October 18, 2010

Heading Out

Blogging may be light for the last ten days of the month.

I am heading south to London tomorrow for a two day conference and then even souther to Tripoli for a swift visit. Libya is one of the tougher countries to blag your way into, but I'll give it a go. It may be a swift arrest followed by an even swifter deportation. I'm game for a laugh.

Naturally, I am underwhelmed at the prospect of what will probably be two full days in transit with dear old BA. Remember their old advert: "We'll take more care of yoooooo. Fly the flaaaag".

Can't wait.

I will be staying at a hotel in G-G-G-Granville Place (W1H) for my stay in big, fancy London. If any of you wish to partake of the foaming ale, I will be the Northern drunken monkey causing trouble in any ale-houses near the hotel. (I never shit where I eat...). Wing a note to captainranty at btinternet dot com and if it's doable, we'll do it.

The last time I visited London there was sex, drugs, fighting, and a lot of shouting in my hotel room. The night porter came up at around 3 a.m and said "Really Captain! This has to stop, the other guests are complaining! Just how does one man, alone, cause such a ruckus?!".

Play nice.


PS-two popular telly shows from a thousand years ago got a tenuous mention in this post. There's a shiny donkey in the mail for whoever spots them first.

PPS-There won't really be any shiny donkey's in the mail. It would upset PETA. And think of the postage!


Richard said...

"Game For A Laugh" and - er - "I Never Shit Where I Eat"?

hangemall said...

G-G-G-Granville. Open All Hours? Can't think of another.

Enjoy your boozing and have a safe trip.

Captain Ranty said...

Full marks between the two of you.

I'll start hacking the donkey in half. I'm leaning towards a band-saw but I am open to suggestions.


Richard said...

Karate chop.

Captain Ranty said...

Karate chop!

I can only do that with breeze blocks.

Live animals is a whole nuther ball game.

I'll need something that plugs in....


Richard said...

Put the animal in a freezer for 24 hrs first.

Captain Ranty said...

Now that, Richard, is a bodacious plan.

I'm off to buy a bigger freezer.