October 01, 2010

Lawful Rebellion Forum Launched

Good news to take us into the weekend.

Those bright chaps over at Lawful Rebellion have launched a forum. This is brilliant news for those of us that want to learn before we do what we must to right a terrible wrong. It promises to become a fantastic resource when used alongside the great articles and interviews that the lads produce for us.

I know, and they know, that there are more questions than answers, but with more of us working on the research, we will soon have a repository of information that can be used with confidence, by absolutely anyone.

What are you waiting for? Go check it out right here right now.

Compared to the LR guys, and the knowledge they have amassed, I am but a worm. I dim-witted worm at that.

Please go along, register, and become part of something world-changing. No-one is asking you to "tool up" and hit the streets, no-one is asking you harm another human being, and no-one wants to put you in harms way.

The only weapons you will need in this new war are pen, paper, envelopes and stamps. This war requires armchair warriors.

Millions of them.

You know, as I know, that it takes a lot for Brits to get their dander up. And what is our usual means of expressing our outrage, our displeasure, our discontent?

Yup. We write letters.

Most though, go straight into File 13.

At the forum you will learn how to write lawful, legal, powerful, meaningful letters and notices that cannot be ignored.

Join us. Let's win our country back using ancient law that they "forgot" to teach us about. That they "forgot" to tell us was at our disposal.

They usually beat us with bits of paper.

Let's fight paper with paper.

It works.



FireballXL5 said...

Thanks for that Captain, as a follower (but newbie poster) I am much heartened by your posts and ongoing battle with the state. Please keep up the good work, I'm off to LR to sign up!

defender said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!!!!!

you know, doubters, yes you, that this lawfull rebellion, freeman stuff is growing by an amazing rate, even though you are in doubt.
Are you doubtful because you dont understand and cant be arsked to figure it out, even with pleanty of free help.
Well its you who are the fools to be involved in a system which holds you to indunture only with your conscent.
There is much info around for you to read and get your head around or, conviently, many many vids.
here is a link to a headful of vids which is a hell of a lot easier to get the idea.


The uttering of the word NO, is the most important right you own.

defender said...

Ranty, is this freeman you perchance?
I get these images in my head about user names on blogs.
Any way a bloody good vid this


Captain Ranty said...

No, that is not me, Defender.

I am a northern monkey. He speaks nicer than wot I do, he has more hair, and is thinner.

Which is probably why I use the written word as my medium.

Mind you, I haven't ruled out EyeTube. Once I sort out some other shit, to the point where my family and I cannot be threatened or blackmailed, I may well do some stuff to camera.

You can always use the vids to scare your kids when they misbehave.....


defender said...

Threatened, blackmailed, you are in a precarious state.
Throw off the shakles that bind young man, it will cause you to drown.(figuretity? speaking)

Hey, those that can write write, those than can film, film, those that can............takes allsorts to fight a rebellion.
Oh, i am sorted over at the forum

Captain Ranty said...


Apart from the lackeys in HMRC I have never been threatened. I cannot, and must not, be harmed because I choose to live my life according to common law alone.

My concern is that if I "go public" before I am safe to do so, the nastiness will escalate. I have seen too many good bloggers suffer when they were outed, or chose to use their true identities. It would threaten my job too, and for now at least, I need it.

I know that they (gubmint) know who I am, but there are statutes in place (which they must abide by) that stops them from telling everyone else who I am.

In the past I have spoken in front of crowds of up to three hundred. So speaking to a camera holds no fears for me. I will do that one day.

I'll see you over at the forum.


Captain Ranty said...


Welcome! Glad to see you are posting. This only works if we share information and ideas.

See you at the forum too.


defender said...

Oh, Ranty would you find a place to put this on the forum in full. It is after all what this is about.


Captain Ranty said...


Yes I will.

I will find a copy of that hugely important document that isn't sponsored by Amazon though. The original wasn't and Amazon are not getting any free advertising from me...:)


Captain Ranty said...


You are most welcome.

I haven't achieved anything yet. But my paperwork is solid, and it is in place if I need it.

I used to hate them too. I used to fear them. Now I just feel sorry for them. They know not what they do. They know not how much harm they cause.

Try, if you can, to substitute hate for pity. It is very helpful when you do that. It will make your Notices better too. You should only write those when you are absolutely calm, because they are pedantic they will pick up any mistakes written while the red mist was down.

And don't forget: the government guys and gals are human too. They, like us, have no idea what's going on. Our Notices are not in their script. You need to educate them as well.

Good luck! If you need any help, let me know.


Beast of No Nation said...


Thanks for your sound words of advice, advice I shall take on board!! Calmness in the face of adversity hey, I can imagine that riling them up even more! Well as you say you have yet to achieve anything yet, I'd have to beg to differ slightly, you have achieved in opening up my eyes, so credit were credit is due Cap'n.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Cap'n R.

I shall bookmark and try and absorb some of the teachings there.

Although I am not entirely convinced that Common Law will be enough to peacefully fight off our eventual enslavement I do believe that it will be an important tool in bringing to the fore the nature of how things should be and the true nature of those who seek to take our rights away.

To me knowledge is sacred; to the other side knowledge is something to use against us.

Good will triumph, of that I am sure.

Captain Ranty said...


Common law is the only meaningful law that we have. The rest is just fluff. Makework to keep those 650 and their drones busy. And to keep us distracted.

We will win this war. But it is a numbers game. We need to swell our ranks, then they will have no choice but to listen.

Glad to have you on the squad!