October 04, 2010

A Case For Treason-Update

Those good folks over at A Case For Treason have been in touch.


"Thank You CR for the link to our treason site, My name is Rick and I have worked with Albert to construct this obscene amount of data.

I would like add The Evidence files have been updated so the documents are more legible than ever.

The response the site has had in its first month is staggering. We have had over 166000 hits and we’ve used 67GB worth of bandwidth. This amounts to 70% of our hosting company’s limit across 40% of their client base. WOW!!! I was gobsmacked.

We are currently working on 2 new sections of the site that will blow the socks off our readers. One section is going to track the police stations that are ignoring this and the other section is a surprise. Let me assure you the surprise will be another nail in the coffin for the traitors of our wonderful country.

Once again thank you for helping to get the word out please pass our site on far and wide.


So please swing by to see what they are up to. The site is here.

And remember: what these guys do, they do for all of us.

Please support them if you can.

Many thanks,



Sue said...

I've been telling everyone about the site. You'd be surprised how many people are interested.

We need to get into a position where we can call to account those who are knowingly continuing with this treachery.

A powerful group of lawyers, politicians etc. backed by the people.

banned said...

Ta for the link, I've always known that Heath is a dead traitor cunt and have said so from time to time; the only difference with David Cameron is that the latter is not dead.