October 12, 2010

The Age Of Stupid

The new docudrama, The Age of Stupid, is all about ClimateShite.

It was written by the stupid, for the stupid.

But none of the stupid are quite as stupid as the stupid people that flew from all corners of the globe to tell us that we should not fly because it hurts poor old Gaia.

Listen, as Franny Fuckwit dodges the question altogether.

Watch, as the great and the good run away from the the reporter. Just after that the childishness grows to biblical proportions.

Tip of the beret to my old pal The Admiral from whom I nicked this clip.

For convenience, you may want to file this video in the "You Couldn't Make It Up" section.

Dozy twats.

Dozy hypocritical twats.



vervet said...

"Have you stopped flying?"

Such an inconvenient question for these hypocritical tossers !

Anonymous said...

A good video to watch is George Carlin's Save the Planet. It speaks of the madness of humans, here for some 200,000 years, being able to destroy a planet that's been here for billions, having faced all kind of natural catastrophe, way more powerful than any species on the planet could muster.

You've probably seen it but if not:

George Carlin - Saving the Planet

FireballXL5 said...

I have previously seen this vid Capt. just watching these smug, self righteous, ecotard, controlling, mentally deranged, trustfunded cunts boils my piss big time.

Their gross hideousness repels me, I want to tie that Fanny Fuckface to the blade of one of her beloved windmills and fire a couple of barrels off every time she swoops round. Assuming the winds blowing of course.

There'd be a couple of blades spare for that mong Millipede and slimeball Huhne to partake in their great investment.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Been there, done that. ;)

Seriously, every time that guy Phelim (?) confronts them it's the same result. They flap around and have no answer so default to 'ignore' mode. It's a luvvie religion now. Nothing more, nothing less.

Humans extinct by 2055? Saturday night TV audiences will be shown this in 50 years time, with the future version of Chris Tarrant in the chair, and will piss themselves at how fucking stupid those early 21st century clowns were. :)

Smoking Hot said...

Arghhhhhh Cap'n, what you doing to me?

Wanted a peaceful serene night and you present me with moronic celebrities that fly 1st class all over the world for their pet causes which they don't have a freakin clue about!


James Higham said...

But none of the stupid are quite as stupid as the stupid people that flew from all corners of the globe to tell us that we should not fly because it hurts poor old Gaia.

Sigh - and they'll never see it.

Richard said...

Hey Ranty, try to keep up :)

Captain Ranty said...

Fur fox ache!

I must have been erm, tired and emotional on Sunday.

It's the only thing that explains me missing it first time around.

Yes. Tired and emotional.


Captain Ranty said...


Bit of a confession in that statement, eh?

It means that YOU also didn't visit DP or Richard's gaff on Sunday!

Get over here on the naughty step next to me.


Captain Ranty said...


They can't see the wood for the trees.

They are blinded by their own righteousness.



Captain Ranty said...


Quite agree. There's none so stupid as the clinically brain-dead.



Captain Ranty said...


That is a good vid.

It made I larf. George had his finger on the pulse, did he not? I just wish I could have found him sooner.

He may not have had a PhD in ClimateShiteology, but he knew his stuff. Mind you, the ClimateShiters don't have a clue either. They are only in it for the money, (just like the anti-smoking freaks), and none of them would gush like a broken toilet unless some mong was paying them.



Richard said...

"I must have been erm, tired and emotional on Sunday."

I blog great stuff when I am pissed. So pissed I can't spell or find the Publish button. Probably for the best.

Captain Ranty said...


Fair play to you. I do as well.

Trouble was, on Sunday, I couldn't even find the room the computer was in!

Now THAT is tired. And I got very emotional when 'er indoors kicked my arse all the way up the stairs...


Richard said...

*watches for reaction*

Captain Ranty said...


Foxtrot Oscar.

Best wishes,

Charlie Romeo.

Dioclese said...

I'm flying to the pacific soon. Measure that carbon footprint!

Oh! I forgot! It doesn't count if you pay £2.56 to offset it.