October 24, 2010

You Are A Minor God....

....so isn't it time you started acting like one?

A bold claim coupled with a reasonable question. Naturally, it requires an explanation.

(Some folks thought that my last post was arrogant. I can't wait to see how they feel about this one).

Whether or not you are religious, you need to know that you are but one rung down from your god, or if you prefer, your creator. It doesn't matter if you aren't religious: they are. Almost all of our laws can find their roots in one bible or another. The US Constitution, for instance, contains over 15,000 references to the King James bible. Almost all legal maxims come from the "good" book. Even if you removed every single statute from the Rolls, you would find almost everything is still covered by the bible.

Understand this: you are unique. There has never been anyone quite like you on earth before, and there never will be again. The roads you take between your birth and your death are yours to choose. Depending on your philosophy, the roads you take, and the deeds you attempt/accomplish are pre-ordained. Or they aren't. It doesn't matter. What matters is that you chose them. For good or ill, you have to live (and die) with the choices you made. Today I offer you another choice. Another road to take. Each of us humans make around 6,000 decisions every single day of our lives. I am adding to that number by just one.

My "minor god" statement isn't frivolous. It is a matter of fact. (As long as you are in possession of the right facts, that is).

Think about it in the context of a court appearance. When you enter that room, contrary to popular opinion, the judge does not own the room: you do. You paid for the building. You even pay the prosecutors salary. How's that for irony? "I'm paying your salary, but you go right ahead and punish me". Same goes for the jury. You pay their expenses too. You are paying everyone in the room to judge you and mete out the punishment for whatever infraction they say you committed.

Take a step back and make a note of this. The judge represents the state. He or she does so under the umbrella of a limited company. The prosecutor represents the state. He or she does so under the umbrella of a limited company. The court and the Ministry of Justice are both listed on Dunn and Bradstreet. Both have a company number. On the wall outside the court you will even see a sign displaying their "Hours of business". They are not exactly being sneaky about it, we just don't bother to read and understand the way they operate.

So, in you trot. Unless you state otherwise, they want to deal with your corporation. This is a business deal. Someone is going to be parting company with some of the folding paper, and it isn't likely to be them. This is just two companies carrying out a transaction. Unless you change the rules. Some brave people tell the court exactly what they are, and it sometimes yields results. (Tip of the beret to Ranter for the link). Adam (in the linked report) got what he wanted. And no, I didn't expect this big, expensive machine we pay for to admit any more than they did. It is good to see Freemen walking the walk.

You would be well within your rights to assert your human beingness. In fact, you'd be daft not to. You have infinitely more power than them, but they have conveniently transmogrified you, the human, into an artificial construct. None of them are ever going to take you to one side and say "Hey, you know what? All this Freeman stuff is absolutely right. We have been conning you for centuries". Why would they? If everyone studied the law, just a little, our hundreds of thousands of lawyers are out of a cushy job. Not that I blame them, necessarily. From what little I know, it seems that most of them are in the dark as well. But threaten their livelihoods and you are going to meet resistance.

The golden rule is this: if it is/was man made, you are superior to it. It is just common sense. You outrank anything that was not made by God/Yahweh/Allah/Buddah etc etc. You are superior to your government, your courts, your councils, the Foreign Office, the Home Office, HMRC, all those ministries, and of course, all the people who work in/for them. While they wear a badge or claim to be representing whatever department, you are superior. You should remind yourself of this every single day. It's a game-changer.

As I said earlier, a human being is a unique beast. You were changed, (most in this movement agree that the change ocurred at your birth), from a sentient being into a corporation that the other corporations could do business with. It is simply a sound commercial practise. Nothing wrong in that at all, except that no-one tells you. So you end up forking out shedloads of cash when your artificial construct makes a boo-boo. Ultimately, we should want to continue this bizarre commercial contract but we should be in control, not them. This is possible but as you would expect, it is vastly complex, and most of us just say, "To hell with that, I'll just carry on as I am". The other day I was emailed a brilliant chunk of information from a regular commenter here. As soon as he (and I) have researched further, we will bring you an update. It is quite exciting and may well be one of those jaw-dropping breakthroughs that we need so badly.

