October 13, 2010

Ron Paul-Tea Party Speech

We need politicians like him here. Lots of them.

This is a terrific speech.

Plenty in there to excite the libertarians amongst us, or even just those of us that still have some common sense.



Timdog said...

"(If the 1st amendment says)...that you can say things that are controversial, you should be able to tolerate other people who are controversial too, as long as they don't impose their will, their rules or their beliefs on you."

Every politician in the UK should have that sentence tattooed on their forehead backwards, so every time they think about creating some bullshit new law or jumping on some bullshit bandwagon, they can look in the mirror and remember to consider whether it would pass the above litmus test.

98% of everything they do would not. The other 2% is breathing and eating.

I am Stan said...

Yo Capitan,

Yeah old Ronny knows his stuff eh?,I dont disagree with anything he said and I know if I was American I would be enjoying cups of tea and partying.

A few things he said stood out for me,he mentioned "no income tax",hell yeah I`d have some of that,starve the beast,if they dont have our cash they cant waste it,we spend our own money on what we need,want or believe in,however on this side of the pond we the mug public are already being softened up for when we have to pay our wages directly to the government,f******g h**l if that happens we are truly lost,their power over us would be complete.

Im sure you would say that as a freeman they will have no power over you and I wouldnt argue with you ,if you say so then so be it ,but they would have enough power over enough people to bend society to their will with ease and to crush dissent,after all they hold the purse strings,dont conform,dont get money,you the mrs and kids dont eat.

He also mentioned "States nullifying bad federal laws",I guess the equivalent here would be counties nullifying bad Parliamentary and EU laws,which would be great.

He talked a lot about "The Constitution",here it would be the Magna Carta I suppose,every American knows about their "Constitution" even if they don`t know the details they know its about their rights and freedoms,by contrast how many Brits have even heard of the Magna Carta,never mind what it says or means,to be honest I dont,is it still even recognized in a court or is it just a relic?

FireballXL5 said...

Capt. in short we are fucked.

I am in tears watching the Chilean mine rescue, what a tremendous uplifting story, they appear to be a strongly knitted community with great pride in their nation. Something I don't see in our country.

I am in tears watching this video and looking at the anti obummer placards, for we have no equivalent in this country. Never are our fundamental freedoms mentioned by our spineless politicians let alone conserved, when did any of them, for instance, refer to the Bill of rights. We have allowed them to dismantle a culture and constitution painstakingly built over the last millennia and paid for in blood.

We are cutting things that shouldn't be cut and saving the things that should be killed. The EU is strangling us, overriding our laws and rights and bleeding us dry with ever increasing demands for our money. The Islamisation of our once great country has changed us for the worse, probably irredeemably, and will result in the eradication of our culture, our nation and finally our race.

I wait in hope, but I fear in vain, for someone with a national platform to stand up and say these things, to pull us back from the abyss.

It won't happen, it's probably too late, we are utterly, utterly fucked.

I say again, when does the uprising start?

I am Stan said...


I think people confuse Nationalism with freedom, National pride is everywhere, just go to any Scottish,English etc football match and you will see national pride,talk to most people in the boozer and despite the grumblings most still have pride and respect for this country and its history.

To me freedom is not just about Nationalism,its about being free to think,live and believe in what you want without others stopping you and enforcing their thoughts,lives and beliefs on you,even if you are not particularly Nationalist.

Freedom is about being left alone to earn and spend your own hard earned and not having someone take it by force and spend it on themselves and their own pet projects.

Islam is the new bogey man TPTB use to scare us into compliance and continue their Imperialist ambitions,one way it manifest`s itself is paranoia ,people talk about "our culture" as if its something set in stone,well it never has been and never will be,people who live in far flung parts of Britain bemoan the "Islamification of Britain" when the nearest they get to a Muslim is in their friendly local shop keeper in the town miles away.

My favourite is "Sharia and Islam is taking over our culture,destroying our race and taking over the world as part of The New World Order controlled by the Jews",oh pleeeese lets stay in touch with reality,what next lizard skinned humanoids mating with humans to control our minds through telepathy...Oh!

If any religion or culture is getting a pounding its Islam and the middle East,just watch the news and count the bodies, people should stop being so easily led by the fearmongers and conspiricy nut jobs and begin to focus on who the real enemy are,the Political elitists,the Mega-Corporations,The Military Industrial Complex.

Perhaps then they will stop charging around the country trying to bully and intimidate shoppers going about their bizniz and focus their energy where it matters.

Finally an "uprising" is a fools choice because it would fail miserably,it would be crushed under foot by the security services and the aftermath would be a clamp down on all of us on a scale never seen before.

Ron Paul says the "Revolution" will come "Intellectually",by challenging and changing peoples perceptions of the role of government and their own responsibilities.

Thats what I think anyways,


Anonymous said...

It's just a shame the Tea Party are basically the worst of the Jesus Fan Club segment of the Republican party.

Just Woke Up said...

A lone voice of hope in a crowd of fascist politicians - both sides of the pond. The masses still voted for lies, servitude, and taxes though.

I showed my wife the Ron Paul Story documentary from 2008 a few days ago and she was taken aback. See, she lived in the former Soviet Union where they never had the freedoms that we have so stupidly allowed to be surrendered to the new EUSSR by Common Purpose quislings.

Her one word description of the Brits sums it up admirably - "idiots!!".