October 07, 2010

A Day Late And A Dollar Short

The title refers to all politicians. Everywhere. Since time parliaments began.

Charlotte Gore seems to have summed it up perfectly.

Holby is a little more verbose, but he is just as accurate.

I watched the whole thing. He is a good speaker, and hit the right notes on a lot of things, if rhetoric, and preaching to the choir blows your hair back. Sure, he speaks better than Broon, but so does my cat.

I have questions. Lots of questions. CMD has, since taking office, ignored two sworn affidavits of mine, so there is little hope of him reading this, but let's have a crack anyway.

Yes, Davey, we know Labour broke the country. They broke everything they touched. Broon was a mistake that historians will be laughing at for centuries to come. Blears will be howled at, so will Wanking Jack and the harridan he pals around with. Blair the Smarmy will hopefully be one day arrested and incarcerated for the war criminal that he is, and hopefully whatever that thing was that was appointed Chancellor of the Exchequer will similarly burn for an eternity if there is any justice in, or out of, this world.

We know they fucked up. We know they did so without panache, without style, without grace and without a word of explanation. We know they lost the ability to listen to the people that elected them, and those that didn't. We know they gave away our gold. We know all that Davey, so repeating it was really more for you than for us, no? It guaranteed a round of applause and some wry chuckles, eh? Naughty old Labour, tut tut.

Our question is this: where the fuck were you? Where were your party members? Where was Cleggy Boy's party? You were all MPs at the time and you did nothing. Not a damn thing. Your job, Cleggs job, and all the independents, was to make sure shit didn't happen. Your job was to stop them from breaking the country. You didn't. You all clambered to vote for two illegal invasions. You all stuck your grimy, greedy hands in the air to vote for the Lisbon Treaty, so that future jobs were assured. You all agreed to the 120,000 new regulations that the EU shat our way. You all agreed to 3,500 new "crimes" while you sat in opposition. I hereby dispute that you were ever in opposition. A few witty remarks at the despatch box does not an effective opposition make. In short, you were shite in opposition.

And now that you are the head honcho you tell us, with a suitably serious face, that "We are all in this together". It's our fault that we got fucked in the first place. I share some of that responsibility but I'm damned if I'm going to buddy up with you now. No-one was listening to me. No-one was listening to the millions of us that were so desperate for you to step in and fight. You failed to do so on countless occasions.

I didn't dump our gold, with a warning first to the markets, at rock-bottom price.

I didn't borrow a shit-load of money when there was no need to.

I didn't want a public sector made up of 7 million workshy fuckwits.

I didn't vote for the Lisbon Treaty.

I didn't ask for 120,000 new regulations from the unelected shambles that is the EU.

I certainly didn't ask for another 3500 crimes to avoid committing.

I definitely didn't ask for our troops to be despatched to Iraq to impress that fucking chimp Bush Jr.

I most definitely didn't ask our troops to hand-deliver democracy to a bunch of people who haven't needed democracy for 7,000 years.

But now that we are all in the kaka, you want us ALL to assume responsibility?

Fuck. Right. Off.



Anonymous said...

Call me Dave is so smug and shiny it grates, his only saving grace is that he's not McMental

FireballXL5 said...

I think we're in danger of forgetting how bad that hideous excuse for a fully functioning human being the snot gobbler was. Remember how day in day out the new "initiatives" would tumble out backed up with the freshly created crimes you refer to and all delivered with that gurning tractor stat spewing awfulness as he pronounced on how our lives were to be ordered.

Just getting rid of that alone is a service worthy of public acclaim and eternal thanks!

I didn't watch the callmedave speech but read the whole text and I thought it quite good, particularly in it's ambitious program for rolling back the state. I think he does need to keep reminding, not neccessarily you and me, but the fuckwits that voted in the socialist terror that is largely responsible for trashing our country.

Can't argue too much with most of your points, but would add that somewhere in all this a large chunk of blame should be apportioned to US. For voting in socialist wreckers, not once but three times, for borrowing and spending as recklessly as Ruin, for being too idle to get off our arse and work, for allowing ourselves to become addicted to the state teat, for worshipping celeb culture and seeing it as a valid career choice, for letting the police get away with murder, for vandalising, littering and trashing the country, for preferring the brain numbing mind altering tripe pumped out on television to any sort of culture or social discourse, for saying yes to all of this and everything those two gangsters Blair & Brown offered. But most of all for never standing up and saying NO. We all accepted it, swallowed it all gleefully, where was the protests, where was the anger? Yes we had the countryside alliance and the petrol protest but FFS a bunch of rioting chavs caused a change of government policy when the poll tax was rolled out - and this in my mind was one of the best and fairest ideas ever presented by Thatcher. We've had far worse foisted on us since and not a murmur.

We've got the politicians we deserve!

Anonymous said...

Good post CR.

The better the speaker the easier it is to deceive the weak and ignorant and promote your lies yet more.

Cameron is now hiding behind faux patriotism and it's sickening to see. As you rightfully said his party supported the illegal invasions and there is a saying that government is only as good as its opposition. The tories were zero opposition.

Cameron's an NWO shill. He sits in the same car that Brown, Blair, Major, Thatcher, Callaghan, Heath, Wilson...all did before. They are controlled automatons, yes men and women, amply rewarded for their services to the corporations, the Zionists, the bankers, the arms dealers, the oil barons and everyone else who has them in their back pockets with which to lobby for yet more benefits to their lives.