So remember, if the eyes see, the arms move, the heart beats, the ears hear and the mouth speaks, you are dealing with a human being.

If it needs animating by someone/something else, it is an artificial, man-made item. The big clue is that it will have no eyes, ears, mouth, arms, legs or a heart. You will then know that you are dealing with a legal fiction, a corporation, a company, an artificial construct.

Whenever you come across one of those, understand, finally, that you are supreme.

I kid you not: You. Are. A. Minor. God.

So get on with it. If this post does not alter your approach to life, or your way of thinking in even the smallest way, re-read it until realisation dawns.

The Mark 1 human eyeball has the ability to discern over 500 shades of grey. There is no grey in this story. None at all. We have been taught to forget what we are. This is merely a reminder to you.

Those you come across who do not understand this most basic of realities need to be taught. Patiently and with compassion. You are removing their Matrix plug, so be ready with a new reality for them to begin learning about. They need our help if we are to live life the way it was meant to be lived. Unburdened, unfettered, free.

There is a time for everything. They need to learn. And the time is now.

Teach them, why don't you?



Anonymous said...


Captain Ranty said...


Thanks. I read that earlier. It is a fantastic essay.

Everyone should read it.


Just Woke Up said...

Good piece CR. To understand what you are saying takes vision and an awareness of 'the self'. I speak to more and more people every day who haven't heard of the Lawful Rebellion movement or what we stand for but do know that something has gone badly awry and feel helpless to change things. Just by word of mouth and telling them where to start researching for themselves, the message is spreading. People are waking up and this new generation (victim of the greed of THIS generation!) has the tools to claim their humanness back. We just need to keep researching, asking the awkward questions, talking, passing on information, giving speeches, challenging the 'system', doing table tops and blogging. The bravery of those who step up to the plate won't be in vain. I also must offer recognition to those in 'officialdom' who, rather than being obstructive, have stuck their heads above the parapet to answer my probing questions and offer advice. My own experience is that we have many friends within the 'system'.

Sure, many are quite happy being a drone, or have a vested interest in the status quo, but these numbers are reducing. Democracy doesn't work. The Law can't be relied on for justice. The police are an obvious force for political obedience now. These are facts that stand for themselves.

Sows the seeds of doubt and point good folks in the right direction and we'll see the movement grow into a force in its own right.

Keep the faith and know that you are being heard, mate. :)

Just by way of a motivator, I've been active now for 6 months in the movement and it was YOU and your blog that initially steered me in this direction. Thank you!

Sue said...

Real, honest, democracy does work, we just don't have it.

richard said...

