October 23, 2010

Parasites And Politicians

Same thing really.

I talk, of course, about those seven million people who refuse to contribute. All they do is take. Then there are the politicians, 650 of them, but with legions of employees, who are also parasitical in nature. Both groups take, and take, and take. The seven million, the vast majority of whom offer nothing in return, are killing us. Their supporters, the politicians, have never known when to stop taking. I don't know about you, but I have had a bellyfull.

I know that a certain proportion of those milions cannot work due to illness or disability. I have absolutely nothing against supporting those in genuine need. It is the mark of a civilised society that cares for those most in need. My problem is with those who constantly take the piss. I include the politicians because they drive the whole thing.

I have decided to withdraw my support. I have decided not to contribute. I have lawful excuse. The law, their law, says that I can revoke my consent at any time. I have done so. All that is left is for me to ensure that they know why, and how, I have revoked my consent.

By their very own rules we learn that parliament is illegitimate. It has been since 1911. We have learnt that council tax is illegal. Income tax is illegal. In fact, all taxation is illegal. Our Your legislature is a three-step process: a Bill is introduced by an MP in the House of commons, debated and fine-tuned, it then goes to the House of Lords for more tweaking, (there may be a bit of back and forth between the two Houses) and finally, it goes to Lizzie for her moniker. She makes her mark and alakazam, we have a new statute on the Rolls. Simple enough so far, but if there is anything wrong with the foundations of any of those three institutions, anything and everything they produce lacks legitimacy. Research tells us that the House of Lords has lacked legitimacy for 99 years. They just "forgot" to tell us that.

And like good little soldier ants, we beavered away. Scurrying hither and yon, supporting and defending the ant hill. Most of the ants will do this forever. They are fast asleep and they demand more sleeping pills. They are in a walking coma, and they are doomed. Because they choose to remain in a coma, they doom us all. They just don't know it, and not enough of them are interested enough to enforce change. And why would they? They are feeling no pain. They deserve all this "free" money. It hurts me to cough up 53% of my salary in direct taxation, and it hurts even more to get nailed for more taxes every time I do the right thing by spending my hard-earned coin.

After working for the ant hill for 32 years, this bastard coalition have convinced me that enough is enough. The last lot were merely incompetent. This new lot are worse because they combined incompetence with stupidity and lack of vision. They bite the hand that feeds them 24/7. The spending review last week was woefully underdone. This was their big chance to fix all the screw ups from the reich of Colostomy Brown and his fuhrer, Antonius Fuckwit Blair. They failed. They failed miserably. I won't rehash, or even attempt to rewrite some fantastically scathing blogposts by people who outwrite me with ease. Increasing foreign aid, when we are hurting so much, was beyond my ability to understand. When the Ranty household needs to tighten its collective belt, the first things we dump are luxuries. Foreign aid is a luxury. We can make these payments when things improve, and not before.

The quangoes and those hundreds of thousands of fake charities must have pissed themselves laughing. No charities were decoupled from the public tit, and those 200 quangoes were merely realigned. Same money, just laundered differently.

I've had it. I've taken as much as I'm willing to take. I've given far more than my fair share.

Clameron said "We're all in this together".

No mate. We're not.

You're on your fucking own.

I'm out.



Sue said...

The Tories are merely obeying their masters.

I am trying very hard not to support this "EU".. every bit of work I do now, is either cash in hand or bartered for goods.. lots of lovely fruit and veg here :)

I refuse to participate in a corrupt system.

microdave said...

If they do actually bring in the promised £10k tax threshold, I'm going to make damn certain I don't exceed it!

I've got by on around that amount for some years, I will just have to keep plodding on...

Old Holborn said...

Ignoring the state is a mindset, adopt it.

Learn to say no to them. Learn to never give them anything they demand. You are the highest authority over you, not them

They are not offering you immortality, they are not offering anything you cannot achieve yourself and they will end up in exactly the same place we all do. Dead.

So fuck them.

defender said...

I bet you feel reinvogerated after coming out. Well done ranty and the Hon Cunt Holborn (good afternoon mucker, got anything to put in the barrel this year).
What about the rest of you, we really do not need spectators, get onto the field or fuck off.

Anonymous said...

I am planning to grow most of my food from next year, and get my electricity from the wind and sun, and water from my own well.

If we want this country to truly be a better place, we must become more self sufficient.

It is also prudent, as many people will be FUCKED if (most likely, when) we end up in poverty like the 1930's. Either an Oil problem or a currency collapse will kill our infrastructure stone dead.

Our greedy, small-minded Politicians are part of the problem, as is every single moron that continues to let this charade continue.

We don't riot much, but when we do, we don't mess around. Like the French.

James Higham said...

My problem is with those who constantly take the piss. I include the politicians because they drive the whole thing.

I think this is the case with most of us, Cap'n.

banned said...

I pay cash for everything (except Amazon), does that count?

On the minor point of the overseas aid budget rising to .7% of GDP it is purely so that our leaders can present themselves as goody fucking two shoes to our overseas friends and in particular to allow them to be patronising towards Obama.
Glowing paragons of virtue at our expense.

Anonymous said...

You are a wise man CR.The only drawback is the poor, old, sick and infirm are always the ones that suffer first.Its like your accountant,he is always paid before anybody?..Self presevation is in all of us, helping others is secondary when it comes to survival. Looking after the ones that need to be looked after is always the priority. Without that humanity is surely doomed...Please dont misunderstand me, if you believe what you believe is right, I for one applaud your stance...You opened my mind to the smoke and mirors, that I thank you for. Money is not my god, never will be. I would give up everything to have my loved ones back, but as this is not possible I just get on with my life. Everyone at sometime has to pay the ferryman, young or old, it comes to us all, soldier,sailor rich or poor....Be well peace and love..Morgan.

