October 06, 2010

US Banking Fraud Is Rampant

Have a listen to this bloke.

The banks are foreclosing on homes they don't even own.

And no-one seems to be stopping them.

UPDATE 1: Lawmakers Seek Foreclosure Investigations ("Seek", not demand. How very helpful. Still, at least someone somewhere is doing something).

UPDATE 2: Guthrum adds some details Go. Read. It's a great piece.



Guthrum said...


Captain Ranty said...


My sentiments exactly.

The courts assume that the banks are right, and the little guy gets stiffed. Again.


I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Jeez, the good ole US of A is in a right mess,the corporations are running rampant,Obama and his handlers have alienated large sections of the public by poking greedy guvmint fingers where they ere not wanted,homelessness and unemployment are at record highs and climbing,they`re still fighting wars at huge monetary and human cost,they are literally owned by China who if they decided to flick the switch and stop buying US dept would send them crumbling into 3rd world status.

Wall st,the corporations and the super rich are hovering up everything thats worth anything from gold and land to food and water.

Since The Patriot Act American citizen`s have had their freedoms crushed by the state and they are scared and pissed off.The Military Industrial Complex is a huge beast that need feeding on a diet of war,blood and freedoms.

Ron Paul is fighting through the courts trying to force the banks etc to reveal how much Gold they actually hold,if and when its revealed its vanished the country will erupt in the worlds biggest ever financial scandal,to put it mildly.

Hyper inflation,class war,destitution,criminal gangs,like I said its in a right fucking mess with no light at the end of the tunnel,its the fall of Rome in real time,problem is when the USA gets a cold we get one too!

Bunker down and prepare for the shit storm.....;)

Snakey said...

Looks like they've frozen all the foreclosures:


Fascist Hippy said...

WTF, just what next? The mind boggles.

FireballXL5 said...

Stunning video Captain, incredible, how we've been sold down the river, we put so much trust in "authority", most people wouldn't believe this if you told them.

Coming here soon aswell, judging from the info on Guthrums site regarding the bulk processing centre in Northampton.

What hope for a politician in this country to stand up and speak out in the same way as this Congressman? Bob Hope and no hope.

Wow - "traded excel spreadsheets" - wouldn't you just love to be a banker!!!!

I'll say it again, STOP feeding the system. Default on loans and credit cards. Fuck all the parasites off.