Good evening, Captain - I listened to an interesting podcast a while back, which I might have mentioned before. (I'll see if I can find it and e-mail the link) It was suggested that the first thing to do is establish that you are entering under Common Law, then prove to the magistrate or judge that you are a living man and ask for remedy. As is often seen in Freemen-in-court scenarios, the magistrate will leave the court and reappear. He is really attempting to regain juristiction, but this time under maritime law. You should then, under maritime law and as a "sailor" on the "Citizen-ship", again prove that you are alive (which isn't as stupid as it sounds, since we were all declared legally dead following an act of Parliament subsequent to the Black death) and then ask for "cure and maintenance". The reason for proving you are alive is to avoid being treated as salvage and sent to prison, ie warehoused as salvage. If the judge again leaves and re-enters, he is attempting to regain juristiction again, but this time he's acting as an ecclesiastical judge. At this moment you announce that you are a living man, ("the blood flows, the flesh lives") and Sovereign under God, and ask for remedy. The judge is obliged to provide remedy if you have not broken common law, ie if there is no hurt or loss to anyone else as a result of your actions.
That's the theory anyway! Whether the State will tolerate this (they could get a tame psychiatrist to pronounce you a looney or something, see FTAC Watch) is another matter. But the summons is, in a way, similar to a curse in the magical sense, and it has to be deflected elsewhere. (the comparison was made in the podcast with Jesus sending demons from a man into a herd of swine, as an allegory) This effect can be seen in:
1. You receive a credit card statement showing outrageous interest or charges (the curse)
2. You send back the curse by asking for lawful proof of claim. You have now cursed the claimant by sending it back to him. He then gets rid of the curse himself, by either writing off the alleged debt, or sending the curse (of being "owed") to a third party, who will resend it back to you, which you can then deal with as before, or else claiming off his insurance if he has insured the alleged loan against non-payment (thus cursing them, and they'll pass on the expense to policy-holders with increased premiums.)
If he takes it to court, (which he won't, in theory, if you have achieved acquiescence by estoppel) unless the claimant has a lawful contract the magistrate provides remedy by lifting the curse, which he can do as an ecclesiastic.
That's the theory, anyway. Is it bollocks? Maybe, but it's interesting, though, that a witch-doctor who merely rattles some bones at an uncivilised African can make him sicken and die, whereas a summons wouldn't even cause the man a moment's unease. Assuming that our African is nobody's fool, he'll shake his head in disbelief and amazement at the concept. "What? A man with a flourescent coat and funny hat gives you a piece of paper and this forces you - purely by your belief in the magic "spell" on the paper! - to work for money to give away when no-one has been inconvenienced, never mind suffered a loss?"
If traffic wardens had a leopard-skin hat-band and a calabash, the civilised man would laugh. But give 'em a biro and a notebook and we shit ourselves. However, it's the same magic. It works when a man believes it, and if he doesn't, well, it fails. (well done Adam Sanchez, wearing your trilby in court for religious reasons, what a wonderful return serve!)
NB same as Just Woke Up; thanks Captain!

NewsboyCap said...


great piece as usual you are a true inspiration, keep up the good work.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the people I speak to want proof of the truth in the MSM or on the British Bullshit Company, FFS.

They can't believe that the PTB could be so 'evil', that we must pay interest to the Bank of England because it's the way it is.

That the 'evil' can read your txt's, listen to your phone calls,
read your Emails, open your mail and have access to bank accounts all without your consent,C*NTS!!

And TAX, don't even F*CKING go there,EVIL C*NTS.

We need to get the truth out to a wider audience, maybe local radio
I don't know. But unless some prick
like simon cowbell tells them,they
ain't listening.

Sorry about the (*)s' but I have trouble saying CUNTS,there done it!

Just Woke Up said...

Sue, Democracy is simply a politically idealistic minority telling the majority (who just want to get on with their lives) what to do while feathering their own nests. Its always been that way this the days of ancient Greece city states.

Look at this coalition Govt. How many voted for that? All that the voters voted for at the last election was to get the NuLab high command out. It was a negative election and gave no party any voter mandate to make huge constitutional decisions.

Maybe it is the least offensive form of Govt but my own humble opinion is that there is a maximum population figure for an effective Democracy. This is where the unDemocratic EU monster will eventually fail. People need a common identity and a common focus. When political idealists and corporate entities undermine this common identity (to their own narrow ends) it leads to mistrust and a breakdown of society. Voters then cease to vote for what is best for the general good, and then vote for what they perceive is in their selfish best interests.

The key word that you correctly employ is 'honesty'. Maybe things might work better if MPs were constitutionally held to the very highest standards of public conduct, and the maximum penalty for failing these standards? At the very least we - the tax paying public - should have the power to sack politicos who are under-performing. Just look at the recent news that some NuLabour planted peer Baronness Uddin of WhoGivesAShit has deliberately screwed the taxpayer - you and me! - out of £125k to build some mansion in Bangladesh. She keeps her title, her involvement in Govt, and is ASKED to pay the money back while keeping her freedom, even though fraud can be proven to have taken place. Where is the Democracy there?

