October 04, 2010

Bailout II-More Theft Cometh

How lovely.

We "donated" £1.2 TRILLION to these useless banksters and they are now whining for more.

Article here.

I won't fisk the whole thing, but look at the opening paragraph:

"High street banks stand on the verge of another credit crunch and taxpayers may be forced to plug a £25bn-a-month funding gap, an economic think-tank has claimed."

"...taxpayers may be forced..."

To me this reads as if we were asked, and we refused. No fucker asked me.

I would have said just three words:

Let. Them. Fail.

In fact, I am saying it now. Banks are no different to any other private company. If they can't cut the mustard then they can die, just like any other business.

There. I've said it.



banned said...

Didn't stop the banksters swooping up their bonuses in the good days between the double dip credit crunch.

FireballXL5 said...

I said this right at the start, why should the banksters be immune from the consequences of capitalism, particularly as they had gained so much from it and by doing so fucked the rest of us. If Ruin had allowed Northern Rock to fall, along with the Jockland collective of financial basket cases run by Fred the Shred it may have stopped the rot there and then. True to their socialist fucktardness they bailed the failures out like they always do (Rover et al) and it makes the final reckoning much, much worse.

It wouldn't have affected me directly, like a twat all my money was/is in property (commercial and residential) and along with my pension fund has been virtually wiped out by the asset collapse that has ensued. Be aware this asset inflation/deflation is designed to rob us all of our wealth, it's the biggest transfer of money and power in history. We are all being fucked big time. How do we come out the other side with anything intact??

The only way I can see to get the money back that has been stolen from us is not to ever pay any more income tax, council tax, telly tax etc. default on credit cards and loans and buy some commodity that the bastards can't sieze and will retain it's value when the paper stuff goes down the toilet.

Any other suggestions gratefully received.

William said...

Xl5 I totally agree with your comments.


defender said...

X15, your eyes have truly opened.
I am sure you also realise that the political class are part of the same game, the game being to make us as skint as possible so as to beholding to the greater cause.
They are all treatrous, thieving unprincipled cunts of the highest order.
The real piss take for me is that we the people are paying for this.

Kitler said...

Wish I'd voted BNP now :(

Captain Ranty said...


I don't think it would have made any difference.

The answer, I believe, is to vote them ALL out.


defender said...

Ranty, have a read

Tyranny’s Last Stand: The Tipping Point is Here

Michael Edwards
Activist Post
October 4, 2010


The enemies are the banking consortium.

In Malcolm Gladwell’s provocative book The Tipping Point, he gives many examples of how seemingly small, insignificant decisions can radiate to cause an eventual wave of change that overtakes the prevailing modes of behavior. He clearly extrapolates how the silent leaders of society — not the ones on TV, or the ones we appoint — set trends through their singular ability to recognize an underlying need, or change of direction. It can be as simple as a clothing style, a type of cuisine, a new travel destination . . . or the need to change the world’s political course. I believe there are signs that The Tipping Point for free humanity has been reached; from here on out, there will be an open dialogue between the forces of tyranny and the forces of freedom...........

Umbongo said...


If you want to mount a serious economic argument the last outfit to call in evidence is the New Economics Foundation. Let me refer you instead to Tim Worstall's comments which tear another one in the NEF's collective backside.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Defender.

That is a terrific article.

For anyone feeling pessimistic, go, read, have your spirits lifted!


Captain Ranty said...


Thank you too. That is a great piece.

Yon NEF people seem awfully gullible/naive.

Scary numbers though: 85% of GDP!


Dohmer said...

The only rational thought I have is that the City of London is the only entity that makes us money in the UK anymore.

Without it, we have no power. We have no empires, we have no food. Our empire was built on printing money to 3rd world countries and reaping all their resources in debt payments.

In the scenario of a banking run in the UK, investors go elsewhere, we're left with crumbs.

NewsboyCap said...

Yo Captain,
Slightly off topic, just back from a john:harris talk 'different' to say
the least, not sure I 'understand' all he had to say but will stick with it.


Ace said...

Well said Ranty!

Let them fail!

Personally I would have let em fail the first time and wouldn't have bailed any of them out.

They are friggin unbelievable. They haven't lent a penny since the last time they were bailed out and yet they are in trouble again?

The Greed of bankers ceases to amaze me.