FireballXL5 said...

Good post Capt. I echo the sentiments here. Holby's point about adopting the right mindset is pertinent, it's taken a long time for me to grasp this but it does set you free although writings like yours are needed now and then to stem the occasional wavering!

Captain Ranty said...

Good comments from all. Thank you.

I truly am lucky. When I look at other blogs there is a lot of negativity. Not so here.

The blogtards may well read this stuff but they rarely comment.


Ben E Fitz said...

I've been on the dole for years because Tony Bliar took in a continuous growing stream of foreign labour to keep the wages down in my trade. Out of £668.9m government spending, only 7m of that is spent on unemployment benefit.

I'm so sick of people like you demonising benefit claimants. Take your head out of the Daily Mail for five minutes and look around you and tell me if you see any production capability in this country. No you can't see anything of the sort because we have a service economy. You're just as bad as the twats in power, making people out of work and living in poverty the scapegoat for the state of the system.

Here's a scapegoat for you. Education. How about sacking 50% of the teachers that indoctrinate us with useless trash for at least seven years of our lives. The remaining 50% get to keep their jobs as long as they tell us the truth about how government is run, what money is and that they impart real industrial skills to our kids.

Out of the £7.2m savings from the sackings, that will exceed the unemployment spending and those middle class teacher types will just 'go back to uni' or 'take a gap year to travel Asia' or 'make an jazz fusion CD'.

Leave the benefit claimaints alone. If you have any moral fortitude, go and complain about NHS spending where it costs £10k minimum for a door to be installed in a hospital. But that would require use of your grey matter.

Just Woke Up said...

Ben E Fitz. Your trade? Well, if there aren't any jobs there for your trade go train in something else. Go back to school. Why not start your own business? Its all Tony Blair's fault is it? Nothing to do with your unwillingness to help yourself and being inflexible, I s'pose?

My heart bleeds purple piss, mate...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I’m a little peed off with the tone on here.

There are old and disabled people who we need to look after; it’s OK to sneer if you’re fit and able.

We need some sort of community (and I know how devalued that word is now), we need some system of support to help them.

We know the system is screwed and the politicians, unions, teachers, police etc. are corrupted. But we need a government of some type; it is what sort we have and now we have a shit one.

But don’t insult ordinary people for being so apathetic, they have families to care for and have to get by.

It’s a burden we meek appeasers have to carry, besides the moral high ground’s becoming a little crowded of late.

(After all that, CR, I hope that you don’t mind me putting a link to your site on my new rants page)

Captain Ranty said...


I hear you. And I agree to a certain extent. No-one here is saying, least of all me, that we should ignore our old, our sick, or our disabled. They are the ones who truly NEED us. We aren't talking about "ordinary" people. I'm not, for a start. I am talking about those who refuse to work. They will not work because they have had someone to wipe their arse for the last 13 years. Is it okay if I get angry about that? Is it okay if I say "Enough!"?

20 years ago my Uncle Dave, from Middlesbrough, was on the telly. He was an unemployed welder. He traded places with a guy down south and they made a documentary about how they coped. The working welder that Dave stood in for, came north and tried to cope with a giro and Dave did his job and got paid for it. Dave loved it, being in work again. He could finally, after ten years on the dole, walk with his head held high. The guy from down south hated it, couldn't wait to get back home. I saw Dave about a year after the programme went out. He had gone home to Middlesbrough and parked his arse. He would not even move 25 miles to look for a welding job. He would not retrain. He would not compromise. He retired not long ago, although from what remains a mystery to me.

The point is, WG, not all of those who are able are actively looking for a job. THEY WANT IT ON THEIR TERMS AND NO OTHER, GODDAMMIT!

No moral highground here mate.

And yes, please feel free to link at any time.


Captain Ranty said...


The benefits system is in place to provide money for people who find themselves in need.

Sadly, and I am NOT using a broad brush here, millions choose it as a way of life.

Maybe you aren't one of them. I do notice that you choose to blame someone else though. Unkie Tone hasn't been in charge for quite some time. Is there really no way you could have moved to where the work is, or retrained, or re-entered full time education? I don't know your exact circumstances but I have been unemployed. I chose to move my family 400 miles so that I could work and provide for them.

As for your thoughts on waste, I doubt you will find a bigger supporter than me for eradicating that waste. I bang on about it endlessly. If there wasn't so much waste, I wouldn't have to pay so much tax. And perhaps, if things were better for me, I wouldn't complain so much about the leeches.

You may not be a leech, but I definitely think you could have picked a different path back to work.

Blairs gone, Browns gone, and there's a new twat in charge. Things won't change unless you force the change.

Good luck to you. I really do hope you find work soon.


Caratacus said...

CR - I admire your restraint.

Yours is an example I suspect I would do well to follow...

Anonymous said...

Got my affadvit ready to send to Ca-moron et al, appointment with Notary Public, Birth certificate, red pen all poised.

Enough is definitely enough!

Captain Ranty said...


Good for you!

Don't use red though. It is the same as writing in blood. Use purple. That pisses them off. (Purple is supposedly only for royals).

And don't forget: address it to David Cameron dba (Doing Business As) Prime Minister UK.

He will ignore it. But that is okay. An unrebutted affidavit becomes the truth in law.

Freedom awaits!!


Captain Ranty said...


The man is obviously bitter about his situation.

No sense pouring salt into that wound.