October 31, 2010

Will You Listen?

This soundtrack encapsulates pretty much everything I have been trying to tell you for over a year.

The music is annoying, but get over that and listen to Robert.

This piece is jammed with sound advice.The blogosphere is whispering revolution this morning. It does my heart good to see the better known bloggers openly defying the government and advocating civil disobedience. All the hand-wringing, the letter writing, the contacting your MP/MSP, the petitions, and the protests have not worked. We tried to tell them that we are displeased, but they ignored us.

I absolutely guarantee that the minute the money dries up their hearing will be miraculously restored.

Let's retaliate for a change. Let's stop money reaching their pockets.

See how they like it.



Anonymous said...


The only way to beat the system is to remove yourself from the system. Those who believe they can go into the system and change it from within inevitably get swallowed up and become another part of the machine - think of Lord of the Rings and the one rule to rule them all - no matter what you do you can't use the ring for good (ring = system).

We simply need no system. A land where we are free to live our lives with minimal laws (murder, rape, theft) and pretty much an end to blue collar financial crime. we need to bring back the gold/silver standard and drastically reduce costs that have shot up unlike standard of living which has remained the same.

I don't know about when the money dries up for 'THEY' have the money and what they'll do is just print more and more.
Again, I believe the only way other than full on war and massive loss of life is to remove oneself completely from the system as Rob Menard and many others are doing, yourself included. If you choose to remain part of the system then that system will continue to get wealthier and you will continue to be their slave. It's really the choice of the individual - freedom or slavery?

Captain Ranty said...


That's it in a nutshell, isn't it?

Keep paying and stay shackled, or stop paying and be free.

I made my decision some time ago.

What constantly amazes me is the sheer terror others have. The "system" has them by the balls, but they have yet to realise that the system is faith-based. The system is no more than an ideology. Take two steps back and it loses its grip, its power is negated.

I have no faith in them anymore.

The good thing is that now the genie is out of the bottle, more and more realise that they have a choice.

It is slow, but steady progress.


defender said...

"All the hand-wringing, the letter writing, the contacting your MP/MSP, the petitions, and the protests have not worked. We tried to tell them that we are displeased, but they ignored us."
I am happy with that Ranty, great, now for some real work now eh.

Me, just a few months short of 60, started writing to the fuckers in 1979 about the EEC which is now the EU. When Major signed again, that was it.
I started withdrawing from the system, no contract, no paye, cash, make do and mend. Thank you all for seeing like me, that those fuckers(elites) are screwing you and they will not stop until you demand , No.

Happy lawful rebellion to all of you.

defender said...

That was a cracking vid Ranty.
here is one in exchange,

Tommy Robinson, You freaking rock my man.


James Higham said...

It is coming close, isn't it? The nuts and bolts of it are the question.

Sackerson said...

Like I said at James', there's lots of ways you can semi-disconnect legally. Stop buying booze and cigs, "starve the beast" by moving your money from major crim banks to more responsible organisations, cut unnecessary luxuries and rediscover leisure time and friendship.

Saw something yesterday about hosts of caravanners setting down in Venice Beach and found myself taking the "wrong" side. Maybe this is hippiedom revisited, but somehow I don't care that much - we tried playing the game fairly straight (our parents more so) and found the cards were stacked.

Sackerson said...

My response:


FireballXL5 said...


Thank you for the link, an enjoyable read and, you know what, that is exactly how I live my life.

Mobile and under the radar :-)