October 09, 2010

Spontaneous Order

Life is a team game.

Surprisingly, it doesn't need a captain. It doesn't need leaders, it doesn't need organisers, it doesn't need someone to provide order because, if left alone, order arrives spontaneously. All on its own.

When did you last have to say to a tree, "Be a tree"? You didn't because there is no need. The tree will be a tree no matter what you say. It just is.

I can launch into a long diatribe about how order was forced upon us, but in the end, it boils down to two words: greedy men. Those same greedy men, for thousands of years, forced order (rules, regulations, laws, taxes, punishments) on us because it suited them, not us. I think if you ask most people to look inside their secret hearts, they would say, "I just want to be left alone". Some need more "control" than others, but I now know that is because they have been indoctrinated to think that way. In this, and scores of other countries, education systems have this in common: they don't teach enough, and they teach the wrong things. They do not equip us for life. They equip us with just enough information to go and find a job and pay taxes. We will (if we work, many don't) pay taxes all of our lives, and then, when death comes, as it must, they will have one final stab at our corpse to see if it will produce a parting gift to the state.

What if, like the flock of seagulls or the shoal of fish in this short video, we were leaderless? What if the state was abolished? Would chaos reign? Or would order spontaneously arrive, unbidden but welcomed?

The only reason we have a state apparatus is because greedy men tell us we have to have it. I contend that we don't. I contend that, after a period of readjustment, anarchy would serve us beautifully. Communities would settle down and organisation would come. Agreements would be negotiated with neighbouring communities to use each others' goods and services, like roads and hospitals.

Someone ought to make a movie about it. They should call it I, Freeman. And it should show people what life can be like without an oppressive, aggressive, greedy, corrupt, sneaky, invasive, interfering, nosey state. There would be one law: Do no harm. It covers everything. Judges would be free once more, to hear a dispute, with a jury, and between them decide on the punishment of the one that caused harm. Peace Keepers could be hired to erm, keep the peace. No special skills are required beyond a sense of fairness. Anyone in the community can be made sheriff. Likewise, anyone in the community can be appointed as a judge.

This is not a Utopian dream. It is not an idle thought. It is workable. How do I know this? I know because that way was the way we did things in the not too dim and distant past. It worked then, right up until greedy men, and greedy kings and queens, decided that they wanted more than a fair share.

I know, as you do, that there would need to be a phenomenal amount of unlearning, unbrainwashing, and decoupling from a state that insists that it is supreme. They are wrong. They have been wrong for centuries.

This massive change, from the overly complex to the incredibly simple, will allow you, and all of those you love, to be a human once again.

When was the last time someone said to you "Be a human"?

Probably never.

Because the state doesn't want you to be.

And that is reason enough to want it for yourself.



I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Once again I could not agree with you more,what is the purpose of the political classes,its to take our hard earned,ensure they live a grandiose life style and spend it on their pet projects.

It sickens me when I hear political wannabes talk about "being in power",for fucks sake all they do is interfere with peoples lives ,imposing their ideology through threats of violence,tax us,make wars and generally fuck things up for ordinary people,there is NOTHING that ordinary citizens cannot do better through ordinary human co-operation than these egotistical,delusional,brutal morons.

Watch yer back Capitan!

Captain Ranty said...

Quite right Stan.

"Watch yer back Capitan!"

I have now reached the point where they need to watch theirs. They cannot fuck with me anymore. I outrank them.

No fear, no problem, no doubt.

It's time to fuck THEM up.


Edo said...

With you, with you Ranty.

Collapse of the current paradigm has comes before re-ordering. We all have our own views as to what this collapse will look like, and what 'solutions' will be 'offered' to us to build a better world. My overwhelming feeling is that people have had their independence (and their bond with fellow men) indoctrinated out of them. They will always look for their father figure (gods, leaders, laws etc) to tell them what to do next.
There are exceptions of course, freemen, home-schoolers, anarchists, barterers etc, but their impact upon the rest of society, imho is still insignificant.
The transition is where its at. Who is best prepared to organise themselves into groups that can sustain hardship? I fear even those that can will come under immense pressure from those that cannot.
I don't believe in the power of miracles, but I wish for one nonetheless. In the mean time, I build my own community, my own network of sustainability, and hope for the best.