People are beginning to smash the mirrors and blow away the smoke. What's sad though is that there are some people who still watch the play and think its real. Yes, people actually believe that all parties are different to one another.

Cameron will introduce this legislation and that but guaranteed he'll leave the majority created by Blair & co, especially Harman's equality and positive discrimination laws.

People now really have a choice - become a freeman, get out of the system and watch it implode, or else continue living your life as you are, with no intent of smashing the shackles that grow every larger and heavier around your and your descendants' ankles.

He removed child benefits for the middle classes, yet still gives billions in foreign aid, supports illegal wars, stays within the EU costing us £40m a day and supports immigrants who happily take benefits (social welfare, housing, educational, medical etc) not entitled to them.

This is reality. I loathe them all. All are hypocrites, bought and paid for shills who care nothing for anyone but themselves and their loved ones.

Richard said...

Good post, and a good response by FXL5. But remember that Labour are now enjoying a resurgence in the polls. People don't just have short memories - they have microscopic fucking memories. They'll be forgetting how bad it was under Labour and blaming the Coalition for wrecking their nice lifestyles. All politicians, and every one of us, needs to be out there reminding people of where the blame for the current catastrophe lies. Anything CMD can do to fix that in the public mind is fine by me. This is the first speech as PM after the election, and if it sets the tone of planting the blame squarely where it lies (i.e. Labour and left wingery in general) then good.

CMD would have to be very bad indeed to be worse than the twat who used to be in his house. He gets some slack from me - for a while.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Good post sir

As is often the case to gloss over the Blair years ( it was all Gordon's fault even though I was in charge for the majority of Labours time in power)

These twunts spent years in opposition and yet opposed nothing.

Was all that Labour did 'secret' from them? Do they expect us to believe they are now 'surprised' at the mess the country is in and 'don't look at us, we didn't do it'

Fuck them all

defender said...


"We've got the politicians we deserve!"

wots with this "we" shit Kimosabi

Captain Ranty said...

Fantastic comments as usual!

I should have been clearer. I think we are all at fault for not doing enough to shut Labour down in the early years.

Pavlov's Cat, you make a good point. I don't want anyone to forget the damage Blair did. Not ever. I should have added in some of his fuck-ups as well.

But I blame the (alleged) opposition most of all. Labour quickly learned to throw a deaf 'un after they got in. So our complaints were never going to be heard. On the odd occasion that we did get bent out of shape (the anti-war protests, the closure of our local post offices, for example), they just totally ignored us.

But Cammy and Cleggy (or their predecessors) were right there in the same fucking room. And they did nothing. Seriously, does anyone think Cameron put up any fight over anything? I watched PMQ's for as long as I could stand it, and it became a political point scoring exercise, but there was never any real resistance.

And now we have to suffer the consequences because the Tories and the LimpDems were spineless?

Nay, nay, and thrice nay.


FireballXL5 said...

The thing is, does our political system allow for effective and practical opposition rather than just point scoring? Where are the checks and balances that prevent unconstitutional tomfuckery such as accepting the Lisbon Treaty when the governing party has a huge majority? The Americans have this in their set-up, we, maybe, used to have it in the Lords, but since Labour stuffed the upper chamber with their toadies and acolytes, and the abolition of hereditary peers it has become a rubber stamp for the government. I think there was something to be said for the Lords when it was comprised mainly of wise old fools who were not career politicians and probably actually cared for our country, it's ancient culture, traditions and indigenous peoples.

The modern politician is a hideous construct, having gone from school to university, to lobbying, to parliament with no real life experience whatsoever. In it principally for themselves, as a career, rather than out of a sense of duty or indeed being able to offer something tangible gained from a successful stint in real life.

Unfortunately most of us are too X-Factored up, too in hock or in thrall to the state to care overly much about all this.

It looks like the Navy is about to be reduced to not much more than a canoe club, many, many people at the bottom of the pile are going to be thrown on the scrap heap rather than the overpaid empire builders that need to go, middle income tax payers are going to be fucked senseless. Yet we still fork out for Foreign Aid and the EU, but nobody seems to be saying we can't afford these things whilst the chip wrappings in the MSM make a huge storm over the financially miniscule issue of child benefit.

All the main parties really are arguing over the proverbial rearrangement of outside seating on the Titanic and whilst they're all aware of the presence of the iceberg, no fucker dare mention it.

Anonymous said...

Go have a listen to what Geert Wilders has to say, on radio free britain.Sub-titled but interesting...Morgan.

FireballXL5 said...


Thanks for the suggestion, the video was unavailable but I read the full text of his speech on the accompanying link to "The Gates of Vienna".

I was surprised by how moderate it seemed and impressed with the logic and power of his arguments. These things need saying in this country, this debate needs to be happening in the mainstream. If not I fear we will have violence sooner or later. Or we just succumb and lose our country.

Anonymous said...

Sadly XL5.Freedom of speech,DONT MAKE ME LAUGH.Look to China and their system.It will give you an idea of whats to come. Do you know that the navy is the only part of our military that does not take an oath?There is a reason for this. The only protection that has kept us safe for a thousand years is to be literally reduced to a fishing boat fleet. Once the navy has gone all will be lost. Wars going on.Terrorism.What do they want to do...depleat the stongest defence we have.Then what is left give it to the EU.What shit politicians have we.
I would gladly work for nothing to build a fleet to protect these islands from these bastards, who would sail you,and me,down the river for their benifit..excuse the pun.Be safe,it is'nt over yet...Morgan.