October 13, 2010

Charlie Veitch-Case Dismissed

Short video from Charlie explaining his arrest and subsequent appearance in the Edinburgh court.

Short it may be, but there is enough said here to worry even the most entrenched statist. If they aren't worried it just means that they didn't pay attention.

Charlie has no redress under the corrupt system in play today. This is why Freemen include a Fee Schedule with their paperwork. My fee for unlawful arrest and detention is £1000 per hour. Would I get paid? Probably not, but I would pursue a County Court judgement against whichever authority did not pay up. Remember that they are companies and they need, just like we do, a clean credit record.

When the EU machine kicks in fully, we will hear more and more about unlawful arrests. Mark my words.

We need to change the system. First we need to dump the EU, but our second move should be fixing our shitty legal system.

Tip of the beret to LPUK where I first spotted the clip.



Anonymous said...

Captain Ranty - ref: Marrs Attacks post - take a look at this:

if it's the same person, then it's too delicious for words.

Captain Ranty said...


I saw that.

Cheeky bastard. If it was we can tear him a new one.


Pimply 14 yo geek said...

Course it was him. Private Eye have been going on about this censorious clown for ages.

Try to keep up.

Captain Ranty said...

Thanks Pimply,

Never bought a copy of Private Eye.

That could be why I never knew.


adelaide girl said...

Tie us up with paperwork and court appearances in an effort to wear us down. It is all a big game, but we are not privy to the rules of course. Good for you Charlie , the world needs more fighters.

Captain Ranty said...


I know he'll be back. People like Charlie are driven. It's easy to get despondent when you are being bullied by officialdom.

He won though!