FireballXL5 said...

Lovely idea for a utopian existence where everyone is happy with their lot although it sounds a lot like the fabled "Future Fair For All" that was recently touted!

It won't work, Darwinism works against it, nature depends on competition between and within species to provide the best possible outcome for survival. This means clubbing to death your caveman neighbour because you need his food or woman, invading a far away land because you need more space or to plunder his treasure, getting a better job than the bloke next door so you can buy a newer BMW or breeding like a rabbit so you can take over the world in the case of Islam.

Not everyone wants to be a leader or even to be involved, but some do and some are happy to be led, so inevitably a leader would emerge, tribes would form, battles would then be fought between tribes and we're back where we started.

It's the natural human condition to behave this way, it means there are always going to be winners and losers. It may take at least another thousand years to develop socio-political systems that are anywhere near your hoped for Shangri-La.

If we survive that long of course!

defender said...

I was reading this just before reading your latest,

Legal versus Lawful! What does that mean? You may ask, are they not one, and the same? If something is lawful, does it not follow that it is also legal? The answer is most definitely NO!

We have been misled in many things, and in particular with regards to things that relate to law. However, the blame should not be directed upon those who have perpetrated the fraud. On the contrary. The blame should be directed against us, against ourselves, for allowing it to happen, and to continue to happen. Just as we should not blame government, politicians, and corporations for the things that they do. They can only do what we allow them to do, and remember silence, and inaction equals tacit consent.

In order to understand the difference in what is legal, and what is lawful we must understand how assumption, and presumption plays a major role in the fraud called "The Legal System". As an example lets take a really basic event like marriage.

As we all know marriage is a "lawful" institution. People have been getting married for centuries. In fact in ancient times all it took for two people to marry was to stand in their village before their piers, and THEIR god (nothing about religion), and announce their intentions, and their vows to each other. Now they are married, and recognized as such under the natural law "Common Law".

Let us now look at the process today. You decide to marry your soul mate. The first thing you must do (planning aside) is apply for a marriage license, which seems pretty straight forward right? Wrong! The need for a license is a presumption, or assumption on your part! This assumption results from the constant feeding of misinformation that you have been subject to throughout your life, and the way that the religious, government administered education systems have indoctrinated you during your growing years.

defender said...

Ranty, this is my foundation

There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for
1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc. etc.)
3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

I am well within these parameters

I am Stan said...


Ranty, this is my foundation

There are only three basic LAWS we could or should be accountable for

1) Injury to person (covers murder, assault, rape, slander, libel defaming ones name etc. etc)
2) Injury to property (includes physical property, intellectual property, income, loss of revenue etc. etc.)
3) Mischief (fraud) in our contracts verbal or otherwise: (Speaks for itself)

Very well said that man....what more does any society need?

Anonymous said...


ive just been reading in the nexus magazine about the australian sovereignty association,
established in feb this year,which wants to bring back and live by the magna carta,human rights and common law.

Groompy Tom said...

I'm all for being rid of any form of governance. But I don't think the type of order shown in that video would ever emerge if we were ever to get rid of it.
The body only functions because all the competing parts that drive it lack the feeling of jealousy. The birds and fish in that vid can only function as a single whole as they are all of the same breed.
Humans as a whole are of varying racial, religious and ideological breeds and humans are cursed by jealousy.
We will always be at war, we are going to destroy ourselves, we will one day no longer be here.

Now, can the governments off the world please f..k off and leave us to it.

Captain Ranty said...

I read it T-M.

Good stuff!!


Captain Ranty said...


Hope springs eternal.

Once the shackles are thrown off, who knows what order may come?

I think it would surprise all of us.

In a good way.