October 10, 2010

Meet Ben Lowrey

Freeman Ben Lowrey  nicely explains what it is all about. He bursts some bubbles in this explanatory video. But he does it in a non-aggressive way that makes it simple to understand.

Elsewhere I have seen negative comments about Ben because he has an area on his site which is for fee paying members only. I have no problem with this at all. If Ben is prepared to dedicate huge amounts of his time to research, then surely he deserves to be recompensed for his labour? I think so. Ben provides a service which has a value. The only way to see if you get value for money is to try the service he provides. I would advise only Freemen and those in Lawful Rebellion to sign up for the fee paying service, and I say that because I believe only those who have done some serious study will know what to do with the information. That sounds a little condescending and it is not my intention to insult people. It is a serious move to make.

Taking control of your artificial construct is itself laden with responsibility and should not be attempted by the unlearned or the unknowing.

I don't charge for information presented on here because almost none of it is original. I did not produce it. Usually I find it through the endeavours of other Freemen or Lawful Rebels. The only original posts here are those containing no links whatsoever. If they aren't original, I will say so. Having said that, my blog has a value. But it is to advertisers. I will never allow adverts on here (apart from tobacco products but that is an act of defiance rather than a revenue raiser) largely because I have no interest in money, beyond that which I need to feed my family.

Back to Ben.

Note that Ben is now preparing to take control of his Strawman or, more accurately, his artificial construct. I mentioned last year that this was my ultimate goal, and that remains true today. The only reason I haven't pursued that is because I wanted to pick (and win) one fight at a time. I am now close to winning the HMRC battle and after that I will start on Council Tax, and then I intend to have some fun with the DVLA. There is no shortage of government agencies to toy with.

You can register at Ben's site for free and I hope that you do so. There is a ton of useful information that will help you if your mission is to free yourself from the state.

I'm heading over there now.



Anonymous said...


That's a good video for people to understand the basics of the created cannot control the creator. However I will disagree with his computer programme cannot control the computer programmer as he's forgetting about Artificial Intelligence.

I think possibly the best way of bringing peace to this world and destroying the system is for everyone to become a freeman and thus the system will simply implode as no one will control anyone. Then again, I believe we should simply have anarchy as control will always come about eventually when you give people power. Nature by definition is chaotic. We are part of nature. The road to hell is always paved with good intentions.

I know many will disagree with anarchy, but then what anarchy does is give people total liberty and more importantly makes people take personal responsibility for their actions. It's a dog eat dog society and if you want to survive you have to educate yourself as well as learning how to defend yourself and your family.

So as I've got older the only way to me is natural chaos of nature and that's anarchy. Many Libertarians will disagree believing that there should be a government and then there's the "what about the protection of the weak?" We'd have a far more honest society of integrity if it were anarchy. All other forms are merely control.

Captain Ranty said...


I gave him the benefit of the doubt re AI.

He seems to know his onions and is unafraid to bimble into a police station to ask questions.

Naturally, they are almost automatic in their responses.

Ho hum. They will learn...