureacratic pests to follow up all the defaulters and who knows they might just give up on a lot of them. Point made. If the bailiffs finally came to your door all you would need to do is stuff the missing few quid up their 'any available orifice' and tell them to f off.
They might actually get the point that more increases are not acceptable and the tax earners are now demanding a lot more work from the tax eaters for less money.
Then when we see how it works we can consider paying only 80% next time or 50%.........

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more, Captain.

Other ways to starve the beast would be starving the corporations (to shrink them and government tax revenues derived from them) and to pay cash, whenever possible.

Your local small businesses need your money. They might be more expensive than Tescos et al, so buy less.

Better still, grow or make your own.

Pay off your loans and don't take out any more. Don't use your credit card. Don't buy anything you can't pay for in cash or by bartering.

Captain Ranty said...

Good comments from all.

Opinion Prole, good idea. But paying anything at all is confirming that you agree with the tax, but not the amount. Taxation is illegal. Far better to ask why you have to pay it, ask for proof of claim from them. Tell them you will happily pay the moment they confirm that they have the right to demand the money in the first place. Don't refuse outright, just make them a conditional offer. This is smiled upon by the law as it is the honourable thing to do.

The only reason you end up in court is if controversy exists. Asking legitimate questions is not unlawful.