Where is the Democracy when parties are allowed to talk utter shite and promise bollocks during elections that they have no intention in following through on? Standards of public conduct are very low and we are expected to accept this without complaint. When we do complain the MSM protects its political and corporate masters.

Truth is that Govt is too big and can only work effectively when it is reduced and its powers restricted. Try explaining that to a career politician! Too many of them buggers too!

Ho Hum.

Sue said...

Just woke up.

The UK is NOT A DEMOCRACY. Our masters are the EU.

I accept that democracy is not ideal but as Spock said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".... so the majority rules.

The Conservatives lied and misrepresented themselves before the election. Many people voted for them expecting them to be true conservatives but as we know
now, they're just a bunch of socialists. Those of us who had already sussed them out voted for other parties.

As we have both noted, "honesty" is severely lacking amongst the "ruling classes", GLOBALLY!

I hasten to add that the other word which now seems to have no meaning (although it is bandied about with no thought) is HONOUR.

When Peers of the Realm who are no better than common thieves are described as honourable, there has to be something wrong!

Captain Ranty said...


A brilliant comment.

Thanks for the kind words too. I am pleased that we are on the same road!


Captain Ranty said...


Same for your comment. It is spot on.

And the thing is, there is nothing tricky, nothing illogical, and certainly nothing dangerous about choosing Freedom Road.

We all know that it is a game, we just didn't know the rules.

Now we do.

So let's play on.


Captain Ranty said...


If I have learnt anything in the last year or so it is this: you can lead a horse to water etc etc.

If your words are falling on deaf ears, do the sensible thing and move on. You will have planted some seeds, it is up to the listeners to water them.

Not sure how many metaphors I lobbed in there but I know you will get the gist.

Just don't stop. Change your audience.


Zaphod said...

I'm only a spectator of the Freeman movement, and likely to remain so for the mid-term future.

I'm absolutely enthralled by what you guys are doing, though. Your courage and determination, and sheer hard work on the research, are an inspiration.

I feel a bit of guilt for not joining you on the barricades. "If I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the problem"?

But I have beaten the last 23 parking tickets, and I've learned how to steamroller Customs, and how to not obey policemen. All abit trivial, I know, but I've got the right attitude.

Not all of us will go all the way as you are doing, but you guys are an inspiration. Thanks.

Captain Ranty said...


Far be it for me to contradict you, but it looks like you are a Freeman in all but name.

You are doing exactly what we all should be doing.


The barricades are wherever we find them. Looks like you have found some, and smashed a few too.

Thank YOU.


Anonymous said...


"I accept that democracy is not ideal but as Spock said "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few".... so the majority rules."

The problem with honest, true democracy (highest vote wins) is that it isn't so clear cut as the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Remember in a democracy 50.1% of the vote wins against 49.9%. Now that's hardly the needs of the many outweighing the needs of the few is it?

What we need in the UK is a society of liberty, of minimal central government (if any at all) and more local government, run by and for the people. Just as JWU says, we need politicians to be held accountable for their actions.

A truly free society would be anarchy. However, too many people would simply perish within one and then it would ironically create its own democracy within that with gang leaders, having the biggest army and thus being the most powerful.

The truest form of a society would be a meritocratic libertarian one, where freedom of speech would be sacrosanct and Common law ruled the land with no civiv/halachic/law of admiralty to profit of off one another. We would live in a society where there was no usury, no interest and banks merely places to deposit real money - gold, silver etc, not be corrupt financiers as they are today.

Democracy doesn't work and only works in a society founded on money. Democracy doesn't work because we've seen how easily it is being abused. It's the same situation as with Communism - "Communism/Democracy hasn't worked because it's never been implemented properly blah, blah, blah..."

We need a free society, one without control over people and realistically that's what democracy is. In its most original form it's the majority controlling the minority and in today's form the minority controlling the majority. Remove it once and for all. That's what I say.

Indyanhat said...

Nowt to add here save "mornin fellow minor gods!"
oh and good piece Cap'n, but then they usually are!